Where Is The Clipboard In Redmi Phone

Extended capabilities

If you were looking for where the clipboard is located in an LG phone, “Samsung” and any other “Android” version older than 4.4, then we recall that a lot of text elements for insertion can be SIMultaneously stored in the RAM of such a gadget. But she cannot store several photos or videos. Buffer has limited volumes.

So, if you want to know what is stored in your clipboard, then you need to do the following:

  • Open any application with the ability to insert text. “Messages”, “Notepad”, “Notes”.
  • Hold the line with the cursor with your finger.
  • In the dialog box that appears, tap on “Clipboard”.
  • All information stored there will pop up at the bottom of the display.
  • By tapping on any piece of text, you can insert it.

Clearing the clipboard

Although this share of the RAM is small, sometimes there is a need to clean it up. You can remove information from here in one of these three easy ways:

  • In any text-entry application, hold your finger on the line with the cursor. In the dialog box that appears, click on “Clipboard”. Press and hold one of the text fragments that appear until deletion crosses appear in the corners of all icons. Click on the last ones to remove the desired one from the buffer.
  • Use a cleaner app like Clean Master, which, among other things, cleans up the clipboard.
  • Restart or turn on / off the gadget. The buffer will clear itself.

Where Is The Clipboard In Redmi Phone

Why is it needed?

If you are wondering where the clipboard is on your phone, then you are aware of its functionality. This is a component of the device’s RAM. Depending on the model of the latter, it can contain not only text, but also photo, video, audio. Just like on a PC, you work with the clipboard on your phone in copy-paste mode.

The functions of this share of the gadget’s RAM are very useful when you need to send a friend a phone number, copy a link to an interesting page on the network, share a photo with several acquaintances, send a video invitation for a holiday to a large circle of people, and so on.

But we do not advise you to trust important information to the clipboard. It is volatile, which means that when you turn off or restart the gadget, all data from it is irretrievably erased.

The clipboard on the phone: where is it, why is it needed, how to use it?

Our smartphones with you. Convenient mini-computers. Like their “big brothers”, these gadgets are equipped with a clipboard. Location for temporary storage of information and transfer of data (text, content, links) between several applications. In this case, the new copied text or image will displace the old one (taking its place in the buffer). But where is the clipboard on the phone? We will answer this and other pressing questions further.

How to work with him?

When we know where the clipboard is on the phone, sooner or later we will decide to use it. It’s easy to do this:

  • Hold your finger on the text fragment you want to copy.
  • The word on which he (the finger) is located will be highlighted on both sides with sliders.
  • Move them around, highlighting the section of text that you want to place on the clipboard.
  • In the pop-up cloud-window, click on “Copy” (maybe, depending on the gadget model, the functions “Cut”, “Share”, “Find”, etc. Are also available) The text is placed on the clipboard.
  • Now go to the application where you need to insert it.
  • Place your finger on the line where the cursor is flashing.
  • The dialog box appears again. Click on “Insert”.
  • Information from the clipboard has been moved! By the way, going into other applications, you can insert it several more times.

If you want to transfer any content to the clipboard, then look for the “Copy” item in the submenu to a photo, track, video.

Where is the clipboard on the phone?

Clipboard. It is part of the RAM of your gadget. Therefore, it is located in its (“RAM”) root folders. However, on many devices, access to them is possible only when the user receives root rights. Information from the clipboard is stored in the data / clipboard folder.

But you can see it in less complicated ways. Where is the clipboard on my Samsung phone? This is a special key on your keyboard. And on some devices, it can also be called in a dialog box. Just pinch the text input line with your finger.

And if it doesn’t work?

It is extremely rare for the clipboard to stop functioning. The problem is associated in most cases with system errors. It’s easy to solve. Reboot your device. If this does not help, then you can go to extreme measures. Reset to factory settings. But before that, do not forget to make a backup copy of the data stored on the device.!

In the case when the hard reset did not bring any sense, there is only one way out. Contact the service center.

Now you not only know where the clipboard is located on your Android phone, iPhone, but also how you can use it. The functionality on a smartphone or tablet practically does not differ from the capabilities of the “older brother” on a computer or laptop.

Where is the clipboard on the phone? Instructions for all popular Android gadgets | 2019

Instructions: Where is the clipboard in the phone?


Where is Huawei’s clipboard on the phone? Just like in the rest of the models. Storage is a file, in RAM, that works with temporary documents.

Where is the Sony clipboard on the phone? As a rule, this is a place in RAM and it is not possible to see it as a folder on the desktop.

In order to get more options when working with various files, you can install applications that significantly expand the functionality of the storage.

Where is the clipboard in the zte phone, is in RAM, as it is in all other Android phones.

To download a file, you need to follow the standard steps: copy or cut and paste into an application that works with texts.

Where is the clipboard in the fly? Fly phones are also equipped with storage. Most often it is a temporary folder like Temp or tmp.

These are temporary files and they save information until new text appears.

Additional applications

You can also install different applications that will be responsible for the storage functions.

  • Clips. Used for iPhone and iPad. Allows to significantly increase the capabilities of the standard buffer. It allows you to place files in a list, and then share them in convenient ways;
  • Clipboard manager. Allows you to sort the received files, import and export. Provides quick access to them;
  • My Clipboard. You can set a large number of tags, there is sorting, automatic sorting and many useful functions;
  • Andclip Free is a free clipboard program;
  • Easy Copy. The smart Clipboard. Quick way to paste the clipboard.

I also recommend paying attention to the video tutorial, with the help of which you can quickly figure out how to quickly work on Android with a clipboard.

Fast work with Android clipboard

Where is the clipboard on the phone? Instructions for all popular Android gadgets | 2019


The entire Lenovo series of phones is also equipped with such storage. They are named Clipboard. Consider where in the phone is the clipboard in Lenovo and how to use it

In order to see it, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Select any text document;
  • Press on the fragment with your finger and hold it until a new window opens;
  • Click on the inscription “Clipboard;
  • Save selection.

Where is the clipboard on the LG phone? The company placed such an application in a separate folder and displayed it on the home screen.

In order to use the information that got there, you need to extract it and insert it into a certain place.

You can do such a manipulation by clicking on the screen where the text is located and holding it until a window with a proposal to insert somewhere appears.

Where is the clipboard in the ASUS phone? As such, the concept does not exist in the phone. This is a segment in the phone’s RAM. He is responsible for storing temporary files.

There are functions “copy”, “paste”. There are places like notepad, explorer, downloads. With their help, the text is moved to the right places. And the buffer, as a separate folder, is not visible.

Not all phones have this feature. Samsung’s Android 4.4 device has such storage. This model even offers to see where the clipboard is on the phone.

Samsung can also see what files are stored there. You can install the “Copy Bubble” application, which will instantly view the contents of your vault.

Thanks to him, you can SIMultaneously work with several text documents and have instant access to all.

With this function, you can work with texts in your mobile, with pictures and other files.

Clipboard. What is it?

Clipboard. What is it?

In every mobile device there is a place where all files that are downloaded from one device to another are sent.

This storage is temporary in nature and it is called the clipboard.

Its peculiarity is that the moment new information enters the device and is transferred to our storage, the old one disappears forever.

If you look at this function in more detail, you will understand that it performs much more useful tasks.

With some knowledge, you can make this repository work one hundred percent and help you.

Consider where the clipboard is in the phone, based on different models of gadgets.

Clipboard on Android

Not many are wondering where the clipboard is on an Android phone.

This “assistant” does his job efficiently and imperceptibly.

However, without his participation, it will be impossible to download a single file.

On Android, it resides in the device’s RAM.

For this reason, after you have copied a large document in your mobile, you need to do the same, but with a small file.

This manipulation will help free up space in the mobile memory. And this, in turn, will allow the device to work much faster.

In order to make a copy of a file or document, you need to press down the required piece of text with your fingers and wait until you are prompted to copy it in a new window.

Sometimes, there is no function. Copy, they offer just cut and paste. In order for the file to be ready for reading, you need to insert it somewhere.

Open the Notepad app, for example. Pinch the screen in an empty place with your fingers and again wait until a window appears and prompts you to insert text.

If you don’t want to work in Notepad, you can use Explorer.

How to work with temporary data storage?

To create a temporary file, you need:

  • Select the desired part of the text (for a while, click on the text and set the delimiters in a suitable place);
  • Click on the “copy” button;
  • As a result, the selected fragment will be saved and become available for use in other text documents (editors, messages, notes).

To use the saved record, you will need:

  • Open any text editor, messenger, note-taking application;
  • Make a long press on the input line until the dialog box appears;
  • Choose one of the options mentioned (paste or copy);
  • As a result, previously saved records will be inserted into new text.

What is clipboard?

The first step is to figure out what is hidden under the mentioned concept. If you do not go into details, it turns out that the clipboard is a small area in the phone‘s memory where temporary data is stored. At the same time, the volume available for use rarely exceeds several megabytes, so only text and parts of documents, notes, messages can be stored. Storing larger files is pointless as doing so will negatively affect system performance. This also applies to the SIMultaneous storage of a large number of small text fragments, which can also affect the speed and quality of a smartphone.

How to clear the clipboard on Honor and Huawei?

There are 2 ways to clear the RAM from extraneous information:

  • The first is to SIMply reboot the phone;
  • The second will require performing the actions already described earlier to view temporary data stored on the smartphone.

When the list of text fragments is open, you will need:

  • Select an unnecessary entry;
  • Click on the inscription offering to delete the selected element (or cross).

If you need to completely clear the RAM, you should do without allocation by immediately deleting all stored records.

Where to Find Clipboard in Honor and Huawei Phone

Where is the clipboard in the Honor / Huawei phone. People who have asked this question will be surprised at how difficult it is to find the storage location for temporary data. But, if you take a closer look at the capabilities of smartphones, it turns out that some actions with the buffer are still available. The main thing is to keep in mind that its capabilities are not unlimited, therefore, if you load it with unnecessary saves, the phone’s performance will noticeably decrease. Therefore, in order to maintain the performance of the gadget at a high level, it is necessary to promptly delete unnecessary information.

How to find clipboard in Honor and Huawei phone

It is important to re-emphasize that the buffer is a piece of the smartphone’s RAM, so it cannot be detected. Only programs and applications that use information from a smartphone for their actual work can access this site. Users will not be able to access this site, regardless of their own desire. Applications for interacting with temporary files will also not help in finding the hidden sector, since their purpose is limited to managing the specified saves. That is, it is impossible to cope with searching and gaining access.

How to open the clipboard on a smartphone?

It was already mentioned above that it is impossible to enter the buffer on Honor or Huawei, but users can see the list of files stored in it. This will require:

  • Open any program that supports text input;
  • For a few seconds, click on the text input field, waiting for the prompt to insert a saved entry;
  • Click the second specified option. Clipboard;
  • As a result, the user will see all the previously saved information and will be able to independently choose which fragment he needs.

You will not be able to view temporary files without auxiliary programs.

Clipboard applications

There are many Android applications for working with temporary files:

  • Clipboard Actions Manager;
  • Clipper. Clipboard Manager;
  • My Clipboard.

None of the listed programs allow you to find the clipboard on your Huawei / Honor phone. Their functions are limited:

  • Clearing temporary storage;
  • Systematization of information stored in memory;
  • Access to saved fragments.

There are no additional features, therefore, when downloading such an application, users should focus on the ease of managing the service and the presence or absence of advertising.

What to do if the clipboard isn’t working?

Non-working RAM indicates serious system problems, so users will have to perform a factory reset. Before doing this, we recommend that you save your contacts, photos and videos to the cloud storage, as they will be deleted after the reset.

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

In addition to resetting, users are advised to:

  • Restart your device to restore Android to work after a crash;
  • Clear cache.

What is clipboard?

Technically speaking, a clipboard is a piece of a device’s RAM that is used to temporarily store and use certain information. In SIMple terms, this is where texts, pictures, photos are placed after you have copied them and received a notification “copied to the clipboard”.

Where is the clipboard on the phone and what is it?

Greetings, readers of my blog! Today our task is to determine where the clipboard is located in the phone, so that you can freely use the information stored in it. As always, we will consider the issue in detail and in detail, for which we will have to touch on the technical aspects of your mobile device. Let’s start with a description of what the so-called “clipboard” is.

Where is the clipboard on the phone?

Where is this place with our “copied to the clipboard” texts and pictures? The answer is in the device’s RAM. However, it would not be entirely true to say that this is some specific place in the phone. Rather, it is a certain area or memory resource that is specially allocated for copied files.

How does it work?

In order for you to be able to use the clipboard on your phone, you need to complete the following series of steps.

  • Click on the piece of text that you want to copy and hold until two delimiter icons appear along the edges of the selected area.
  • We clarify the boundaries of the text by moving the delimiters, and then select the “copy” (or “cut”) button.

From now on, the file is on the clipboard.

  • Open a text application (for example, Notepad) or a section for typing an SMS message, press and hold your finger on the text input line.
  • Click on the “insert” button.

If you need to select from several items stored on the clipboard, do the following:

  • Press and hold your finger on the text input line.
  • Click on the “Clipboard” button, after which you will see the items that you can select. Click on the desired element and the “Insert” button.

If you need to clear your clipboard, there are two ways to do this:

We do the same operations that were described in the two paragraphs above, only instead of clicking on the desired element in the clipboard (which we will need to delete), hold our finger on it and click on the cross that appears on the right.

The second method is to reboot the device, after which your storage will be cleared.

The clipboard of most phones has its own restrictions on the amount of stored information, so you cannot copy several photo or video files to it at the same time. When copying the next file, the previous one will be deleted, and the new one will be written in its place. On some phones, these restrictions are not so great. You can also install a special application (for example, Clipper) that will allow you to save and use an unlimited amount of information in RAM.

If the buffer stops working (rare), try restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, you can reset your device to factory settings. Just keep in mind that such a reset will delete all installed applications, files and contacts, so make a backup beforehand. If this does not help, then I recommend contacting the service center.

So, we have finished our consideration of today’s topic. Where is the clipboard on the phone. I hope the information was useful to you and presented in an accessible form. Thank you and see you soon!

How to add text to the clipboard on Android?

Now it became clear where the clipboard on “Android” is. But it remains to understand how to add text, image, file there.

It’s pretty SIMple. To add text to temporary memory, you need to apply a long touch at the beginning of the line. After a few seconds, markers appear on the screen that easily follow the touch. The required text must be placed between two markers. Next, you need to save the data. To do this, a short touch is required in any space. The text will be copied to the clipboard.

In order to save an image or file, as a rule, a long touch on the object is required. After that, a submenu will pop up, in the list of which there will be an item “Copy to clipboard”.

Where is the clipboard on “Android” (in phone and tablet)

The owners of smartphones and gadgets have heard the phrase “clipboard” at least once. On average, users use it several times a day. But not everyone fully understands what it is, how to use it and where the clipboard is located on “Android”.

How to paste data from the clipboard?

Once the necessary data has been placed in temporary memory, it does not matter where the clipboard is located on “Android”. Now it is important to understand how to insert the saved text.

First, you need to go to the location where the data will be transferred. This can be a text editor, a browser search bar, a message thread, or contact settings. Then a long touch is made at the desired location. The user will then be presented with a pop-up menu that prompts them to insert information. All text or other data type will be transferred to the new window unchanged.

The value of the clipboard lies in the fact that it allows you to transfer data in a short time and without loss of accuracy. For example, a long website address can be passed on to another user in a few moments.

Also, users should not forget that after pasting the information does not disappear from the buffer. It will be stored there until a new copy or turning off the smartphone.

What is the clipboard for??

Just like on a personal computer, the clipboard brings convenience to smartphone and tablet owners. Its use allows faster data transfer and more comfortable processing of information. Before wondering where the clipboard is located on “Android”, you need to understand what its main task is.

The only function of the buffer in smartphones and tablets is to store text and data in RAM. Many applications also use their own clipboard counterpart to save information: parts of a video sequence, audio track, thumbnails, and so on. It also allows you to copy phone numbers, pieces of dialogues and move them to new windows.

In most cases, it is impossible to go to the clipboard. The Android operating system does not provide this feature. The piece of information added to the memory will be stored in the phone until it is replaced by another. But since this data is stored in RAM, if the phone or tablet is turned off, they will be lost.

How to clear the clipboard on an Android phone

Now there are no more questions. We already know what the clipboard is, where it is. “Android” gives us a new task: how to delete the saved data?

It’s worth starting with the fact that this action will not help improve the performance of the operating system. All stored information takes up only a few megabytes. But if the need to clear the buffer still appeared, then you need to go to any text editor and hold the touch on an empty space.

On certain versions of Android, a frame with three dots in the upper right corner will appear on the screen. The user will need to click on them and select “Clipboard”, and then. “Delete everything”. After that, all stored information will be erased.

Where to find and how to clear the clipboard on your smartphone

Items stored in the clipboard load the RAM of the smartphone or tablet. The device must be cleaned periodically. There are three ways to free buffer space.

Root method

The method requires root access to enter the root folder of the Android system. The file is stored there, which is responsible for the RAM. To clear the clipboard:

  • Open file manager and go to Android root directory.
  • Find the data / clipboard folder and empty it.
  • In the smartphone menu, select “Settings. Applications” and open the “All” tab.
  • Select the TestService application and click the “Stop” and “Clear” buttons one by one.
  • Reboot the gadget.

Clear app data and stop it running

Download and install the Kingo Android Root app from the Play Store to get root rights. Rooting a device with this program requires a PC connection and takes 5-7 minutes.

How to use the clipboard on Android

Smartphones and tablets have become full-fledged working tools. Users exchange files, view documentation on gadget screens, send emails.

In this case, it is often necessary to copy elements of text from one file to another. In phones and other Android devices, the clipboard is responsible for this function. Where is it and how to clean it

  • 1 What is clipboard
  • 2 How to copy and paste text on Android
  • 3 Where to find and how to clear the clipboard in a smartphone
  • 3.1 Standard way
  • 3.2 Method requiring root rights
  • 3.3 Clipper app
  • 4 If the clipboard is not working
  • Gallery. Using Clipper on your phone. Video. Clipper overview

    What is clipboard

    The clipboard is a part of the RAM of a smartphone or tablet where blocks of copied text information are stored. Thanks to it, the user can cut parts of the text from messages, documents or the browser search bar, and paste them into other documents, emails or notes. However, the physical buffer file does not exist in the Android system.

    The clipboard helps out, if necessary, promptly send contact information, hard-to-remember details with a large number of numbers and other information.

    Gallery. Clear the clipboard. Video. How to copy from clipboard using Samsung example

    How to open the clipboard on your phone

    To use the option, you must follow a certain sequence of actions.

    • Hold your finger on the text for a few seconds until the delimiters are displayed.
    • Set the area to be copied by operating the special stops.
    • Select “Copy” in the automatically appeared window.
    • Open the window where you want to move the information, click “Insert”.

    Similarly, you can work with files in Explorer. In this way, you can copy site links, excerpts of text. Select all material of an open file at once or only part of it. Significantly speed up the process of writing messages by copying template information or sending the same text to several subscribers.

    If for some reason you are unable to take advantage of the feature, repeat the steps. If it fails again, please restart your device or reset to factory settings. But just create a backup beforehand to keep installed apps, contacts, etc.

    What is clipboard?

    When you copy files, they temporarily remain in the smartphone’s memory. The clipboard is the very moment of their temporary saving. It is activated after selecting a fragment and clicking on “Save”. The system will notify the user that his request has been completed. A special window will be displayed. The features of his work are as follows:

    • Saves data while the operating system is running; after rebooting and turning off the gadget, it is cleaned;
    • Allows you to copy data using just one program;
    • Copying within the operating system;
    • The existence of limits for certain formats.
    • Data cannot be restored from the moment the information is cleared.

    You should also understand that if the utility does not support internal copying of images, then there is no way to add information to the clipboard.

    What is Clipboard in Honor / Huawei phone and where is it located

    “Where is the clipboard on Honor and Huawei phones?”. A question that arises every time you need to copy data on a smartphone. When a user duplicates files, they are stored for a certain time in the memory of the mobile device. It is noteworthy that for the first time a function that allows you to copy images, text fragments and videos appeared on a PC. Over time, it was possible to activate it using just one key. “Print Screen”. Further, the function became active on smartphones. A device that is often called a ” computer”. It is standard, so there is no need to additionally download the application or carry out the installation process. How it works and what advantages it has, read below.

    Where to Find Clipboard in Honor and Huawei Phone

    The function is provided in all Honor and Huawei models. Before setting yourself the goal of finding the clipboard in Huawei and Honor phones, you need to understand that this is not a program displayed as a shortcut. This is an option that appears only after specially performed actions by the user. It uses mobile memory for a certain time without having its own application. For this reason, it is impossible to find the browser and view it.

    How to Clear Clipboard on Android Honor / Huawei

    Some models running on Android involve delicate buffer handling. But this feature is missing on Honor. A reboot is required to clear the system. The settings provide for an automatic restart, so it is irrational to carry out such an operation on your own. The copied files take up a small portion of the smartphone space. But those who prefer to keep everything under control can follow these steps:

    • Open a text editor, hold your finger on the text space for a few seconds;
    • Click on the shortcut in the form of three dots placed vertically;
    • Select the heading “Clipboard”;
    • Click on “Delete all”.

    It becomes clear that the clipboard is a part of the RAM of a smartphone or tablet running on the Android base. It cannot be viewed through a dedicated application or manually cleared. The option is displayed only at work: when copying and pasting.

    What is the clipboard on Android phones and tablets

    I’ll tell you a little about the clipboard on Android. Because it has been noticed that some ordinary users who are not close to technology are misleading the concept of this term.

    What it is?

    This is the memory in the device, which is responsible, as you can imagine, for storing any information, mainly text, or images, video. It is found in all Android devices, because it is a standard function of the operating system.

    How to use it?

    For example, to copy a fragment from an article, in the browser, hold down on the desired area of ​​the text so that two delimiters appear. Set the boundaries of the starting point and the last one, so that between them there is the information you are interested in that you want to copy, and click “Copy” (in some situations, “Cut” is also available).

    Then the selected fragment will be copied to the clipboard. Next, open a notebook or any notebook on the device and again from an empty space, hold down on the screen until the window with the “Insert” function pops up, click on it to paste the copied text. You can work with files in the same way, for example, in Explorer.

    If you are interested in where the clipboard is in Android, then there is only one answer. In RAM. You see, the fact is that as such a file does not exist in the system, it is RAM, which is allocated for temporary files, and in the future can clear itself itself. For example, when watching online videos, the uploaded video is saved into it, and after watching it is erased.

    If you are nevertheless interested in the issue of RAM, we have separate articles, which SIMilarly explain how you can increase RAM or how to free up RAM on Android.

    But on some models it is possible to go to the clipboard on Android, since not one, but several saved fragments can be stored there, that is, the function of selecting the necessary information for insertion. To do this, in the field where you want to paste, after a long tap on the display, select “Clipboard” to call all the information stored in it.

    If this is memory and information is stored there, then it is logical that it takes up free space, then how can it be cleared on Android devices, you ask. Yes, that’s right, but it takes up a very small part of the available space, I think, less than 1 mb, because the text weighs very little, and everything else, it won’t store more than two copies at the same time, will clear itself. But in general there is an opportunity for you to clear it all, just as when selecting the desired text, hold down on one of the available ones until crosses appear over each fragment, and delete the unnecessary.

    How to enter and clear the clipboard on Android: Video

    Until I realized that nothing was working out for me, the “insert” pointer did not pop up in the notes. I copied links, now I don’t know where to find them

    T. E. You can “Cut” or “Copy”, but not “Paste”? If everything is correct, then either something is done wrong, or a failure in the system. Try to reboot the machine and try again. Another question: Is the firmware installed on the device native (official)? Or a custom (third-party) was installed?

    I need to copy the video he writes copied to the clipboard. What to wish for next

    And then. Go to the required destination folder, in which the video will be located, and click on the button or key with the icon or icon “Insert”. The file saved to the clipboard is copied. That’s all. Operation completed.

    Good afternoon. I have Android 4.4. The Clipboard button stopped working and the Paste button disappeared. True, before that there was a message. The clipboard was full. How to be. Help me please.

    Hello. The conclusion suggests itself. Clean your clipboard. The article contains instructions. To get started, try SIMply restarting the gadget, usually this is enough. If we talk about manual cleaning, then here you need root rights and an appropriate application, for example, rootExplorer. But, I do not recommend that you do the cleaning yourself, as you can delete unnecessary and spoil the OS. As a last resort, you can SIMply do a master reset. But it is worth resorting to this only if the reboot does not help and other cleaning methods did not help either. After the reset, you will have to restore all applications and games. In this case, the entire gameplay will be lost (if it is not an online game). Therefore, save all important data to your computer beforehand.

    It SIMply cannot be done. There are additional buffer programs for text (clippers), and for cleaning the buffer. Clean Manager

    “If you are interested in where in the Android clipboard, then there is only one answer.

    Random access memory. You see, the fact is that as such a file does not exist in the system, it is RAM, which is allocated for temporary files “

    It is not true. I have Android 4.0.3 and after turning off and turning on the smartphone, the information copied to the clipboard before turning off the smartphone remains in the clipboard.

    I clear the clipboard, so. On some sites where you can comment, like this one. I press on the comment field and hold until the insert and clipboard appears, select the clipboard, and then read. So far, but reboot does not help.

    Help. I cut out what I don’t need and then I copied what I needed but it doesn’t paste

    I believe that your great Jobs has created complete crap that can only be used to clear snow from a car. Crap than Android is hard to come up with. Only poor idiots can admire shit like this.

    Hello. If you could clarify what is at stake, it would be very good. What did you cut out (I hope this is not about surgical operations)? Seriously though, you’ve lost this information. Try pasting it into another document or folder (whichever you cut out there). Try not to insert, but manually register (if we are talking about records). I don’t see any other options. For files, copy them to your PC for storage. If you are talking about some records, then you can always do a general reset to the factory parameters. After that, everything will be restored. Well, as a last resort, if everything is broken and nothing works, then you can reflash the device. Only ideally download the service firmware. If you can’t find a service one, then download the official.

    How to pull a picture from the clipboard?
    I figured out the text, but I don’t understand the pictures yet

    Everything helped. It is clear and clear now what a buffer is. Thanks

    Hello. Sorry, I don’t know this, sorry.

    Meey has a problem with the loss of texts. Sometimes the “finished work” suddenly disappears (especially for. It seems that this is someone else’s mockery.) Therefore, I began to copy the completed work for my numerous pages and groups. But it’s not always possible to insert them on time; I’m distracted by finding and copying the desired link and can confuse the order. Then my previous text disappears and I don’t know how to pull this comment out of the clipboard in Galaxy 5. Sometimes all the last clipboard texts pop up spontaneously and this is not a problem. But when I want to find “loss”, I don’t know where and how to look.
    And more problems with the Samsung keyboard.
    All emoticons disappeared from it and my texts that I prepared for translation often disappear from the translator. I didn’t have time to translate them into the required language and. Without knowing. How to find, I start to waste time and write all over again.
    How to search for text there?
    And the third question. Google translator needs to be supervised because it makes terrible translations. It seems that I write texts in the chat, and often, not yet having time to translate. I am getting a reply from my correspondent. How is this possible? Maybe the keyboard, as well as my Gmail, is hacked? Or are Google developers of this application in touch with me? I’ve been writing to Google and complaining about the harassment. In the settings of the accounts, I discovered that my system software is fake. And my IP is not detected at all and a record often pops up that I am located many kilometers from my home or in the city of Rosh HaAin or wherever my “double” is moving. Rosh HaIn is the location of my smart service provider. How to get rid of it? He sent me messages several times that it was friendly care and help. I do not need the help of people who are sick in the head. Over, I am at the age of 62 and can not endlessly enjoy being in the net, but cleaning my Samsung G5 and the second Samsung G4. I can’t understand why I can’t take part in webinars and online studies due to the impossibility
    download Adobe Flash Player. Maybe it can be replaced with something else for the G5 and G4.?
    In general, I have tried a lot of antivirus programs. Only the fast Trustlook remains. I deleted everything else as ineffective. Smart works but the screen flickers. This means that there is still some kind of virus or spy inside. It is a pity that I did not find a suitable antivirus with a spybot for a smart. I am sure that all information is transmitted through the keyboard. And often I cannot send about the calls and wishes. Let’s hope you are cool specialists and the dispatch will come true.
    Thanks in advance.

    If the text is copied to the clipboard how to find it. In micro max.