Why Games Are Not Downloading on a Tablet

Causes of problems on the Play Market

The Play Market service is the most convenient and reliable Android system to use. There is everything to ensure a decent level of use of technology, but sometimes there may be problems with using or entering the service.

Why Games Are Not Downloading on a Tablet

An example of an error occurring in the Play Market application

  • There is no account in the Google system;
  • the presence of malicious software (software) in your device;
  • failure in date and time settings;
  • full cache;
  • Internet connection failures.

If applications do not download

It often happens that the service works, but does not download the required information. Here, too, there are several important points that are worth paying attention to. After installing the Play Market, a happy user starts downloading applications, but nothing happens. And the loading bar seemed to be moving, but nothing worked. The problem is also completely solvable.

Revert to previous version of Play Market

Sometimes you just need to “roll back” to the penultimate version of the Play Market.

  1. In order to remove updates, go to the “Applications” (“Application Management”). We find in the “Settings” menu the item “Applications”, click
  2. We find the Play Market, click on it. In the “All” tab, find “Play Market”
  3. In the menu that opens, select the “Delete updates” item. In the menu that opens, click on the button “Delete updates”

If the previous steps were not enough, there is a universal method.

  1. Open in the “Settings” application.
  2. “Stop”. “Erase data”. “Delete updates” for “Google Play Services” and Google Service Framework. Follow Stop, Erase Data, and Delete Updates
  3. Next, we get into the section for synchronizing Google accounts and uncheck all the boxes.
  4. We perform a reboot and without opening the rest of the applications, re-mark all the necessary items with checkmarks.
  5. Reboot again.

Usually, after these maneuvers, the first launch and update of the application takes longer, but everything again works like a clock.

If you can’t download files without Wi-Fi

Some users of Android devices may encounter a situation where the Play Market works perfectly via Wi-Fi, but when you try to download something via the mobile Internet, it says “Could not download file.” The moment is unpleasant, but eliminated in a few minutes. Here, the fault is the incorrect setting of the mobile Internet.

  1. To fix the error, let’s go to the settings in the “Tools” tab of our device (it may also be called “Data Transfer”). Find a similar item on your device
  2. With a flick of the wrist, in the “Traffic limit” section of your SIM card, check the “No limits” box (on versions of Android 5.0 and higher, move the “Mobile traffic limit” lever so that it turns gray). Move the lever in the “Mobile traffic limit” section
  3. Everything works. we enjoy the downloaded information.

If there is not enough memory to download from the Play Market

Many owners of devices running on Android are familiar with the situation when the file is partially downloaded or the system displays the message “There is not enough space in Android memory”. Here you have to free memory.

When installing the application, the window “Out of space in Android memory” may be displayed

You can do the following:

  • get rid of unnecessary applications and games;
  • clear unnecessary in the “Downloads”;
  • clean messages;
  • move some applications to a memory card.

This is the simplest thing you can do to free up memory. It is also possible to use various utilities for more thorough cleaning.

The most popular and easy to use are Clean Master and Link2SD. It is important not to clean the excess, but with a detailed examination everything is clear and even a beginner can handle it.

What to do if the Play Market displays an error message

Often, when trying to download information, a message appears about various kinds of errors. There is also no need to panic. Everything is solved easily if you know about the problems of occurrence. We will analyze the most common mistakes and find ways to solve them.

  • error number 194. Try to clear the cache and remove updates, disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi. If there is no positive result. download through another account;
  • error number 403. The application does not load due to the use of different accounts on the same device. Try logging in with a different account; Error 403. Cannot Update Google Play Services
  • error number 413. Updates and applications are not loading. In the settings, click “Erase data” for the application “Google Play Services”, then click “Stop.” We do the same for the Google Play Market and clear the cache;
  • error number 491. Talks about the inability to download and update applications. Here we start by deleting your Google account; Error 491. unable to update application
  • error number 492. We perform the following: “Settings”. “Applications”. “Google Play Services”. “Erase data”. “Stop”. We’ll do the same for the Google Play Market. If no positive changes have occurred, roll back to the initial settings;
  • error number 495. A negative response when downloading and updating products from the Play Market. It is solved by this method. In the Play Market we mark “Erase data”. We perform the same procedure with the Google Services Framework. We go to Google and delete your account. We restart the device, re-add the account and enjoy the result;
  • error number 498. Download from the Play Market is interrupted. Here the problem is a crowded cache. Clear internal memory of unnecessary applications and files. Clean the cache;
  • error number 504. It does not allow to download the application. We solve the problem in this way. Open the Play Market in the settings and select “Erase data.” Then in the “Download Manager” we clear the data. Download the application again;
  • error number 919. The application has been downloaded, but cannot open it. Clear internal memory;
  • error number 921. Does not allow downloading applications. We clean the residual cache files in the Google Play Market. If to no avail we clear the data through the menu “Settings”. “Applications”. “Erase data”;
  • error number 923. We delete the Google account, we clear the memory and again enter the Google account;
  • error number 927. Play Market is being updated. Wait for the update to complete and try again;
  • error number 941. Often pops up when updating the application task. It is fixed by the same method as error 504;
  • error 961. To clear, clear the cache.

These are the main ways to solve the most common problems, but there are cases in which an individual approach is needed. The problem of lack of internal memory is quite common. Knowing how to download files from the Play Store to a memory card is useful here.

How to save information from the Play Store to an SD card

When the free internal memory runs out, it is convenient to use external devices for storing information. These are represented by all kinds of flash drives and memory cards. Flash drives for smartphones are called microSD cards. It is convenient to store some of the information on them.

Here’s what you can do when filling up the internal memory:

  • Transfer to the card several applications downloaded earlier. To do this, in the “Settings” select “Applications” (“Application Management”), open the desired application and click “Transfer to SD card” (“Go to SD card”); To transfer the application to microSD, click the corresponding button in the application menu
  • Download the application directly to microSD via computer;
  • use specialized programs for downloading applications to microSD, for example, AppMgr III (App 2 SD).

Tips for stable uptime Play Market

In order to ensure the stable operation of your gadget, it is enough to follow certain measures:

  • to prevent data theft, use only safe browsers and programs;
  • make sure that the date and time correspond to your time zone. incorrect date and time settings can lead to malfunctions;
  • an overflowed cache is one of the main problems; clean it on time;
  • Watch the filling of internal memory.

If you follow these simple rules when working with Android, the likelihood of errors when downloading and updating applications in the Play Market is minimized.