Where To Find The QR Code On The Phone

How to scan a QR code on Samsung if you need to quickly read information? Modern Galaxy models run on Android OS, so we will consider the situation on this “OS”. The most popular way is to download special programs from the Play Market. Allow application data to be digitally read, but you still need to be able to use it. We proceed to a detailed analysis.

Where To Find The QR Code On The Phone

What you need to scan a QR code on Android OS

Matrix barcodes have firmly entered our lives. Initially, the encoding was used in the automotive industry, but then migrated to other industries. Now QR codes are marked:

To get the required information, you will need a modern smartphone, equipped with a camera and simple software. Even when using the front camera on your device, you will achieve what you want. Invaluable help will be provided by applications released by Gamma Play, InShot Inc and YUNteam.

Where to find the QR code on the Samsung phone

Now most Androids are equipped with built-in software for working with QR-coding. These are simple programs directly related to the camcorder. To activate the option in the settings, press the special button.

Now your phone is ready to read and use the encoding.

How to read a QR code from a Samsung smartphone

Mobile scanners are quite primitive. Now we will tell you how to scan a QR code with a Samsung mobile phone in three steps:

  1. Install the appropriate software on your mobile phone.
  2. Open the application by clicking on its icon.
  3. Point the camcorder at the QR code.

Scanning can be customized as you wish. For Galaxy owners, the easiest way is to launch a Samsung-scanner mounted in a standard shell. Actions are carried out in a special mode, which will need to be activated. Enter the “Camera”.

Go to the advanced settings. there you are interested in the scanning mode.

Done. Read the data. the algorithm works on any Samsung.

How to read QR code through Samsung browser

Samsung Internet Browser can be improved, equipped with additional extensions. One of these extensions is suitable for our needs. Go to the browser settings menu and activate the desired program.

The second step is to launch the scanner.

Now you know how to scan a QR code on Samsung. Similar tools are in the gadgets of Xiaomi and Huawei. The latest manufacturer even bothered to read the encoding with a locked device. As for third-party applications, you need to install them from the Play Store. There are enough options. choose the software you like and click “Install”. Further, the gadget will do without your participation.