Which Protective Glass is Better On Iphone X

The considered means of protecting your iPhone from falls can be purchased and installed in our service centers:

Many users of Apple mobile phones try to provide maximum protection for the screen of their device, acquiring for it protective film or protective glass. Unfortunately, in most cases, they think about this issue after the disaster has happened with the phone. glass is broken as a result of falling or is strongly scratched as a result of everyday use.

In this article we will consider the basic concepts associated with these accessories for the iPhone, and we will figure out which is better. glass or film for iPhone.

IPhone Screen Protector

Protective films for iPhone, first of all, perform the function protect the glass of the device from scratches and scuffs, which can cause foreign objects after contact with the iPhone glass. The thickness of the protective film is hundredths of a millimeter, so its installation has almost no effect on the appearance of the device.

Basically, the market offers ordinary transparent and matte screen protectors for iPhone:

  • Transparent film for iPhone, as the name suggests, completely transparent. The only drawback of a transparent protective film is its soiling (fingerprints remain on the film), however, this drawback is easily eliminated with a couple of movements with a soft cloth on the screen # 128578;
  • Matte film characterized in that, due to the presence of a matte finish, the screen of the device will give less glare from external lighting. At the same time, almost no traces of the user’s fingers remain on the film itself. Of the other features that may become inconvenient for someone, it should be noted that the matte film slightly darkens the screen of the iPhone and gives a little grain to the image.
Which Protective Glass is Better On Iphone X

Also there are other types of protective films for the iPhone: the so-called. Privacy (the image on the smartphone screen is visible only at a right angle, at an angle the film darkens the screen due to the special coating of the film); SLR (due to the special coating, the film gives a mirror effect if the iPhone screen is off); color protective films with a gradient effect, etc.

Cost of screen protectors for iPhone (depending on device model). from 200 rubles. Protective film installation. The task for an unprepared person is not easy, therefore, if you want to install a protective film on the screen of your iPhone, you should trust those who have extensive experience in this matter. The cost of installing a protective film in our service center. from 200 to 400 rubles.

The main minus of protective films. weak, purely symbolic, protection of the device screen from mechanical damage. As mentioned above, the films protect the glass of the device only from minor scratches and scuffs. Therefore, if you want to provide your phone with maximum protection, you should pay attention to another accessory. protective glass for iPhone.

Protective glass for iPhone

The main objective of tempered safety glasses. protect the iPhone screen from mechanical damage that may appear due to inaccurate use of the device. The thickness of the protective glass for the iPhone is 0.2 to 0.35 mm, which allows you to comfortably use the phone with a protective glass installed.

The main advantage of protective glass. its impact resistance. If a protective glass is glued on your iPhone, then in the event of a fall, the likelihood that the phone’s screen will remain intact and the installed accessory will take a hit will increase by several times. Of course, falls can be different and it may happen that the protective glass cannot protect the iPhone screen from damage, but in most cases, iPhone users after falling down the device with the protective glass installed contact us only to remove the broken protective glass and install a new one.

For iPhone 6 and later, safety glasses come in two types:

  • Glass that sticks to the flat surface of the front glass of the iPhone. When sticking such a glass around the perimeter between the protective glass and the case, part of the glass of the phone itself remains open.
  • Glasses covering the entire front panel of the phone as a whole (the so-called 3D glasses). Visually, such glasses protect the entire front panel of the iPhone, however, there are two points: the protection, in fact, also glues only on a flat glass plane, and the area around the perimeter is simply attracted by the statics. As a result, as practice shows, the service life of such glasses is less, because it may begin to peel off by itself from any accidental exposure. In addition, the installation of 3D glass virtually eliminates the possibility of using dense covers, as the edges of the cover will rest against the glass and raise its edges.

Important information!

If your iPhone has a protective glass installed and, by coincidence, it has been broken, do not try to remove it from the iPhone screen only with your fingers. Small particles of broken glass can cause serious damage to the skin, so it is recommended to use any improvised objects to gently remove the broken protective glass from the screen of the device.

The rest of the protective glass for the iPhone is fully consistent with the performance of protective films. color rendering, image quality and sensor sensitivity remain at an excellent level, without affecting the usability of the gadget. In addition, due to the higher density, the installation of a protective glass on the iPhone for an unprepared person will be much easier than sticking a thin protective film.

How much does a protective glass for an iPhone cost?

The range of proposals for the sale and installation of protective glasses for the iPhone in St. Petersburg is very wide. In general, it all comes down to the fact that the cost of the glass itself can vary from 300-500 to 1500-2000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer and quality. Somewhere services on installing safety glass are described separately and cost from 200 to 600-800 rubles, somewhere glass when you purchase you will install for free. In our service center, we try to give our customers the best combination of cost, taking into account the quality of accessories and warranty, so at the moment the cost of safety glasses for different iPhone models is as follows:

iPhone 4 / 4s. 499 rubles
iPhone 5 / 5s / SE. 799 rubles
iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 (and all Plus models). 999 rubles / 1499 rubles
(depending on the type of glass)

At the end of the article I want to say that the choice of which accessory to purchase and which is better. glass or film for iPhone. Of course, it remains exclusively for you. But, in any case, we highly recommend protecting the screen of your smartphone, because repairing an iPhone if it breaks the glass or if the display is damaged will cost much more than buying a new protective film or protective glass.

Sticking a protective glass and film on the smartphone screen requires jewelry work to avoid air bubbles. If you are not sure what you can do efficiently with your own hands, contact the specialists of our service center.