Whether you can track your phone’s location

How to keep track of your phone?

The phone in today’s world. it’s an integral part of our lives. On the go, at home, at school, or at work. it’s just like underwear. Always with us. Of course there are exceptions, but as a percentage it is quite small and insignificant number.

Where you have your phone now? In hand? Lying on your desk in front of you? Right? Left? On the charger behind you? Maybe it’s just in our ? Most of the time the mobile device is within walking distance of us, accordingly, our lives are under the scrutiny of “Big Brother” and available to potential adversaries to track.

Setting up and activating Android Device Manager

For all users there is a standard geolocation on Android, which is activated in the settings of the phone. The system consists of two interconnected parts. First you need to install the “Android Remote Management” utility on the mobile. You can download it from the official Play Market store. This will send data to the Google profile, which you can open with a web browser from your computer.

Some manufacturers immediately install this app on their smartphones. It is disabled by default, so you must activate it yourself. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Start the settings of the device.
  • Go to “Security” and click on “Device Administrators”.
  • Check the box “Remote management of Android”.
  • A message with the program options will appear. click on “Activate”.
  • Close Settings.

Next, you need to go to the accounts section and link your Google profile. If you do not have an account, you must create one. Only after tying the phone to the account you will be able to use all the functionality of the utility. Once you activate your Google profile, your device will appear in the list of linked devices within your profile, which will open you up to:

  • Erase personal data from the mobile if it is stolen or lost;
  • to produce a loud beeping sound even when the phone is in silent mode;
  • Track your smartphone on the map;
  • Display a message on the screen.

Search for your smartphone at home

You can lose your phone even in your own apartment, if a child or pet pushed the device under the couch or bathtub. Locate your Android with a loud beep, which beeps even when the sound is turned off. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the browser and log in to the Google profile.
  • Click on the “Security” section.
  • A window will open where the name of the device should be displayed in the center. Click on it.
  • A list of actions you can take will appear. Click on the “Ringtone” button in the top menu.
  • The phone will beep at maximum volume, even if turned off/mute.
  • To activate this feature, the Internet must be enabled.

Message or call a lost phone

If after the above steps you could not find your smartphone, it means you lost it not at home or the device was stolen. It is not enough just to call, it is necessary to prevent access to personal data, photos. You can block access to the phone and display a message on the screen with a request to return the device for a fee. To do this:

  • Open the Google profile on your computer.
  • Launch the Security section and select your tethered device.
  • Click on “Lock phone” section.
  • A form will appear where you need to specify the password to lock the screen, the message that will be displayed and another mobile number to contact you.
  • Click on “Lock”.

Lock and delete all data if you can’t get your gadget back

If your phone is stolen and you have no hope of getting it back, it is recommended that you erase your personal data. You can do this only if you are connected to the Internet. Features of the procedure:

  • Some data on the memory card will still remain;
  • You will not be able to recover files;
  • function of the caller, locks will no longer work.

If you previously performed a backup from the smartphone, these data can be restored. To destroy the information you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Open the “Security” section, select the device.
  • Click on “Erase all data from device” list.
  • Click “Yes, erase” and follow the instructions.
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AVG AntiVirus

Another popular antivirus package with anti-virus. AVG can locate your lost or stolen phone with Google Maps. As in other applications, there is a phone lock feature and the ability to display messages on the screen. For example, with your contact information.

Offers siren, remote viewing of calls, contacts and messages and memory wipe. Control your smartphone via AVG web service or SMS.

AVG has some more useful specific features: stealthy photographing everyone who tries to unlock your smartphone, automatically locking your smartphone when your SIM card is replaced, and taking pictures and recording audio from your phone. However, to use these functions, you have to pay a subscription.

Android geolocation with Google app

To track the movement of a person can be done from a computer, as well as from another phone. This uses the same methods of tracking, the only difference is that you will need additional applications for your smartphone. They will take the information that the victim’s phone transmits. Most of the programs are free, the following options are popular among users:

Where’s My Droid

A useful application that will help to find out where the user is with the installed program. Has a wide range of functionality, which includes not only location. With the help of the utility you can:

  • ring the phone so that it beeps even on silent mode;
  • Receive the coordinates of the device via SMS;
  • take a picture of the thief with the front camera (pro-version);
  • Delete applications and modules (pro-version);;
  • Block all functions on the device (pro version);

Lost Android

Another way to track Android is the Android Lost Free app. Completely free program that has a wide range of functions. You need to install it on your phone beforehand, so you can take advantage of the following features if it is lost or stolen:

  • Activation or deactivation of GPS, Wi-Fi;
  • control of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • triggering the alarm clock and flickering screen;
  • Deletion of all data from Android;
  • creating photos from any camera on the gadget.

This method of tracking will help to trace the moment of SIM card change. The notification will be sent to a pre-specified email address. It is difficult to uninstall Android Lost, because it does not appear in the menu. The main rule is that the program must be installed on the phone immediately. If your gadget is lost or stolen, you will no longer be able to use this tracking method. You can download the utility from the official Google store.

Lookout Security Antivirus

This is another way to track your own or someone else’s device. Must be installed on the phone beforehand. The program is used from your computer by logging into your account. On the device itself, the app is not hidden, so intruders can delete it. In this case, you will see the last point where you were able to track the gadget. This method of protection will help you:


You can track your iPhone through the iCloud service provided by the manufacturers. To search, you must download the “Find iPhone” application and activate geolocation on your gadget.

If your i-phone is disconnected, go to iCloud.com or in “Find iPhone” on another device. You will need to enter an ID and also a password. After authentication, you will be able to view the last recorded location of the iPhone. Through iCloud still can:

  • Send a beep to your device.
  • Send a message with a request to return the “find” to the owner, which will appear on the screen immediately after turning on the iPhone, even if the SIM card is changed.

Friends, I described enough methods for you to try to find your smartphone. Hope they will be useful to you. Please, write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев about the result of your search. help us to determine the most efficient way.

Services for phone search by subscriber number and IMEI

Consider working and non-working ways to find a lost phone. Some of listed services are fraudulent.


This portal is not suitable for finding a lost phone. It’s informational:

  • Shows smartphone model by IMEI;
  • It shows lost or stolen status (if phone is stolen, type its IMEI in the form and add the list of lost or stolen);
  • Can show a mismatch of a smartphone to its IMEI number (if it was re-flashed).

It does not show location of device.

PLNET (Phone-Location.net)

Service creators claim that they can find a lost device by phone number. It doesn’t really work. cellular operators don’t transmit location data to third parties and services. The service is fraudulent, it is created to take advantage of gullible users.

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We made an experiment and used the service, despite Yandex’s warning. Entered the number of the currently switched off phone. The system showed the connection establishment, correctly displayed the region. this is public information. A city was defined by mistake, during the experiment the phone was in another city. Wi-Fi was detected. erroneously, as it is a simple phone. After a few seconds the service supposedly determined the location, requiring registration and money. PLNET is not searching for anything, which was required to prove.

There are a lot of such services. they show only the operator and regional affiliation (this is public data). They will not be able to locate.


Another service similar to PLNET. It does not work, do not experiment. precisely, it works. after registering with the phone number from the account, the money disappears. PLNET works in a similar way. Remember, services that search for phones by SIM-card, IMEI number and other parameters do not work.

How to track a phone

Is it possible to track your phone? In this age of high technology it’s not that hard to find it. Simple interest, jealousy or mistrust. why it is necessary, each person decides for himself. It is worth noting that there are several ways to find out where your smartphone is, only not all of them are legal.

Few people nowadays can do without a cell phone. In most cases, these are smart phones that allow you to quickly find any information on the Internet, navigate to another city, or just talk to a friend. Not all owners of these gadgets know that cell phones deprive them of a part of their private life. Any person who is more or less tech-savvy, it is not difficult to track down the owner of a gadget.

Sometimes this feature can be very useful. This way you can always check where your child is. And if your smartphone is lost or stolen, this way you can locate it. How to track a person on the phone? There are several ways to do this. The first is to contact the mobile operator, which services the subscriber. The company will tell you how to track your phone number. Options:

  • GPS navigation. With this function, the cell phone is used not only as a navigator in the husband’s car. This is how you can calculate where a person is, because most programs require the owner of a smartphone to mark his location. You can follow those people who like to take pictures and mark the place where the picture was taken. With the help of applications, you can easily track their movements.
  • Special programs. With access to your Google account, you can legally install software on your smartphone that helps you track your cell phone.
  • Internet. The World Wide Web is capable of giving an idea of where a person is. Location will not be exact, but some sites can determine the approximate location of the owner’s device.
  • GPS tracker. You can use this special module embedded in the mobile, by which you can track the movement of your smartphone.

Location by phone number without the subscriber’s consent

Sometimes tracking a phone number without the owner’s consent can be a necessity, for example, if the person has disappeared and there are no other ways to contact them. Without the subscriber’s approval, it is not possible to get such access, because at least once he must confirm his consent. Operators can give this information, but it is confidential. You can use it only in extreme cases. It can still be accessed by people who have special permission, such as from the relevant authorities.

Built-in phone finder

A number of manufacturers offer their own way to track phones. Here are the options from Google (for any Android phone) and Samsung (for Samsung devices).

The easiest way to find your phone

Google Find My Device is a must for Android users and one of the most useful apps for Android. If you’ve added a Google Account on your Android device, “Find My Device” will automatically turn on. You can check that the service is running by going to “Settings,” then select “Google” and open “Find My Device”. Sometimes before the last item you will need to open the “Security” item. Then you just need to make sure it’s turned on.

So when you turn this feature on, you can find your gadget simply by going to the device search page. You can search this way not only phones, but tablets and even watches. And it can also be remotely wiped and locked.

To start a search, you’ll either have to download the app from Google Play, or go to a special site. In the first case, don’t forget to log out of your account if you search for your smartphone from someone else’s. Otherwise, this person can track the position of your device.

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If you use the WEB version, the functionality will be the same, but you won’t have to ask anyone to install the application and give you the phone. The problem is that often you just do not have a computer at hand and have to use the help of other users.

How to find a lost Samsung

Samsung offers its own way to find a lost phone for its users. Find My Mobile. To use it can only be people with a Samsung account.

To check if the appropriate option is enabled, open the phone settings. Now scroll down to “Biometrics and Security” and select “Device Search” inside. If the setting is not activated, you can easily do so by sliding the appropriate switch.

You can also choose if you want to enable remote unlock and send your latest locations. In the first case, Samsung will record your PIN, password or picture key, allowing you to unlock your device even if you forget it. Once activated, you can control your phone even remotely. The “Send last location” option is very important, as it detects that the battery is about to run out, and sends data about the last known position of the phone to Samsung’s servers.

Finding your phone will also be easier through the website, which will show all the important and necessary information about the location of your smartphone.

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Phone finder apps

If for some reason you don’t want to use the regular search tools or you need extra functionality, it’s worth looking into third-party phone-tracking apps. Often they are not free and charge a subscription fee. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Otherwise you have to wonder why the developers of such a useful application were suddenly so generous.

track, your, phone, location

Sometimes it’s not just the phone that you need to search for, but the person as well

They will also store all of your information needed to find your phone on their server. That’s also something to think about. After all, someone will always know your location. Be sure to read the privacy policy carefully before signing up if you decide to use a third-party app.

How to Know Where Family Members Are

Again, before locating another person, even a family member, it is worth asking him if he would mind. He should at least be aware of tracking his whereabouts.

Life360: Family Locator, a GPS tracker is a free app designed for families that allows you to track where all your family members are by locating their phones. That way, even if one participant loses their phone or something happens to them, the others can instantly know where they are.

This will be useful not only in the city, but also in a hike, when something can happen to a person and it will be necessary to come to his aid. However, to send the location will need a network connection, which is not often found in the woods or in the mountains, but sometimes to find the person will be much easier.

Phone security app

Cerberus Phone Security is designed to prevent data theft from a stolen phone. If you’re worried about your phone being stolen or lost and someone picking it up, Cerberus may be the best app for you.

It offers many security features that allow remote access to a lost or stolen device. You’ll be able to turn on the beep, erase data, lock the device, and even take photos from the front camera to detect thieves.

track, your, phone, location

This app can also be used as a family locator with various functions for adults and children. It’s not free, but as I said above, it should be. Otherwise, moving data can be used against you.

Where’s My Droid. an app to find your phone

Where’s My Droid is a free app (but with paid features) to find your phone. It allows you to search for your device, send a command to make a sound, take a picture of the area, track your location by GPS, set a password, and in the most extreme case, erase all data.

It’s a powerful tool, but it’s not completely free.

Note that most of these features are only available to paid members, so you may have to spend some money to get the most out of this app.

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