Which Tv Is Better Than Sony Or Phillips

Skyline 43LT5900

The TV has a screen diagonal of 43 inches. The inexpensive model has bright contrasting Direct LED backlighting, plays most popular multimedia files such as MP3, MPEG4, MKV, JPEG, etc. Skyline is equipped with two built-in 10W speakers and supports surround sound.

A memory card port allows you to record your favorite movies and watch them at your convenience. The Time Shift function will enable you to record live TV programs. Built-in timer is able to turn off the TV after a certain period of time.

  • High build quality;
  • Modern design;
  • Rich picture;
  • Teletext function supported.
  • Weak bass sound.

The TV turned out to be quite versatile and does not require connection to the speaker system. A good choice for bedroom installations.

Best inexpensive TVs

Affordable TVs, mostly with HD resolution, fell into this category. As a rule, budget models have a small 32 ″ diagonal and only a basic set of useful functions. But they are perfectly adapted to work with terrestrial television.

Tcl L49S6FS

Low price TV but good performance. The 124cm screen displays crisp images thanks to Direct LED backlighting. The model supports Smart-TV technology, connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi module.

The rear panel contains all the necessary ports: HDMI, USB 2.0, optical output, a slot for a satellite TV access card, two antenna ports and a 3.5 mm input for connecting headphones or audio speakers.

  • High quality sound;
  • Internet access;
  • Little weight;
  • Nicam stereo sound;
  • Program guide and parental control;
  • Sleep timer, on / off, recording.
  • Operating system Linux.

The model has no drawbacks, except for the not most common operating system. There are not many applications in Smart-TV, there are almost no online cinemas and browsers. But Youtube hosting works flawlessly.

The best 8K TVs

Uhd (8K) is the latest development for TVs with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. The first model of this format was released by Sharp in 2016. But 8K TVs began to appear only in 2019. The difficulty lies in the fact that recording an hour at such a high resolution requires about 300 GB of memory. Therefore, it is packed into several archives, and special codecs help to unpack the signal.

Samsung QE65Q900RBU

The 65-inch TV has a realistic color reproduction. The picture is displayed clearly, richly, you can see everything to the smallest detail. During viewing will not be disturbed by noise and other distortions.

The Quantum 8K processor is responsible for high-quality image processing. A built-in sensor allows you to adjust the brightness depending on the lighting in the room. Almost invisible frames are located around the screen. The TV is equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi module and a LAN connector for connecting to the Internet.

Built-in speakers deliver high quality sound. There are separate radiators for reproducing low frequencies. The total speaker power is 60 watts. Built-in Dolby Digital Plus delivers crisp, rich sound at all frequencies. Just like in a movie theater.

  • Ultra-thin bezel-less design
  • Anti-glare screen coating;
  • Powerful and spacious sound with pronounced low frequencies;
  • Smart TV support and ample internet connectivity.
  • High price.

Large, stylish, with impeccable picture and sound, this TV will be a real decoration of the living room and will allow you to create an amazing quality home theater.

Sony KD-85ZG9

The first TV from Sony with record-breaking 8K picture resolution. The 85 ” screen features the latest Backlight Master Drive with local dimming. High-quality and detailed picture is provided by a matrix with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels.

The model is equipped with a powerful speaker system: 8 speakers of 10 W each, plus a subwoofer, are built into the body. The sound is spacious and detailed, with automatic volume leveling. The TV is capable of playing many popular formats such as MPEG4, MKV, MP3 and others.

  • High price.

The design of the TV is modern and stylish. To support its heavy weight, the kit includes special durable legs.

Choosing the best TV between Sony and Samsung

The choice of a modern “smart” TV, given the introduction of new technologies and constant improvement of technical characteristics, requires an analysis of the parameters, design and cost of technology. The range of models, even within the same brand, is very diverse. Consider the technologies used (Direct LED, Edge LED, OLED), screen relief and range. Manufacturers are trying to create individual nuances that will competitively distinguish their technology from analogues. When choosing between Sony or Samsung TVs, focus on the benefits of these famous brands to determine which one performed better in 2016.

Samsung KS7000

Samsung’s KS7000 series is in the Best Low Cost 4K TV 2016 category. A 4K TV screen has 4 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. This model combines a high-contrast picture, an advanced Smart TV system, an Ultra HD screen resolution, and at the same time has a reasonable price. The manufacturer confidently claims that quantum dots provide a wide range of colors and make up 96% of DCI-P3. In addition, the model is presented in a very good design. Eye-catching thin metal frame and neat legs for support.

The KS7000 includes an enhanced version of the Smart interface that is easy to configure by yourself. Contrasting color objects can sometimes cause backlight problems if they appear against a dark background, but this is rare. In general, the cost of a modern device is justified when comparing technical and functional capabilities. There is also no 3D format as Samsung dropped this image function in 2016.

Samsung KS7000 TV

The best Samsung models

Samsung KS9500

The KS9500 series won the Best Ultra HD TV category of 2016. Modern technology allows you to open the full range of HDR content possibilities.

Samsung was one of the first to provide high dynamic range display for high contrast images. The peak brightness of the KS9500 is the highest, so it is able to bring reality to scenes. Technical capabilities include the ability to translate an image from a standard range into HDR. Direct LED backlight reflects deep dark colors along with brightness using local dimming system. All the features of such a backlight can be found in the article on LED screens.

Samsung KS9500 TV

The main advantages of Samsung in this category:

  • High level image quality;
  • Great acoustic potential and HDR.

The disadvantages include:

  • High cost;
  • Lack of 3D;
  • Not all models come with a curved screen.

Great picture of the new Sony TV

When choosing TVs between sony or samsung, it is difficult to draw the line of advantageous characteristics by which one could determine the best model. Innovative developments of manufacturers have improved their technology so much that there is no doubt about the image quality. The only difference is in what methods and technical capabilities a good result is achieved.

The Sony W805 / 809C won a place of honor among the best Full HD TVs in 2016. According to the manufacturer, this model is not inferior in image quality to a 4K resolution TV and is available in 43, 50 and 55 inches. This Sony series, while not supporting UHD or 4K resolution, delivers excellent picture quality on a large display. Which resolution is better is up to the viewer. But among modern TV models, this one creates the highest quality picture, and therefore has become one of the highest rated. The only drawback some may feel is the cumbersome Android TV interface.

Sony W805 / 809C TV

Choosing a TV of the new generation of Samsung or Sony brands, you can get a high quality image, which may well replace going to cinemas. Watching your favorite TV channels will pleasantly delight you and will be able to turn the virtual world into reality thanks to new technologies that allow you to achieve high screen resolution.

Which TV is better. Sony or Samsung


If before that it seemed that Samsung was leading, now, when it comes to technical features, in which brands clearly go on a par.

Previously, it was easier to choose a TV by display. Almost all screens were the same, and they differed only in diagonal. Now the buyer has to choose between a liquid crystal and an OLED matrix. Most inexpensive models have an LED (LCD) display. Such models are produced by both manufacturers, but they have different production technologies. Samsung engineers opt for PLS displays with narrower viewing angles for the cheaper models and PVA for the more expensive ones. In the first case, the display is less bright, the image looks less vivid and of high quality. Such models are chosen for a summer residence, kitchen or children’s room. If you need a screen for a living room, bedroom or office, choose a PVA display. This is not the newest image transmission technology, but it is the best choice from the small and medium price segment.

As stated earlier, Sony doesn’t focus on low prices. The Japanese prefer to design screens based on a quality VA matrix. This provides deeper blacks than Korean competitors. Also, the Japanese win in terms of viewing angle.

Tv design

Visually it seems that all modern TVs are the same, but this is a misconception. Samsung always tries to surprise the buyer and equip its products with a futuristic design, while Sony are adherents of the classics. It is even believed that there is such a thing as Sony Style. A unique classic style of products that is recognized everywhere.

Both brands try to reduce the bezels and enlarge the screen area each time. The only “field” for creativity is the stand and lighting. The stand is used by a very limited number of customers. Most of them try to hang the TV on the wall. The backlight most often depends on what is displayed on the screen.

As you can see, you shouldn’t look for big differences in device design. All models of modern TVs are more or less similar.


As for the software “filling”, several different options are offered. Sony turned to Google developers for help in developing the software, which is already a sign of quality. Their services are perfectly synchronized with your Google account, so they can be easily controlled remotely, from a computer or phone.

Samsung, on the other hand, relied on its own strength and decided to develop its own operating system called Tizen. It is considered more convenient and understandable for users.

Cost of TVs

Price is a serious criterion for choosing an electronic device. Users are divided into several camps: those who are ready to pay more money for high quality and those who are looking for a cheaper option without much damage to quality.

As we found out earlier, Sony takes a more classic approach to pricing. The more “chips” the Japanese model is equipped with, the more expensive it will cost. Koreans, on the other hand, have inexpensive lines, the list of functions in which is not much inferior to expensive models, but the quality of parts leaves much to be desired.

Consider two TVs “Samsung” and “Sony”

Sony is a true tech giant. Many people associate the brand name with quality. However, their products are also distinguished by their high cost and almost complete absence of budget lines, which often frightens off buyers.

Also, Sony TVs are rarely called multifunctional. Smart devices from Samsung are known as not only TV screens, but also monitors, control panels of a single system. Sony devices are mainly used for viewing content only.

Additional options

Both manufacturers produce TVs with SMART TV technology, 3D function, 4K, so there are no significant differences in this category.

But you should know that the technique works on different operating systems.

Samsung equips its TVs with Tizen OS, a special development for working with programs and applications, Internet access on TV. The main advantage is a convenient and intuitive interface.

Sony uses the services of the world famous company Google, and LCD TVs run on Android TV. On such screens it is easy to download games, applications, there is a “Voice Control” function.

For example, consider everything in the table.

Which Tv Is Better Than Sony Or Phillips
Specifications Sony Samsung
Color display wins Loser, but the image is decent
Contrast Perfect display In the win
Anti-glare Present Present
Response time to remote control In the win Decent quality
Picture resolution 4K 4K
Sound Bigger wins, much better sound volume Normal
operating system Android TV Tizen o

What to look for when comparing

Comparison of technology must be carried out according to three main parameters:

  • Device design;
  • Picture quality;
  • Availability of additional options;

Let’s consider each item in more detail.


Samsung, in addition to standard TVs, produces a large number of creative options, the appearance of which is significantly different from the usual. But a significant disadvantage of such TVs is that it is rather difficult to fit them into the familiar interior.

Sony, on the contrary, prefers the classic format.

The best TV models SAMSUNG and SONY

Below is a ranking of the best TV models from both manufacturers in 2016.

Sony or Samsung: which TV is better

Which TV is better to choose Sony or Samsung? A question asked by many users.

Both brands have proven themselves well in the market, so there is no definite answer as to which TV is better than Sony or Samsung. The main selection criterion are technical characteristics and parameters, which need to be paid attention first of all.

You should know that in the rating of the best manufacturers of television equipment in 2016, both brands took leading positions: Samsung. 1st place, and Sony. 2nd place.

Picture quality

The contrast of Samsung models is much higher than that of Sony. But anti-glare filters are better from Sony. The color rendition of the devices is almost identical.

About Sony technology

Which is better. An LG TV or a Sony TV? We will identify the basic features of each of the manufacturers.

Sony’s TV assembly is always excellent. Quality refers to the technique of all price segments. Budget, medium or expensive. The Sony buyer gets a device with a solid build. The range of Smart TVs from Sony leaves much to be desired. However, all models have well-thought-out functionality. On the one hand, it is more convenient for the consumer. You don’t have to choose among dozens of models with almost the same features.

If you are a connoisseur of good technology, pay attention to Sonya. The cost of devices from this company is 20%.30% higher than that of competitors. Although this does not prevent Sony from leading the market.

Pros of TV from Sony:

  • Backlight. In this parameter, the manufacturer is considered the best. Sony creates a realistic color scheme. This can be achieved using special small semiconductors. All major brands have acquired the rights to implement this technology;
  • Android TV OS. Sony developers regularly improve the software “stuffing” of their technology. This means that the use of the gadget becomes interactive. Synchronize your smartphone with TV, receive Android updates and more;
  • Display. Sony‘s manufacturer has managed to achieve realistic reproduction of movements on the screen. Anti-reflective coating allows you to make the image even better;
  • Austere design that suits any interior. Most of the TV models from Sony are made in classic black. The legs of the device can be moved across its entire width. They allow you to put the gadget on any surface.
  • The price is higher than that of competitors;
  • Many models are available with an LCD. Today this technology is already considered obsolete and is being replaced by OLED, QLED displays.

About LG technology

Operating system Android 9.0
Weight 186 g
Diagonal 6.3
Resolution 2340 × 1080
Cameras 48 MP, 5 MP
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
Battery capacity 4000 mAh
Charging connector USB Type-C
Fast charging yes, Qualcomm Quick Charge 4

Pros of TVs from LG:

  • Display. Oled technology enables LG’s TV displays to display lifelike images. There are models with screens so light that they can only be hung on the wall with magnetic tape. Lg-developed technology is used by the Sony brand;
  • Price. The cost of top models is lower than that of competitors;
  • Operating system webOS with well thought-out functionality;
  • Image contrast. Lji managed to achieve deeper blacks;
  • Viewing angles. If we compare which is better. A Sony or LG TV, then LG undoubtedly wins in viewing angles.
  • Among the minuses, experts highlight the poor placement of the navigation keys on the remote control. However, this disadvantage is insignificant. Today, you can control your TV using your smartphone;

How to choose your perfect TV

These parameters will help you find out which TV is better:

Look at the number of ports on the case as well. They are needed to connect flash drives, additional screens, navigation aids, speakers and other gadgets.

Check out the other features you need. This includes built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice control, and a smart home system. Smart Home is a feature that brings together all the smart gadgets in your home. It allows you to share your TV screen and simultaneously watch movies, chat with friends, control other gadgets, and more.

Which is better. Sony or Lji TV

Compare brands

There is no definite answer which is better. Sony or Lji TVs.

Connoisseurs of solid build and software won’t go wrong with Sony. The number of calls to service centers among buyers of Sony TVs is minimal.

When choosing between Sony or LG, identify the goals that you pursue when buying a TV. Explore the reviews of the gadgets you like in more detail. This will help determine the real strengths and weaknesses.