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How to transfer from iPhone to Android: contacts, photos and other data!

Tired of iOS? Going from iPhone to Android is very simple! Just follow our tips and you will learn how to transfer contacts, photos, music and much more!

You bought a new brilliant Android telephone? Welcome to the community! You will like it here. But where to start? The transition from the iPhone to Android may seem confusing or on the contrary, depending on what steps you will take.

In this lesson, we will show you the best ways to transfer all data from iPhone to Android. First, we will consider simple methods that can work or not work depending on the phone. Then we will consider more specific tasks that are suitable for anyone to switch from iOS to Android.

Using programs

The easiest way to transfer data is to use special applications and utilities. Within the framework of the article, we consider several most popular utilities, with which you can throw information from Android on iOS.

A fairly simple program that allows you to transfer data in almost automatic mode. The application moves the records of the calendar, contacts, SMS, browser bookmarks, login base and passwords from web services and sites, photo, video, accounts. Works only on Android version 4.0 and above.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on both devices. Connect them into a common network, to one router.
  • Prepare the iPhone. It should not be activated and configured. In the state of parameters “from the box”. If you took the gadget from your hands, you need to reset to factory settings. Enter the iPhone in “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”. “Wipe out content and settings”. Confirm all actions.
  • Charge both gadgets. The level of battery should be at least 80%.
  • Make sure in the iPhone there is enough memory. Ideally, it should be a little more than the occupied amount of data on Android.
  • Install the application on Android. Understand the initial setting, accept the terms of the license agreement. Stop at the “Enter code” item.
  • On iOS, follow the first launch. Make the primary settings to the “Program and Data” menu.
  • On the menu screen, select the line “Transfer data from Android”. As soon as a six.Digit code appears on the iPhone display, enter it in the device on Android.
  • Further, the iPhone will begin to synchronize the information, while the system will ask what to copy and what to leave. Choose photos, videos and programs that you need to copy to another device.

At the end of the IOS settings, the message will display: “Transfer completed”. Next, you can make basic system settings. At the very end, the device will ask you to enter the old Google account.

How to Move to IOS From an Android device iPhone IOS 12.3

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Iphone contacts export through iCloud

Each iPhone owner has an Apple ID account. It is used to access applications. Using it, you can carry out data transfer from the iPhone both in the cloud storage and to the new smartphone with another operating system.

On a note. Before exporting contacts, it is necessary to enable synchronization through the settings section or verify its activity.

The method is used in conjunction with a computer with a laptop-a web browser is used.

  • We go to iCloud and enter the service using the Apple ID account account.
  • Inside us are interested in the contacts section. Click on the icon, wait for the full list of contacts of the contact base.
  • By choosing any of the contacts with a single click, click Ctrla for Windows and CMDA if you have Macs as a PC. This is necessary to allocate the list completely.
  • In the corner left below there is a gear sign. Pressing it, click “Export VCARD”.
  • The observer automatically downloads the VCF format document. It is in it that all contacts copied from the device. To access the file on a new device, you need to move it to a smartphone and run it. Android will download and add contacts to memory automatically.

The file can be saved separately as a backup copy of all telephone numbers. It is possible to download this base to older smartphones.

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Transfer over a computer

This method involves unloading user information from Android to the computer and subsequent transmission to iPhone using iTunes.

If there are usually no problems in the transfer of photos, music and documents with Android to the computer, then they arise with the transfer of contacts. Fortunately, this can also be done in several ways and relatively quickly.

After all user data is safely transferred to the computer, you can start transferring them to the iPhone:

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer. Android smartphone can already be disabled from the computer.
  • Itunes must be installed on the computer. If it is not, then download and install it from the official Apple website. If there is, then run it and wait until the device is initialized by the program.
  • As an example, consider how you can postpone photos from a computer to iPhone. To get started, go to the “Photo” point, which is located in the upper menu.

There is nothing complicated in the transfer of user data from Android to the iPhone. If necessary, the proposed methods can be combined.

Yandex for those who do not trust Apple and Google

Another simple way to synchronize for smartphones operating on the basis of Android is to use an account on Yandex Disk. We carry out the transfer of contact information from the iPhone to Android device according to the following algorithm:

  • We install on the phone from which copying is planned, the Yandex-Otvodnaya application.
  • Create an account, follow further. All information will be loaded automatically into a cloud.
  • A code will receive a code in the form of SMS, save the numbers.

How to Setup and Move Data From an Android to iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro/Max/Mini

Subsequently, you should download the Yandex-Disk smartphone and enter it under the data created for “moving”. Instructions:

  • We go to the menu, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Select the function of moving from one device to another.
  • At the time of generation of information, the code will enter the cloud. Enter the numbers and click on “Start the transfer”.
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The procedure takes a few minutes. It should be noted that Google Contacts cannot be transferred to Yandex. To do this, use the Gmail service from the American corporation, or use the software for iPhone.

How to use move to iOS

So, you have a smartphone running Android operating system and you plan to transfer all the data to the iPhone. Before the start of the copy process, make sure as follows:

  • On the smartphone, an OS is installed no less than Android 4.0;
  • Both smartphones are connected to the Wi-Fi network;
  • Both devices are connected to the network using a charger;
  • The iOS device has a sufficient amount of free memory for copying data from a smartphone running on Android.
  • Data transfer from Android Smartphone is carried out to the new iPhone.
  • 4. After the menu appears, find the code on the iPhone, select the item transfer data from Android. Continue. As soon as a 10-digit code appears on the iPhone screen, click on the Android-dumper further and enter the code.
    5. Both devices will begin the conjugation process. As soon as the iPhone and the Android Smartphone undergo a pairing procedure, you will be invited to choose which type of data you plan to copy:

  • Google accounts;
  • Messages;
  • Contacts;
  • Calendar;
  • Photol.
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By putting down the appropriate checkboxes, you can leave both smartphones alone and wait for the end of the copying process. The duration of copying directly depends on the volume of data that are stored in the memory of the smartphone running Android. During the transfer, do not turn the application, do not turn off the smartphones from the Wi-Fi network and charger.

After the transfer is completed, all the selected data will be successfully transferred to the iPhone memory. You will find more information on the corresponding page of the Apple official website.

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The official Apple application for migration from Android on iOS came out. The world shuddered. How to use it? During the presentation, iOS 9 Apple repeatedly emphasized that now the transition from the Android platform to iOS will be carried out in only a few slippers. To this end, the company has prepared a special Move to iOS application, which was supposed to appear in the Google Applications store.

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Transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android via Gmail

In this method, I will tell in detail how to transfer contacts from the iPhone on Android with the help of Google Gmail mail service. I note that this is the easiest way.

First of all, to use the phone on Android, you will need a Google account. If you do not have it yet, go to the main page of Google and select the option “Create an account”. You can also do it right from your smartphone, but it is more convenient to do it from the computer.

After you have created your Google account, go into the iPhone settings and go to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section in the menu. Here you need to enter your Google account. Press the “Add account” button. Select Gmail and enter your data for the entrance.

Then your iPhone will ask what sections of your Google account you want to synchronize. Make sure the section “Contacts” is selected. Now your iPhone and Android smartphone will begin to synchronize contacts with each other. Here you need to be patient and wait. If you have a lot of contacts, it can take some time. Be sure to make sure that both smartphones are connected to the Internet to synchronize contacts.

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It should be noted that the iPhone will not tell you when your contacts are synchronized. To make sure they are transferred, go to the Google website contacts from your computer or other device, enter your account and check the contact list.

As soon as your contacts are synchronized, go to the phone book on your smartphone-Android and all contacts should in place!

Manual transfer

If you no longer want or cannot drop the iPhone to factory settings, transfer all the necessary files and data manually. To transfer mailboxes, contacts and calendars, add accounts through “Settings” → “Passwords and Accounts”.

Now handle the photo and

  • Connect Android to the computer and copy all the files you need on it. For MacOS, use the Android File Transfer program, open it and go to the DCIM → Camera folder (camera).
  • Connect the iPhone and transfer with iTunes or Finder (MacOS) all photos and videos.


Another option for exporting contacts on a smartphone operating Android, using the iCloud server and a specialized Carddav application.

  • On the Android Smartphone, install the free version of the Carddav application (download from Google Play).
  • Launch the application and in the list of accounts, select Carddav.
  • As a server, enter the following: P02-Contacts.Icloud.Com. User name and password. Apple ID account data. Click on.
  • Enter any account name and be sure to put a checkplace opposite the point to synchronize only from the server to the phone. Click to complete.
  • Synchronization will begin and the contacts will be automatically loaded in the memory of your smartphone.
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The idea of ​​this method is the direct export of contacts from Apple servers. Having studied the Carddav application settings, you can enable automatic synchronization: by adding a new contact on the iPhone, it will also be automatically added to a smartphone working under the control of another operating system.

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Quickly, without loss, in different ways. Tired of the iPhone, I want to change the mobile platform or there was a need in the second smartphone based on Android/Windows Phone? Today we will talk about how to quickly transfer contacts from iPhone to Android (or other OS). Four universal ways that will help in the export of the Contact Books. : How to transfer contacts from Android to.

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