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iPad not charging. solutions

iPad tablets have become our faithful companions. They allow you to find the information you need, access your email, chat on social networks, and more. Despite a high level of reliability, the Apple gadgets sometimes break down. The greater part of failures is due to lack of charge. What to do if iPad doesn’t charge?

Your iPad won’t charge? It is possible that the problem is related to the charger. We need to check its functionality using another charger. you can borrow it from friends and acquaintances. After you have connected the charger to your gadget you should check if the charger is charging.

If charging succeeds we go to the store and buy a new charger (preferably the original one, to avoid the problems with low-quality accessories). There is no other charger available, but you have another Apple gadget at hand? Connect suspected charger to your gadget and check charge again.

If your gadget is not charging, the problem is in a faulty charger. As almost nobody is engaged in their repair, it is easier to visit the nearest dealer or Apple-brand store to buy a new charger there. Lack of charge may be due to the use of low-quality non-original accessories.

The developers guarantee a normal charge only with the original chargers. In addition, the creators of non-original chargers may have made a mistake with the parameters, which results in insufficient charging current. With Apple chargers you won’t have this problem.

Do not forget to check the charger cable. it is quite possible that the whole problem lies only in it, and you will be left to replace it.

Software update

It may seem like it has nothing to do with this, but software can often be the cause of problems which can be related to hardware malfunctions. As a general rule, the iPadOS version doesn’t very often contain a failure of some type that slows down booting or doesn’t charge directly, but it’s also not something crazy.

In order to get the evasion of doubt, we recommend that you have the latest version of iPadOS available. To check for more recent updates, you must have an Internet connection and select “Settings” “Basic” “Software Update”. In this section you will find an opportunity to download and install the latest version of the system, if available.

Reasons why iPad does not charge:

The conclusions and reasons that your iPad does not charge are: use only the original charger, check your charger with the original, if you have problems charging your tablet, bring it to the service center for free diagnostics.

iPad does not charge. what to do?

All gadget owners know what icon appears when charging. On the main screen there is an icon of the battery. While connecting the charger to the iPad, lightning appears on it. If one day it did not happen, then you need to look for the cause.

Studying the reviews of both ordinary users and professional masters, we can conclude that the most common are problems with the adapter, wires or outlet. Also do not exclude the banal clogging of the connector. Sometimes charging problems can be caused by mechanical damage or moisture inside the device. And finally, we can not exclude the most serious malfunction. failure of the power controller.

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So, let’s deal with each reason in more detail.

iPad does not charge. what to do if the iPad stops charging from the network, computer?

There are many factors that can lead to iPad not charging. Most often the equipment refuses to charge from a third-party charger, from a computer (desktop or laptop) of another company. The problem may also be caused by something else:

  • mechanical damage to the iPad or connector
  • Moisture ingress in the case and other factors associated with improper use of the device

With some faults, because of which the device does not charge well, you can cope with yourself. Troubleshooting complicated problems should be left to the experts. But before you take the device to the service center, try to solve the problem by following the simple instructions.

What charging problems most often occur

Situations that cause your iPad not to charge exhibit a variety of symptoms. So, iPad can suddenly stop charging completely or only in some cases. You may encounter these variants:

  • The device does not charge from the outlet
  • The device writes: “No charging from the mains” or does not show charging
  • the equipment does not charge via USB
  • iPad not charging more than 1 percent (multiple variations are possible. more than 2 percent, etc.).)
  • the charger icon is lit but not getting power
  • The iPad does not turn on, and does not charge when turned off
  • The unit doesn’t see the charger
  • charging speed has significantly decreased

First of all, you need to find out what type of malfunction in your iPad. This will help you to understand why this situation occurred and find the best way to solve it.

The main causes of failures

Malfunctions in iPad charging can occur due to a variety of factors. To malfunctions lead to falls, bumps, illiterate reflashing and other violations of the rules for using the gadget:

  • Plugging in a charger from another company (error messages will appear on the screen)
  • plugging the charger into a bad socket
  • Connecting the tablet to a computer or laptop of another brand or outdated model of gadget
  • damaged power controller or charger connector
  • battery failure, bottom cord failure
  • Moisture in the body of the gadget, USB port or on the battery

In addition, there are situations in which the iPad is only fully charged when it is on, which also indicates a malfunction. What kind of failure has occurred in the gadget, depends on the choice of methods of its repair and the duration of recovery.

What are the problems you can solve yourself

If iPad does not work properly only in some situations, or even not charged at all, you can try to solve the problem yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Reboot the device
  • check the current battery charge level
  • connect the original charger, check its functionality (replace it if necessary)
  • Check whether there are any kinks in the power cord somewhere
  • clean dirt and dust from the connection plug
  • Try recharging your iPad from different sources: AC (wall outlet), USB, Power bank

All these actions can lead to the fact that the tablet will work again without failure. But if after taking the measures taken your gadget still does not work properly (does not see the charger, does not turn on correctly), the cause is most likely mechanical damage.

You should never try to fix them yourself, as you may damage any non-defective parts of your gadget. Repairing your iPad in this case will be even more time-consuming and expensive. In order not to waste time and money, apply to qualified professionals.

Who to trust to repair your gadget

If the battery has stopped receiving power, and you can’t fix the problem yourself, you should send your gadget for professional repair. Not to stand in a queue at the service center, waiting a long time for repair and overpaying for parts and services, choose a professional performer at the site udu.

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Yudu artists will cope with the repair is not worse than the service center Apple. All experts have verified personal information when registering on the site. Each of them has extensive experience and positive feedback from customers in their personal profiles. Yudu performers will provide a number of advantages:

  • No queues when ordering
  • Short terms of device repair
  • Use professional repair with advanced tools and genuine parts
  • low for services due to the absence of intermediaries and great competition at the service
  • Task fulfillment at any convenient time for you
  • convenient payment methods (cash, bank transfer; installment payment is possible)

When choosing a specialist, pay attention to their experience and rating in the system. this will help hire the most suitable performer.

What the masters of Yudu do

Specialists registered on udu, carry out quick recovery iPads that do not charge. Experienced craftsman conducts qualified iPad repair at a low cost.

First of all, a specialist will conduct a complete diagnosis of the gadget, tablet battery, charger and other components to find out where the problem occurs. Then the master will perform the following actions:

  • device disassembly
  • parts inspection
  • replacement of defective components
  • Cleaning gadget parts from dirt and dust
  • high-quality and accurate assembly of the model
  • final check of device operability

After completing all the repair work, the performer YouDo give recommendations for safe use of the gadget, which will help extend the life of the device and avoid a second repair in the near future. The master will also tell you about simple ways to fix minor problems.

Leave a request on this page or via mobile app, describing your situation (for example: “iPad not charging”). you will be quickly contacted by specialists who are ready in the shortest possible time to perform your task.

iPad does not charge? Why

The reasons why iPad does not charge, quite complex, such as damaged cable Lightning, Lightning port clogged with dust and detritus, iPad stuck in low battery mode, damaged firmware, etc. Д. So troubleshooting iPad charging problems should focus on these aspects.

In this section, we’ll detail a few common ways to fix iPad charging problems.

Hard reset the iPad

Performing a hardware reset on your iPad is a good starting point for troubleshooting when the iPad won’t charge.

Disconnect any accessories from your iPad. While holding down the Side button on top of your iPad, simultaneously press the circular Home button.

Step 2. Wait until your iPad shows the Apple logo on the screen, release the buttons.

does, ipad, charge

Step 3. Plug your iPad into a power source and it should charge normally.

Check the cable for damage

As with other tablets, we use a USB cable to connect the iPad to a power source. The small Lightning cable is easy to break if you pull and twist. When your iPad isn’t charging, disconnect the Lightning cable from your iPad and look closely at it. If the cable shows signs of damage, such as broken or bent pins, it is better to try a new one.

If the Lightning cable looks fine, try charging the iPad on your computer to see if the cable works. This may fix the defective Lightning cable.

Try a different charger for iOS

When charging your iPad, the iOS charger is another important accessory. If you encounter a problem with your iPad not charging, disconnect the iPad, Lightning cable, charger, and wall source and then reconnect them.

Make sure you don’t use an iPhone charger on your iPad, although they are very similar. If the problem persists, consider buying a new charger or using a different iPad charger.

Another thing you should do is check if the wall source fits your iPad charger, especially when you’re traveling overseas.

Clean debris out of the charging port of your iPad

The charging port on your iPad is open, and over time, dust and debris can easily accumulate on it. This can block the iPad from detecting the Lightning cable and charging. The solution is very simple: clean the charging port when your iPad is not charging.

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Use a dry Q-tip or toothbrush to remove dust and debris from the port.

Or you can blow out the charging port with a hair dryer.

Put the iPad in DFU mode and restore

In addition to the accessory, a software failure can cause the iPad not to charge. In that case, you can fix it by restoring the iPad in DFU mode. It will erase all the content on your iPad, so you better back up your iPad data first.

Unplug the iPad from the wall power source, press the side button to activate the power off screen, and then slide the switch to turn off the iPad.

Step 2. Connect your iPad to your computer with the Lightning cable. Run the latest version of iTunes and follow the instructions below to put your iPad into DFU mode.

While holding down the Sleep/Wake button, which is also called the Power or Side button, simultaneously press the round Home button for about 10 seconds.

does, ipad, charge

Release the Sleep/Wake button and hold the Home button for another 3-5 seconds.

If the screen turns black and the message “iPad in recovery mode” appears in iTunes, it means your iPad has successfully booted into DFU mode. Click the “OK” button on the message, you will now be presented with two options: “Repair” and “Refresh”.

Click “Repair” to perform an iPad recovery in DFU mode.

Repair your iPad

The last common way to fix an iPad without charging. Is to contact Apple and fix your device. Apple offers several options for iPad repair:

Contact support at the Apple Support Website (support.Apple.com/contact).

Repairing an iPad using the AppleCare or AppleCare plan

Go to your nearest Apple Store or email your iPad for repair.

Clean the charging port

Although this is an iPad and not an iPhone, the charging port can get dirty. This can be caused by carrying the iPad in a backpack, which can cause lint to get into the connector. Eventually, this lint can cause the charging cable to not connect properly and one of the pins to not interact. To remove the dirt that is in the charging port, you can focus with a flashlight to see if there is dirt and, if there is, carefully insert a needle to remove it.

“No charging” message when connecting to a PC

The error often occurs when an iPad is connected to a specific Mac with a specific USB cord. This means that the USB port is not transferring enough power to charge the iPad, and instead of charging it keeps draining. There are two possible solutions:

Note: If the USB cable is damaged, you may want to avoid using it altogether. We recommend that you buy only certified cords, since others in many cases do not work with Apple products at all.

Why won’t my iPad charge from my computer

Why is iPad not charging from PC and what to do if you see “No charging” in the status bar? This is the same problem.

The fact is that this inscription appears only when the tablet computer has detected a connected charger, but there is not enough power in it to get power. Consequently, it’s causing the iPad not to charge.

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