Where Is The Recently Deleted Folder On Huawei

Why restore correspondence in vatsap after deletion?

The vast majority of smartphone users working on the basis of the Android operating system use instant messengers. Some of the most popular are WhatsApp, VK, Viber, Facebook, Twitter. But people who actively use these applications often encounter bugs and problems in systems, because of which the desire to continue communicating in this social network is noticeably reduced. In “whatsapp”, for example, users are faced with the problem of returning chats after deletion. Erasing a message or a whole conversation is very simple and sometimes people can do it by accident. But how then to restore correspondence in Votsap after removal on Android? There are several methods for solving this issue that will be described in this article.

The return of correspondence is possible only if no more than a week has passed after deleting the chat. And if it was made later and no backups were made to the chat on its own, then the user will not be able to do anything.

Recovering correspondence after deletion in the application

  • Restoring a conversation that has been completed recently.

To return your messages to another user that have been deleted less than 7 days ago, You can make a cunning fraud. Erase whatsapp in the programs, and then install it again through Google Play. In this way, the messenger backs up the data and transfers it to the phone.

Return chat that was deleted more than a week ago.

But is it possible to restore old correspondence? Of course, this process will be much more complicated than the previous one and will take much more time, but it is feasible. In order to start recovery, you need to do the following:

    go to the folder of your smartphone, where vosap saves all documents and user data. Usually this is the following path: / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases;

find file “Msgstore.db.crypt12” (this file is the last backup saved in whatsapp, and recovery occurs from it);

Where Is The Recently Deleted Folder On Huawei

After completing the steps, uninstall and reinstall the program on the phone. At the time of installing the messenger, there will be a proposal to restore the detected copy of messages. Thus, the user on the Android phone will have the opportunity to restore the correspondence in Vatsap after the removal of the program, as he wanted.

Return chat if memory card was cleared

But what if, after a complete cleaning or a breakdown of the SD card, the chats in the messenger also disappeared? A recovery method in this situation also exists, but to do this, you will need a computer and sleight of hand. Just follow these steps:

  • connect the smartphone to the PC;
  • open the Hetman Partition Recovery program and use it to scan the card and the phone itself;
  • find the way: / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases, which will contain all extensions containing the history of correspondence;

After reinstalling the messenger, all messages will be available to you. You will no longer have to puzzle over how to recover deleted messages in vatsap on Android if the card is formatted.

Transferring messages from one phone to another

If you bought a new phone and want to move all the chats to it, then stick to the list of actions:

  • go to the folder called “/ Sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases” on the phone from which you want to transfer everything;
  • transfer the entire contents of the folder to a new smartphone using a computer and a USB cable;
  • when you install WhatsApp, the phone will detect the necessary files and offer to restore them.

This method is effective and very simple if you want to bring all the conversations from your old phone to a new gadget.

Recover Photos, Audio, or Deleted from WhatsApp

All documents, whether it is an image, or audio format, saved to the SD card in the “Media” folder. Even if you delete them from the conversation or erase the chat itself, they will still be in the folder on the memory card.

To return all documents, do the following:

  • connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable;
  • open “Hetman Partition Recovery” and start scanning the memory card;
  • go to folder / sdcard / WhatsApp / Media;

Thus, all types of information will be restored and you will no longer have to figure out how to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp on Android. The main thing. do not delete backups and all saved files in the “WhatsApp” folder, otherwise, nothing will be restored.