Why LED On Xiaomi Power Bank

Why LED On Xiaomi Power Bank

The capacity of batteries built into smartphones is gradually increasing. We are no longer surprised by 5000 and even 6000 mAh batteries. To charge such a monster on the road, a small external battery will not work. To do this, you need some of the power bank 20000 mAh models. Many have heard or are looking for Xiaomi Power Bank 20,000, but the light on it has not converged. There are more comfortable and with more interesting features.

We decided to consider external batteries with a capacity of 20,000 mAh because of their wild popularity. Now just such a parameter is the optimal parameter. Such a large battery is enough for several recharges of any smartphone. And also this is the best choice for the owner of a tablet computer!

Hoco B23B-20000

A very good product from a little-known company. The body of the product can be painted black or white. At the same time, the manufacturer tried to achieve a very small thickness. Of course, such an accessory does not fit in a shirt pocket, but it certainly will not take up much space in a backpack. On the front panel of the portable battery is a digital display. it shows the level of charge. Believe me, not all external batteries have such a luxury!

The device supports an input current of 2 A. It turns out that a full charge of such a capacious battery will not last for a couple of days. As for charging other gadgets, there are three whole USB connectors for this! One of them has a current strength of 1 A, for the others this parameter is twice as much. But it should be borne in mind that the maximum accessory gives 2 A. while charging several devices at the same time, this parameter will be divided by their number. In a word, this is a very good, but not ideal. The main advantage of the Hoco B23B-20000 is the low cost in Russian retail.


  • Three USB sockets for charging gadgets;
  • Small thickness;
  • Sane weight;
  • Clear charge indicator in the form of a digital display;
  • The battery itself charges quickly enough;
  • Adequate price tag.


Xiaomi Mi 2 Power Bank 20000

External batteries from the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 series have a number of features that distinguish them from both competitors and predecessors. Firstly, there is full support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology. This means that with the appropriate power adapter, you can charge the battery in 7-8 hours! This is nothing for such a capacity! Secondly, the output current here is increased from 2 to 2.4 A. It seems that this is a little, but most often it is not enough for tablets for faster charging. Third, the Chinese have worked hard to ensure security. There is protection against everything:

  1. from short circuit
  2. from overheating
  3. and from overload.

There is also a charge indicator on the case, which many less capacious batteries lack.

Are there any reasons not to like this accessory? The first thing that comes to mind is a fairly high price. Well, after the purchase, it all depends on whether you have a charger with support for fast charging technology. Without it, it will take a very long time to charge the external battery. Claims are also presented to the plastic case, which turns yellow over time.


  • Weight cannot be called very large;
  • There are two connectors for charging;
  • The output current is 2.4 A;
  • There is support for fast charging technology;
  • Protection against all kinds of malfunctions;
  • There is a charge indicator.


  • The case may turn yellow over the years;
  • Decent thickness;
  • High price.


Many consumers pass by this external battery. The fact is that they are afraid of a very high cost. But if the buyer did not spare the money, then he is completely delighted. This accessory turned out to be very thin and pleasant to the touch. There are no unnecessary elements on it, and the ideal appearance is preserved for many years. The manufacturer refused the metal. in order to reduce weight, they decided to make the case plastic. Inside is a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery, the charge of which is enough for both smartphones and tablets. An approximate level of the current charge is displayed on the corresponding indicator.

The main feature of the accessory is a large number of connectors. Traditional full-sized USB ports are intended for charging gadgets. there are three of them here (a pair with a current of 2 A each, and one with half the parameter). Three connectors are designed to charge the battery itself: these are microUSB, USB Type-C and Lightning. It turns out that you can charge the accessory with any cable!


  • Different types of connectors are used to charge the battery;
  • As many as three USB ports for charging gadgets;
  • Very small thickness of the accessory;
  • There is a charge level indicator.


  • Only one body color available;
  • The strength of the output current does not exceed 2 A;
  • The cost may seem too high.

ASUS ZenPower Ultra

The capacity of this external battery is brought up to 20100 mAh. This parameter is enough to use the smartphone in traveling conditions for a week! But much more important is the fact that Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology is supported. Both USB ports located here possess it. This means that smartphones that support this technology will charge 1.75 times faster than using any other power bank.

To recharge the battery itself, the microUSB connector is used here. Four holes can be seen next to it. under them are small LEDs that act as a charge indicator. And at the top there is a large LED that will be used as a flashlight. It should be noted that fast charging technology is also used when filling the battery with energy. as a result, this process takes only 7.5 hours. The accessory supports up to 5000 such cycles. This allows us to conclude that ASUS ZenPower Ultra will last you many years.


  • High reliability;
  • There is a bright flashlight;
  • Supported by Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0;
  • There are two connectors for charging gadgets (current 2.4 A);
  • There is a charge indicator.


  • The battery is plump;
  • The price tag seems overpriced.

Solar Power Bank 20000

Practice shows that good Chinese batteries are also produced by small Chinese companies. For example, a very good copy is the Solar Power bank. This accessory comes with a carabiner, which allows you to wear it somewhere on the belt when traveling. Also, the device is packaged in a massive case, performing the role of protection against shock. The manufacturer also promises that his portable battery is not afraid of water. But we would not recommend throwing it somewhere in the lake. most likely the battery will not suffer only in the rain.

Another important feature of the battery is the presence of solar panels. Under bright sunlight they try to recharge the accessory. However, do not think that they cope with their task quickly. it takes about 40 hours to recharge from 0% to 100%. On the opposite panel is a bright LED. Its purpose is to light the tent or help you find something under the bed. Using the Solar Power bank, you can charge two gadgets at the same time. One of the connectors here produces a current of 2.1 A.