Where to see call recording on Xiaomi

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Permanent call recording modes

Automatic recording of telephone conversations differs in its modes.

  • “All numbers”. record all numbers indiscriminately;
  • “Selected numbers”. you can designate contacts during calls with which recording will be made, or entire groups of contacts;
  • “Unknown numbers”. by selecting this mode, recording will be made to all unfamiliar contacts.

You can also combine the second and third modes.

The main points are where to find these pre-made recordings and how to listen to the recordings of conversations on Xiaomi phone.

As for the location, if you prematurely activated the notification function, after the end of the call, a notification of the finished file will appear in the top menu.

Xiaomi call recording

You will only need to click on it, and you will go to the folder with all the recordings of conversations, where you can listen to them.

If you have not configured notifications for ready recordings, you can find all files with telephone conversations in the following folder: “MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec.”, as well as in the list of audio recordings.

In the “Settings” of the Xiaomi phone, you cannot adjust the place where the records will be saved, which is sometimes not very convenient. But in addition to the original function, you can use additional programs.

  • When you make or receive a call, you may notice a small menu on the screen that will open when you click on the arrow on the right, there is also a one-time recording button;
  • By clicking on it, you will see that the recording has begun and is in progress. a red timer will be displayed;
  • You can also turn off the recording during the conversation if you no longer need it by pressing the same key;
  • Go to “Challenges”;
  • Go to the call menu. these are either stripes in the lower left corner or dots in the upper right, depending on the phone model. and select “Settings”;

On newer Xiaomi models, the arsenal of possible functions in the call menu is slightly wider.

The Xiaomi brand differs from the mainstream manufacturers with its not quite ordinary and very convenient features. These include the option to record telephone conversations. But many are asking questions: “How to enable call recording on a Xiaomi phone?”, “How to set up a recording?”, “Where are the call recordings stored?” etc. Let’s take it all step by step.

Perhaps someone was surprised by the presence of this option. why, they say, you need to record phone conversations, and even save them. However, for many, this feature is very useful. For example, for people who receive a lot of necessary information by phone during the day: orders, conventions, agreements, etc. So, in such situations, a recorded telephone conversation will help you remember all the details, relisten and, perhaps, understand something better.

Recording a conversation will not be superfluous if you often receive calls from banks or distributors of some products. And with threatening calls, you will have something to provide the police.

As for the availability of this feature, it is available in all phone models, be it Xiaomi Redmi 4, Xiaomi Redmi 5, Xiaomi Mi 5a, Xiaomi a1, etc this is the merit of the MIUI operating system.

People who have already tested this option claim that the recordings are saved in excellent quality, without extraneous sounds and noise, so it is not difficult to make out speech. All conversation records are stored on the phone in the “.mp3” format.

Listening to finished recordings is made on any desired device: phone, computer and even TV.

Additional applications for recording telephone conversations

The manufacturer Xiaomi did not prohibit third-party applications from recording telephone conversations, so you can safely use them and their benefits.

  • Possibility of independent choice of application, design, interface, etc.;
  • features;
  • Saving records in the clouds;
  • Updates in this area.

One of these programs is Automatic Call Recorder or ACR (almost all utilities have the same name). It can be found and downloaded in the Play Market.

Xiaomi call recording

Features of this phone call recording app:

  • Record calls only from some contacts or from certain lists of numbers;
  • Choose the place where the records will be saved;
  • Ability to record in the following formats: “amr”, “wav”, “aac” or “3gp”.
  • Capturing voice from the microphone of the phone both on your gadget and on the device of the person you are talking to: to do this, in the signal settings, select the “Voice Communications” option.

Also, the advantage of such applications is that they can be installed not only on smartphones of the Xiaomi brand with the MIUI operating system, but also on phones with Android OS.

How to start the process

In order to enable recording of a conversation on Xiaomi, we will perform a number of simple operations.

We go into the dialer (the handset in the green box), select the menu options (the bottom leftmost icon), we will see the setting of the recording function. Activate the option. record calls automatically.

The remaining actions are related to the choice of subscribers that you want to listen to repeatedly, either all numbers or selected ones. In the last contacts, we determine the list of recorded subscribers, to add a number, you need to touch the button Super-suspicious can use the category. unknown numbers, which can also be added to the list.

Basically, that’s all. Users who read a similar post on one of the network resources burst into a tirade into the air: what if I want to record selectively, according to my mood? This possibility is also present. During a particular call, she is in front of you. If in previous versions of MIUI you had to click on the word “more”, now the recording option hangs during a call and is available immediately.

Where are records stored and how to find them

The exact storage location for recorded calls is the MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec folder. Each file is recorded in the most common mp3 format, the name will indicate from whom, at what time and by what number the given call was made. Even the duration of the call will be determined, in kilobytes.

It is possible to find and listen to audio files in the built-in voice recorder. We go into the tools. voice recorder. my records. The top line will point you to the recorded conversations laid out in chronological order.

You can also search in another way. On one of the screens is the Explorer, we need it, we enter and select the internal memory of the device. The searched folder will be in the complete list of phone contents. Scroll down the list, the folders are in alphabetical order. Everything that the smartphone records is stored in it.

How to listen to recordings

What can I say, the mp3 audio file format is available to all players and combo devices without exception. To get started, look into the recorder, and listen to the recorded conversation will not be difficult. You made a call, the smartphone performed certain actions according to the scenario you specified, and the saved autorecording is ready for listening. This can be either the phone itself, with its player and the already mentioned voice recorder, or any computer, mp3 player, radio tape recorder with USB input, TV, finally. Connect your smartphone to your computer and transfer the recording file to an external memory card. Nothing else is required. And if your application replaces the system resource for recording calls, then it can be immediately configured to store audio on an SD card. In this case, you don’t have to rewrite anything.

Applications for listening to phone calls

There are some inconveniences when using the phone’s built-in resources. This is the conspicuous limitation of the settings when recording and the rigid binding to the storage location, which is not bottomless at all. So, after a short use of this option, sooner or later, there will be a question about using third-party applications that the Play Store is stuffed with.

Xiaomi did not finish and develop the recording function for one simple reason (as it seems to me). The fact is that no one has yet canceled the inviolability of a person’s personal space. Many countries quite clearly make it clear that it is not recommended to record, let alone listen to anyone in the future. And that’s putting it mildly. A ban on recording exists in a number of countries, others restrict the issue of listening. Russia does not impose restrictions on recording, but the publication of audio files of telephone conversations in the public domain is possible only by a court decision. In other words, recording is allowed, making public is not. The secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other communications is inviolable according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Now let’s move on to the applications themselves. The best utilities according to the national rating, which attracted the maximum number of users from all over the world, will be presented.

  • Cube Call Recorder ACR. This is his full name. The trick is that, in addition to phone calls, you can record conversations in VoIP applications such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and many others. The list is very solid, I stopped at the most famous instant messengers.
  • crystal clear sound quality;
  • automatic recording of negotiations, the formation of various lists of subscribers, exceptions, and the like;
  • naturally, manual entry;
  • the file manager built into the application will allow you to immediately play everything that is recorded;
  • smart speaker change. If you hold the phone to your ear while listening to a recording, the sound will switch from the loudspeaker to the earpiece. Listen privately;

All the best is in the premium app, it’s not free.

  • Cloud storage backup to Google drive;
  • PIN code protection from prying eyes;
  • It is possible to move to an SD card;
  • By shaking the phone during a call, you can highlight an important part of it. For example, they threaten you or extort something, shake your device! The villain is on your hook.
  • Incognito mode. Suitable for spies, the widget can be completely hidden from prying eyes in the bowels of the device.

I intentionally dwelled on the description of this application in detail, since all subsequent ones will repeat it to one degree or another.

A huge number of settings focused on mobile communications. From the declared possibilities, but not indicated in the previous version:

  • automatic call recorder, for incoming and outgoing connections;
  • it is possible to change the format of the recorded sound, mp3 or wav;
  • answering machine;
  • optional Dropbox for storage.

But there is a drawback that many users point out. This is a large amount of advertising penetrating smartphone screens.

  • ACR call recording. Another application on the same topic. It has proven itself from the best side. For normal operation, it is required to remove all other utilities of similar content and exclude energy saving for the program. Give her freedom of action, make autorun, and the utility will work as if it were a system resource. It has been on the software market for a long time, so I recommend.
  • Automatic Call Recorder. Google Market has an unimaginable number of downloads. 100 million! Whether these statistics can be trusted, I don’t know. Of the outstanding buns, this is what was revealed. If you uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall it on another phone, the saved calls are restored. True, this option, especially in the presence of cloud storage, can boast of many.
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Summing up, we summarize that with the improvement and modernization of such a thing as recording phone calls, third-party software does a good job. You can choose from the proposed, and independently. You need to focus on reviews, but do not blindly believe everything. Since many refuse to use programs for reasons that are not entirely clear, it’s not worth criticizing them for this, there are no comrades for the taste and color, but I don’t want to be led either.

All Ways to Record Phone Conversations on Xaomi

In the harsh 90s, going into a department store, I came across a rotary phone with a call recording button. Not bothering to check what it is, I quickly bought it and rushed home. Imagine my disappointment when the button turned out to be a dummy on closer examination. Now it will not be difficult for me to enable call recording on my Xiaomi, and for you too, but I’ll tell you how to do it in more detail in the article.

How to disable call recording

You can turn off the recording of telephone conversations in the same place where you originally turned it on.

We pass along the already familiar route: “Dialer”. “Menu Options”. “Settings”. “Call Recording”. Deactivate the option: record calls automatically, and all your selected numbers for recording will disappear. If you have an application for duplicating this function, uninstall it. To completely clear everything that would remind you of your past spy life, go to the internal memory with Explorer and clean the folder called MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec. Delete all its contents, maybe even the folder itself. If you decide to return to the old activity, Android will create it again. As for cloud and other storage, you have all the cards in your hands, get rid of audio conversations if you need to.

The Android recorder will save the recording as audio or voice memos on your Android device’s internal storage or SD card. On Samsung: My files / SD card / Voice recorder or My files / Internal storage / Voice recorder.

If the call was recorded, you will find the Recorded label under the name or number of the caller. After you click on the corresponding entry, the call recording player will be displayed with a play button. In addition, all recorded calls are stored locally on your phone for easy playback and privacy.

If a certain setting is enabled on your phone, then when you say the words Ok, Google or Ok, Google phone will wait for a command. Before you say this wake-up phrase, your phone listens for keywords but doesn’t record everything you say and uploads them to Google.

  • A direct way to access the device and check the call log. If he/she has a call recorder installed, you can hear the sound. Otherwise you should be happy with the call logs.
  • Install the RAT software on the user’s phone. You can do whatever you want.
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Settings app. Manage your Google account.
  • At the top, click Data and personalization.
  • In the Activity Controls section, click Web & App History Activity Management. On this page you can: View a list of your past activities.

Recorded calls are stored on the device, not in the cloud. You can access them through the Phone app; just tap Recent and then the caller’s name. From there, you can play the recording, delete it, or send a call via email or messaging apps.

Why is it so? The Android algorithm only allows one app to use the microphone at a time. (Excluding system apps.) So, if you are using apps other than system apps like Jio4GVoice voice; The call recorder cannot access the microphone and therefore cannot record the call.

Mi A3 with Android 10 update and Android security updated to May 5, 2020 has a built-in call recording app. This is the latest update for this device.

Recorded calls are stored on the device, not in the cloud. You can access them through the Phone app; just tap Recent and then the caller’s name. From there, you can play the recording, delete it, or send a call via email or messaging apps.

If the call was recorded, you will find the Recorded label under the name or number of the caller. After you click on the corresponding entry, the call recording player will be displayed with a play button. In addition, all recorded calls are stored locally on your phone for easy playback and privacy.

  • A direct way to access the device and check the call log. If he/she has a call recorder installed, you can hear the sound. Otherwise you should be happy with the call logs.
  • Install the RAT software on the user’s phone. You can do whatever you want.

Here are some of the best call recording apps:

  • TapeACall Pro.
  • Rev Call Recorder.
  • Automatic call recorder Pro.
  • Truecaller.
  • Super call recorder.
  • Blackbox Call Recorder.
  • RMC Call Recorder.
  • Smart voice recorder.

Recordings are saved and stored on your devices (folder name TCCalls). Your entries are NOT uploaded to the Truecaller servers. Truecaller is not reading/processing your entries.

3 Steps to Recover Deleted Call Recordings on Android Phone

  • Select an external device. Find the path to your external storage device and select your device as the target location.
  • scan your device.
  • Preview and Recover Deleted Call Recordings.

All entries will be saved on your phone. After recording calls, you can see this under the contact’s name, along with a play button. 2. To save recordings in the cloud, click the Share button, select Google Drive (or other cloud services) and share it.

Yes, of course, you can get call history from any mobile number. Several methods are available for this purpose, such as using an official service provided by your carrier. But if you want to track someone else’s call history, you may need to use third party call tracking apps.

Telephone conversations and correspondence will have to be stored for 6 months from the end of their acceptance, transmission, delivery or processing. Correspondence by e-mail and instant messengers telecom operators will have to save from October 1, 2018.

On the desktop of the smartphone, open the system settings and in the “System applications” section, select the “Calls” application. A menu will open, where one of the items will be “Recording conversations”. Click on it and change the position of the switch near the inscription “Automatic recording”.

Go to “Settings”. “Recording”. “Audio source for recording calls” and try to select other recording options: Voice Communication, Voice call, Voice Recognition, etc.

How to Record a Phone Conversation on Android?

  • call recorder. One of the most popular call recording software available on Google Play.
  • CallRecorder. The next way to record telephone conversations is the CallRecorder application.
  • call recorder.
  • Total Recall Call Recorder.
  • Call recording

From July 1, 2018, records of telephone conversations and SMS messages will be stored for six months, and from October 1, operators are required to store user traffic for one month, including the history of visited sites, decoded correspondence in instant messengers and the contents of letters sent and received on

The law obliges operators and Internet companies to store text messages, voice information, images, sounds, videos, and other electronic messages from users for up to six months.

Where are call recordings stored on Xiaomi phone

Recording conversations on a Xiaomi phone is a very necessary and useful feature. Not so long ago, the developers removed it, but due to numerous requests from users, they added it again.

The other day I decided to use it and recorded a call with a standard dialer, this is done quite simply, with one click on a special button.

However, when I tried to find a conversation record in the memory of a Xiaomi phone with a MIUI 12 shell, nothing came of it.

Call Recording Feature For All Xiaomi Device || Bangla

Searches on the Internet also did not lead to anything, on all sites the following path is indicated: Internal storage / MIUI / sound_recorder / call_rec

When I opened the final call_rec folder through the explorer, I found that it was empty, although the call was definitely saved.

After searching the forum, I realized that I was not the only one with this problem, I also came across good advice that helped me and which I will share with you below.

Where are conversation records stored on Xiaomi phone

To open an entry, do the following.

We go to the caller by clicking on the appropriate button.

Select the Recent tab.

We find the desired contact with whom the conversation was recorded, it is marked with a blue microphone icon, click on it.

Next, click on the History button.

Find the desired recording and click on the Listen button.

After listening and making sure that this is the desired audio file, click on the share button.

In the window that opens, click on the Copy to button.

We select Internal shared storage, it is also possible to save to Google drive.

Open any folder.

Just click on the Insert button.

Using Third Party Applications

In general, the built-in tools of the smartphone do an excellent job. However, as a result of firmware updates, they do not always work correctly. In this case, third-party programs will help. We have selected the top three such applications.

Call recording (Automatic Call Recorder)

A popular utility for automatic call recording. It is easy to use, takes up minimal space in the phone’s memory.

  • the ability to sort saved calls by relevance;
  • flexible settings;
  • saving files in the smartphone memory or cloud;
  • add note function.

Automatic Call Recorder records both incoming and outgoing calls. It is also possible to enable saving calls for a specific person or set up custom recording.

Once you complete the initial settings, you can minimize the program. Then it will turn on automatically. At the end of the conversation, a notification will be sent to the smartphone about the successful saving of the conversation.

All saved files appear in the “Inbox” section located in the main menu of the program. Here you can listen to the recording, edit it and add notes, delete files.

The application is distributed free of charge, but also has a Pro version. It has been rated by more than 2 million users.

Record My Call

Another interesting program for recording conversations on the phone. The application interface is intuitive and simple, presented in English.

  • saving calls in various formats;
  • storing files in the phone memory or in the cloud;
  • sorting recorded audio recordings according to relevant ones;
  • automatic deletion of files (criteria for deletion are set in the settings).

Other advantages of Record My Call include the presence of the “Incognito” mode. With it, you can record a conversation without being noticed by the interlocutor.


Another reliable call recording app. Available for download from the Play Market. Now, when you call someone or receive incoming calls, conversations will be automatically saved. Next, you need to go to the application to listen to them.

  • voice recording quality, good volume;
  • you do not need to think about how to record a conversation, because this happens automatically;
  • work in the background, which saves battery;
  • the ability to save audio recordings in the smartphone’s memory or in the cloud;
  • flexible interface settings.

The disadvantages of the program include the presence of advertising in the free version. In addition, when you want to play any recording, you will see the inscription “Unknown number” instead of the subscriber’s name. This will make it harder to find the right file.

An interesting program with advanced functionality. Its main purpose is to identify unknown numbers and, if necessary, block them in order to protect you from unwanted conversations of bank employees, marketers and others.

The developers also added the ability to automatically record numbers to Truecaller, which, unfortunately, is available only in the paid version of the application.

  • blocking unwanted numbers;
  • automatic recording;
  • work stability;
  • opportunity to subscribe with a free 2-week period.

Xiaomi Redmi 9, like any other Android smartphone, has everything you need to save conversations without third-party applications. To perform this action, you only need to call the desired subscriber or answer an incoming call.

When a conversation starts, a menu will open on the main screen. Here you need to tap on the “Record” button located in the lower right corner. After that, the button should become highlighted (this indicates that the call recording is activated).

Note! The “Record” (or Recording) key is sometimes not displayed on the main screen of the conversation menu. Often it has to be turned on through the “” section.

This instruction is also relevant for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro phones.

Where to find and how to listen to the recording of the conversation

When a conversation is recorded, the question arises of how to listen to it. To do this, you need to find the saved file.

If you used the built-in smartphone dialer, follow these instructions:

  • Open File Explorer and find the Recorder folder.
  • Next, in the “Local Files” item, open the Call folder. It automatically includes entries made using built-in tools.
  • A list of saved calls will open on the screen. To play the desired file, just click on it.
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Attention! You can also listen to the recording of the conversation in the Music app. Files will be stored next to audio recordings.

If you used third-party programs for recording, then in order to listen to the conversation, you need to open the program itself. As a rule, files are stored in the “Inbox” or another section with a similar name. Just tap on the desired audio recording and you can listen to it.

Call recording on Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 with built-in tools

In the Xiaomi smartphone, the call recording application is built into the shell, so the option is available by default and you can refuse auxiliary programs. To enable single call recording:

  • Answer an incoming call or dial a person.
  • When the call menu opens, pay attention to the “Record” icon in the second line. Activate it by pressing.
  • The button will be highlighted in color and marked with the duration of the recorded track. the conversation is fixed.
  • The recording will stop as soon as you press the corresponding button again or end the call.

It doesn’t matter how the sound is played. by a conversational or external speaker, Bluetooth headset, the audio track will be saved in the phone’s internal memory.

If the “Record” button is not displayed in the main menu of the call, add it through the additional item “”.

To permanently record all telephone conversations, activate this option in Call Settings. You can get to this section through the “Phone” application, the “Menu” key (decorated by three lines). Another way: “General settings”. “System applications”. “Phone”. “Call recording”. Move the slider next to automatic recording. Here you can specify the numbers of subscribers whose calls will always be recorded.

Under Russian law, the storage and listening of conversations requires the consent of both parties. Therefore, at the beginning of the call, all participants will be warned by an electronic voice that the call is being recorded. Meanwhile, Realme, for example, plays dirty and does not notify its customers that their conversation with another subscriber is being recorded. Don’t expect this from Xiaomi.

In certain cases, recording is not possible:

Recording conversations through third-party applications

When standard Android tools work every other time or additional work with sound files is required, you can install a special application from the Play Market. The choice is considerable, so we will announce the most popular options approved by users.

  • CallU. Choose the recording quality, format and location for saving the file. Adding text notes will allow you to better navigate the recorded dialogues, and setting a password will save data from unwanted listening.
  • Automatic call recorder. Storage of incoming and outgoing calls, sorting recorded calls by importance. 3GP or AMR format is used. The program offers flexible personalized settings and even more features in the paid version.
  • CallRec. Functions as a voice recorder and media player. Audio is saved in 3 formats: MP3, WAV, AMR. Shaking your phone will start recording or set a time stamp. Available to add Комментарии и мнения владельцев, select favorite files.

For yourself, you are free to choose other applications, checking whether they meet your requirements. So, on Xiaomi, you can install Callbox with the possibility of hidden recording and importing audio to social networks or Smart Call Recorder, which separates sound sources and allows you to set a password for saved files.

Call recording on Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

Recording telephone conversations is a feature that in some situations greatly simplifies life. For example, in litigation or long parting words from relatives to care for the garden during their absence. Meanwhile, not everyone knows how the option is organized now.

Call storage was previously present on all Android devices, but with the release of Android 9, Google closed this possibility, including for third-party applications. Some users agreed with this decision, considering saving a conversation record without the knowledge of the interlocutor as at least immoral. However, very soon the function returned to smartphones. not without nuances.

Xiaomi is one of the few brands on whose gadgets call recording is implemented by default. The Redmi Note 10 model, new in 2021, and the older version of Redmi Note 10 Pro out of the box support full call recording. Let’s figure out how to activate this feature, listen to recorded calls and what third-party software may be useful.

Where to find and how to listen to the recording of the conversation

After a successful recording of the call, the question arises of its playback. All conversations are stored locally and can be accessed as follows:

  • Open file manager.
  • In the internal memory section, or “Storage”, go to the MIUI folder.
  • Next is the sound_recorder folder.
  • Open the call-rec directory, where all audio from calls recorded by the gadget’s standard tools are automatically moved.

To listen to audio, you can use the built-in Music application or any third-party player. File Format. MP3.

If you use a third-party program, you need to look for the file directly in it or in the folder of this application, in the internal or external storage of the device.

After the call is fixed and saved, you need to figure out where the conversation record is saved on Xiaomi. The conversation is automatically converted to MP3 format and placed in the call_rec folder.

Call_rec folder

To find it, you need to follow several steps:

  • Open the Files or File Explorer app on the Xiaomi start screen.
  • Select the internal memory of the device by clicking on “Storage”.
  • Among a large number of folders, find “MIUI” and click on it.
  • Open the sound_recorder folder (not only conversations are saved here, but also dictaphone notes).
  • Select call_rec and open section.
  • Click on the required file corresponding to a specific conversation.

You can do anything with a speech from a conversation.

In addition to the usual opening through the player or a third-party program, it can be transferred to another person. To do this, you need to hold the icon with the file and select “Send” among the proposed options.

Also, negotiations are transferred to a computer via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi. Another option on how to use call recording on Xiaomi is to edit an MP3 file.

The operation is carried out through third-party applications that are downloaded from the Play Store. For example, a conversation can be cut.

Instructions for setting up automatic recording

Regularly enabling call recording on Xiaomi can be inconvenient. If it is necessary to regularly save negotiations, willy-nilly, the user forgets to press the treasured button.

In this case, you need to figure out how to turn on the recording of a conversation on Xiaomi in automatic mode. There is nothing complicated in this, but in the future there will be no need to constantly press the button.

To enable automatic call recording on Xiaomi, you need to:

  • Open the Calls app.
  • Activate dialing interface.
  • Click on the icon with three stripes located in the lower left corner.
  • Open section with settings.
  • Click on the menu item “Call Recording”.
  • Move the slider opposite the column “Automatic recording” to the active position.
  • If necessary, turn on the conversation fixation notification and select for which numbers the automatic function should be applied.

Users should not have a question about where the automatic recording of a conversation on Xiaomi is saved. Since the source folder is exactly the same as in the case of manually creating an MP3 file with conversations.

Setting up call recording

The dialogue will be stored at MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec.

The folder cannot be changed, and if necessary, it is recommended to use one of the third-party applications that can enable call recording.

You should also remember that fixing dialogs during calls takes up some space in the device’s memory.

Problems can arise with Redmi smartphones, which have a modest amount of built-in storage.

Therefore, you need to regularly monitor that after automatically fixing the conversation, the memory is not clogged or auto-cleaning is carried out.

In addition, you can turn off autorecord at any time using the algorithm presented above, which will allow you to easily find an interface with the automatic recording function.

This feature is disabled by default. But at any moment, when a call arrives on the smartphone or the user dials the number of another subscriber, he can record the conversation, whether he has Xiaomi Mi5, Mi6, Redmi Note 6 Pro or Mi 8 Lite in his hands.

During a call, the “Record” icon appears at the bottom of the screen. When you press it, the entire conversation will be recorded and stored in the device’s memory. It also indicates the amount of dialogue time.

Call recording apps

Enabling call fixation is provided not only by standard software, but also by programs available for download through the Play Store.

Automatic Call Recorder

A free program that allows you to record conversations and send a file to the cloud for storage, thereby not taking up internal storage.

There are several audio formats to choose from, including WAV and AAC, in addition to the usual MP3.

Recording calls / conversations: CallU

Another good option for a free call saver app. The program not only stores finished files in the cloud, but also allows you to protect them with a password.

The function of adding text notes for specific conversations is available. And from the formats there are WAV and MP3.

Recording phone conversations on Xiaomi

The MIUI shell of Xiaomi smartphones has a fairly extensive built-in functionality, which saves you from numerous searches for the necessary programs in the market. This article will focus on the built-in call recording function. This option is available on all versions of the MIUI shell. Consider the example of Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro the function “recording calls”.

Unlike third-party solutions, the built-in voice recorder records very good sound quality in mp3 format, there is no ECHO and other interference. This function can greatly help in everyday life by recording conversations in which there is a lot of information, for further transfer of all data to paper or a notebook. It is possible that the recorded conversation may be evidence of any illegal actions of a person.

It is worth mentioning that in each country the laws on recording a conversation are very different. In many countries it is forbidden to record a telephone conversation or only partially allowed. In the Russian Federation, the recording of conversations is allowed, but with some restrictions. For more detailed information, let’s turn to the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Article 23, part two):

Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other communications. Restriction of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision.

In practice, this means that you are allowed to record the conversation, but only you are allowed to listen to it, otherwise divulging information or distributing the recording amounts to a violation of the above article.

Enabling and configuring call recording

To enable a one-time recording of a conversation on Xiaomi, during a call, press “” and select “Record” in the pop-up window. How to enable permanent recording of all conversations, we will consider below.

To get into the settings, you need to go to the dialer (dialer or dialer), where we go to “Settings”. “Other settings”. “Record settings”.

Xiaomi Redmi Phones || How To Find Call Recording Folders And Calls Recoding

In this menu, the following options will be available to you:

  • Show call recording notification
  • Automatically record all calls
  • From which numbers to record calls (from all, from unknown, from numbers from the list)

You can listen to all recordings of conversations in a voice recorder. They can also be found in the file manager, where they will be saved after the call ends, in the MIUI / sound_recorder / call_rec folder located by default in the internal memory of the device (tested on Xiaomi mi5).

Third Party Solutions

The Android operating system, unlike many others, supports the ability to record calls and provides developers with access to api, (deeper integration with the system). In practice, this means that you can use third-party programs to record voice on any Android device, if there is no restriction from the manufacturer’s company. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the built-in function, you can try one of the recommended applications.

All applications have been tested on Xiaomi mi5 and Redmi 3s smartphones for a long time. The most downloaded and popular solutions with the maximum number of positive reviews were selected.

Call recording (Automatic Call Recorder)

There are a lot of programs with a similar name on Google Play, so there will be a link to it just below. The program works perfectly on all tested devices, very flexible settings, a lot of positive reviews and you can download it for free. During operation, embedded advertising bothers you, which can be disabled by purchasing the application.

The program supports automatic call recording, saving files in the Dropbox and Google Drive clouds, the only thing missing is the choice of sound recording quality. In the paid version, you will have a voice recorder and the ability to automatically turn on the recording only when talking with certain contacts. In the signal source settings, select Voice Communications. this is the simultaneous receipt of data from the microphone and from the mowing line. You can record in one of four formats: AMR, WAV, AAC or 3GP.

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Recording telephone conversations on a Xiaomi smartphone. Where are Xiaomi call recordings, which Xiaomi phones do not record calls and the best third-party programs

Why record a conversation? There are many cases. Here are the most common ones:

  • there is no pen and paper at hand to save the information received;
  • when conducting business negotiations on the phone with a client who has a tendency to constantly change his decisions;
  • when it is required to punish a telephone boor in court.

Now smartphones allow you to record telephone conversations. Chinese Xiaomi smartphones are no exception.

Where are conversations saved?

Where are the conversation records in Xiaomi? All audio files of produced conversations are sent to a specific folder. How to find it in Xiaomi smartphones? For example, for a Xiaomi Redmi 8 smartphone, the search algorithm will be as follows:

How To Know And How To Find Call Recording Or Call Record Folder In RedMI / MI

  • open the “Explorer” folder;
  • in the upper right corner, click “Storage”;
  • an alphabetical list of all folders stored on the smartphone will appear, you need to select “MIUI”;
  • select the directory “sound_recorder”;
  • open the file repository called “call_rec”, where to find and listen to the necessary conversation.

How to turn on

It is quite easy for owners of Xiaomi smartphones to record conversations. The manufacturer took care of the buyers. It is possible to record once or record all conversations with subscribers.

One time entry

Recording telephone conversations on Xiaomi is one-time. It is enough for the owner of the smartphone to click on the “Record” icon during the conversation, which is located in the lower right part of the smartphone screen. You can understand the beginning of the process on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, as well as other models, by the timer included below. The recording will be stopped automatically after the end of the call or turned off by pressing the record button again.

Permanent entry

In the event that the owner of Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro or older smartphones experiences discomfort from the constant inclusion of this function, Xiaomi engineers have provided the ability to permanently record calls. However, to activate it, you will have to perform simple manipulations in the settings of the mobile device.

You should start setting up the process of recording conversations on Xiaomi by pressing the green “Phone” button. The next step is to click on the button at the very bottom of the display on the left in the form of three strips located one above the other. The “Main Menu” will open with two large buttons “Anti-spam” and “Settings”, click on the last one. On the screen that opens, find “Record calls” and turn on the tab “Record calls automatically”.

The selected mode allows you to:

  • all incoming calls on the smartphone;
  • calls of certain subscribers (the necessary contacts are entered at the discretion of the owner of the phone);
  • chatting with unknown numbers.

To be sure that the automatic recording is saved in the device’s memory, it is enough to set the notification mode using the switch.

If the smartphone owner decides to use the one-time recording of a conversation, but in the process of communication he realizes that the information received is not important, he can interrupt the recording procedure. To do this, just click on the “Record” icon again and the copying of the conversation will stop. If the Xiaomi smartphone records the conversation in automatic mode, then it is necessary to deactivate the function by entering the phone settings menu.

MIUI has a huge functionality. The shell is equipped with numerous programs. A feature of Xiaomi smartphones, regardless of the model, they can all record telephone conversations. The option is available in all versions of MIUI. The function is provided by default. The built-in voice recorder records with high quality even on budget and older models.

Pure Android smartphones do not have this feature. These include the following models:

The only option to save conversations is installing the application from Google Play.

Third party call recording software

Google is committed to protecting the data of its users as much as possible. This functionality is not available in Andriod 5.0.1 and above. But you can install a third party app. You can download it on Google Play.

automatic call recorder

The Automatic call recorder app is free to download. The program is easily configured for a specific user. With its help, you can record either all calls or specific subscribers. Allows you to select the folder where the information will be saved. Data can be archived in the “cloud storage”.

Before listening to the file, you need to enter a password. The application does not interfere with the operating system. Automatic call recorder works in automatic mode.

ACR (Another Call Recorder) is a free program. It can be installed on Xiaomi smartphones. One of the best and popular applications. The software works with Android OS version 6 and above. Records in formats: MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, MP4. The recording can be stored in the cloud storage or transferred between phones. The entry is password protected. Recordings are automatically deleted over time.

There are many more applications for recording conversations on Xiaomi smartphones on Google Play. But, it is worth remembering the privacy policy. It is impossible to publish conversations in open sources, otherwise the legal rights of the interlocutor are violated.

Third-party phone call recording apps on Xiaomi

Google’s restrictions apply to any third-party application because they all use API functions that are developed and maintained by Google. Specific commands for recording are blocked, so no program will record both your voice and the voice of the interlocutor.

Once again I want to warn you, on the Internet you will find articles in which you will be assured that there are applications that can record a phone call, but this is not the case, as you can easily verify by installing a couple from the store.

These applications are still available because they run on older versions of operating systems on smartphones that were released in 2019 or earlier. As soon as the number of these phones begins to decrease due to their failure from old age or from breakdowns, these programs will disappear from the store as unnecessary.

How to enable call recording on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Time is a flat circle, as one of the characters in True Detective used to say. The question of how to enable call recording on Xiaomi is probably as old as the existence of smartphones from Xiaomi, time goes by, but the situation does not change.

At the very beginning of the article, I issued a warning for everyone who still cherished hope that there is some way to return the record, but there is none.

If we go back to the recent past, we will see that on the vast majority of Xiaomi or Redmi smartphones that were produced in 2020 or later, instead of proprietary MIUI applications for calls and messages, we see analogues from Google. It’s easy to recognize them: they have scary blue icons that contrast sharply with Xiaomi’s nice app icons.

There is no call recording function in Google applications, it was removed intentionally, now it is Google’s policy and it cannot be bypassed, because restrictions were introduced at the operating system level.

I found information on the Internet that in some cunning way you can record your voice during a conversation, but the interlocutor will not be heard, so there is no sense in it.

How to enable call recording on older Xiaomi

I wrote above that only smartphones released in 2019 and earlier are able to retain the recording function? Apparently, this is true, and even if they continue to receive updates to the firmware and system applications.

A vivid example of this is the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE model, which I own. This phone has successfully updated to MIUI 12, it is in the plans to update to MIUI 12.5, and it is still using Xiaomi’s calling app, which is not blocked.

It is on the example of this phone that I will show how to enable recording on Xiaomi if you are lucky and your phone is not new.

To do this, launch the Phone app. Now in the upper right corner, click on the “Gear” icon. Find “Call Recording”. Activate it, moreover, if you select the “Record calls automatically” item. you will be able to select the recording mode: for all calls without exception, or only from certain numbers. If you need to make a one-time entry, you do not need to enter the settings. During a call, you will see a menu on the screen, one of the items will be “Record”. by clicking on it you will receive a file with a conversation in the phone’s memory.

Where are conversation recordings saved on Xiaomi

If we are talking about a standard application that is part of MIUI, then the file save address is as follows: MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec

You can find this folder using the built-in File Explorer application. do not forget to put it in the mode of displaying folders and the file system as a whole. Return

How to use the regular option to save calls

On devices running under the native shell of the company, there are no problems with activating the voice recorder during a telephone conversation.

How to enable call recording on Xiaomi:

  • To save the current conversation, press the button with the voice recorder icon, which is located in the standard phone call menu.
  • For the process to take place in automatic mode, turn on the slider for the corresponding function in the general call settings.

The names of the menu items may differ on different firmware versions.

How to disable call recording on Xiaomi Redmi Note (or other models):

  • When saving once during a phone call, press the same button that you used to turn on the voice recorder.
  • To disable automatic saving, move the slider in the settings in the opposite direction.

When using auto-recording, it is worth turning on the notification function.

Many owners of Xiaomi smartphones who are faced with the update cannot find where the conversation records made through the Google dialer are stored. Files are now located in the system folder of the application itself, which can only be accessed with Root rights. But you can still listen to and resave the created call recordings, although not in the usual way.

Where are conversation records stored in Xiaomi, on which the Google program is installed:

  • open the call application;
  • in the “Recent” section, find the subscriber with whom you had a conversation;
  • next to his name in the list there will be a blue icon with a microphone icon, tap on it to open an additional menu;
  • select “History”;
  • in the list of calls, find the one you need and click on the line “Listen”.

To re-save the file to an accessible location in the smartphone’s memory, tap “Share” in the same section and select “Copy to”.

You can save a file from a voice recorder on Xiaomi Redmi both to the device’s memory and to the Google Drive cloud (if the service is connected).

How can you save a phone conversation on new smartphones

Since recently, Google’s policy has been aimed at increasing privacy, so recording conversations on Xiaomi of the newest models is not available by regular means. But it is still possible to implement the option, this can be done using the new firmware, or special applications from Google Play:

  • Shell change. It is possible to enable call recording when using the Indonesian firmware, you can download and install it in the same way as any other. When installing a new shell on the Chinese version of the phone, you cannot lock the bootloader again, otherwise the gadget will no longer turn on.
  • Installing third party utilities. There are many programs for recording telephone conversations in the Google app store (for example, Automatic Call Recorder). The choice of service depends only on what features and features of the utility are more important to you, but it should be borne in mind that free options can contain a lot of advertising.

If you do not have a global version, do not select the “Clean all and lock” option when flashing. otherwise you will not only not receive a recording of conversations on Xiaomi, but in general you risk losing a working device.

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