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TOP-10 popular online cinematers in social media

During the first wave of coronavirus restrictions, the viewing of the series became almost the main entertainment of residents around the world along with sleep, and the popularity of online cinemas has grown several times.

Over the past year, the streaming services of cinema and series have become part of our daily life, and a monthly subscription to your favorite service does not seem to have a waste of money. What online cinemas are most often discussed by Russian-speaking users of social media-read in our ranking.

On the pedestal of the most popular online cinemas, the same three leaders as in 2020:

1st place. Netflix. The interest of users in the American streaming service is maintained: in 2021 it has 221 thousand. Mention. Only 4% less than 2020. Than a two.Time gap from the number of references to other rating participants allowed the service to stay in the leaders for the second year in a row.

In October 2020, Netflix presented an official release in Russia: the integration has acquired a Russian.Speaking version, they began to accept payment in rubles, and in support they respond in our native language. But not everyone was delighted with the innovations: due to copyright problems, part of the original content became unavailable in Russia, which expectedly caused a negativity of users.

2nd place. Kinopoisk HD. Exclusive cinema premieres and TV shows cause great attention to users: the Russian online cinema has 93 thousand. Mentions for the month and the well.Deserved silver of our rating. In the II quarter of 2021, KinoPoisk HD became a leader in the total number of subscribers (11% of Russians) and a paying audience (6.5%).

3rd place. Okko. The bronze medalist of the rating received 53 thousand. References. This is almost 2 times less than in the study of 2020. The reason for this decrease is not only the summer season, when interest in watching films and TV shows loses active summer vacation. According to the service, the number of service users has also decreased. Since the beginning of the year. The number of users decreased by almost 1 million people.

IVI (4,-)-one of the oldest Russian online cinemas has also retained its position in the ranking, and Premier (5.1) even grew up one position upward.

Wink (7), Megogo (8) and Amedia (9) retained positions in the ranking.

Among the top 10, one at once is two newcomers at once-the Kion online cinema (6, New), the MTS ecosystem service, and Start (10, New). Kion. The most “young” rating participant. The project was launched in April 2021 on the basis of MTS TVT. Start, in turn, was created with the participation of a megaphone. Beeline TV and Megaphone TV only 2000 mention received, which did not allow them to enter the top of our rating.

Not without loss. The rating left TV, belonging to the national media group. Amazon Prime Video, Vip Play and TVZavr could also reach the top 10.

The positions of the rating participants were stable: users chose their favorites, occasionally changing their views in favor of a particular participant. The largest weight when choosing a service has content. Exclusive materials attract moviegoers most of all.

As in the case of music services, online cinemas are often included in a single subscription to ecosystem services, which cannot but affect the price choice. But users make the main decision with their hearts.

To calculate the rating, 2.3 billion Russian.Language messages in Russian.Speaking social media in July 2021 were analyzed. Data includes messages of social networks. Classmates, Yandex.Zen, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube. (including references to Stories, text analysis in pictures and videos), as well as blogs, forums, reviews of reviews, public channels of messengers, Комментарии и мнения владельцев on news articles and other sources.

The Long list of the rating included 19 online cinemas, among which the TOP-10 popular services for watching cinema and TV shows was determined.

Rating of the best online cinemas

Nomination place Name of product The minimum subscription cost
Rating of the best online cinemas one Google Play Films (plus YouTube)
2 Netflix 560 ₽
3 KinoPoisk HD 250 ₽
4 TNT Premier 129 ₽
5 Tvzavr 99 ₽
6 Tvigle 0 ₽
7 Amediatek 599 ₽
eight Megogo 397 ₽
nine IVI 399 ₽
ten Okko 399 ₽

10th place: Google Play films (plus youtube)

Google Play films are not quite online cinema. Rather, it is a rental service. There is no monthly subscription, users are invited to pay for every available movie. Over, it can be rented as it can be rented. And then a person will have 46 hours for one.Time viewing. And fully purchase. And there are no series in this service.

, and rent. In 99. Old and less popular tapes are cheaper.

But Google Play films are quite convenient to use. He has both a computer version (integrated with YouTube), and mobile applications. Clients of the online cinema are installed on all TVs and boxes with Android TV, and are also available for some third-party platforms.

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9th place: Netflix

Netflix is ​​an American online cinema, which began to work with varying success several years ago in Russia. And this service, just say, is not quite what the average user needs.

Netflix relies on TV shows, and especially actively on the content of its own production. Yes, this online cinema produces quite a lot of TV shows on its own. Here are only almost all of them focused on the American market, and many Russian.Speaking users simply will not appreciate them. Political intrigues, criticism of Trump, LGBT Popularization-all these topics are somehow raised in the content of Netflix production. For example, in the fifth season of the Black Mirror, the whole series was dedicated to gay romance, and in the third part of “Very strange things” one of the most interesting girls-characters turned out to be a lesbian.

In addition, Netflix has practically no modern films and extremely few content in Russian. And it’s not just about voice acting. Many films and series even without Russian subtitles go.

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And finally, Netflix is ​​very expensive. Minimum monthly subscription. From 8 euros. If you want something more “normal”-you have to pay already 10-12 euros, or up to 850 at the time of writing this article.

Of course, Netflix has pluses. Firstly, many exclusive films and series are still interesting, despite the actively integrated “agenda”. Secondly, all new titles of this online cinema are supported by 4K support and Dolby 5 sound.1, so the owners of modern TVs will receive real pleasure from watching. Finally, Netflix clients are under any platforms-from mobile phones to Smart-TV.

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8th place: KinoPoisk HD

Russian online cinema, which will potentially become one of the largest. But not now. At the time of writing this material “Kinopoisk HD” is in the period of its growth. He purchases content-films and TV shows, invites third-party duplication studios (for example, the same “curb resour” Russified Miracle Workers with Daniel Redcliffe), is trying to cooperate with other online cinemas and American television channels.

In general, now the KinoPoisk HD is of certain interest for moviegoers, since it offers a very extensive and interesting collection of material. With a very inexpensive subscription. Of course, not all content includes it, it is supposed to pay for certain films. But, on the other hand, an online cinema with a large content of content, including exclusive, for 250 per month-this is an excellent proposal.

Why is he in 8th place? Because there are practically no customers “Kinopoisk HD”. It is proposed to watch it through a web browser or on a TV via Chromecast or another cast-Dong. The second option is only on the phone. In general, this service is inconvenient. But in the future it will fix it.

7th place: TNT Premier

TNT Premier is a rather strange Russian online cinema. In fact, it is the web base of the TNT channel with the relay of TV stacks, series, films, reality shows, as well as its own content.

If you describe TNT Premier as briefly as possible, then this is an online cinema for those who love the TNT TV channel. Here you can watch all the series from there, most reality shows, as well as some broadcast films. There are not so many original content, but some of the titles boast of very high quality.

For example, “Call the diploma!”. This is an unexpectedly sad satirical drama that raises life questions with HIV. And “Sect”. Speaking psychological thriller about occultism and religion. The original TNT Premier content shows that Russian cinema, despite all the jokes and a mocking attitude, can demonstrate high quality.

Over, “TNT Premier”. One of the cheapest online cinemas in the ranking. Total 129 per month (or 229, if you want to watch more films and animation Disney). In addition to the content base with TNT, broadcasting and video from other Gazprom Media channels are also available. “Super!”,” TV3 “,” Match “and” Friday!””.

The online cinema has applications for Android and iOS, as well as customers for smart TVs Samsung and LG, Apple TV consoles and Android TV boxes.

6th place: tvzavr

Tvzavr is one of the oldest online cinemas of Russia. And it is perfect for owners of smart TVs! In particular, TVZAVR applications are for almost all platforms, including released until 2015.

TVZAVR uses standard payment mechanics. That is, part of the content is available by subscription (mostly old and not very popular films and series), and it is supposed to pay for everything else. However, for those who want to save, TVZavr is also suitable. He has a whole section with completely free films, cartoons and series. It was not that they were interesting, but to brighten up the evening or turn on the child. Free content goes with advertising.

Streamers and video bloggers

The modern industry of home television leisure is not limited by only films, television and similar content. With the advent and development of video hosting, whole new genres have appeared. Video blogging, gaming and conversational streaming, as well as a lot of different derivatives. Unconditional world leaders in this segment by the number of active consumers of content-YouTube video hosting and the Twitch direct Internet broadcasts service. The latter, unfortunately, does not have its own application for Smart TV, only unofficial, which are not welcomed by the policy of the company. Therefore, we will only consider the YouTube application, where streamers often lead parallel streams with Twitch.


Youtube itself as a video hosting in special performances does not need. In the modern world, many people have a close acquaintance with him almost from infancy. However, in the context of viewing YouTube on TVs with the Smart TV system, some explanations will be useful.

At the very beginning of YouTube, it consisted almost exclusively of amateur content. In the future, after removing a rigid restriction on the duration of the video, an explosive increase in the filling of the service occurred. Already professional studios “settled” on this site, and then whole television and radio companies with film studios. The focus of all of the listed YouTube is today. The content is for the most part free, and the viewer “pays” for the use of advertising for use.

Youtube application for Smart TV gives access to video hosting to view content. To do this, you need to activate your account in Google in the application. From this moment on, as the videos views the videos, the service will learn to understand the tastes and preferences of the user, making individual thematic collections and making lists of auto work.

Separately, it is worth mentioning all growing popularity in YouTube of direct broadcasts (streams), which are the basic content of the Twitch platform, and it is not only about game streams. Despite the lack of specific functionality, YouTube restrictions are the only compromise for legal content consumers on Smart TV.

In TV models with Smart TV, popular brands released in 2013 and later, as well as in some models of 2012, the YouTube application is installed by default. There are also separate versions for the Apple TV and Android TV platforms.

In the TVs of earlier releases than 2012, the “native” YouTube application could initially be, but over time it could disappear (and disappeared) as the gap between the modern capabilities of the video hosting and the potential of old TVs increased. There are not many solutions to the problem: buying a new TV, buying a separate prefix, installing third.Party applications at your own peril and risk.

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  • Access to the most popular video hosting in the world;
  • Direct broadcasts;
  • For the most part, free content;
  • Default widespread in TVs;
  • For the most part, an intuitive and convenient intensity;
  • Adaptive intellectual adjustment for user tastes.


This online cinema American. A few years ago, he began work in the main part of his video content are series. The company also independently produces a show. However, content is primarily intended for the American viewer, since it covers topics that are interesting for the inhabitants of this country. You can familiarize yourself with the cinema on the page.

Therefore, the online cinema enjoys varying success in Russia. There are not enough materials in Russian here. This applies not only to translation, but also the presence of subtitles.

In addition to the above, the cost of a monthly subscription is much higher compared to competitors. The minimum value is 8 euros, and the cost of the majority is 12-13 euros.

Along with the above, the undoubted advantages of the service should be noted:

  • Many exclusive films and series are provided here.
  • Most video content is supplied with the quality of 4k and the sound of Dolbi 5.One. This will allow the owners of modern TVs to enjoy watching.

Using this online cinema is available on Smart TV, smartphones, PC and laptops.

Бесплатные фильмы и сериалы на TV и смартфоне | MovieLab

Advantages and disadvantages of paid online cinemas

How to choose the right Internet resource

Strict recommendations for this account do not exist. Several criteria are enough to take the first step, then you can change the site and choose the best individual option.


In this section, you should decide on the device on which the viewing will go. If Smart TV is given preference, then you need to ask before the payment is made in what permit the demonstration is carried out. Kino-Gurmans put a criterion of quality in first place.

For families or steam with strict thematic preferences, it is more convenient to use content while viewing on several gadgets. Of particular importance is the criterion in families with children, several age groups.

Errors when choosing

For a budget viewer, unlike an ordinary American or European, a subscription price can hit a Caution should be observed at the first steps without wasting the family budget under the influence of thirst for spectacles. The service in Russia today is distinguished by a set of certain content for each video hosting. It is difficult to cover endlessly, a lack of a position that is present in another paid portal will always be revealed.

Limited time views of new episodes. Economic reception of many resources. Forecasts promise a rise in for demanded content. It often turns out that having issued a subscription and choosing a film, there is a need for additional payment, there may be several reasons. It is also impossible to guarantee that the expected quality will correspond to the declared, since guarantees are unilaterally not considered.

Russian online cinemas and Android TV: What is wrong?

There are many reviews on the Internet dedicated to Russian online cinemas, where, unfortunately, they pay little attention to their work on various platforms. Given the fact that in 2021 the army of owners of TV “boxes” or televisions from Android TV on board is more than extensive, I propose to objectively consider the working functional IVI, Okko and Kinopoisk HD on this operating system. And it, as practice has shown, Russian online cinemas are either deliberately, or for other reasons are definitely deprived.

It all started with the purchase of a new Sony KD-55XH9077 (Android TV) TV for home on Seliger. Since the distance to Moscow is 400 km, the TV after the purchase decided to check in detail. Tested in conjunction with the receiver Sony STR-DN1080 through HDMI with the EARC protocol turned on. After full setting up the TV, I checked a pair of 4K BD-Remux with audio tracks Dolby Atmos, DTS HD. Everything has started perfectly, the sound is great.

Then went into the course of online cinemas: IVI, Okko and KinoPoisk HD. And here it turned out a lot of interesting. So, in order.

Let’s start with IVI. The main plus is a full.Fledged catalog with divisions into films, TV shows, then. The ability to manually choose the quality of the SD/HD/FullHD/4K picture and the third plus is HDR.

As for the minuses. This is a sound. Only stereo is available! There is no access to 5.1 sound track. Well, there is no way to choose an alternative sound track for content, for example: Lostfilm, Newstudio, Cube Cube and others.

ПЕРЕХИТРИ СИСТЕМУ! Как смотреть ВСЕ фильмы бесплатно на Телевизоре (Tizen, WebOS, iOS, Android)

At first I went awesome that they still cannot “work out” the sound. Then I decided to chat with the representative of IVI. I heard the following as an answer:

“At the moment, for coding sound 5.1 on our service we use AAC audio codec. Unfortunately, some devices decipher such a sound as 2.0. Our experts are now actively working on adding a new codec sound. After adding a codec, this issue will be resolved “. The representative of the platform said.

which, online, cinema, smart

The stupidity is that they have known about this problem on Android TV since 2015. It turns out that they have been selecting a new audio codec for 6 years, in other words. They do nothing and do not develop the service.

Then I tested Okko. There is a sound 5.1 for some reason works without problems. It is also possible to manually choose the quality of the SD/HD/FullHD/4K picture and there is HDR.

But! There is no detailed catalog in Okko. As in IVI. There is no way to choose an alternative sound track for content. And there is its own chip with “jambs”. Dolby atmos films are not launched (for comparison, on the PlayStation 4 Pro, for example, it works fine).

In the final “tested” the TV with Kinopoisk HD. This is probably the most promoted online cinema of recent years. As pluses I note the cost of subscription, “built.In” Yandex music and the possibility of choosing one alternative voice acting from “cube in a cube”.

By the disadvantages of Kinopoisk HD, a clear favorite that has broken the “bingo” of my testing. The service has a fatal insignificant film on compared to competitors (see. Higher). There is no full.Fledged catalog. There is no HDR. I tried the sound. You can only get enough stereo, 5.1 for them does not exist. And most importantly, it is not clear whether there is 4K or not. It is impossible to check, since there is no way to independently choose the quality of the picture (SD/HD/FullHD/4K) and, accordingly, the content with a note 4K can go to the usual Full HD.

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I contacted the guys from the technical support KinoPoisk HD. They answered my questions like this:

“We are actively working on this and developing, but we cannot say for sure when these functions appear in full. Please vote on the ECHO user for adding these functions, this is very important, so we understand that our users need and try to bring these desires into life ”. Minted in the Yandex service.

I think that Pinocchio made of wood could come up with a more reliable, accurate and concrete answer. Instead of eliminating problems as they enter, they collect votes for certain “jambs” of their platforms for years and expect people to vote for these problems. But this is like with the appearance of honest and independent media in Russia-there should always be one or two, visibility, so that people can release steam. So Yandex and Kinopoisky created a “sump of discontent”, where they offer to “go” users.

As a result, I went to this samochery “ECHO”. And there, two years ago, a person described in detail all the problems of the HD film for Android TV. By the way, they coincide with what I found when testing. Simply put, Yandex and their KinoPoisk do not develop and do not solve the problems and jambs of their platform, because the solution to the problems will wait, the “people” still “hacks” and “Donatitis” regularly.

What conclusion did I come to in the end. If you are the owner of Android TV home theater, you want a high.Quality sound of 5.1 and a high-quality picture in 4K, then at the moment none of the Russian platforms, unfortunately, can provide a truly high-quality level. Well, either you have to turn to foreign applications (Netflix’s, Amazon, etc.), there, for some reason, in this rotting West, everything is done fine and all the options work as it should (yes, I checked-everything is zbc).

Let’s see what Bravia Core and Disney will also be able to offer in Russia when they officially launch their services. It is unlikely that the services will be the same handles as our.

Why do you need legal cinemas, if there is a wonderful film player?

Why pay a paid service with pirate content if there is a torrent online for example? Both HDR and 4K and a bunch of sound tracks at least 7.One.

Why some kind of film play, if there is a movie post?

1) quality (of course, here competitors ATV and Netflix, not domestic ones). 2) recently they began to score on the service. Appendix for ATS has not been working for a long time, for iOS flew a couple of days ago). 3) Old TV shows began to disappear.

Kinopab. And where is the piracy in it. If all for money.

We read your feedback. We want to help to deal with the features of the quality of the picture and the sound of our content on Android TV.

Recently we started introducing 4K and HDR, the work is still ongoing. Now we are sending streams in this capacity on Android TV and Smart TV (Samsung, TCL, Nvidia Shield (on firmware 8.0.1 or higher), LG and Yandex TV. Of the lines of Sony TVs, this format is given only to Sony Bravia.

We continue to replenish the collections of films available in 4K. It is important to note here that if the film is available in this capacity, we show 4K marking on all devices, regardless of the ability to take 4k. This can probably disorient a little. Let’s think about how to make this moment more transparent.


The famous foreign online cinema Netflix is ​​gaining popularity in Russia. The cinema base has a large number of popular films, television shows and anime with a high rating of film critics. Truscan subscription for 30 days will assess the convenience of the service and decide on further payment of the tariff plan. The video can be downloaded to the device to watch in autonomous mode. Download new episodes and watch the series on board the aircraft during flights.

The number of paintings is not limited to subscription, for 7 euros per month, viewers receive endless access to content without advertising and additional payments. Every day new films, series and shows are added to the online cinema database. Netflix video is reproduced only in high quality FullHD and good sound. On the service you can watch movies in the original voice acting.

The Netflix system has a recommendation system, evaluate the viewed content and the service will advise new series and films based on preferences. According to the reviews of visitors to the site, the online cinema is one of the best and takes 4th place in the selection.


The Internet cinema makes it possible to view license content in vod mode for free and without registration. To do this, go to the appropriate section and choose the movie you like. The site posts films of Russian and foreign production, many copyright and festival cinema, training programs, music clips. There is a subscription to part of the content. The site stopped broadcasting in 2021.

Accessibility: iOS, Android, Smart TV, media players, PC and laptops.

  • Interesting selection of library;
  • Large collection of free films;
  • Adaptation of content for hearing impaired;
  • The ability to download and rent films without subscription for additional. Fee.

What are the tariffs: the only tariff. 249 /month. You can also disable advertising for 99 /month.

Each online cinema is trying to captivate the viewer with a variety of their film, sound quality, video and their own exclusive projects. Having made a subscription or bought a favorite video, any person gets the opportunity to watch high.Quality and interesting content in a comfortable home environment, which will not be interrupted by commercials and emergency news releases.

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