Where To Charge A Phone At The Airport

It is difficult to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone or some other gadget. Not only the younger, but also the older generation prefers to take a smartphone or tablet with them on the road. Using these devices, you can listen to music, watch movies, read books, chat with friends, etc. Many people prefer to go to social networks or read news through these devices. In general, today a smartphone or tablet is an indispensable thing on the road when you need to pass a few hours. We can say that smartphones are even more popular than tablets, as they are smaller and fit in your pocket. Modern touch phones support various applications that you won’t get bored with while traveling 3-4 or more hours. However, devices have the ability to quickly discharge with active use, so do not use them for a long time.

Today, many people prefer to take smartphones with them on a flight so that it is not boring to pass the clock. Having an electronic device on hand, you can have fun and interesting time. But is it possible to actively use mobile phones while flying and is this not a fine? Let’s get it right.

Is it possible to take charging for the phone and the device itself on the plane?

If before the use of telephones was forbidden in airplanes, today it is quite acceptable. The only thing they need shut off during landing and take-off.

In the United States, using a smartphone while flying is quite normal. It’s hard to meet people who don’t use touch phones. things are different. We do not have a direct ban on the use of smartphones during the flight, but if the crew considers it dangerous and asks the passenger to turn it off, he must do it. Failure can be regarded as a violation of safety rules in flight. Most likely, such a passenger is so abused that he will be forced to turn off the gadget and stop using it. If he will argue with the crew and continue to use the smartphone, then he can be removed from the flight and cancel the ticket. Sometimes this can even lead to litigation. But basically it doesn’t come to that, passengers peacefully agree to disconnect the phone. As we can see, using a smartphone is not officially prohibited, but if crew members are against this, then the passenger will have to obey the majority, otherwise he may have serious problems.

Why is it desirable to turn off the mobile phone during takeoff and landing?

Often stewardesses ask passengers to turn off gadgets when landing or taking off an airliner. The reason is that electronic devices can interfere with aircraft navigation and communications systems. They have electromagnetic radiation, which can reduce flight safety. That is why it is recommended to turn off the gadgets when the flight attendants ask for it. Of course, there will be no big problems with smartphones, but it’s better not to risk your safety and the safety of crew members.

It should be noted that today it is not necessary to turn off smartphones, even when flight attendants ask for it. The fact is that almost all devices are equipped with the “in flight” option, which must be enabled when taking off or landing the aircraft. Thus, the gadget will not affect the communication of the pilot. As for the use of the Internet, it is only permitted at an altitude of 3 thousand m

Can I charge my phone on the plane?

Basically, the smartphone’s battery charge does not cope with such a load as use for 4-5 hours. That is why many passengers have a question: how to charge the phone on the plane and is there a charge for the phone on the plane? Answering these questions, it is necessary to take into account the fact that everything depends on the class of the airliner:

  1. Business aircraft. Any liner of this type has sockets for connecting electrical appliances. over, all passenger seats are equipped with a USB input, with which you can charge any device, provided, of course, there is a corresponding cable.
  2. Standard aircraft. Economy options can not boast of the presence of sockets and connectors for charging gadgets. Although there are some models that have several outlets on board, in most cases this option is not provided in conventional liners.

What to do if you fly in economy class, but you need to have a charged phone on board? In this case, there are two ways out of the situation:

  • Charge your smartphone at the airport shortly before departure. Today, all airports are equipped with outlets, so charging the device is not difficult. As a rule, waiting for a flight takes a lot of time, during which you can manage to recharge the phone. If this is not possible, it is advisable to charge the device well at home and not to use it before departure.
  • purchase a portable charger. It allows you to charge any gadgets without access to the mains. This is a very convenient and profitable device, without which on the road can not do. It is, of course, not cheap, but it makes it possible to use gadgets at any time and in any place.

As we can see, the law does not prohibit the transport of a mobile phone, tablet, or other gadgets on an airplane. The main thing is to know when they can be used, and when. it is undesirable. Previously, people calmly dispensed with devices, instead of which they read books, magazines or newspapers on the road. Of course, the time has changed, but if you are asked to turn off the device on board, agree so that there are no troubles. Theoretically, the use of smartphones is unlikely to lead to any inconvenience, but if everyone starts using electronic devices, then it is not known what could happen. History knows many accidents, the reasons for which to this day remain a mystery. That is why it is better not to risk and, if necessary, turn off your mobile phone.

Where To Charge A Phone At The Airport