Which Samsung Better A30 Or A50

Earlier, mobile phone lovers still had erotic fantasies that the new Galaxy A series with double-digit indices is the middle class, and Samsung will make real budget employees Galaxy J or M cheaper. But now the party has responded that the Galaxy Axx is the former Samsung Galaxy J and Galaxy A combined. And cheap smartphones with 5000 mAh and eight-core processors are “not about our honor” and are sold only for Indians and Chinese. Therefore, we eat what they give.

But even with such a preamble, the new budget Samsungs look decent and a lot has changed. Remember, what were the Galaxy J3, J5 and J7 (13, 18 and 20 thousand rubles at the time of release, by the way) in the recent past? Wildly cut off. J3, for example, combined a four-core (for 13 thousand rubles!) Processor, a miserable 2400 mAh in the battery and a PLS display (like IPS, but even worse). In the new A20, for example, at the same price, we already have 4000 mAh, NFC (it was not there before) and a normal eight-core Snapdragon 435/450 processor. In two other models, the increase in characteristics also turned out to be solid.

But we know that Samsung is such a manufacturer whose good characteristics in a smartphone do not mean that the smartphone itself is actually good (unlike the Chinese, by the way). Like the high price does not mean that the smartphone is cooler than cheaper models. history has shown that the budget Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) was no worse than the older Galaxy A6 (2018) in everything except the amount of memory.

Given the fact that Samsung’s appearance can no longer be distinguished, and in their features the devil’s leg will break even if you look at the tables, we took the trio of potentially the most popular Galaxy A-series and compared among ourselves to choose the most worthy model for purchase among them. So starring:


Before us are mobile phones of the same series, so, probably, there is no point in criticizing them for monotony. It’s only a pity that if a couple of years ago the Samsung manufacturer was completely guessing the appearance of the Galaxy J-series and A-series, now you can change the nameplate to Xiaomi or Huawei, and no one will notice the catch. This is called “designer impotence.”

Of course, the Galaxy A50 looks best, of course, the Galaxy A30 is also completely nothing, but the A20 in the only available dark blue color looks nice, but it’s boring in appearance and not everyone will like it. Although it may eventually appear in other colors. Because the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 sell in different colors: white, blue and black.

From left to right: Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

The cases of all three smartphones are plastic. True, the back panel seems so glass that it is difficult to independently understand that it is not glass. This pseudo-glass looks beautiful, shimmers in different ways, but it still quickly collects fingerprints.

It is very beautiful and indistinguishable from the glass in appearance. plastic smartphones

Despite the fact that we have Samsung, the pioneer of curved screens in mobile phones, the front panel of all three test smartphones is flat, but the back is bent at the edges. The cases are comfortable, there are no swelling, protrusions or other “jokes for fun” in them, the design is almost not aging. The main thing. do not put mobile phones face down, because due to a washed-out back cover, you will not be able to quickly pick them up when you want.

From left to right: Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

On the back of the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A20 there are fingerprint scanners, while the Galaxy A50 has an optical scanner and a built-in screen. And this is the first example in the course of the review when “more expensive means worse”: in cheaper smartphones, the old-style scanners unlock much faster than in the more expensive A50. True, the absence of a “finger” on the case makes the older “ashka” a little prettier. Plus, three cameras look more impressive than two on the A20 and A30.

All buttons and connectors in the three models are located exactly the same. Which is damn nice, the whole trinity has a USB Type-C connector, which remains a rarity in smartphones cheaper than 25 thousand rubles to this day. It’s also very good that they don’t have a single damn button to call the damn Bixby voice assistant, so you won’t be able to accidentally click on it from time to time. But there is a separate headphone jack, which Chinese offices (we will not point fingers at Xiaomi Mi A2) are already too lazy to add to their inexpensive smartphones.

From left to right: Galaxy A20, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30

And, what has never happened in budget Samsungs, the diagonal of displays for the trio of smartphones is also the same. 6.4 inches. And the dimensions in all three planes are also the same, if you do not take into account the difference of 0.1 mm. Previously, cheap smartphones relied on a small diagonal, and expensive J and A-series smartphones have always been large.

I like that Samsung tried to make these models frameless and with a very small “eyebrow”. The A50 and A30 have only a very tiny cutout in the middle of the upper edge of the screen under the front camera, while the A20 has the same cutout a little larger and in the form of a drop. In all three cases, it doesn’t strike the eye as much as the parent of the “eyebrow”. iPhone X, but for this reason it’s not for you to see such reliability and speed of unlocking face scans as iPhones.

The screen size and appearance of older and younger models are almost indistinguishable. Give equal rights!

From left to right: Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

At least the cheap Samsung no longer looks like newcomers from the distant past, this is already good. True, now they do not have removable batteries. you can laugh now, but many buyers liked cheap Galaxy precisely for such partial maintainability in conditions close to combat. True, it is rather surprising that this was in recent models (Galaxy J7 Neo, for example), and not what is impossible in the new ones.

The new design is still good. Yes, plastic, but you don’t have to hammer nails, especially since he very carefully imitates glass. you just can’t tell it apart. And yes, the A20 and A30 in reality look worse than in the photo, but appearance in the budget class is not the main thing. The success of the frankly scary on the face of ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 confirms this.

Display and sound

The worst quality screen, as you might guess, is the Galaxy A20. And the colors here are the paler, and at different viewing angles it starts to fade, and the picture clarity is no longer Full HD, but 1560×720 pixels. It seems a trifle, and even the icons in Android are outlined noticeably worse.

From left to right: Galaxy A20, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30

But all three smartphones have a Super AMOLED matrix, so the black color looks perfect on any picture, and the contrast is infinite. And readability in the sun is better than smartphones with IPS at the same price.

The screens of the Galaxy A30 and A50 are beautiful, but the A20 suffered both in the sharpness of the picture and in the viewing angles.

As always, Samsung has a lot of modes for screens. you want dynamic adjustment to the lighting conditions, you just want bright colors, and you want them as close as possible to the reference values. In the latter, we are testing displays. Because those who give photographic clarity of the picture will go into the settings. And those who appreciate vyrviglazny colors, as in advertising display cases in Tokyo, the majority. for them in all smartphones the color setting is selected (and sometimes not selected, but just one for all occasions).

And here the screens showed themselves in front of the colorimeter very well, not counting the brightness. in the A30 and A50 the brightness is the same as that of the Samsung Galaxy S10e in manual mode (sometimes it can squeeze out more in a smartphone), while the A20 has enough brightness right up to the mark. But the color rendition is excellent, the white color is really white, and not yellowish or bluish, the saturation is normal. Not bad!

In general, in the case of the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30. this is a solid “yes”, but about the Galaxy A20 screen. “but show everyone, please.” By implying, of course, competitors, of which there are many.

Smartphones received mono dynamics, not stereo, like the Samsung Galaxy S10, for example. And they are far from the quality of its sound. Still, the sound is not bad. It is expected that the Galaxy A50 is a little clearer, but there is no difference between the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A20.

Two reference smartphones at once: A20. the standard of bad sound, A50. the standard of good sound in headphones among smartphones is cheaper than 20 thousand rubles

But the situation is different in the headphones. We tested all three smartphones with Pioneer SE-MHR5 (45 Ohm) monitor headphones.The Galaxy A50 sounds great. in terms of volume, clarity and poise, the sound in the headphones can argue with some Xiaomi Mi 8 or Huawei P30 Pro. Yes, the volume margin is not astronomical, but the bass is always average in intensity, and you can’t inflate it (you never know, you’re suddenly an amateur), because the twists in the settings are actually useless. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 / Mi 8 Lite or Honor 10 Lite / Honor 8X sound noticeably less quality.

And only you begin to think that Samsung, out of kindness of heart, made cheap mobile phones ideal audio players, put on headphones to listen to the Galaxy A20. and you understand that this bucket is hopeless.

God bless him that the clarity is lower and at maximum volume the sound turns into an illegible mess. The problem is that in the sound, for some reason, the low frequencies were forced too much. Therefore, you get a strange feeling when, for some reason, even at a low volume of music, “DOLBIT SLISHKOM”. And at an average volume level, the bass starts to “fart”, as on the “Zhiguli-8” radio tape recorder, and, as in these Zhiguli, you feel that something is starting to rattle. The VAZ-2108 it was the trunk, but what is it here?

How it sounds in the headphones Galaxy A20 on any volume

Samsung Galaxy A30 is something in between. On the one hand, clarity and volume are not as pleasing as in the A50, but it doesn’t even come to the disfigurement of sound. In principle, this sounds like any normal budget smartphone (Redmi Note 7, Honor 10 Lite, etc.).


The dual rear camera module on the back of the smartphone has not surprised anyone for a long time. But, if in budget smartphones the second camera is often just an auxiliary one for determining the distance to objects, then in the A20, A30 and A50 it is everywhere wide-angle. And the A50 has a third camera, and it’s just a range finder so that photos with artificially blurred backgrounds look a little less tasteless.

Which Samsung Better A30 Or A50

What sensors are used in them, Samsung prefers not to speak, so you have to guess at the megapixels, aperture and the photos themselves. It is not surprising that the younger the smartphone in the A-line, the less megapixels in the rear cameras. If the Galaxy A50 has a primary sensor of 25 megapixels, then the A20 already has 13 megapixels. The situation is similar with a wide-angle camera, but there are very few pixels in any model. However, happiness is not in them, because the result is also influenced by optics and software, which are trying to make candy out of “raw” photos.

Let’s start with a simple task. shooting in not too bright daylight. and with the Galaxy A50. I liked the quality of the pictures on the rear camera of this smartphone. The pictures are bright, but in moderation, without acid colors, as Huawei, Honor and other Vivo like to do. Automatic HDR. shooting and subsequent bonding of several photos to work out the lightest and darkest parts of the picture. also at a height. In the photographs taken by the A50, there are almost no overexposures or littered shadows. At the same time, there are no conspicuous defects and blur, which are usually found in photos from low-cost smartphones in HDR mode.

Photo on the main rear camera Samsung Galaxy A50

Even the A50 copes very well with situations when you are trying to photograph against the light. the smartphone still manages to make the light in the photo as uniform as possible. A30 and A20 already can not boast of such. The only slight drawback of the A50 is that the photos are slightly “yellow.” Night shots on the A50 are also very good, although the noise reduction work here becomes very noticeable.

Galaxy A30 and A50 cameras are good, A20 cameras are bearable. But God forbid you try to take pictures with a wide-angle camera in the evening or at night!

The wide-angle camera Galaxy A50 shows itself worthy. The pictures on it are bright, the colors are juicy, and even the dynamic range is quite good, although worse than on the main one. But still, this sensor has only 8 megapixels, and this affects the clarity of photos that on the big screen (like a laptop) look partially plasticine.

Photo on the main rear camera Samsung Galaxy A30

A30 also shoots well, especially for its price. The main difference from the A50 is that the HDR mode is not so advanced. On the one hand, because of this, pictures on the A30 look more natural, on the other hand, more natural does not always mean more beautiful (otherwise women would not have spent so much time and money on makeup). For example, in the shadows it’s more difficult to see the details, and more highlights.

The wide-angle A30 is naturally worse. Software processing is all good, but the sensor has only 5 megapixels, so the details in the pictures sometimes turn into a mess.

At night, the A30 shoots still fine, but there are fewer details in the photographs than in the A50 photographs.

Photo on the main rear camera Samsung Galaxy A20

Finally, A20. We need to start with the fact that this is the only smartphone of the three that has no way to turn on the watermark in the camera’s settings and tell the whole world that this photo was taken on the Galaxy A20. Maybe this is because the A20 we had an engineering model, and most likely because there is nothing to brag about.

In the afternoon, the photos are even more or less high-quality, the colors in the photos are already noticeably less juicy than in the A50 and A30. Yes, the detail is lower than on the A30. But the HDR function still works well, and automatic exposure and white balance detection still works great. “I got it, I brought it, I took a picture,” it rolls in many cases. Although it is not recommended to shoot against the sun. the picture will not be beautiful. Night photos on the A20, of course, are terrible, to the level of Redmi Note 7 to this Samsung, as to the Moon.

The manual mode in all three models is absolutely scanty, but, praise to South Korea, the automatic one everywhere does well on its own. there’s not even a desire to reconfigure something yourself.