Why Can It Be That The Red-Eared Turtle Does Not Eat Listless And Sleeps

A little about the red-eared turtle

Also, the turtle can make characteristic sounds – hissing, squeaking or snorting.

How to care for red-eared turtles

To maintain the turtle, you will need an aquarium, choose the size yourself, but keep in mind that they grow quickly, in the future they will need a lot of space. It is also worth building an island to land. The island must be installed so that part of it is covered with water; it must be well fixed so that the turtle does not get hurt; also the most important thing – the island must be heated and warm so that the reptile can bask on it. It is also worthwhile to buy a heating lamp to maintain the required temperature, a UV lamp is also needed, which will help to properly absorb calcium in the body so that the turtle does not suffer from rickets or curved shell.

To keep the turtle healthy need to monitor her nutrition. Types of food are very diverse, it can be vegetables, special food, insects or plants. The main condition is a large amount of calcium in the products, which is necessary for the formation of the shell.

Diet should be appropriate for age. Young reptiles are less whimsical, and adults need plant food, which should be in excess.

Why Can It Be That The Red-Eared Turtle Does Not Eat Listless And Sleeps

Water is the main condition for keeping a red-eared turtle. There should be a lot of water and it is necessary to change it often, because Pets live, eat, go to the toilet in this water. Otherwise, reptiles can get sick from germs that get in dirty water.

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It is necessary to constantly maintain water temperature from 23 ° C and above. At low temperatures, the reptile may hibernate, from which it may not emerge, then die from dehydration.

Everyone noticed that the turtles very quickly grow claws and beaks, they also need special care. As the claws grow, they need to be cut, otherwise the pet will not be able to move on land. You can do this yourself or by visiting a vet clinic.

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Dangerously! Never cut a growing beak, it provides turtles the opportunity to eat meat.

Causes of Turtle Feeling Unwell

You have learned the rules for keeping a red-eared turtle and its features. Now let’s see why they are sometimes lethargic, and sometimes they don’t eat anything at all? The most common causes are:

  • Malnutrition (abundance of feed, poor diet, low-quality foods)
  • Breeding season
  • Disease
  • Climate change
  • Hibernation time
  • Low or high water temperature
  • Aggression in a group of turtles

How to deal with the causes of ill health

Let’s try to find solutions for the causes of ill health.

Food must be balanced:

  • An abundance of food can lead to overeating. What to do? Turtles need to be fed young reptiles daily, and adults can be fed every other day.
  • The wrong diet can be easily balanced – young people feed large amounts of protein, adolescents with any feed, more adults – with a lot of plant foods. The main condition is that the feed should be with vitamins, rich in calcium, otherwise calcium must be served separately from the feed.
  • Poor-quality products are a consequence of the economy of the owner. Do not choose the cheapest feed, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and composition.
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The breeding season for turtles is accompanied by their passivity. For them, this is a new sensation, a period of calm. What to do when breeding? Nothing. You just need to wait this moment, then get ready for replenishment.

Disease – A frequent visitor to the red-eared turtles. You should immediately go to the veterinarian, you do not need to try to cure the turtle yourself, the consequences can be sad.

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Climate change also affects the state of the turtle. If you just bought a pet and brought it home, then passivity definitely awaits you. The reptile will adapt for several days to a new climate and new environment. What to do in this situation? Observe the pet, as well as create comfortable conditions for him to live.

Hibernation time for reptiles – a common occurrence. In nature, in autumn and winter, they constantly go to bed at the bottom of the reservoir and do not wake up until warm days in the spring. What to do and how to avoid this? So that the turtle does not feel the onset of cold weather, it needs to maintain a water temperature of at least 23 ° C and ensure a constant supply of light. If the reptile hibernated, it should be placed in a box and left in a cool and humid place until warm.

Water temperature very much affects the health of the turtle, so you need to monitor its level of heat. To do this, purchase a thermometer and install it on the aquarium to always see the degree of temperature, you should not navigate by your own feelings.

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Aggression is characteristic of reptiles in a team. They like to compete and fight. Has your pet become lethargic and often sleeps? Perhaps he lacks food, perhaps others offend him. To do this, follow the actions of roommates during feeding, if food is taken from the turtle – feed it separately. If she is offended, you may have to start another aquarium or give the pet to another owner.

The causes of the poor health of the eared beauty can be a large number.

Why Can It Be That The Red-Eared Turtle Does Not Eat Listless And Sleeps

The video shows a red-eared turtle that cannot eat

Only a very responsible owner can find the reasons and solve the problem, the search for the causes is a difficult and painstaking process. If you could not find the reasons, you need to urgently contact a specialist who will conduct an examination and prescribe the necessary treatment. Also, do not forget that it is better to prevent the disease than to correct the consequences of an irresponsible attitude towards animals.

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