Which iPhone Is Better 7 Or 8

Comparison of appearance

The external data of the devices are almost identical: HD Retina display, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, external and front cameras with the same aperture and a resolution of 12 megapixels and 7 megapixels, respectively. All elements on the body are located in the same places.

Iphone 8 features a more expensive, sleeker, but fragile glass panel. At the same time, the smartphone of the previous generation has a greater number of colors. In particular, only the iPhone 7 series has the popular “rose gold”.

Which iPhone Is Better 7 Or 8

Iphone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus

The first classic difference between iPhones with the Plus prefix is ​​the increased size. In this case: 5.5 inches instead of 4.7. Here smartphones 7 and 8 series again keep pace. Other technical characteristics also remained practically unchanged. The difference between the series in processors, functions like wireless charging, the display resolution has increased commensurately, the capacity has remained unchanged.

The main difference between the Plus models and the standard iPhone 7 and 8 is the dual camera. This solution is far from a find by Appe, it has long been used in many phones from other manufacturers. You can read about which phones are competing with iPhones here: How the iPhone differs from Samsung Galaxy and Huawei.

Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus is one of the key reasons to buy. Using this function, the smartphone automatically fills the frame with the required amount of light, turns on HDR and blurs the background. Actually, this blur is the main technological advantage of devices with the Plus prefix. The property of defocusing for the background, or otherwise the “bokeh” effect, is achieved by combining information about the photo from two cameras at once.

Note that the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are definitely more technological. In terms of power and availability of various additional functions, the gap with the 7 series models is also large. However, externally smartphones differ minimally. Let’s summarize by listing all the advantages and disadvantages of the models of both series.

Iphone 7, 7 Plus:

  • Not inferior to the competitor in surface design;
  • Has a price lower than that of 8 series smartphones in any configuration.

Iphone 8, 8 Plus:

  • Has fewer colors;
  • Knows how to charge from a wireless station;
  • Has an A11 Bionic processor with a neural network;
  • Holds up to 256 GB of information;
  • More expensive than any of the 7 series smartphones.

Comparison of device characteristics

Fans of shooting video on the iPhone, and those thinking. Which phone is better: iPhone 7 or 8, it will be interesting to know about Sow Sync technology in the 8th generation model. Now you can record standard video at 60 frames per second, and slow-motion video at 240 at 1080p. True Tone Quad ‑ ED flash has been calibrated to these specifications.

The display of both devices, as already noted, is made using the same technology. However, the iPhone 8 additionally has a feature called True Tone. With its help, the smartphone adjusts to the environment not only the brightness of the screen, but also its color palette. The effect is achieved using a four-channel light sensor.

The minimum and maximum memory capacity in devices has changed from 32 and 128 GB to 64 and 256 GB, respectively, for the iPhone 7 and 8. Good news for those who are used to keeping a large amount of information on their smartphone: downloading a lot of applications, music, films.

Another striking feature of the 8 Series phone is its accelerated wireless charging capability. Iphone with Qi Series Wireless Chargers will reach 50% battery capacity in just 30 minutes.

Finishing the conversation about the hardware part of the devices, it is worth noting that the iPhone 8 is equipped with the same processor as the iPhone X. Thus, the 8 series devices are not only an order of magnitude more powerful than their predecessors, but also more energy efficient. In addition, the processor is equipped with a self-learning neural network.

Which phone is better: iPhone 7 or 8

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In our country, people appreciate and love the Appe technique. If the price tag for the latest released mobile devices remains high, then many can already afford to buy a smartphone of the previous generation. You should purchase a device that fully meets everyday requirements. To do this, you need to figure out which is better: iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.

Expert opinion

Let’s figure out which is better: iPhone 7 or 8, after listening to the opinion of experts. If you’re looking for a “camera phone” but don’t want to overpay, then the iPhone 7 Plus is the one to go for. This opinion is shared by top tech bloggers from youtube channels: Rozetked, Wysacom, Stupidmadword, iKakProsto.

The iPhone 8, which has an increased processor capacity, is better at multitasking. At the same time, both devices will not have enough battery for a full working day. Therefore, the choice can be made depending on whether you have a wireless station and the ability to recharge your phone several times a day. But if you are using only a couple of basic iPhone features, then there is no point in replacing the device with a model from the series above.

Stereo speakers

Both devices integrate modern and really high-quality speakers, only the S8 has one single speaker, and the iPhone 7 has 2 stereo speakers, one of which is located on top, the other on the bottom. Therefore, the sound of the iPhone is much more pleasant and believable.

Speaking of loudness, Samsung wins here. The sound in the headphones is about the same, but Apple has abandoned the “Mini Jack”, using its technology through the Lighting output, as a result of which users have to purchase original headphones or use special adapters. The S8 still has a “mini Jack”, so you can listen to music in any headphones.

And here each user makes a conclusion for himself what is more important to him: sound quality, speaker volume or ease of use.


The iPhone 7 has a quad-core A10 processor, and the S8 has 2 equipment options: Snapgragon 835 or better Exynos 8895.

If we compare RAM, then the seven have 2 and 3 GB, depending on the model, Samsung has 4 GB at its disposal. At the same time, the iPhone is still slightly ahead of its competitor in tests, albeit not very significantly.

But the whole picture changes when you actually use your smartphone. They both get hot, and if the Koreans have a phone literally starting to give a “back”, reducing the FPS in the same WoT, then in the iPhone this situation is almost invisible to the user, because performance drops very smoothly.


This is a “sore point” for all devices, and both devices are no exception. The batteries are not removable for both devices, while the S8 is larger in size and volume. 3000 mAh, while the iPhone 7 has only 1960 mAh. Galaxy at the same time consumes much more electricity, because a large screen and various sensors are used. The situation is further warmed up by the built-in mode of displaying important notifications on the off screen.

Even in standby mode, the battery runs out very quickly. The iPhone also has a special power saving mode that allows even 1% to last for several hours. It turns on at 20% charge and allows you to save just a bunch of charge.

In contrast, the S8 has wireless charging, which allows you to quickly charge your phone in about an hour. Over, this smartphone supports wireless charging technologies QI and PMA, while the iPhone 7 is generally devoid of this option.

Therefore, it is rather difficult to make a final conclusion as to which device is better in general. If you are an active user, Samsung is more suitable for you, which can be quickly charged. If you don’t use your smartphone so often, then the iPhone is the right place. In standby mode, it will last you a long time.

Disk space

Iphone models are available to choose from users with 128 and 256 GB, while the S8 boasts only 64 GB of internal storage. But you should note that you can insert an additional SD card, increasing the volume by another 32 GB. Against the background of its competitor, of course, this is not enough, but also not bad.

The device from Cupertino has always been provided with a fixed volume, and the developers will adhere to this practice for a long time, so it is not worth the sin that the iPhone cannot expand the memory!

Comfort in hand

Due to its size, the S8 loses in ease of use, especially with one hand. Yes, both devices are adapted for one-handed operation, but Apple managed to achieve the best possible convenience, so there is a clear advantage over the iPhone.


The iPhone has a powerful 12 Mpix dual camera that allows you to use optical zoom technology without losing any quality.

The S8 also has built-in Dual Pixel technology, with the same resolution and optical stabilization.

If we talk about the quality of the picture in general, then the S8 wins here, but if you are interested in all sorts of effects, then the place is for the iPhone. Samsung does a much better job in low-light conditions because it uses the technology to create three shots in a row, which are combined into one. At the same time, both devices shoot excellently in 4K resolution.

But the front cameras have some advantage over the iPhone. Retina Flash support allows you to create better images in low light conditions.

Bezel Efficiency

While Apple is trying to polish its iOS to the maximum, they fail to make the most of the bezel. There is a lot of empty space, both above the screen and at the bottom of the screen. And if the iPhone 8 is already trying to solve this problem, then in the iPhone 7 it remains, as evidenced by the wide bezels at the screen.

Samsung has fortunately a big lead in this regard, as they have been using the panel space to the maximum effect since the 4th Galaxy. In the last model, a “limitless display” is used, which occupies almost the entire front panel. Even the Home button is presented not mechanical, but software on the display. It seems that Samsung is winning, yes! But it was not there! Due to the fact that the Samsung screen is wider, the aspect ratio of 16 to 9 is not achieved, so the video is played in the 18.5 to 9 format.

And on the Internet, almost all videos are adapted to the ratio of 16 to 9, and therefore, there is no really suitable content for Samsung, and it is problematic to find it. Videos have to be stretched or cropped to be viewed in full screen. The situation is the same with games, the picture of which is stretched across the entire screen and slightly blurred. Apple has no problem with this, and the output is a clear picture. And it is not known whether the world will be ready for the changes dictated by Samsung, or whether the giant will have to return standards in its next models in order to make amends to millions of users.

The cost of devices and their assessment

First, it’s worth mentioning the cost of the devices over time. Appliances from Apple even after a year keep the bar at a high level, while Android devices become 30-40% cheaper in a year, and this is at best. Therefore, we can say that investing in iPhone is much more profitable than in Samsung. You can sell your phone at any time if it is in good condition for a bargain price.

Protection standards

Both devices are equipped with protection standards, only Apple has IP-67, and Samsung has IP-68. Most iPhone immersion tests have failed, causing users to experience camera issues. It is understandable. The IP-67 standard does not imply immersion in water, but only guarantees stable operation when water and dust gets on the device, but there was no talk about immersion.

But the Galaxy S8 is doing much better with this. The device can be immersed to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, and the smartphone will work correctly and without any deformation.

Compare the flagships of Apple, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Traditionally, for 10 years, in September of each year, news feeds of news agencies begin to dazzle with records of the birth of another iPhone model. 2017 was no exception, this year was marked by the appearance of the 8 iPhone model. Today we will arrange a small comparison of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, find out which of the flagships is better (although it is clear), and compare the technical characteristics of smartphones.

First, let’s find out whether it is worth buying an iPhone 7 or waiting for the revolutionary 8. The wait is definitely worth the wait, especially if you are on a budget. Although it’s not clear what is so revolutionary, the competitor Samsung Galaxy S8 has long been out, and has long shown the world its frameless display. Few people will be surprised by the presence of a fingerprint sensor. The only thing that can surprise Apple is the wireless charger, which can work up to 4 meters.

Together with the eight, we should expect the release of 7s, by analogy with the previous versions, this model will become better in all respects, stronger, more stable, and faster. Let’s remember the stories with 4s, 5s, 6s, each subsequent interpretation of the smartphone became much better and more reliable. We are waiting for September and saving money for a new S, in any case it will surpass its predecessor in all respects.

Everyone expects the release of the iPhone 8. IT experts, ordinary buyers and, I would not be surprised, tops from Samsung. Everyone wants to know what the Cupertino company will present this time and what the engineers should strive for when developing improved models of new smartphones.


The G8 battery will once again increase the usable capacity to 2350 mAh, up from 1960 mAh. The smartphone will be able to work autonomously for up to 2 days, without requiring a charger. In fact, this is a record for Apple phones.

Iphone 8 specifications:

  • Screen: 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8-inch 1920 x 1310-pixel resolution
  • Memory: 32, 128 or 256 GB to choose from
  • Processor and RAM: A11, 3-4 GB RAM
  • Front camera: 8 MP
  • Main camera: 12 MP, two lenses, optical stabilization, 4K, slow motion
  • Other: Fingerprint sensor and iris scanner, wireless charging

This time, there are really many changes when compared, as is the case with the 6s and 7 plus. It got to the point that during the presentation in 2016, I had to change the body of the 7-ki to black, before that both smartphones are SIMilar in appearance.

For Apple phones, the lack of a 3.5mm jack is now considered the norm, AirPods are now bundled with the flagship. We must pay tribute to the Cupertinians, Samsung still has wired headphones bundled with top-end phones. Therefore, we will consider the presence of wireless headphones as an innovation.

Iphone 7 specifications:

  • Screen: 4.7-inch IPS LCD display with 750 x 1334 pixels. Contrast Ratio 1400: 1
  • Memory: 32, 128 or 256 GB to choose from
  • Processor and RAM: 64-bit Apple A10 Fusion with M10 coprocessor. 4 cores with a frequency of 2.23 GHz. New 6-core graphics chip
  • Front camera: 7 megapixel with f / 2.2 aperture
  • Main camera: 12 megapixel with f / 1.8 aperture and a focal length of 28 mm. Video recording in 4K format at 60 frames / second. Optical stabilization.
  • Other: Fingerprint sensor.


The screen diagonal will almost certainly increase from 4.7 inches (for the iPhone 7) to 5.5 inches and up to 5.8 for the 8 Plus, the resolution will be FullHD and QHD, respectively. This is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Display will be protected by sixth generation Corning Gorilla Glass, said to be the toughest civilian protection option for mobile devices.

Iphone 8 is equipped with an ultra-clear OLED-screen, while its predecessor is content with an LCD-display, but we must pay tribute, the quality of the LCD screen is at an altitude, it is not without reason that it was recognized as the best of all that was at the time of the release of the “seven”.

And yes, it happened, the screen occupies the entire front part of the phone, the thickness of the plastic frames is negligible, they are practically invisible. The “Home” button is a thing of the past, giving way to a soft button, SIMilar to that of expensive android devices.


The body of the new iPhone, unlike the iPhone 7, is completely made of glass. It is clear that the front panel is already solid glass, the back is also made of this material. How the Cupertinians will solve the issue of soiling and fragility, it remains to ask the engineers from this company. Time will tell how practical this solution is compared to conventional aluminum enclosures.

Iphone 7 vs iphone 8

Let’s move on to numbers. There are several main parameters to compare iphone 7 vs innovative iphone 8


The G8 will compare favorably with the 7 with a new advanced processor manufactured using 10-nanometer technology. The processor will be codenamed Apple A11. Performance has increased significantly compared to the previous model, which will have a beneficial effect on the already fast interface.

The increased amount of RAM, up to 3 GB, will also significantly increase the speed of the device.


The most anticipated innovation for all users is wireless charging with the ability to work remotely from the charging station. The distance is really not great, only 3-4 meters, but in most cases this is quite enough for office or home use. You can finally forget about the wires that haunt any fan of the Apple brand, without them you cannot leave the house, suddenly the battery is discharged and you will be left without connection.

The question of price, as always, will be acute, to someone the cost of 1000 US dollars for the minimum configuration of the iPhone 8 will seem overpriced, to someone ridiculous. In any case, the price tag for the iphone 7 will be great to drop and will be 800. Of course, this does not apply to Russian realities, our will traditionally be overstated, including for outdated smartphones.

Recently, Apple has launched two iPhone models per year, and in 2016 it even introduced another 4-inch device, but today we will not be talking about it. Consumers nowadays have to choose between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, and while this question is obvious to many, most are faced with a real problem. What’s better? User-friendly 4.7-inch phone or 5.5-inch dual camera shovel?

Which is better: iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? 5 reasons why iPhone 7 is better than iPhone 7 Plus

It is more compact and more convenient to use
On our website there is a detailed comparison of the dimensions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in centimeters, as well as comparisons with devices from other brands. Thanks to this, you will find out how much they differ and whether this or the device will be convenient for you. The smartphone fits into any of your jeans, jacket or jacket.

Its screen can be used with one hand
The iPhone 7 has the same 3D Touchscreen, but with a smaller diagonal, which, although not always easy with your thumb, can still reach the top of the display. There is also a one-handed control mode, but its presence on smartphones is considered by many to be controversial.

Iphone 7 is noticeably lighter
If the whole phone matters to you, then you should definitely grab the lighter iPhone 7, which weighs only 138 grams. Its 188g cousin may seem too heavy.

Iphone 7 case is more durable and harder to break
Due to its more compact dimensions, the smartphone is able to withstand more severe impacts. This is evidenced by numerous strength tests. It is the large display area with the same thickness and materials that is the reason.

4 reasons why the iPhone 7 Plus is better than the iPhone 7

Large and versatile screen
Apple iPhone 7 Plus is an ideal solution for people who use smartphone services very often. The large 5.5-inch display is especially useful if you don’t have a tablet. What’s more, this phablet has a better display-to-body ratio.

Iphone 7 Plus camera has better functionality
Unlike the iPhone 7, its enlarged copy, the 7 Plus, has a dual main camera, which boasts several advantages at once. First is the optical zoom, and secondly, the portrait mode, which allows you to take impressive pictures with a blurred background.

It is equipped with an enlarged battery
Due to the large dimensions of the device, the company’s engineers managed to place a battery of increased capacity inside the case. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus can last 21 hours of talk time, while the iPhone 7 can last only 14 hours. The 5.5-inch model has a 2900 mAh battery, and the 4.7-inch one is almost 1000 mAh less.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus beats the iPhone 7 in multitasking because it has more RAM. We have noticed this trend since the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which received 1 GB and 2 GB of RAM, respectively. Over time, the company had to improve the characteristics of its devices, so now the iPhone 7 has 2 GB of RAM, and its larger sibling received 3 GB.

This allows iPhone 7 Plus to store more apps in memory, which saves you time opening apps you use frequently. Even browser tabs will reload less.