Why Notifications Do Not Come On Phone

Contact users have long been using this social network on their mobile devices. This feature is very convenient, because there is no connection to the computer and you can log into your account at any time only the Internet. However, problems sometimes occur. Today, in particular, we will consider a situation when notifications of VK are not coming. Users are frustrated by this phenomenon, because they don’t know that a message has arrived, that someone has liked or reposted their record. In this article, you will find out what reasons may be to blame and how to fix them in order to receive notifications from Contact again.

Check if notifications are enabled

The most common reasons that prevent the arrival of alerts on android include disabling this function either in the settings of the smartphone itself or directly in the VK application installed on it. Next, we will figure out how to check and fix these settings.

Application settings

Go to your VK profile.

Click on the three horizontal lines that are in the lower right corner.

In the new window, select the gear icon located in the upper right corner.

Select the line “Notifications”.

If, having got into the “Feedback” section, you notice the following picture, then your notification settings in the application are definitely disabled.

In this situation, you need to do the following. Tap with your finger on the desired tab.

In the window that opens, in the “Show notifications” section, select the “All” line.

We do the same with the other tabs or only with those for which we need to receive notification.

We are doing this with the Events section.

And also “Other”.

When configuring each tab, do not forget to pay attention to the fact that the line of “push notifications” was with the active switch.

Smartphone settings

If the option with the application settings did not help you, then you need to check the settings of the mobile device.

Go to the “Settings”. Select the line “Application Manager”.

From the list of installed select VKontakte.

Tap on the line “Notifications.”

If the switch is in inactive mode, press it with your finger.

Now notifications will come.

There may also be a reason for disabling all notifications that may come from any application or program installed on the phone.

Go to the settings. Select the line “Sounds and notifications.”

In the new window we need to find “Notifications on the screen.” Tap on this line with your finger.

We see that there are three options: “show content”, “hide it” or “do not show notifications.” We choose the first option.

Updating the application

Another answer to the question “why there are no notifications from VK?” is the lack of updates. To fix this problem, we need to go to the Play Market. Find VKontakte.

If we see that instead of the word “Open” there is a button “Update”, tap on it with your finger.

We are waiting for the update to be downloaded. Restart Contact.

Reinstalling the application

In some cases, only reinstalling the application itself helps to solve the problem with the lack of notifications. To do this, we first need to remove it. We go to the “Application Manager”, select VKontakte.

In the new window, click the “Delete” button.

We confirm our decision by clicking “OK”.

After the removal process is completed, it is recommended to use a program that helps to get rid of VK residues that may have been saved in the operating system. For this, you can use, for example, the CCleaner application.

Now you need to go to the Play Market. In the search line register “VKontakte”. Click the “Install” button.

When the installation process is complete, open the application directly from the Play Market window.

Check if a third-party application is interfering

Another reason for this problem is the presence of an application that blocks notifications from VK. One such third-party program is Clean Master.

We go to the “Application Manager”.

If you have a “Third Party” tab, select it.

We find Clean Master, tap on it with your finger.

In the new window, click “Delete.”

After this, notifications should start coming again. Sometimes this is a different application, especially if Clean Master is not installed on your smartphone. But, as a rule, users themselves notice after installing which program notifications from Contact ceased to come. Then you will need to remove the application culprit.

Activity control

Limiting activity is one of the possible reasons for Xiaomi owners. Unlike other Android phones, this one was refined to establish configuration flexibility, but sometimes certain bugs occur. So there may be a lack of alerts pop-up from applications. In order to check whether you have a restriction on notifications, you need to go to the settings section. Find the line “Power and Performance.”

Next, select “Activity Control”.

In the new window, find the VKontakte icon.

Pay attention to which mode is set. In order for notifications to come from the application, you need to select the “No restrictions” line

Other possible problems and conclusion

We examined the most common reasons that affect the lack of notifications from VK on a smartphone. It is worth noting that such options are still possible.

  1. Communication problems: poor signal from wi-fi or mobile operator. In such a situation, you just need to wait until the network improves, and alerts will begin to come again. Or, if you have two SIM cards of different operators, then you can set the use of the mobile network as a second card in the settings.
  2. Some users can solve the problem by turning off the power-saving function, if before that it was active.
  3. The problem may lie in the installed application, which blocks ads. Sometimes it affects pop-up notifications. In this situation, you need to delete it.

After reading this article, you probably found the answer to the question “why doesn’t the alert come to VK?” in your particular case. As you can see, there are several options, but they are all easily solved. It is enough to delve into the settings of your phone and again actively use the VKontakte application, without missing a single important notification, noticing the activity of your friends.

The importance of notifications is hard to overestimate. After all, if notifications stop coming to your smartphone or tablet, you can skip an important message from a friend or forget to come to a scheduled meeting.

Today, people rely heavily on their devices, in particular on timely notifications. Therefore, if something happens to this function, and it stops working properly, it causes serious inconvenience to the owner of the device. However, unfortunately, sometimes this happens and then the question arises: what to do if notifications from applications do not come?

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Notifications from applications do not come. How to fix?

It is worth noting that sometimes notifications may not work due to an error when developing the application. And it’s not uncommon that such an error is associated with a particular version of the Android OS. But before complaining about the error to the application developer, you must make sure that there is nothing on your device that can block their appearance.

Of course, for notifications to come, you need to activate this function in the application itself. Then you can step by step check the settings of your device according to the points listed below, (the name of the items may differ depending on the brand of the device and version of the operating system).

In the below, you can see the methods described in the article to fix this problem, as well as some others.

1) Setting the correct time and time zone.

Incorrectly set time can adversely affect the work of notifications. If you notice that the time on your device is different from the real one, this can be the cause of your inconvenience. To set the time you need:

1) go to “Settings” to section “Date and time”;

2) disconnect the function “Auto detect time” (it may also be called Network Time Zone);

3) to establish the right date and time, and also choose your Timezone;

4) after setting the time reboot device.

2) Enabling the “Show contents” function and setting the display of notifications on the screen.

Please note whether the “Show Content” function is enabled on your device. For this:

1) go to “Settings” and go to the section “Lock screen and protection”;

2) in paragraph “Notifications on the screen” find section “Contents. Lock screen » and select Show Content;

3) then in the main settings menu go to the section Notifications and check if the notification display is turned on for the application with which you are having problems. If the notification display is turned off activate corresponding switch.

4) In the same paragraph in the advanced settings, you can set the priority for notifications “Mark as important” (this item may be called differently). This step can also help with this problem.

3) Disabling “Background data restrictions.”

When you enable the “Background data restrictions” function, some applications and services will not be able to work if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi. Even if the device is connected to the mobile Internet, notifications, for example, from Viber or WhatsApp instant messengers will not come until Wi-Fi is turned on. To disable this feature:

1) go to “Settings” and go to the section “Data usage”;

2) click on “Options” and if this feature is enabled select “Disable background data restriction”.

4) Turn off power saving mode.

As a rule, by default, the power saving mode of the entire device is turned off (if the battery is not discharged). However, individual applications can be switched to power saving mode without the knowledge of the user. We recommend that you turn off power saving mode for the applications you want to receive notifications from. For this:

1) go to section in settings “Battery”;

2) in paragraph “Power Consumption Applications” press the button “Details”;

3) if the application you need is in paragraph “Power Optimization” click on it and select Disconnect.

This method often helps and notifications start to come.

5) Removing applications that block the display of notifications.

Applications that block the display of notifications may include such well-known applications as, for example, Clean Master or DU Battery Saver and all such applications to list all of which does not make sense.

Applications for saving battery power can simply turn off the applications you need, and a disabled application, accordingly, cannot display a notification on your screen. Therefore, if one of them is installed on your device, disable the notification blocking in the settings of these applications or delete such an application.

6) Inclusion of the application in the “white list”.

On devices of some brands, in order for the application to be able to display notifications, it needs to be added to the so-called “white list”. To do this, in the section “Safety” select item “Clean white list»And include the necessary application in it.

In most cases, these tips should help you with displaying notifications, and the question is: why notifications from applications do not come, should not bother you anymore. Unless this problem is related to an error while developing an application or firmware for your device.

Why Notifications Do Not Come On Phone

Sometimes it happens that notifications come in VK. Why it is so difficult to answer right away, because there can be several reasons for this.

By the way, a virus has recently appeared that delivers the exact opposite discomfort. He sends you notifications that your friend asks you to join a certain community or go to the site.

Such notifications can also be seen without the virus. For example, go to the garbage site (the so-called sites that do not care about their visitors and hang dozens of intrusive, and often extortionate ads), and most likely in the lower left corner there will be a notification similar in appearance to that of a contact.

Most often, in such a message, a pretty girl turns to you and offers to take a walk with her. Naturally, this is a hoax and clicking on this window will take you to a site with prostitutes.

But so that this would not happen again and not pay attention to advertising at all, you better install the adblock, which I wrote about in an article on how to remove VKontakte advertising.

Let’s figure out how to set up notifications together. Since there are many types of notifications for a contact, as well as devices from which they enter the social network, we will analyze each item separately.

Iphone notifications from contact:

If push notifications on iOS devices do not show notifications, then the thing is most likely that you disabled this feature in the settings.

Let’s figure out how to set up notifications together. Since there are many types of notifications for a contact, as well as devices from which they enter the social network, we will analyze each item separately.

Iphone notifications from contact:

If push notifications on iOS devices do not show notifications, then the thing is most likely that you disabled this feature in the settings.

Follow the instructions on the pictures and configure notifications as you like.

This is the first option. If notifications are disabled in the settings of the phone itself.

And this is the second option:

You probably understood that in this case all notifications are set in the Vkontakte application settings. For iPad, everything is similar, but these screenshots were taken on an iPhone.

Notifications on android do not come:

Although different operating systems, but the notification settings are the same. In the settings of your android phone or tablet, find the information about notifications and check the box “show on a locked screen” and push notifications.

You can also connect an option for any phone and tablet that supports SIM cards in the settings, thanks to which you will receive SMS messages when someone writes you. True, they will come after 5 minutes and only if you do not read the message on the site.

If you don’t receive this type of alert on the website in VK, then you can configure which alerts you would like to see in the “settings” tab. You only need to do this with the full version of the contact.

P.S. If you encounter such a problem that the application’s alerts are not displayed, then most likely you need to enable this function either in your page settings or in the application’s settings and it’s better to uncheck the box “translate application to status” at the same time.

You can also make a flash notification. It is also a very useful feature, only people sometimes think that they are being photographed when the phone is directed at them and they are writing or calling you.