Where To Insert Sim Card In iPad Pro

Novice users of an Apple tablet with a 3G (4G) communication module sometimes don’t know how to insert a sim card in iPad. If the user is completely “teapot” or just about to buy an Apple iPad, then he is hardly versed in models. i.e. He does not know which tablets support the work with SIM cards of mobile operators, and which do not.

In order to understand all these subtleties of working with the tablet, we will consider not only how to insert a SIM card into the iPad, iPad 2 and iPad of the 3rd generation, but also analyze the features of the model range and SIM-cards.

The first thing a user or potential buyer of an Apple iPad tablet should know is that all iPads are equipped with a Wi-Fi communication module, i.e. They support wireless networks and are connected to the Internet using these Wi-Fi networks.

Where To Insert Sim Card In iPad Pro

But there are iPads that, in addition to working in Wi-Fi networks, support working with mobile operator networks, such tablets are equipped with a 3G (4G) module, a distinctive feature of such models is a black plastic insert at the top of the back of the iPad, which covers the antenna.

Therefore, if your tablet has a black plastic socket on the “back”, then you can insert a SIM card in the iPad, if there is no piece of the black cover, then you can not read further, except for educational purposes, for the future.

What SIM card to insert into iPad
With 3G (4G).models that support access to the network using a mobile operator, sort of figured out. Now let’s deal with the numbers, more precisely with the SIM-cards for the tablet. All 3 generations of tablets (“iPad”, “iPad 2” and “New iPad”) that are available today on the Apple market only work with cards. Micro-SIM. Where to get such a card?

  • You can contact your mobile operator with a request to provide 128-Kb Micro-SIM; these are exactly the cards that are considered problem-free when working with new Apple mobile gadgets.
  • If the operator does not have such cards, then Micro-SIM can be made from a regular SIM-card, using scissors and a ruler, for more information about trimming, read the instructions. How to make Micro-SIM.

i Strength
If Micro-SIM has already been procured or made by yourself, then to start the procedure for inserting SIM cards into the iPad, you will need the tool that comes with the tablet. If there is no tool, then you can use a regular paper clip to remove the tray. In general, the situation is the same as when installing the SIM card in the iPhone.

Where to insert a SIM card in iPad

Install Micro-SIM on iPad 1-gen

For the first Apple iPad models, the SIM card tray is located in the lower left part of the tablet, use a paper clip to remove it as shown.

How to insert Micro-SIM in iPad 2, 3

We insert a sim card in Apple iPad 2 and New iPad

In the Apple iPad 2 and the “New iPad”, the SIM tray is also on the left side, but it was moved higher, but the principle of extraction and insertion remained the same.