Whether To Upgrade iPad 2018 On iOS 13

Does iPhone SE upgrade to iOS 13?

Whether To Upgrade iPad 2018 On iOS 13

If you are a happy owner of iPhone SE, then you probably have been wondering for a long time whether it is worth updating your old iPhone to iOS 13.

Today we will go over the most popular issues and you will immediately understand if it is worth doing.

Finding users with iPhone SE who have already installed iOS 13 on their devices is not so simple. Therefore, we just ask for help on Twitter.

We write in the search for “iOS 13 iPhone SE” and this is what we have:

    . The user complains about accidental opening of the application and typing:

. The user talks about unstable operation and a large number of bugs

. The robot battery was great before upgrading to iOS 13

From all this we can draw the following conclusions: many bugs and poor battery performance.

How does iPhone SE work on iOS 13?

Every year, the situation with old models and the latest version of iOS is repeated. 2019 was no exception.

I’m now about the fact that the first versions of iOS 13 lag and eat the battery on absolutely all old iPhone models. As you know, iPhone SE is far from an exception.

Yes, applications and games will work just fine. But with each new update you will receive new bugs in different places of the OS.

Should I install iOS 13 on iPhone SE?

We went over a large number of points and now we can summarize some of the results.

If you have iPhone SE, you can feel all the charms of the new OS: we get almost all the innovations, including a dark theme, a new sound icon, optimized charging and others.

Dark theme iOS 13 on iPhone SE

But, for now, it is very raw and you need to wait until Apple brings it to mind. At the moment, the current version of iOS 13.1.2 and the problems with it are just a sea. The next few updates do not even think about installing.

Therefore, the results can be divided into two parts:

  • If you have iOS 12. Not yet updated.
  • If already updated on iOS 13 Constantly updated to the latest versions to get rid of lags faster.

How to upgrade iPhone SE to iOS 13?

When it comes time to install the latest version of iOS, just go to Settings. General. Software Update. Install.

DO NOT FORGET! Before updating, be sure to make a backup if something suddenly goes wrong. Now it is very relevant and suddenly that, it will help you save time and nerves.