Why Brakes Acer Aspire 5738zg Laptop

Cleaning the Acer aspire 5750g (5551g) laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste on the processor will require complete disassembly, you will need to disconnect the keyboard, display, speakers, cooler, in general, completely disassemble and remove the motherboard, if you did not have experience with such work, it is recommended that you contact us for disassembling and cleaning the laptop from dust, because without experience, the risk of damage to the device is high enough.

Acer aspire 5750g (5551) before disassembly:

We disconnect the battery to de-energize the device, and unscrew all the screws from the bottom cover.

We remove the hard drive and disconnect the wi-fi wires.

We take out the white wifi wire from the gutter.

We unscrew all the screws and take out the DVD drive.

We open the locks that fasten the keyboard, pushing the mount and at the same time, lifting this part of the keyboard, only 6 latches.

Turn the keyboard over, but do not remove, because you still need to disconnect the contact.

We unscrew the specified screws and disconnect the connectors, then you can proceed to disassemble the case, for such tasks it is better to use a plastic flat object. for example, a sim card from the phone.

Why Brakes Acer Aspire 5738zg Laptop

Other types of contacts are disconnected in the same way as the others described below, we need to disconnect these connectors and remove the white wi-fi wire on the left.

We unscrew the 2 screws of the left column, to disassemble and clean the Acer aspire 5750 (5551g) laptop from dust, you also need to remove the screen, for this we unscrew the screws that secure the monitor, but we do not remove the screen itself, but just put it next to it.

Next, remove the power cable from the socket and unscrew the screws that secure the motherboard.

In order to access the cooling grill and the cooler for cleaning the Acer aspire 5750g (5551) from dust, disconnect the motherboard, put it on a soft cloth. for example a towel, in order to avoid damage and disconnect the cooler contact.

We turn the motherboard vertically and unscrew the screws, while on the other hand, we hold the opposite of the screw so that the board does not bend.

To clean the cooling from dust and replace the thermal paste, further disassembly is necessary. we disconnect the cooling system from the motherboard, at the place where the copper plates are in contact with the processor and another chip, you can see the old layer of thermal paste.

We remove the old thermal paste layer from the chips on the motherboard and the copper plates of the cooling system. This operation can be done with cotton swabs moistened with vodka.

You should get a flat, fat-free surface.

We disassemble the laptop cooling system by unscrewing the indicated screws, as shown in the image, and peeling off the adhesive tape that secures the cooler to the cooling system. Next, we clean the cooling grill from dust with a sharp object, and it can also be vacuumed or purged.

Cleaning the cooler Acer aspire 5750 (5551g) from dust is carried out with cotton swabs moistened with vodka, it is not recommended to use water, in order to avoid getting into the moving mechanism. It is convenient to replace thermal paste in a laptop with a flat plastic object, for example. SIM card from the phone.

Dismantling and cleaning the Acer aspire 5750 (5551g) laptop from dust requires experience in such work, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the motherboard during disassembly. If you have any difficulties. contact.