Which Strap to Choose For Apple Watch Nike

Receive progress information during your workout and progress notification.

Which Strap to Choose For Apple Watch Nike

Start training

  1. Open the training program.
  2. Find a workout that best suits your exercises. For more information about all types of workouts, see this article.
  3. To set a goal, click the “” button next to the desired workout. To skip the goal setting step, click training.
  4. Wait for the 3 second countdown to complete. To skip the countdown, tap the screen.
  5. Start your workout. To add another type of workout without ending the session, open the Workout program, swipe right and click the New button.

You can also start your workout with Siri. Say a phrase, such as “start a kilometer walk.”

End, pause, or block a workout

  • To end your workout, swipe right and click the End button.
  • To pause the workout, swipe right and press the Pause button. You can also press the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously. To continue, press both buttons again.
  • To lock the screen to prevent accidental clicks, swipe right and press the lock button. To unlock the screen, turn the Digital Crown. Learn how to pause or end your swimming workout.

Progress tracking

Raise your wrist to see how well you exercise. Then turn the Digital Crown to highlight the most important indicator.

While running or walking, the Apple Watch gives a tactile signal every mile or kilometer. At the same time, a corresponding notification is displayed on the screen. While cycling, the Apple Watch gives a tactile signal every five miles or kilometers. 1

Change indicators for each workout

  1. On iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
  2. Go to the “My watch” tab and select “Workout” “View”.
  3. Click “Different Values” or “Single Value”.
    • When you select the “Different Values” option, you can specify up to five values ​​for each workout. Click the type of workout, then select “Change.” Add or remove metrics. You can also press and hold the Reorder button to reorder the indicators.
    • If you select “Single value” during training, you can scroll through all indicators using the Digital Crown.

    Selection of units for estimating energy costs and distance

    • To change calories to kilojoules or vice versa, press the calorie target screen with effort.
    • To change miles to kilometers or vice versa, forcefully tap the target’s distance screen.
    • To change the yards to meters or vice versa while sailing 2, press the target screen by distance or the track length screen with force.

    Mark segments in a workout

    You can use segments to track the various stages of your workout. For example, when running “Running” on a treadmill, you can mark each circle or the entire distance. The 30-minute exercise bike exercise can be divided into three 10-minute segments. Procedure:

    1. During training, double-tap the screen.
    2. Wait for the segment summary to appear.

    To view all segments after completing a workout, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Activity program on the iPhone.
    2. Click on the “Training” tab.
    3. Press a workout and scroll down.

    During swimming training, the screen is locked, which means that segments cannot be marked. However, during “Pool” workouts, circles are automatically marked every time you rest on the edge of the pool for 10 seconds or longer. Auto settings appear in the workout summary in the Activity program on the iPhone.

    Adding Workout

    In the “Workout” program, you can view and add new types of workouts.

    1. Open the Workout program on your Apple Watch.
    2. Scroll down and select Add Workout.
    3. Select the desired workout.

    If you cannot find the right type of workout, select “Other.”

    Learn how to get accurate measurements with your Apple Watch to get the most out of your workouts.

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