Which Laptop Is Better Hp Or Asus

Each manufacturer of computer equipment has both its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, choosing between two different brands it can be quite difficult to decide which company’s products are best to buy. When choosing a laptop, customers most often rely on features such as performance and reliability. But both manufacturers offer a worthy competitive choice.

Today we compare laptops from ASUS and Lenovo and try to conclude who to give preference to when buying.

Product Range Overview

In order to make it easier to make a choice in the direction of one or another manufacturer, we suggest you consider the most popular line of laptops of Lenovo and ASUS brands, their target audience and some features.

The ASUS brand is widely known throughout the world as the largest manufacturer of computer equipment. Its high quality, diverse assortment and innovative technologies are highly valued in the world market. The history of the brand dates back many years. And all this time, ASUS has been developing and manufacturing computer and other electronic equipment:

  • monitors;
  • personal computers;
  • smartphones;
  • tablets
  • laptops;
  • computer parts.

Consider the most popular line of ASUS laptops available today.

ZenBook The ZenBook line is a series of ultraportable laptops made in a stylish design and equipped with high-performance components. The lineup is represented by 13, 14 and 15-inch matrix with a resolution of 1080p. One of the main advantages of such laptops is a discrete graphics card that turns the ultrabook into a versatile working tool that will easily fit into any trip.

ZenBook Deluxe. Lightweight, ultra-thin, productive, beautiful and very expensive laptop. Equipped with a 14-inch screen, a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and SSD with a capacity of up to 1 terabyte, it will be the perfect solution for those who like to stand out from the crowd, amaze and impress. This fashionable ultrabook will appeal to both fans of flagship solutions, and just fans of thin, light and elegant models.

ZenBook Pro A powerful and stylish laptop equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 gaming graphics card and a large SSD will be the best choice for people who are professionally involved in editing and photography. He will also enjoy those who use resource-intensive software in their work. A separate plus can be considered a stylish aluminum case and a 15-inch display with a resolution of 4K.

Which Laptop Is Better Hp Or Asus

ZenBook Flip. Original ultrabook transformer “2 in 1” The ZenBook Flip series stands out with a 360-degree touchscreen display, which makes it both a laptop and tablet at the same time. This stylish and powerful solution is suitable for mobile users who can easily adapt it to solve any problems. A significant plus is the equipment of an ultrabook with a stylus, which greatly expands the range of its capabilities.

VivoBook. Laptops of this line will be a brilliant solution for both entertainment and everyday work. They are equipped with powerful new generation processors based on Intel Core and a powerful graphics card that allows you to run many games, albeit not the latest innovations. It can also be optionally supplemented with a high-speed SSD drive.

VivoBook Pro. The representative of the intermediate class of laptops, which has many advantages over budget models, but significantly inferior to the flagship line. Such a computer equipped with a high-quality NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU is ideal for people who like to play games, but do not have excessive requirements for picture quality. Also a big plus is the mobility of this device, which allows you to constantly keep it at hand.

VivoBook Slim. The models of this line are by no means flagship solutions, however, they meet all the qualities of modern ultrabooks. These thin and light devices combine the power of the eighth-generation Intel processors with an original, stylish design. If you are looking for a productive and not very expensive ultrabook, then the VivoBook Slim series is your option.

ROG (gaming). Stylish design, high performance, high-quality screen, ergonomic keyboard. all this is inherent in the laptops of the gaming line ASUS ROG. Here you can add the latest Intel Core i7 processor, a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and 64 gigabytes of RAM. A significant advantage of ASUS gaming models is their lightness. just a little more than two kilograms, which allows you to always have your favorite toys with you.

ASUSPRO A series of compact and powerful business notebooks. High performance, data protection and backup, ease of administration, reliability and efficiency make this device an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

E-series. Inexpensive compact E-series laptops are equipped with an Intel-based multi-core processor, thanks to which this solution will satisfy almost any need, be it watching movies, working with office applications or even games that do not require high resource costs. Lightness, autonomy and stylish design only add advantages with this choice.

FX / ZX Series. Stylish and compact, the FX / ZX Series laptops feature an energy-efficient, powerful platform based on Intel processors with a discrete graphics card. These versatile devices allow you to play and work anytime, anywhere.

Series X. Inexpensive laptops of the ASUS X series will be a godsend for lovers of quality sound. In these small multimedia stations, special technology is implemented that takes the sound quality of mobile devices to a new level. The ability to connect an external monitor with Full HD support, a discrete graphics card and a reasonable price will not leave indifferent any music lover.


The Chinese company Lenovo is one of the world leaders in the production of computer equipment and other electronics. Having absorbed IBM in 2004, Lenovo became one of the three largest personal computer manufacturers in 2005, losing only to Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

ThinkPad Notebooks of the popular ThinkPad line are characterized by high reliability, performance and mobility. Their tests are carried out in harsh and even extreme conditions, which allows to satisfy the most demanding requests. Original design, ergonomics, lightness, power and a high battery life make laptops in this line popular among business people and professionals in various fields.

Yoga Ultrabooks Yoga have an exquisite sophisticated design, high performance and the most advanced technology. A flexible design that allows you to rotate the screen 360 degrees, and ideal viewing angles make laptops in this line indispensable for presentations, Internet surfing or watching streaming. Universal transformers “2 in 1”, including support for four different modes, take the Yoga line to a whole new level of mobile solutions.

IdeaPad. The IdeaPad line includes laptops of various models: from the most budgetary to the most high-performance gaming devices. These stylish and powerful laptops can be used in various fields: for work, and for entertainment, and as corporate solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Legion Y. Lenovo’s Legion Y Series is a high-performance gaming laptop equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, a new generation of discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, super-fast SSD and a large amount of RAM. up to 64 GB. A backlit keyboard, powerful sound with the effect of presence and support for virtual reality technologies will plunge the owner of such a laptop into a fantastic gaming world, filling his life with unforgettable impressions.

Lenovo G / V. Multifunctional laptops of this line are suitable both for everyday work and for small businesses. Thin and light, with high autonomy, they will be indispensable both on business trips and as corporate solutions. An important plus at the same time is their rather attractive price.

Comparison of popular rulers of laptops ASUS and Lenovo

Before deciding on a brand, you need to understand which laptop you need. An important factor in this matter is the price that you are willing to spend on a particular device. After all, it often happens that you suddenly want to use a laptop purchased for work in office applications for gaming purposes, which is often impossible in principle. That is why it is necessary to clearly represent the goals and objectives for which the laptop will be used, and on this basis, make your final choice.

Conventionally, laptops can be divided into two large categories that will help you better navigate in a wide variety of products:

  • by appointment;
  • on pricing policy.

By appointment

Comparison of two popular brands will be incomplete if you do not separate ASUS and Lenovo computers according to their purpose. After all, such a classification imposes significant restrictions on the configuration of laptops, since the likely scenarios for their use require different performance, power consumption and the presence of various functions.


Important criteria when choosing a universal laptop is the optimal ratio of weight, size, performance and autonomy. Such devices are suitable for office tasks, and for gaming purposes, and for watching movies. ASUS offers the VivoBook series as such laptops; among Lenovo, the IdeaPad line can be distinguished.


These are light and thin laptops, focused more on mobile and business users. Their main criterion is autonomy and optimal performance. The most popular lines in this series with ASUS are the flagship Zenbooks. At Lenovo, you should give preference to laptops in the Yoga or ThinkPad line.


These are laptops designed primarily for home use. They are characterized by high performance, widescreen display with good viewing angles, the presence of improved audio, the ability to connect external monitors with Full HD mode. From ASUS it is best to choose something from the lines of ASUS X, ASUS E or notebooks of the FX / ZX series. Lenovo stands out against the backdrop of the IdeaPad line or the flagship ThinkPad solutions.


Gaming laptops are powerful high-performance systems that allow you to comfortably play the latest in the gaming industry. In ASUS, this is of course the unsurpassed ROG, and in Lenovo, Legion Y laptops are not inferior in leadership.


Laptops focused mainly on business users. For them, important characteristics are the size, weight and capacity of the battery. If you choose from ASUS, then you should give preference to the fashionable ZenBook or pay attention to laptops simpler. the ASUSPRO line. At Lenovo, the brightest representatives of this class are the Lenovo G / V line of laptops. And for the elegant and stylish business solutions, the flagship ThinkPad are great.

By pricing policy

By price categories, laptops can be divided into three main segments:

  • budget. up to 11 000 UAH.;
  • middle class. from 11 to 35 thousand UAH.;
  • premium class. from 35 to 150 thousand UAH. and more expensive.

Budget laptops are a category of low-level laptops, that is, the cheapest models with a weak configuration. They are ideal for training, web surfing, working with office applications, as well as for storing and viewing photos. For games and other demanding tasks, these models are not intended.


The most affordable models in the ASUS line are the E, FX / ZX and X series laptops. Lenovo, in turn, is the most popular Lenovo G / V in this segment.

Middle class

This section should include ASUS models from the VivoBook and ASUSPRO line, which significantly stand out against the background of budget solutions, but still do not reach the level of flagships. At Lenovo, these are IdeaPad laptops and some Yoga models.

Premium class

Among the flagship premium solutions in ASUS stand out notebooks line ZenBook and game models ROG. At Lenovo, these are the stylish, powerful and reliable ThinkPad and high-performance Legion Y.

ASUS and Lenovo laptop reviews

  • when choosing ASUS laptops, it is necessary to pay attention to expensive high-performance models, since according to consumers, the prevailing today, in cheaper models, the build quality has significantly deteriorated;
  • The recently popular Lenovo brand has lured consumers with high performance at an affordable price, but the quality is significantly lame, especially with problems with the laptop case and card.

Statistics of calls to service centers by manufacturers

As an example of brand reliability, we can cite statistics from the American corporation Statistic Brain, which is a rating of calls to service centers for brands over the past 3 years:

  1. ASUS. 15.6%.
  2. Toshiba. 15.7%.
  3. Sony. 16.8%.
  4. Apple. 17.4%.
  5. Dell. 18.3%.
  6. Lenovo. 21.5%.
  7. Acer. 23.3%.
  8. GateWay. 23.5%.
  9. HP. 25.6%.

As can be seen from the statistics, ASUS laptops are still considered the most reliable. However, it is worth focusing on the fact that this is the data of the American market, therefore, some amendments must be made for domestic consumers. So, for example, Gateway and Sony laptops are not represented here, and in American statistics there is no such popular brand as MSI.