Which phone is better than Lenovo or LG

Lenovo or Vivo Smartphones. which is better?

Lenovo Phab smartphone reviews

iQ Advantages:. sizeDisadvantages:. navigation. slow Commentary: I use it as a tablet.Online and offline videos, websites, navigation.Everything ok, but the navigation. disgusting. Loses satellites, long delay in driving and unacceptable error. The navigator is bad.

Lenovo K6 Note smartphone reviews

Artem C. Advantages: Price / performance ratio.Disadvantages: Have not found yetComment: Well-balanced model with excellent performance.

Igor P. The cons: The battery. Long battery life, this is important to me. Large Screen.Disadvantages: Very difficult to find a case.

Lenovo Phab Plus smartphone reviews

Eugenia C. Advantages: Big screen, easy to read, watch moviesDisadvantages: After about a year, and it began to glitch and hang up, constantly popping up errors.

Dima Aserto Advantages: Big screen with full ajdi quality.Disadvantages: After 3-4 months it started working like a soapbox, hangs up, glitches, does not work.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS DEVICE TO ANYONE, DO NOT BUY IT!!Комментарии и мнения владельцев: So buy lenovo after that!

Lenovo K5 Play smartphone 3/32GB reviews

“Avis. Advantages: The bomb for my money. Bought my daughter for her birthday, I chose between this and Xiaomi Redmi 6a. The phone looks great, looks expensive, nothing slows down, the camera is good Disadvantages: I have not found yet

Dmitry S. Advantages: Excellent performance, the amount of RAM and internal memory, design.Disadvantages: The camera and the battery, but for such money is not critical.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Great phone for its money!

Lenovo A316i smartphone reviews

andrey a. Advantages: Great, considering the price well just a workhorse.Locks well in one hand.Disadvantages: No white color, in general! Thick.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Take it!You will not be disappointed!

ALEX S. Advantages: price-performance ! As a dialer keeps the charge 5 days loud and clear speaker touch clear bright displayDisadvantages: No photo flash !Комментарии и мнения владельцев: 20 days in operation until all is great !The wife is satisfied !

Lenovo P780 8GB smartphone reviews

Nicholas C. Advantages: Great battery, priceDisadvantages: did not find

alexei a. The upsides: I liked the screen, the battery is great in a month charged once.Disadvantages: The lack of LTECommentary: I am one hundred percent satisfied with the phone, it fully justifies its money.The “crazy” battery in economy mode lasts 2.5 weeks. Bought it as a gift for an elderly person, so the lack of LTE does not bother. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Lenovo S5 4/64GB smartphone reviews

Anton A. Advantages: Works quickly.The screen is clear.The design is beautifulDisadvantages: The camera.0. Disadvantages: The camera is not foundThe disadvantages are: The camera is very expensive, but the phone is good for 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM card and flashCommentary: Who prioritizes the camera do not buy for sure, because worse than the honor 13 megapixel which is 5 years old

Alexander Gennadyevich V. Advantages: price, comfortable interface, the battery is normal when the navigator is onDisadvantages: in the menu a few words of Ukrainian or SlovakKommmentarije: aluminum housing

Lenovo A376 smartphone reviews

Yandex B. Advantages: Appearance, good screen, cameraDisadvantages: Terrible brake, slippery housingCommentary: Bought my wife, externally very nice, but as a phone, the complete crap!Freezes, it’s about him, the blue screen of death is about him, and only helps by removing the battery from the compartment, nothing helps, reset does not give results.Use the 2-year.

Sergey K. The phone is not very nice, I bought it as a present for such a small amount of money, and I am very pleased and quickly brought it ordered in sotmarkit, generally satisfied with everything

which, phone, better, lenovo

Lenovo A300T smartphone reviews

I ordered it quickly and everything went smoothly. Bought it and was shocked. the time can not be set, does not see the memory card, nothing can be downloaded from the Internet, the screen does not turn In general. go back.

which, phone, better, lenovo

Anastasia Mirny Pros: Bright, colorful screen.Advantages: The player always switches off, you can’t read books (you can’t bookmark them, they don’t display any pages)., The phone is very user-friendly, the phone is very easy to use, the settings are in a strange language, you can not even download the application, slow down.comment: Justifies the price.

Lenovo A916 smartphone reviews

stefan d. Advantages: the phone is comfortable, no problems with memory.Disadvantages: not working YouTube all models have this problem. Programs are adjusted with difficulty through a bunch of manipulations.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Overall, the price and quality are appropriate

Olga L. Advantages: The design is very beautiful Disadvantages: One disadvantage that the SIM card must be switched constantly for my work is not convenient.I need them both to work and so no other drawbacks I have not noticed.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: recommend to buy a phone very easy to use

Lenovo A560 smartphone reviews

Alex Revenko Disadvantages: Holds a charge well, no brakes, a good screen, good sound reproduces through headphones, good external speakerDisadvantages: No front camera, 2 Mp front camera, plastic housing, firmware is not perfect, both visually and technically, slipped somewhere Chinese charactersCommentary: a great phone for its price, I am satisfied with this phone)

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Pavel B. Advantages: the price and the batteryDisadvantages: all glitches, brakes, no Russian firmware normal stupidly, Gallery falls off, the screen on the touch barely plagues. So we decided to buy another phone. The miser pays twice.

Lenovo K80M 32GB smartphone reviews

Overall, we decided to buy another phone, but the quality of the Japanese company is doubtful, as its electronics have been tested for decades

The most popular segment of the smartphone market is, of course, the budget category. Every second user believes that it is better to buy an inexpensive phone from a trusted company than to trust an unknown manufacturer. That’s why LG offers in this category some very attractive models with an excellent choice of parameters and, most importantly, a small price. At the same time in the quality of devices of the Japanese company there is no doubt, because its electronics have been tested by more than one decade.


The first inexpensive, but good smartphone from LG in the rating includes all the most necessary characteristics for a modern user. Customers especially love the large 5.3-inch HD screen and excellent 13-megapixel camera with lots of overlays. A great solution for the phone with two SIM-cards was the support of 4G LTE networks, allowing you to be in touch and use the high-speed Internet almost anywhere. Many people liked the performance of the gadget, which provides MediaTek 6753 chip with 8 cores and 1.5 GB of RAM. And, of course, the special popularity of the smartphone has contributed

  • A reliable quality build;
  • A nice body fits comfortably in your hand;
  • good cameras;
  • support for 2 SIM cards;
  • work in LTE networks;
  • A lot of firmware settings.

LG K8 (2017) X240

A neat budget smartphone is popular not only because of its low cost, but also because of the unexpectedly good 13 MP camera with an aperture of F/2.2. The front camera phone has a 5 megapixel sensor, but its main advantage is the “virtual flash” effect, which allows you to take great photos even in the dark. In addition to great optics, the gadget boasts support for LTE-A Cat. 4, thanks to which both SIM-cards ensure excellent communication and Internet speeds. The device shows excellent performance: MT 6737 chip with 4 cores and 1.5 GB RAM allows you to work more than comfortably with most applications.

  • handy removable battery;
  • Very contrast HD screen of 5 inches;
  • good speaker volume;
  • non-smooth surface of the back cover (does not slip out).

User opinions

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Memory card

Rear camera

White balance settings Continuous shooting Exposure compensation Geotagging Scene mode HDR Face detection Autofocus ISO settings Digital zoom Self-timer Panorama Touch FOCUS

White balance settings Continuous shooting Exposure compensation Geotagging Scene mode HDR Face detection Autofocus ISO settings Digital zoom Self-timer Panorama Touch FOCUS Phase detection autofocus (PDAF)

SIM card

LTE 800 MHz LTE 2100 MHz LTE 2600 MHz LTE 850 MHz LTE 900 MHz LTE 1800 MHz LTE-TDD 2300 MHz (B40) LTE-TDD 2000 MHz (B34) LTE-TDD 2500 MHz (B41) LTE 1900 MHz LTE-TDD 1900 MHz (B39) LTE-TDD 2600 MHz (B38)

Technology and bandwidth for mobile networks

Wi-Fi Direct 802.11n 5GHz 802.11g (IEEE 802.11g-2003) Wi-Fi Hotspot 802.11a (IEEE 802.11a-1999) 802.11b (IEEE 802.11b-1999) Dual band 802.11n (IEEE 802.11n-2009) 802.11ac (IEEE 802.11ac)

Wi-Fi Direct 802.11n 5GHz 802.11g (IEEE 802.11g-2003) Wi-Fi Hotspot 802.11a (IEEE 802.11a-1999) 802.11b (IEEE 802.11b-1999) Dual band 802.11n (IEEE 802.11n-2009)


LE (Low Energy) A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) OPP (Object Push Profile) HSP (Headset Profile) OBEX (OBject EXchange) MAP (Message Access Profile) GAVDP (Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile) GOEP (Generic Object Exchange Profile) HID (Human Interface Profile) PAN (Personal Area Networking Profile) SPP (Serial Port Protocol) AVRCP (Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile) HFP (Hands-Free Profile) PBAP/PAB (Phone Book Access Profile)

Аудио форматы / кодеки

WMA (Windows Media Audio.wma) OGG (.ogg.ogv.oga.ogx.spx.opus) eAAC / aacPlus v2 / HE-AAC v2 FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec.flac) AMR / AMR-NB / GSM-AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate.amr.3ga) MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer II.mp3) WAV (Waveform Audio File Format.wav.wave) AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) MIDI

WMA (Windows Media Audio.wma) OGG (.ogg.ogv.oga.ogx.spx.opus) eAAC / aacPlus v2 / HE-AAC v2 FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec.flac) AMR / AMR-NB / GSM-AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate.amr.3ga) MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer II.mp3) WAV (Waveform Audio File Format.wav.wave) AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) MIDI AAC / aacPlus / HE-AAC v1 AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband.awb)

WebM AVI (Audio Video Interleaved.avi) H.263 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project.3gp) MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container.mkv.mk3d.mka.mks) MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14.mp4.m4a.m4p.m4b.m4r.m4v) H.264 / MPEG-4 Part 10 / AVC video Xvid

Mass media: We are running out of Apple and Samsung smartphones in Russia

According to Russian retailers, the suspension of shipments of popular brands of technology in the region is already beginning to affect the trade balances of retailers. Big-name brands such as Samsung and Apple are said to be the hardest hit.

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Memory Card

Rear camera

Contrast detection autofocus (CDAF) Panorama Touch FOCUS Autofocus White balance settings Digital zoom Exposure compensation Geotagging Laser autofocus (LAF) Scene mode HDR Macro mode Face detection Continuous shooting ISO settings Digital image stabilization Phase detection autofocus (PDAF) Optical image stabilization Self-timer

Angle of view. 107° (#2) 720p @ 120 fps Secondary rear camera. 16 MP Aperture size. f/1.9 (#2) 1080p @ 60 fps

SIM card

LTE 1700/2100 MHz LTE 1900 MHz LTE 1800 MHz LTE 850 MHz LTE 2100 MHz LTE 700 MHz Class 17 LTE 800 MHz LTE 700 MHz (B12) LTE 700 MHz (B28) LTE 2600 MHz LTE 900 MHz LTE 700 MHz Class 13 LTE-TDD 2600 MHz (B38)

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Technology and bandwidth for mobile networks

EDGE LTE Cat 16 (150 Mbit/s. 1 Gbit/s ) UMTS (384 kbit/s ) GPRS HSPA (HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s. HSDPA 42 Mbit/s )

802.11g (IEEE 802.11g-2003) Wi-Fi Hotspot 802.11a (IEEE 802.11a-1999) 802.11n 5GHz 802.11b (IEEE 802.11b-1999) 802.11n (IEEE 802.11n-2009) Wi-Fi Direct 802.11ac (IEEE 802.11ac) Dual band


MAP (Message Access Profile) HSP (Headset Profile) HFP (Hands-Free Profile) A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) PAN (Personal Area Networking Profile) OPP (Object Push Profile) LE (Low Energy) HOGP AVRCP (Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile) PBAP/PAB (Phone Book Access Profile) HID (Human Interface Profile) EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) SAP/SIM/rSAP (SIM Access Profile)

Audio formats / codecs

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) aptX HD / apt-X HD / aptX Lossless AMR / AMR-NB / GSM-AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate.amr.3ga) MIDI FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec.flac) OGG (.ogg.ogv.oga.ogx.spx.opus) WMA (Windows Media Audio.wma) AC3 / AC-3 eAAC / aacPlus v2 / HE-AAC v2 aptX / apt-X AAC / aacPlus / HE-AAC v1 AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband.awb) MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer II.mp3) WAV (Waveform Audio File Format.wav.wave)

Sales statistics for 2017.

In 2017, the brand ranked eighth in the phone market with a 3.8 percent market share. About 55 million smartphones were sold. In the Russian market, the company took a market share of 2.7 percent, selling about 240,000 devices.

The company’s product lines include not only its own devices, but also those of Motorola, which Lenovo acquired. The company itself is divided into 6 lines: PHAB, A, VIBE, K, C and B. Motorola presents a family of g, e, c and z 2. Let’s look at them in detail.

PHAB Name stands for Phablet, a smartphone with a big display designed for watching videos and playing games. Divided into a regular version, as well as Plus and Pro versions. Plus is of course better than usual, and Pro is the best in this family.

A-Budget line. It consists of the most inexpensive smartphones, usually designed just for making calls, not even all of the messengers will go on them without brakes.

VIBE Line produces premium designer smartphones. And it is true, the devices in this family are different from each other and look very stylish and original.

Q Premium Smartphones. In principle, something similar to the previous series, though the design of smartphones is engaged division designers, without the involvement of famous designers from outside.

C powerful smartphones than the A series. They are also notable for their low price.

B Another series of budget gadgets, the truth is that there is only one device at the moment, but still the manufacturer has decided to separate them into a separate segment.

g-Family represents powerful and stylish smartphones made of solid, high-grade aluminum. Not a bad head start to get back on the market. Premium segment.

Series e Devices in the mid-range segment. Not quite so powerful, but enough to run demanding apps.

A series with a Budget segment. The phones in this family are not quite so powerful anymore, but they know their job by heart. They are also all right with the style, although the materials are already consumed by plastic.

z 2 Series. The flagship of the company. And quite interesting. In addition to the device itself the manufacturer has introduced the function of buying the so-called Moto mods, which change not only the back of the device, but also its functions, for example, you can install a 10x digital zoom or make the phone a projector, as well as install a speaker with excellent sound. Very interesting additions that the company has often been known for, and Lenovo has decided to keep these trends.

Sales statistics for 2017.

About 10 million devices were sold in 2017, less than 1 percent of the global market. Smartphone manufacturing is the only industry in which the company made a loss in 2017. In the Russian market, the situation is similar. But still smartphones are bought.

The manufacturer has only one Q6 lineup and the flagship V30 for 2018.

Q6 There are only three models in this series: Q6, Q6α and Q6. They do not differ much from each other. Series of the middle segment, but the most interesting thing in all smartphones of the company is that the display has very small frames, which looks very nice. And so it’s hard to say that there are any differences from similar devices of competitors.

V30 This flagship model is equipped with a waterproof case, face unlock recognition and other interesting tricks. But it also has a decent price.

Also present are the old 2017 lines: the K, X and G.

K Budget segment. It offers a decent number of smartphones for people on a budget to choose a phone.

X Line of phones with powerful batteries. They can be used with one battery charge for up to 7 hours of video recording, 8 hours in the camera app, 18 hours of movie watching and 19 hours of internet surfing.

G Pre-flagship lineup. Better than the budget and mid-range segments, but not up to the coolest yet.

In general, if someone will be interested in buying such devices, it is the people who liked the brand itself, because it constantly created a line of interesting smartphones, for example, at one time produced a phone with a curved display.

About the manufacturer

Lenovo-branded products appeared on the market in 2003. Despite the “young” age, the products of the Chinese manufacturer are of remarkable quality. Because of this, it successfully competes in the global market with well-known gadget companies. The company has its own research centers, whose employees work on creating new products and improving existing models.

The undoubtedly positive qualities of the products of this lineup include:

  • powerful processors;
  • a high level of reliability;
  • quality materials;
  • good build;
  • clear sound;
  • excellent battery life due to powerful batteries and energy efficiency;
  • beautiful design;
  • low price. It is possible to buy an inexpensive device with excellent features at the online store.
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Despite the abundance of advantages, Lenovo products are not devoid of annoying minuses:

  • frequent overheating;
  • a large number of useless pre-installed software;
  • many models do not support fast charging;
  • the sensitivity to mechanical influences.

Top 5 best Lenovo smartphones

Lenovo smartphones have long conquered the Russian market. The manufacturer produces mobile devices of different price segments. All smartphones meet modern requirements, have high quality and good performance. The article will consider the rating of the best smartphones Lenovo, which are suitable not only for everyday use, but also for running modern games and applications.

Lenovo makes great phones that match the price and quality. The rating will consider the best models of phones that have an affordable price and good technical characteristics.

Lenovo Vibe B

The top opens the cheapest phone from Lenovo Vibe B. This device was released back in 2016, but it is still relevant. The appearance immediately noticeable that this is a budget phone. The front side of the smartphone occupies 4.5-inch screen with a fairly wide frame. Above there is a simple 2-megapixel front camera. On the back side in the center of the main 5 megapixel lens, complemented by an LED flash.

The smartphone is equipped with a battery of 2000 mAh, but in active use of a full charge enough for a whole day. RAM only 1 GB, but enough for simple tasks. The smartphone is very fast internet pages thanks to support for 4G.

  • LTE support.
  • Possibility to install two SIM cards.
  • Good battery life.
  • Compact size.
  • Affordable price.

Lenovo K5 Play 3/32GB

Inexpensive smartphone from Lenovo, with plenty of memory and the latest Android 8.0. This model has 3 gigabytes of RAM. Such volume will allow you to open multiple applications at once, while retaining performance. Built-in 32 GB of storage is big enough to store data. But if that is not enough, you can use a memory card.

At a cost smartphone Lenovo K5 Play belongs to the budget category. It is equipped with a dual optical main camera. The resolution is 13/2 megapixels. Also on the back there is a fingerprint scanner, which works quickly and without lags. For performance is responsible octa-core Snapdragon 430.

  • Nice dual camera.
  • Best price to performance ratio.
  • Good performance.
  • Low cost.
  • 3000 mAh battery.
  • Good speaker volume.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Faster fingerprint scanner.

Lenovo S5 4/64GB

Stylish phablet from Lenovo with a presentable design and attractive features. On board a mid-range smartphone 4 GB of RAM, built-in storage is 64 GB, and for the performance is responsible chipset Snapdragon 625. The phone works smoothly and easily copes with all tasks.

GPS and GLONASS are used for navigation. The phone screen is big, its diagonal is 5.7 inch, 2160 x 1080 pixels resolution. The displayed picture has a high quality and saturation. According to customer reviews this is a good smartphone that is relatively cheap, but has decent features.

  • Dual 13/13 MP camera.
  • Large amount of RAM.
  • Front camera 16 megapixel.
  • Dual SIM support.
  • Presentable appearance.
  • Great hardware for its money.

Lenovo Phab Plus

A powerful mid-price smartphone, which you can choose by paying attention to its characteristics. Diagonal screen size 6.8 inches says that this is a phablet. The resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels. Not much for a tablet phone. On the screen will be noticeable pixelation. But this drawback is striking, if only compared to the flagships.

Nothing bad can be said about the hardware. The phone has 2 GB of RAM. It is enough for simple games and everyday tasks. Powered by an 8-core Snapdragon 615 processor from Qualcomm. Adreno 405 is responsible for the graphical processing. Built-in storage capacity of 32GB. If desired, you can install a memory card up to 64 gigabytes.

Only one 13 megapixel optical module on the back. Snapshots are of an appropriate level, without obvious noise and blurriness. The battery capacity of 3500 mAh. For such a big screen is not a big capacity. You will have to recharge the device every day, or even twice a day.

  • Large screen with Full HD quality resolution.
  • Thin frame around the display.
  • Can be used instead of a tablet.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Rugged aluminum casing.
  • Good performance.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

According to customer reviews, the smartphone is one of the best in the line of the Chinese company Lenovo. Frames around the screen are minimal, and the aspect ratio is 16:9. The diagonal screen is 6.4 inches. Screen resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels displays a rich and clear picture. Thanks to the large display on the smartphone is easy to play games and watch videos.

In terms of performance the phone is also all excellent. There is as much as 4 GB of RAM, which allows you to simultaneously run a variety of tasks and play heavy games. As a mobile chipset selected Snapdragon 652 from Qualcomm. Each user can fully enjoy the speed of this device.

The device can boast and long battery life, which provides a battery capacity of 4050 mAh. On the back of the all-metal body is a dual main camera, with a resolution of 16 megapixels per module. Front camera also shoots well, its resolution of 8 megapixels.

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