Which is Better Internet For iPad Mini 5

Apple has a wide range of devices of its production from pocket MP-3 players to huge computing stations. But perhaps none of the gadgets did not cause such a resonance as the tablet computers offered by this company. Today, both large tablets and iPad mini are available to the buyer, which one to choose? In this article, we will try to answer the question. what is better than iPad mini or iPad.

What is the difference between these devices

The main difference (except for the price) is the size of the display. Like the standard version of the tablet, the mini version is available with 16, 32 64 GB (although the latest generation iPad has 128 GB of memory). The iPad mini is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with f / 2.4 aperture size. The module has features such as face recognition, infrared light and can makes in high resolution.

The first iPad mini had a display size of 7.9 inches, a screen resolution of 1024 by 768, a large iPad. 9.7 inches and 2048 by 1536, respectively.

A little later, Apple redesigned the concept and released a version with a Retina screen. The colors of the mini-tablet mini are less bright, although they are at a decent level.

Performance comparison

Comparing ipad and ipad mini would be incomplete if not to mention the difference in performance. The second one has 1 GB of RAM and the same processor as on a large tablet and iphone. A7. The clock frequency was underestimated by 100 MHz, which affected the results of some synthetic tests. The paradox is that many applications on Apple phones are more stable than on a mini-tablet. It affects poor optimization, a larger screen and truncated functionality. With each new version of iOS, the stability of work increases, but the fact of the appearance of such a problem is already strange, because the iOS operating system as opposed to Android has always attracted users with trouble-free operation.

Which is Better Internet For iPad Mini 5

Battery life

Any review of gadgets from Apple shows that among the main advantages they had was the discharge time of the built-in battery. What is the situation with the iPad mini? If you use the device moderately intensively, the charge will last about a day and a half. If you constantly browse the Internet, read books, use heavy applications. Then you can count on 5 hours.

It is better to charge the gadget through the outlet, if you do it through the computer, then only 20-25% of the capacity will be typed during the night.

Job opportunities

If you look at how the ipad differs from the ipad mini, it is important to mention the ability to work on these gadgets. As you know, tablets from Apple are perhaps the only ones that allow you to almost completely edit photos and use software for studio recording. In this regard, the iPad mini can not boast of anything. Of course, all utilities are available, but the main tasks for which the tablet was created are content consumption and posting. Any review of both devices only confirms this.

To summarize the main differences between the devices:

  1. Screen.
  2. Performance (lower and mini versions)
  3. Incorrect operation of some applications.
  4. Differences in design.

What to choose?

The mini version of the tablet is more suitable for people who want to have a small pocket gadget, and the phone’s screen size is no longer enough, a full version for people who know exactly what the tablet is for.