Where to see passwords on Samsung

How to know your Samsung account password?

Take your Samsung device and tap on the app screen. From there, head to settings, and then click on the General tab, select Accounts and select Samsung account from the list. Enter your account settings, then the help section. You will see Forgot login or password.

Visit account.Samsung.com in your browser, click “Login,” and then click “Forgot Your ID or Password. Open the “Reset password” tab, enter your Samsung account ID and security code in the right fields. Then press “FURTHER” to continue.

Information about passwords in the settings of the Android device

If the described above wonderful utilities help to store encryptions, then to remember the access code for Wi-Fi or from the point created with your own hands is not difficult, if you follow the Wireless network item in the device general settings. To make the cipher visible, click on the image of the eye and numbers with symbols will appear instead of dots.

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Just a reminder, anyone who wants to get the full benefit of working with an Android device should definitely have a Google account. you’ll have access to many useful services and information about using passwords on your device.

What to do if this important code from Google account turned out to be forgotten?

  • Can be restored via the email address you specified during registration.
  • Specify the check word.
  • Answer special questions.

Using system functions

Android has a function that displays the password in a normal way, not with asterisks or dots. This method is good because it does not require any special skills to understand the inner workings of the operating system or install additional software. But its disadvantage is the limited possibilities, moreover, the method is not suitable for all types of devices.

For example, you will not be able to find out the password from Google on Android through the settings menu. To do this, you will have to log into your account, where you can then change it to a new one, or use the restore procedure. You can reset your password with a passcode question, a backup email address, or a special form that asks for the most recent sites you’ve visited or online apps you’ve used.

It is not difficult to find out passwords from Wi-Fi networks. To do this, you need to connect to the network, run the setup of the current connection, where by default the parameters of the current connection will be displayed. Then click on the “eye” icon, and the password will change from asterisks to a readable character set.

As mentioned above, this method does not work on all devices and Android OS versions. Nevertheless the “eye” icon next to the password field always means that after you click on it you will see the password without any encryption. So, there is such an icon next to each site where you have saved your login and password, the list of which can be found on the passwords page.google.com.

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How to view saved passwords on your phone using apps

If passwords from applications are stored on the phone, you can view them. Certain utilities are used for this, as passwords on Android form a certain database. You should download third-party software only from official stores.


The application is a cookie-catching utility. From this information it builds its own database which can be viewed via the built-in interface.

You can view saved passwords through Passwor Mode. It is represented by a table, which displays the name of the resource and the data on its use.

SQLite Editor

A program which makes it easy to find and recognize passwords. To obtain the access rights a file manager is required.

After launching the application you only need to press the start button. It starts searching for the generated databases. It is sufficient to open the found files with a file manager supporting the.

This method does not allow to get passwords from social networks.

Root Browser

This special file manager allows you to browse system folders. It is worth bearing in mind that without certain auxiliary software, it can be difficult to find the information you need.

The number and names of folders may vary. This depends on the version of the operating system and the shell used.

LastPass Password Manager

Such programs have a built-in data saving feature. It was originally a browser extension. The manager saves any entered data for copying and quick access if necessary. Initial settings:

  • After installation the “Sing UP” function is selected.
  • Email is entered. Email address must be real, as a verification code will be sent to it.
  • A secure login code is created.
  • Assigns additional fingerprint lock protection if needed.

Data is added within the application. To do this, click the “” image, select the data type and fill in all fields. How to see saved passwords on your phone using this utility. just enter it and select the appropriate section.

passwords, samsung

How to view your Google account password on your phone?

If you have all the information you need, there are a few simple steps to restore your Google account password: Go to Google Account Recovery and in the window that opens, select the “I don’t remember my password” line. Then enter the email address of the account you want to recover and click “Continue”.

In the settings look for the subsection “Passwords and forms,” and then click on “Configure”. A window will open in which you will see a list of sites with saved passwords. In the case of VK, you will see both the username and password, but hidden under the asterisks. To see the password, click on it, and then the “Show” button appears.

View saved passwords on your computer using your browser

How to view saved passwords on your iPhone

You do not need to use your smartphone to find out the data saved on your device. Instead you can use the browser installed on your computer. With it you can see the data from accounts from different sites and mail. However, in order to do this, you must have a Google account on all your devices.

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Please note! In order to view passwords using the browser, you must have a special feature enabled on your smartphone, which activates device synchronization and information exchange.

When you use the same account on your computer and smartphone, not only will your data be saved, but your browsing history will also be saved. Thanks to this, you can restore access to many services. For example, the browser allows you to access the accounts of. Odnoklassniki, and other popular social networks. To do this, you must enter the Chrome browser settings and select the “Forms and Passwords” tab. That’s where you can find all the data you previously entered.

To view passwords, you must open a submenu and select the item “Configure”. After that, a list of all the logins that were able to be saved during the entire time of using the account will be displayed. In this case, some of them will contain several passwords at once. This is due to the fact that the browser keeps a record of all data. So it can contain not only new, but also outdated information.

How to find out the password from VK on the phone through a browser

The easiest and most effective way to determine a password from VK is to use a mobile browser. At the moment there are many browsers, but the most popular are Google, Yandex, Opera and Mozilla.

Google Chrome

The main advantage of this browser is the high speed of information processing. Also worth noting that Google browser is installed on all mobile gadgets under Android. This application has a feature that allows you to save your passwords to social networks and other Internet resources. In order to find the password, it is necessary to find the special section in the root of the browser. The instructions are as follows:

  • Click on the three-dot icon at the top of the screen.
  • Go to the settings section.
  • Open the password block.

The user will be able to see only those passwords that he saved after being offered by the system. If this function has never been used, there will be no passwords in the described block.

When the page with passwords opens, it will contain information with the security code and the name of the resource. To view the saved password, you need to perform this manipulation:

  • Click the name of a specific resource.
  • A window will open with the user’s login and password in the form of asterisks.
  • To display the hidden code, click on the icon with an eye. You may need to enter a PIN code to unlock the mobile gadget.

Once the information is displayed, you can save it to the clipboard by tapping the special icon. Almost every browser is able to save security codes, but this requires the appropriate function to be enabled.


Instructions for finding a saved password:

  • In order to go to the main menu of the browser, press the button with the letter “O” on it. This is located in the left part of the top bar.
  • Click the settings section in the new window.
  • Swipe to the bottom of the screen and click on more information.
  • Locate the tab with passwords and forms.
  • Open the pop-up window located opposite the last tab.
  • Next, find the “” site and click on the image with the eye opposite.
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Once you complete the action, you will see the encrypted password. Copy the code to your clipboard to access your page.

Mozilla FireFox

On this browser the search for your saved password is much easier. What to do:

  • Open main browser menu. Click on the shortcut with three bars in the corner of the screen.
  • Go to the settings section.
  • Find the block with privacy and protection in the open list
  • Next, find the tab with logins and passwords.
  • Click on the button saved logins.
  • Find the necessary site and click on its name.
  • The next step is to press the button to display the password.

After the actions described above, the system will provide a password. However, in some cases, the browser may ask for a special key. This is a protective system against unauthorized access to personal information. As a rule, the key is provided after the installation of the browser. It is recommended to save this code on your computer or write it down in the notebook.


The main feature of this browser is considered to be the automatic saving of information that was specified on various pages on the Internet. The main thing is not to change the system settings. If the phone owner constantly uses Yandex to access the Internet.Browser, it will not be difficult to find the password. What actions must be performed:

The decrypted code, which guards the “” page, will be displayed to the user.

passwords, samsung

How to find out the passwords saved in the Google account

On smartphones with the Android operating system, passwords can be saved in two places, this is the Google account, where passwords from the browser Google Chrome, as well as third-party browsers and their accounts (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, UC Browser, Dolphin, and others) are stored.

The information that has been saved to your Google account can be viewed through your Android settings, through https://passwords.google.com/ and through the Google Chrome settings. Below we’ll look at all three of these ways.

Correctly storing Android passwords

To secure your own smartphone against sudden hacker attacks, it is enough to use the standard features of almost every mobile device. The first thing you can do is to install a strong graphical key, which will block access by outsiders. Of course, if an experienced hacker wants to steal information, then this method will not work. The disadvantage is that if the owner will forget the sequence of entering the key, then the device will have to be re-flashed.

Also often use standard PIN codes when unlocking the desktop. The method is reliable, but the smartphone will be locked if several incorrect attempts are made. The last way to save your passwords is to download a special application Password, where you can create a file and write the frequently used secret codes.

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