Why is the battery very quickly on the phone

Why is the battery quickly discharged on the phone

Today, almost every person has a smartphone. We can no longer be surprised by the presence of gadgets with pensioners and young children. Having bought a completely new device, we very quickly get tired of the need to constantly charge it. And this despite the impressive batteries of gadgets with a capacity of 4000-5000 mAh. What is happening, why is the battery so quickly on your Android and iPhone mobile phone, and how to fix it? We will analyze in our material.

The reasons for the rapid drop in the telephone charge can have a variety of nature. From software to hardware. Among their diversity, we would single out the following:

Reasons: Explanation:
Voracious applications Some applications working in the background eat the battery charge, as they say, on “Hurray”. Especially often, various system services from Google Play Services are noticed in the Google Service Services.
Incorrect closure of applications In the case when the application remains to work in the background.
Energy.Intensive widgets Capable of consuming a significant supply of deviation energy.
Activated Wi-Fi in a situation where the Wi-Fi access point is not available A significant part of the battery capacity goes to search for access points.
Constantly turned on GPS As well as the activated location tracking function in the phone settings.
Temperature changes The mobile phone battery can quickly sit down due to excessive overheating or cooling.
Active use of mobile games Especially at the maximum brightness settings and other devices parameters.
Constantly included synchronization of applications and data The same applies to the included option of updating weather indicators and various notifications.

Let’s figure out how to get rid of the quick discharge of the battery on your Android or iOS.

Mobile Internet

Now most users of smartphones use mobile Internet to enter the network, communication, watch a variety of videos and listening to music. The abundance of content and entertainment attracts more and more, so the user spends a lot of time on this, respectively, the battery is discharged many times faster. Also, many people simply forget to turn off access to a mobile Internet that continues to work even in the background.

That is why it is recommended to activate it only at the moment when you really need to write a message or view the video, and at the end of the procedure immediately turn it off. It is also not recommended to use 4G if in fact this communication standard is not available in your region. In this case, only the additional energy of the battery and no more. For thin tuning, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the “Settings” and select “Mobile Networks”;
  • Next, click on the “” tab and in the column “Type of the default network” select the communication standard. 3G;
  • Also, for each connection, use the quick access menu to turn off or turn on the Internet in one click. This will save a battery charge several times.

Useless recommendations

That’s all. Now you know why the battery began to quickly discharge on the phone. Of course, you can find a number of reasons, but I highlighted the most main of them. Use my recommendations and do not go to dubious advice on the Internet.

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Ways to extend the work time of a smartphone on a faulty battery

The ability to charge the device is far from always, therefore, if your Android eats the battery not as slowly as before, you should a little adjust the system operation. What exactly needs to be done and how, we will consider further.


The screen consumes energy most, so it should be configured first. The following recommendations should help you:

  • The higher the brightness, the faster the display is discharged. Each device has the opportunity to configure its indicators, so change them to the lowest possible at the first opportunity.
  • Set the shortest period of time to automatically turn off the display. This will not use energy for nothing.
  • When using a device with a screen built on AMOLED technology, you should install dark wallpaper on the desktop, since when the black color is displayed, the energy is practically not spent.

Communication modules

The components of communication modules consume energy in the background, including with the display turned off. Constant loading of new data, which is made, leads to a waste of charge.

Almost all settings related to them are located in the “Wireless Technologies” section. The name varies depending on the version of the operating system, but in general it is not very different in each option, so finding them will not be difficult.

There are several ways to optimize this part of the system. Further, we will consider the main of them.

  • Turn off LTE if you are outside the connection zone 4G.
  • Disconnect the mobile Internet itself if it is not used at the moment.
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi search function if at the moment it is not needed.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. This technology consumes energy quite strongly.
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Modern devices are equipped with a huge number of sensors, due to which the device is discharged in less than an hour. If they deactivate them, the duration of work will increase several times.

battery, very, quickly, phone
  • First of all, stop the GPS operation. This function, as a rule, is put into the upper menu.
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope are one of the most energy sensors, so the automatic screen turn should be turned off one of the first.
  • Electric motor. This small detail is responsible for the vibro response that discharges the battery.
  • In addition to this, you can disable synchronization with cloud services and delete extra accounts.

All this will help to significantly extend the life of the device and make your use several times more comfortable.

battery, very, quickly, phone

GPS navigation works

The service of finding a location in GPS is not used by many people. Most often, this option needs taxi drivers who are guided by GPS on the ground, quickly respond to the application, and can easily deliver customers from one point to another. In other cases, there is no need to use this navigation so often. By the way, there is a very useful article in the magazine: how to track the phone using a computer by a computer by GPS.

However, in many smartphones this service works by default, fixing your location. If you do not need every second navigation on the ground, then find this application in your smartphone and disconnect it. Then you will not have a lot to spend the energy of the battery.

Using a phone at low and high temperatures

It is ideal to use a smartphone or tablet at temperatures of at least 5⁰C and not higher than 30⁰C. Otherwise, the battery capacity will decrease, since in severe heat the battery overheats, and the flow of current slows down in the cold. In the second case, the smartphone may completely turn off. The systematic use of the gadget in such conditions reduces the capacity of the battery and accelerates the wear of the battery.

Some modern phones are equipped with slots for two or more SIM cards, while the device constantly switches between SIM cards and updates information in automatic mode.

It is required to set priority for SIM cards in the smartphone settings or just turn off one SIM when not needed.

battery, very, quickly, phone

The reasons for the rapid discharge of Android batteries

There may be many reasons because of which the battery is discharged on the Android phone. These include a large load on the gadget, and the presence of spy programs in the device. Let’s take a closer look at the problems and ways to solve them.

Large load on the phone

Since the Android system is open and complex, it is subject to errors. The optimization of the system is at quite low levels. In the background, several dozen applications can be included at the same time.

Therefore, the battery is strongly discharged even in standby mode. This explains the nuance why Android phones are very quickly discharged. Most of these programs are not used by the user, they simply spend in vain resources, so they need to be disconnected.

Need help?

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Viruses and spy programs

OS Android has recently become quite vulnerable to viruses. Even the best antivirus programs cannot detect them.

Iphone �� FAST BATTERY DRAIN Problem �� How to Improve?

Under the influence of harmful programs, the productivity of the gadget falls significantly, the load on the processor increases. There are such characteristic features of infection of the device with viruses:

Faulty battery

The battery charge can quickly leave due to its malfunction. With prolonged use, it, like any other technique, simply fails.

It is difficult to avoid such a trouble. If you plan to use the same smartphone for three years, you will have to replace the battery at some point. This is necessary so that the gadget can be comfortable in the future.

Why is the new phone quickly discharged?

The annoyance takes up when you take out a brand new smartphone from the cabin, and after a few days it discharges in a few hours, as if living the last days.

The reasons can be different, but most likely technical: a battery with factory marriage, charge controllers can work with an error and show an incorrect % charge of the phone, or maybe the operating room does not see that the battery is charged.

In any case, if such an unpleasant situation happened to you, do not be wise and immediately contact the service center until the warranty period for the smartphone has expired. Most likely the problem is just in a factory marriage.

Why is the Android phone quickly discharged?

Manufacturers of smartphones with this operating system more often use cheaper battery compared to the iPhone, but they are more capacious. From 6,000 to 12000 mAh. The batteries of smartphones with an Android system are more likely to require maintenance, but in case of breakdown it is cheaper to replace them.

Why is the iPhone phone quickly discharged?

Manufacturers put batteries with 4000 to 6000 mAh, this is a fairly small volume for a modern user. Their batteries are not adapted to low temperatures, but they are more optimized. The iPhone sewn the control program for the battery of the battery for applications and programs.

Let’s now talk about the general reasons for the iPhone and Android, which cause quick discharge of the smartphone battery.

Why is the new phone battery quickly sitting down

Any source of energy is designed for a certain load. The total number of programs in modern phones greatly exceeds the capabilities of the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the necessary programs and applications, remove excess. The average smartphone owner uses a maximum of a dozen programs. Look at the photo how many of them. Remove unnecessary and most energy.Intensive.

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Even a button phone can be warm if a person is in an area where there are no operator base stations. The system is in a tireless search, works, heats up. At such moments, the battery on a new phone is noticeable, very quickly sitting down.

Many people notice how quickly the battery sat on the phone, which lies in a ladies’ handbag, if you have to be in the cold. In this case, it is very useful to keep the device in the inner of clothing. Furious electrolyte may not recover.

It happened, you changed the battery on the phone in the service center, and it began to quickly sit down. It is possible that replica has been used to replace an expensive corporate component. In your power to restore justice. The master is obliged to eliminate marriage in work.

Smartphones with the Android platform use batteries from different manufacturers, it may not be conditioned. The new battery will quickly sit down. Any Комментарии и мнения владельцев during the warranty period should be eliminated only in the service center indicated in the contract. Do not forget, making a purchase, pay attention to the date of release of the battery. Refuse if the phone has been sold for more than a year. The battery in it is no longer the first freshness.

Why the phone is quickly charged and quickly discharges and how to fix it

Our phone is near us almost always. Sometimes he is almost the only window for communication with the world, and it is very bad when he begins to fail and fails. One of the most common problems is the quick failure of the battery. What is happening, and why the phone is charged so quickly and after that it discharges very quickly? Let’s understand.

Before moving on to the presentation of the causes and ways to solve the problem, when the smartphone is quickly charged and quickly discharged. We recommend downloading the phone in safe mode (how to do this in the specifics of your phone models on the network).

If in a safe mode the phone is charged and discharged normally, then your problem has not a hardware, but a software nature associated with incorrectly working software. If the problem remains, then, most likely, we are dealing with physical problems, and you need to look for the causes of dysfunction in hardware factors.

The smartphone is quickly discharged due to a bright screen

The maximum intensive brightness of the screen is a common reason that the smartphone is quickly discharged. Therefore, it may be necessary to reduce its intensity. Either keep it at a low level, or use the parameter that allows the phone to automatically determine how bright the screen should be, depending on your environment. Your phone will tune in so that your text messages are visible when it is light on the street, but you will not spend the precious battery energy, looking at the same level of brightness when you are indoors.

Another way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by your screen is to reduce the time required to turn off the display after you stop using it.

Interesting: Super AMOLED displays consumes much less electricity than IPS. Because in them each pixel has its own separate backlight, and the black color is achieved by the complete lack of backlight. Due to this, you can very strongly save the battery charge, if, for example, put dark pictures on the background. But it works only with Amoled displays.

The picture clearly shows what display individual pixels are highlighted on, and on which the whole display is.

What to do when the phone is quickly discharged?

We will discuss the paths that you can make in order to quickly reduce energy consumption.

Check which applications are the most consuming the battery

Click “Settings. Battery” to view the list of all applications and how much energy they use. If an application that you do not often use, “eat” too much, then think about its removal, freezing or stop.

Delete unnecessary software and advertising

Programs often leave their services hang in the background, they load RAM and load the processor, reducing the working hours from one charge. Delete extra applications, especially unnecessary messengers and everything that tries to connect to the Internet. In order to get into the removal menu, go to “Settings. Applications”.

It often happens that an advertisement built into software makes the smartphone actively discharge due to additional loads of the material from the network. To neutralize it, use advertising lock, for example, Adguard. You can download it from Play Market.

Never use Cleanmaster Task

Despite the popularity of killer applications for Android, they cause great damage to the phone, as they unload the necessary components and services that are launched again, forcing the processor to work at increased frequencies. And it lasts endlessly.

Even through the multitasking window, it makes no sense to constantly unload the processes. Unless those that you rarely use. Android has already learned how to independently regulate the work of the background activity, it makes no sense to help him in this, since Doze copes well.

Display unnecessary widgets from the main screen

Widgets deplete the battery due to constant synchronization and update animations. They also litter the RAM. You should not get rid of all widgets, but try to remove those that are not so important.

Turn on the aircraft mode in zones with a low level of signal

Smartphones use a large amount of energy when trying to connect in zones with a low level of signal. Therefore, if you cannot get a stable network connection, activate the flight mode. To do this, expand the curtain down and slip on the aircraft icon.

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If there is no icon, then go to “Settings. Wireless Networks”.

Why is Your iPhone Battery Health Dropping So FAST??

Disconnect data when you do not use it

Mobile Internet, especially LTE, arranges total genocide to a charge. Strive to disconnect it if possible. This will greatly reduce the expense in standby mode and give at least one additional hour of the screen activity per day.

Disconnect GPS if it is not used

GPS is the hardest battery module (you probably noticed this when using Google Maps). This is another component, in addition to 4G, mercilessly killing the charge interest. Therefore, you never forget to deactivate it in your smartphone.

Also walk along the path of “Settings-Location-icon with three points-search”, and now turn off both points that are responsible for the constant search for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

battery, very, quickly, phone

Turn on the energy saving mode

For Android 5.0 and more new this function allows you to increase the battery life. For example, animation will be eliminated, most background synchronizations will stop, and the location determination services will be disconnected. The operating room proposes to activate this mode when reaching a 15% charge to extend the working hours.

Reduce the brightness of the screen

If you use Android 5.0 or newer, open “settings. Screen” and turn on “automatic brightness”, which will allow the display to adapt to lighting conditions, guaranteeing that the matrix will never be brighter than necessary.

But if your battery is in a “deplorable” position, manual dimming of the screen is a good method to extend autonomy until you get to charging.

Remove the living wallpapers

The system offers flexibly to personalize the home screen, but try not to abuse and give up living wallpaper. They load the processor and RAM. It is better to give preference to a static picture on the desktop.

Reduce the time until the screen is turned off

You can save the battery many times, reducing the time during which the display remains active. Open “Settings-Screen” to configure the screen of the screen, for example, 30 or 60 seconds. It seems that this is not very important, but in this way you will significantly reduce energy consumption, because the matrix (especially IPS) consumes it most.

Automatic screen brightness adjustment

Maximum backlight in general the enemy of the battery number one. It’s nice to look at the colorful picture, but you have to pay a battery charge for it.

Noticed how in the summer the phone sometimes sits very quickly. This is not only because we often get it to photograph something. Automatic adjustment is also to blame. We just do not notice how in the bright sun it always costs 100% brightness. The room is usually enough 70-80% and this difference is enough to quickly discharge the battery.

Poor coating zones

Zones in which mobile communications work unstable. Quiet battery killers. While in them, your phone is constantly trying to contact the nearest towers, trying to stay on the network.

If you live in rural areas, work in a reinforced concrete building or often find yourself in areas with poor connection, most likely your phone’s battery will sit faster than usual.

How to fix it?

  • Change the operator. The quality of the mobile provider depends on the region, city and district. Find out which operator is the highest quality operator in your region or settlement and try to switch to it.
  • Flight mode. Disconnect all the connections using the flight mode. So your phone will not attempt to stay in touch. You can do this if you are forced to be in the zones of bad connection. Applications like IFTTT can help this that can include flight mode depending on the location.
  • Signal alignment devices. Some mobile operators offer them to give users the opportunity to live and work in the zone of stable access to the network.

Phone charges recommendations

Above, we examined all the features of the situation when the Samsung phone heats up and quickly discharges, found out what to do, and how to extend the life of. In conclusion, we highlight a number of recommendations that relate directly to the charging of the battery on the smartphone. This is important, because problems with the battery can be associated with gross errors in this matter.

  • Remove the phone from charging until the battery gets the maximum charge. It is better to turn off the Samsung phone when reaching 80%.
  • Do not allow the battery to be discharged below 10%, and especially do not sit it “to zero”. Such situations are acceptable only when there is no other way out. It is optimal to put the phone for charging at once when reaching 20% ​​of the charge.
  • Immediately turn off the Samsung smartphone from the network after a set of 100%. If you keep the device on for a long time, this can lead to a battery breakdown. In the future, the battery begins to discharge quickly. For this reason, try not to put the phone for charging at night.
  • Twice a month completely discharge and charge the smartphone. This is necessary to maintain the normal operation of the controller and prevents the decrease in the capacity of the power source.
  • Try to use the device at normal temperatures. Keep in mind that the Samsung smartphone can be quickly discharged at too low temperatures or in the heat.
  • Use the battery saving mode more often if it is provided on a smartphone.

Following simple tips allows you to extend the battery life as much as possible and not worry due to the fact that it is quickly discharged. If such a problem has occurred, it is necessary to find and eliminate the cause. If difficulties arise in this matter, you can always contact the specialists of the service center.

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