Which Iphone Support Ios 13

Ios 13. Release date, supported devices, rumors

Dark mode theme for iPhone and iPad coming with the release of the new version of iOS 13. As well as improvements with the new features, iOS 13 will be the best OS from Apple.

Which Iphone Support Ios 13

Ios 13 Will Not Support iPhone 5s, SE, And Even 6s

The beta testing process for the new version has not started yet. The first rumors say the iOS 13 release date will take place in the fall of 2019. With the new enhancements, the operating system will become more complex to work with. And this may affect the line of iPhone and iPad for which it will be available.

With the release of the iOS 13 update, some devices will lose support for the new system. We are talking about devices released before 2016. Including much older models such as the iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2. But if the source is to be believed, Apple could move to a different strategy for providing a future version of the system.

Ios 13 release date

Apple will first show the new version of iOS 13 at its launch in early summer. After that, the beta stage for developers will begin. During this time, the work of the system will be brought to the ideal. We will report on all functions and testing progress in our materials.

Ios 13 release date

The testing phase will last until early autumn. In September or October, at the big WWDC 2019 event, Apple will release the final build. Ios 13 will be available to install immediately after the event.

Which iPhones support iOS 13

Here we can expect an unpleasant surprise, if the information is confirmed. According to unconfirmed reports, not all devices will support iOS 13. It is said that iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and even iPhone SE will not be able to install the update. Also, such models as iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and maybe even iPad mini 4 won’t get iOS 13 either.

If this happens, then several generations of released tablets and smartphones will be left without updates. Such a move could be directed by the company to ensure that users switch to the new iPhone and iPad models. That is to say forced transition.

Which iPhones support iOS 13

Many iPhone models won’t get iOS 13 update

It is noted that Apple may limit this list to the number of functions received. That is, owners of the XS 2019 series will get more features with the update than owners of the 7 Series or 8 Plus. What will also say about the need to upgrade to a new iPhone.

The main thing is that the data has not yet been confirmed. While Apple may indeed be planning such actions, their veracity is still unknown. We will track new data and wait for the release dates of the new iPhone 2019 along with iOS 13.

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Easy App Store App Updates

Selecting default apps.

What’s new

The development of the operating system is at a closed stage. So far, there are no confirmed features or even rumors about what’s new in iOS 14. However, there is no shortage of wishes from users either.

Here are the features I would like to see.

New development scheme

Despite new features like a dark interface and a redesigned “photos” app, iOS 13 had a lot of bugs. Apple had to release several updates right after its release to improve performance and fix bugs.

Between the first release of iOS 13 at the end of September last year and the end of December, 8 system updates were released. A large number of flaws were not noticed at the testing stage and ended up in the release. But they were seen by iPhone users, raising a wave of discontent criticizing the developers.

Apple took this experience into account and changed the process of releasing test builds of iOS 14. This was reported by the Bloomberg news agency, citing its sources.

Following this sad experience, Apple implemented software flags in daily iOS builds to isolate test functions. If you want to see new functionality, just activate the flag.

This procedure has long been used by Google and Microsoft. It should help Apple avoid future buggy iOS releases.

This is not the first time Apple has relied on quality. There were few changes in iOS 12 compared to iOS 11, but it did not slow down and worked much more stable even on older devices.

Alarm clock improvements

The Clock app is pretty simple and works as intended, but a few things could be improved.

For example, you don’t want to change the bedtime for each day separately if you have a non-standard daily routine. Of course, you can do it manually, but an automated solution doesn’t hurt either. Over, it is in third-party alarm clocks.

You want to set an alarm for every day of your work week so you can go to bed without having to set an alarm for the morning. The ability to set the volume of each alarm separately does not hurt either.

It would be nice to be able to mute the alarm and group its activation time by day, week and month without having to completely turn it off and then turn it back on. This small but useful functionality.


Users are looking forward to the polysemy mode so that the screen can simultaneously work with two windows.

Multitasking mode.

But there is no talk of such implementation yet. On February 24, 2020, images from an iPhone running iOS 14, which borrows the multitasking currently used by the iPad, were leaked.

Release date

If you look at previous versions of iOS, you can assume when iOS 14 will be released. No earlier than fall 2020. Ios, iPadOS and macOS have been released at about the same time for several years in a row.

Apple’s mobile operating system typically releases in mid-September, about a week after the new iPhones are announced. Based on past years, iOS 14 will be released between September 14 and 18, 2020.

In the previous 5 years, the release dates were as follows:

  • Ios 13: Thursday 19 September 2019.
  • Ios 12: Monday, September 17, 2018.
  • Ios 11: Wednesday 20 September 2017.
  • Ios 10: Tuesday 13 September 2016.
  • Ios 9: Wednesday 16 September 2015.

Apple is due to announce its plans for the new OS during its annual WWDC 2020 developer conference. This conference takes place every June, usually in the first week of the month.

After that, iOS 14 Beta will be released for developers so that they have time to prepare their applications for release. The first beta of iOS 14 should appear after WWDC 2020, that is, after June 8th. The first public iOS 14 Beta is expected at the end of June.

Anyone can get early access to iOS 14 through the public beta testing program. Enthusiasts install, evaluate the system, report bugs found. The testing program begins a few weeks after the developer conference, giving Apple time to find bugs from the first builds.

Ios 13 update fans will be able to wait only in September

Moscow, 08/13/2020, 17:15:40, edition of PRONEDRA.Ru, author Tatiana Orlonskaya.

The iOS 13 update will be a truly major update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with a lot of new features. Insiders even predict that iOS 13 will be the largest update to Apple’s mobile operating system since iOS 7.

Apple’s expected iOS 13 operating system in 2019 promises to be the most significant update since iOS 7 was released five years ago. Most likely, it will be presented during the WWDC 2019 conference, which is scheduled to be held next summer, presumably in early June.

Release date iOS 13, review of new items,

According to the latest information, the OS presentation will be held on June 10, 2019, and June 3, 2019 may also be a possible date for a future presentation. The public will find out more accurate information on this issue in May 2019, when the date of the WWDC-2019 conference will be officially announced. Traditionally, during the event, the company boasts of innovations, improvements and an updated interface. As a rule, all these achievements will have to be reflected in the functionality of devices that users will update to the latest version. 3 months after the official presentation of the OS, in the second half of September 2019, a full-fledged new operating system iOS 13 will appear on the owners of Apple devices.

Expect a new version of IOS 13 only in early September 2019. However, despite all these features, some of the insiders are already making their first conclusions, and also sharing their impressions of what the new system will be like. Apple is preparing to release something really grandiose, many experts are already talking about this. As for the IOS 13 interface, it will be radically redesigned, and some functions and gestures will be added.

Which iPhones will support iOS 13

Due to the fact that the new operating system will consume more resources, and, accordingly, improve the performance of devices, it will work on newer models. The exact list of them will also be announced by the developers during the WWDC-2019 conference. The likely list so far includes the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3. It is assumed that the list of devices that the new iOS 13 will still reach will be replenished with products based on Apple A7 processors. However, users will be able to test the operating system of the beta version of iOS 13 beta 1 in June 2019, immediately after the end of the WWDC-2019 developer conference.

What exactly will be in iOS 13, the most daring assumptions of experts

The first thing that insiders note is the IOS 13 interface. It will be completely different from previous versions. Whether this will benefit the common user or not, only time will tell. However, we can already say with confidence that the results of the work done will be simply tremendous. As it became known, the company did not dare to take such a risky step since the creation of IOS.

The desktop will be seriously redesigned. We can talk about this now. Icons will be a thing of the past. They will be replaced by completely new widgets. Some gestures will be added that were not used in any version of the system. Of course, it is too early to talk about any specific changes, because all this is at the level of speculation and rumors. We can only note the fact that some of these changes were planned at the time of the release of IOS 12, but for many reasons this could not be done. Now in version 13, Apple plans to deliver on its promises.

So what is she preparing for us? And she prepares for us the following:

  • Completely redesigned and updated interface, primarily the main screen.
  • Advanced especially fast and efficient smart sorting algorithm.
  • New tools for developing virtual and augmented reality applications, including multi-user ones. During the presentation of the iPhone 2018, Apple representatives clearly showed that the company will actively develop these areas.
  • Possibility of 3D scanning of objects and creation of models based on the received data with subsequent sending over the network both to a PC and to another iPhone.
  • A set of fresh gestures to control both the OS itself and applications.
  • A number of special iPad improvements (updated file app, split screen and tabbed support).
  • Advanced features of the branded Apple Pencil.

Some of these capabilities will be available only on the most modern devices that have a front-facing 3D scanner (currently used mainly for Face ID only). However, all this is still only general words, all the specifics on iOS 13 Apple will save until the summer of 2019.

What’s new in iOS 13. Supported devices, release date

Ios 13 officially presented, all information in the corresponding article.

Despite the fact that the official release of iOS 13 is scheduled only for September 2019, many insiders already have information about what will be new in it. We have collected all the information from the most authoritative sources in one article, in which we will tell you which devices will support iOS 13, what functionality will be received and how the system will look after a large-scale update.

What will be iOS 13

Bloomberg reports that one of the most interesting features of iOS 13 will be the emergence of Dark Mode, or “dark mode”. Hints at its introduction were visible even in the previous version of the OS. Parts of the corresponding code were repeatedly found by curious developers.

The appearance of the dark theme is quite logical if you remember that the company’s latest gadgets are equipped with OLED displays. The technology of such matrices assumes that energy is consumed exclusively by active pixels, while areas of the screen showing black are in fact completely disabled. From this it follows that the use of Dark Mode will significantly improve the autonomy of devices.

There is information regarding other innovations:

  • The widgets page will undergo a global redesign. There is no detailed information on how it will look yet;
  • The standard application “Health” will expand its functionality, the main screen will display more data, including all the user’s activity for the day;
  • The work of “Reminders” will change. New sections will be added with which you can more accurately customize scheduled tasks;
  • “IM essage” users will be able to set a custom avatar;
  • In “Maps” the interface will become more thoughtful. Quick access to the places that the user most often visits will be facilitated;
  • The Find iPhone and Find Friends apps will merge;
  • The default Safari browser will have a download manager built into the Files app;
  • With Screen Time, parents can restrict children’s use of phones and tablets. An interesting feature will also appear that allows you to block all incoming calls within a specified period of time;
  • Ipad users will be able to use multiple copies of the same program at the same time, the multitasking mode will change;
  • Feature pending to enable tablet screen as a second monitor for Mac.

Which iPhones will support iOS 13

Just the other day, the famous French site specializing in Apple products published a list of devices, from which it is clear which iPhones will be updated to i OS 13.

  • Iphone XS Max;
  • Iphone XS;
  • Iphone XR
  • Iphone X;
  • Iphone 8 Plus;
  • Iphone 8;
  • Iphone 7 Plus;
  • Iphone 7;
  • Iphone 6s;
  • Iphone 6s Plus.

There is also a list of devices that Apple plans to end support:

  • Iphone SE;
  • Iphone 5s;
  • Iphone 6;
  • Iphone 6 Plus.

The most interesting point is the decision of the company to exclude the iPhone SE from the list of supported devices, but keep the iPhone 6s in it. Recall that both gadgets run on the same Apple A9 processor, plus the SE model came out later than 6s.

If the information is confirmed, then it is the improved version of the “six” that will become the most affordable smartphone with iOS 13, and the owners of the very massive iPhone 6 and SE will soon have to think about updating their phones.

When iOS 13 comes out

It is known that the beta version of the OS will be shown at the annual WWDC 2019 conference. Apple announces iOS 13 on the first day of the event. June 3. The full release of iOS 13 will take place in September 2019. Cupertinos traditionally release new versions of software in the second half of September, 2 weeks after the presentation of the new iPhones, and there is no reason to break the company’s usual routine this year.

At the moment, this is all the available information about iOS 13. When the OS is released, we will prepare a detailed review of it, as well as tell you how to download and install it correctly.