Which BIOS On Lenovo G580

BIOS is a system that at the initial stage helps the operating system to understand how to boot and what functions to activate at the same time. In order to enter the BIOS SETUP, on Lenovo laptops (IdeaPad, ThinkPad and IdeaCentre, ThinkCentre) there are several ways, we will analyze the main ones.

Incorrect settings in the BIOS can interfere with the operation of your device, so you need to be careful and understand your actions when making any changes.

Method 1

To call the BIOS, for almost all Lenovo laptop models, immediately after turning on the power, hold down the key F2 (or Fnf2)

In rare cases, you need to use other keys, such as: F1 (or Fnf1) or just a button DELETE.

Which BIOS On Lenovo G580

Method 2

Most Lenovo laptops have a NOVO button. this is a small button, or a hole next to which there is a curved arrow icon. Basically, this button is installed next to the power button or on the right / left side of the device.

To enter the BIOS, you must turn off the laptop and hold down the NOVO button for a few seconds. Then a menu will appear on the screen, in which, using the up / down arrows on the keyboard, select BIOS SETUP and press the ENTER key.

Method 3

This method is suitable for versions of Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Before proceeding to the first step of this method, try holding down the key Shift, reboot your device through the menu Start. If this way you got to the menu Action selection, then go directly to step 4 this method.

  1. Press shortcut Windows i to go to system parameters;
  2. In this window, select the section Update and Security;
  3. Next, go to the tab System Restore and in paragraph Special boot options press the button Reload now, after which you will get to the menu Action selection;
  4. Select item Troubleshooting.
  5. Next, select the item Extra options
  6. UEFI Firmware Options;
  7. And in the last menu, select the reload button. After that, your device will go into BIOS settings.

ATTENTION! If none of these methods worked, then after disconnecting the laptop from the network and disconnecting the battery, open its case (bottom cover) and remove the flat battery from the motherboard for 10-15 minutes. This will reset the BIOS. Next, return everything back and, when turned on, try the first 2 methods again.