Why is the sound on the Lenovo laptop does not work

What to do if the sound is gone on a computer?

Greetings, dear guests of the computer assistance site. In today’s article, I will give some tips to solve the problem if the sound on a computer or laptop disappears. Read carefully and you can restore the sound.

Recently, he talked about what to do when the sound disappeared in Google Chrome. But today’s situation is no longer with a browser, but just with a computer or laptop itself. And so, what to do if the sound disappears on a computer or laptop? These, my recommendations, will help you return the sound, read carefully and you will succeed. And here are the reasons for which the sound on the computer may not work and immediately the advice on eliminating the problem.

What to do if there is no sound on the computer

All reasons for the lack of sound are given in the author’s order, depending on their “popularity”.

In Windows 11/10, first of all, try to click on the mouse button on the sound icon in the tray (if it is not. Read this) and open sound parameters. They need to check for whether the device is supplied! Cm. An example below.

Select a place to play sound / Windows 11

There is also a special master in Windows 11/10 that can eliminate many problems with the sound in auto-mode. Therefore, before you understand it yourself, I highly recommend it at least once to run it.

  • First: just click on the mouse button on the sound icon in the tray (next to the clock). And select the “Elimination of Calm Non.Stop”. Next, the master start starting. Just follow his instructions;
  • Second: go into the parameters of the system (Wini), drive into the search bar “Elimination of problems. “, and in the found results, click on the desired master.

Search and elimination of problems when playing sound // Windows 11

Random clicks of buttons

You can adjust the volume using the keyboard:

  • There is a special key accompanied by a pattern of crossed out the dynamics. It allows you to turn off or restore sound on a laptop with one press.
  • FN button, which is located to the left of Ctrl. It works in combination with the F6 or F8 key.

In order to adjust the volume level, use FN and the image keys:

  • Dynamics and sound waves to increase or decrease;
  • The dynamics next to which is the “plus” or “minus” icon;
  • Shooter indicating up and down.

There are devices in which the sound panel is displayed separately and works without the FN button.

Information about which combinations are responsible for the volume on the laptop, you can find out in the certificate (key F1). Now you know how to add sound on the keyboard, there is nothing complicated here.

Sound tips

If the sound disappears after installing programs or updates, then try to roll back the system at a time when the sound worked normally. If the sound has recovered, then the problem may be in conflict with the new program or updates.

If the sound in the laptop stops working and the system writes that the device is used by another application, then you need to look in the tria (next to the clock) which of the applications are launched. You can look at the running applications in the task dispatcher. Try to turn off those that can use sound (players, players, etc.). If you find such applications, after which the sound appears, then you need to remove them from the auto starting.

The sound was missing on the laptop what to do: if the laptop moved to the sleeping mode with the headphones, then the headphones took out and the laptop was removed from the sleeping mode. And there is no sound. Help: go into sleep mode again, but go out with inserted headphones. That is, repeat the operation in the reverse order (we translate into sleep regime without headphones, but withdraw from the mode already with headphones). This can be when connecting other integrations using sound, such as HDMI.

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If there is no sound only on the video or when playing individual files, then maybe there are no necessary codecs. You can download codecs and install, it’s just to do. Popular set of codecs K-Lite-Codec. You can download it and install it.

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The rotating pallet of the microwave oven is required for uniform heating of food. If this mode does not work, then the dish will warm up or prepare only from two side sides. There are many malfunctions why the plate in the microwave does not spin. There are both ordinary ones, which are eliminated independently and serious, requiring a specialist call and the repair of the microwave.

The sound on the laptop disappeared: the reasons and their decision


I never thought that there could be so many problems with the sound! It is indisputable, but this is a fact. A fairly large number of users of laptops are faced with the fact that at one point, the sound on their device disappears.

This can happen for various reasons and, most often, the problem can be eliminated independently by rummaging in the Windows settings and drivers (so, save on computer services). In this article, I collected one of the most common reasons why the sound disappears on laptops (even a novice PC user can check and eliminate and eliminate and eliminate!). So…

Reason: volume setting in Windows

Of course, I understand that many can express discontent. “that this is completely” for such an article. But all the same, many users do not know that the sound in Windows is regulated not only by the slider, which is located next to the clock (see. In Fig. One).

If you press the sound icon (located next to the clock, see. Rice. 1) with the right button. Then several additional options will appear (see. Rice. 2).

I recommend opening alternately the following:

  • Volume mixer: it allows you to set its volume in each application (for example, if you do not need a sound in a browser, then it can be turned off there);
  • Reproduction devices: In this tab, you can choose through which columns or speakers to play sound (and indeed, in this tab all sound devices connected to the device are shown. Over, sometimes even those. Which you do not have! And imagine, sound can be supplied to non.Existent devices).

In the volume mixer, pay attention to whether the sound is reduced to a minimum in your advanced application. It is recommended to raise all the sliders up, at least during the search for causes and eliminate malnutritions with sound (see. Rice. 3).

In the “playback device” tab, note that you may have several devices (I have in rice. 4 only one device). And if the sound is “supplied” to the wrong device. This can be the cause of the loss of sound. I recommend that you check all the devices displayed in this tab!

By the way, sometimes the master helps to figure out and find the reasons for the problems with sound. To start it. Just click on the sound icon in Windows (next to the clock) with the right mouse button and run the corresponding master (as in rice. 5).

Reason: drivers and their setting

One of the most common causes of problems with sound (and not only with it) is conflicting drivers (or the absence of them). To check their availability, I recommend opening the device manager: to do this, enter the Windows control panel. Then switch the display to large icons and run this dispatcher (see. Rice. 6).

Next, open the tab “sound, game and video devices”. Pay attention all lines: there should be no exclamation yellow signs and red crosses (which mean that problems are observed with drivers).

By the way, I also recommend opening the “Unknown Devices” tab (if one is). It is possible that you simply do not have the necessary drivers in the system.

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By the way, I also recommend checking the drivers in the Driver Booster utility (there is both a free and paid version, they differ in the speed of work). The utility easily and quickly helps to check and find the right drivers (the example is shown in the screenshot below). What is convenient is that you do not need to search for various sites on your own, the utility itself will compare the dates and find the driver, you just have to press the button and agree to its installation.

Article about programs for updating drivers: https: // PCPRO100.Info/ obnovleniya-Drayverov/ (including Driver Booster)

Reason: the sound dispatcher is not tuned

In addition to sound settings in Windows itself, there is a sound dispatcher in the system (almost always), which is installed with drivers (in most cases, this is Realtek High Definition Audio). And quite often, it is in it that not optimal settings can be set, which make the sound inconsistent.

Very simple: go to Windows Control Panel. And then go to the “Equipment and Sound” tab. Further, this tab should see the dispatcher installed on your equipment. For example, on the laptop that I am currently setting, the Dell Audio application has been installed. This is necessary and you need to open (see. Rice. Ten).

Why there is no sound on the laptop: the main reasons and solution

By the way, if you did not install and did not update anything, and the sound just suddenly disappeared. Try first to restart the laptop.

This often helps (especially in cases where users do not turn their laptop at all, always sending it to sleep. ).

Next, I recommend clicking on the sound icon in the tray (next to the clock) and open the volume mixer (this can also be done in Windows control panels).

It allows you to adjust the volume in various applications separately from each other (for example, if you do not have sound in a browser, and in games there are. It is quite possible that the volume mixer is “to blame).


What to do if the volume icon does not react or disappears at all. See. Instructions

Pay attention to the slider responsible for the volume opposite each application. Check that the volume of the speakers is not reduced to a minimum.

Check the volume of the speakers (Windows 10)

By the way, Windows often occurs another unpleasant moment. The system does not always choose the device correctly. Through which the sound should be reproduced.

Over, sometimes the sound can be supplied at all to an unrelated device! In this case, in the usual speakers of a laptop or headphones associated with it. There will be no sound.

To check this moment, open the control panel and go to the “Equipment and Sound/Sound” tab.


How to open a control panel in Windows. See. Instructions

How To Fix Sound & Audio Problem On Windows 7,8,8.1&10-Tamil!

Next, check whether the default device has been chosen for you to play sound (the green checkmark “burns” on it).

Try choosing another device, if the sound does not appear. Double.Check them all.

Default playback device

If you recently reinstalled the system, for example, updated Windows 7 on Windows 10, changed some components, connected something-in this case, the lack of sound is probably connected with the drivers.

sound, laptop, does, work

Drivers from the same Windows 7 are far from always suitable for Windows 10 (although the new system is trying to install the driver for each connected device. It does not always succeed in doing this).

sound, laptop, does, work

And so, to check and update the drivers, I recommend opening the device manager.

To do this: click the combination of Winr. Enter the DEVMGMT command.MSC in the “Open” line and click OK.

Launching the device manager. DEVMGMT.MSC

In the devices dispatcher, it is necessary to open the “Sound, Game and Video Stations” tab (as well as “other devices”, if you have it) and see if there are no devices with exclamation signs.

Next, click on the right mouse button on your audio card (usually its name is something like “Realtek High Definition Audio”) and in the context menu that appears, indicate the option “Update the driver”.

As an example. There is no driver for this device

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However, I note that in this way it is far from always possible to update the drivers. In this case, I would recommend further driving the system using special. Utility (they can automatically find and download all the necessary drivers and system components that are absent in your Windows OS).

For example, such a utility as Driver Booster can not only update the drivers, but also conduct a full diagnosis of the causes of the absence of sound (in some cases it is possible to quickly restore the work of the laptop).

Recovery center. Correct the Lack of Sound / Driver Booster

To help!

10 best programs for updating drivers (automatic ski!). Cm. My selection

In the vast majority of cases, an updated audio driveor has its own control panel. T.E. In addition to setting some volume parameters in Windows, this panel has its own settings, which can directly affect the volume and sound quality.

To open the audio drive settings-it is usually enough to go to the Windows control panel in the “Equipment and Sound” section.

To help!

No icon from the manager Realtek HD! How to enter the realtek control panel, otherwise I can’t configure the sound.

In my case, this is a panel from “BO. Play Audio Control “(you may have another, for example, some dispatcher” Realtek HD. “,” Smart Audio “,” Dolby Digital Plus “, etc.).

2) there are no drivers (or “crooked” stood up)

When reinstalling the system, all old drivers and programs, settings and parameters are removed when formatting the disk section. Naturally, when the required version of the driver is not installed, the computer simply does not know how to work with your audio card, and because of this the sound is missing.

I note that in the new Windows 10, this happens less and less, t.To. During the installation of the system, drivers are installed for most equipment card, audio card, network adapter, etc.

One of the easiest ways to check the presence of the driver for an audio card is to open the device manager (to open: click the combination of Winr buttons. Enter the DEVMGMT command.MSC. Click Enter).

Launching the device manager. DEVMGMT.MSC

Next, open the “Sound, Game and Video-Instruction” tab: it should display the name of your audio card (its manufacturer).

Pay attention to the fact that in front of the devices there should not be any yellow exclamation marks (red crosses). Also check the “Other devices” tab (if you have it). If all the drivers in the system are installed, it should be “empty” (or it should not be).

This is how the device looks for which there is no driver in the system

To automatically search and solve problems with drivers, I recommend using the Driver Booster utility. After starting it, she will automatically check all your equipment, all current versions of the drivers. And then he will offer to update everything at once, pressing one single button! Very comfortably!

In addition, I note that Driver Booster (in addition to drivers) updates the necessary system components: DirectX, Microsoft.Net Framework and others.

Driver Booster. One button for updating all drivers

To help!

Instructions: how to install a driver for sound. Search for audio drivers (on the example of Realtek). Https: // ocomp.Info/Drayver-Na-Zvuk-Poisk-Innstall.HTML

Summing up, we can say that panic if the sound is missing on the laptop, definitely not worth. As you can see, there are very few possible causes of such a phenomenon, and the ways of solving all very simple. By the way, if they do not help, most likely, the problem in the sound card itself and it is best simply to change.

Tip: Perform all the above actions twice just in case. The fact is that an inexperienced user can make some kind of error when working with BIOS and device dispatcher.

The method associated with the device dispatcher is clearly shown in the video below.

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