Where To Hand Over Old Iphone

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Frequently asked Questions

How is the price of a used iPhone determined?

The price of a used iPhone is determined after passing through the standard process of assessing the status of the device and is set in accordance with the of used equipment in the official international markets for mobile devices.

Why do you give such a low price for my iPhone compared to sites for buying used equipment?

The for used iPhone phones on popular purchase and sale sites are formed in most cases by the offer of individuals. These offers do not guarantee the sale of the phone at the indicated price.

Can I donate my iPhone to the Trade-In program if it is not purchased?

Yes, iPhones that were not purchased in Russia can participate in the program.

Why do other manufacturers rate my iPhone higher in their Trade-In programs?

Where To Hand Over Old Iphone

Other manufacturers are not members of this authorized Trade-In program and may add their terms to the program.

Evaluation of the used iPhone from all partners participating in the authorized Trade-In program takes place according to uniform rules and standards.

What will happen to my iPhone?

After receiving the iPhone, all data from the phone will be erased, and the device itself will be restored to the factory settings. Then, iPhone phones assembled under the Trade-In program will be officially exported from Russia for further resale on the international mobile device markets.

Can I turn in my Trade-In iPhone if it was previously under repair?

If the device was repaired by an authorized Apple service center, then such an iPhone can be accepted under the Trade-In program.

Why can’t I trade in my iPhone if I don’t remember the password for Find my iPhone?

The safety and security of personal data are our priorities. If the password for the Find My iPhone function is forgotten and there is no way to disable it, we will not be able to erase personal data from the device and restore it to the factory settings. In this case, we cannot guarantee the safety of personal data. According to the rules established by Apple, such a device cannot be accepted under the Trade-In program.