Where is the backhone backup on the computer

Where backups of iPhone are stored

Apple offers several solutions for the backhone backup and automatically. You can store iPhone files using iTunes or iCloud. When you accidentally delete the iPhone files, you should know the location of the backhone backup. If you want to know more information about the backup of your iPhone, just read this article. The article will show you where the backholes of the iPhone are stored, and the methods for managing the iphone backup files.

Regardless of whether the iPhone is backup using iCloud or save them using iTunes, this is a simple way to create a backup file for iPhone. But it should be difficult and difficult to find iphone backup files. The article provides detailed locations of the IPhone reserve copies for iTunes and icloud.

The location of the backhone of the iPhone in iCloud

If you are looking for backups of iCloud, you are unlikely to find them on iCloud.Com. In this article you will find out where the reserve copies of the iPhone are stored on your iPhone, Mac or Windows.

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On your iPhone you can find iCloud in the “Settings” section.

There are a small difference in different updates systems.

In iOS 10.3 or later version, select the “Settings” [Your name] iCloud “ICLOD storage” “Storage Management”.

In iOS 10.2 or earlier version, select the “Settings” “ICLOUD” “Storage” “Storage Management”.

You also need to find part “management” on your MAC.

In Windows, just find iCloud for Windows and select “Management”. Although the way to find iCloud is slightly different, this is still an easy way to find out.

The location of the reserve copies of iPhone in iTunes

On Mac you have two ways to find backup iPhone.

Home folder Library support support for Mobilesync backup backup.

ITUNES line of the device settings Reserve Copying to show in finder.

Windows different versions of Windows are different in Windows. But in a sense, they have the most similarity. Windows 10 has another step “User” to find the files of the IPhone backup copies in iTunes.

User users (only Windows 10) Appdata Roaming Apple Computer MobileSync backup

You can easily move on a backup copy of your iPhone. However, it is not so easy to view and gain access to your detailed backup data. This page will show you a detailed guide to access to the iphone backup copy.

The best way to find ITUNES backup files

What is the easiest way to find ITUNES backup files? As you can see, you can enter a detailed path to find the files of backups of iTunes, but you cannot check and view the detailed content for iTunes. To find the files of backups of iTunes with detailed information, the restoration of iPhone data should be the best solution for searching and managing iTunes.

Iphone recovery is a professional software to restore iPhone data, which allows you to find, view, restore files with iPhone, backup ITUNES and backup ICLOUD. This should be an ideal tool if you need to find and manage the files of backups of iTunes.

The main characteristics of the iPhone data recovery

  • Find and extract a backup iTunes on a computer or iPhone.
  • Restoration of deleted or lost files, including photos, messages, contacts, notes, call history, video, calendar, video, applications and other files.
  • Receiving and export of remote or lost data from any iOS devices.
  • Pre.Viewing files before file recovery.
  • Support of more than 20 types of files that can be evaluated from any iOS device.

How to find a backup iPhone backup recovery

Step-Aerobika one. Download and install the iPhone Data Recovery

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Download and install the latest version of the iPhone Data Recovery from the official site. And then connect the iPhone to the computer. The program is able to automatically identify iPhone to extract files.

Step-Aerobika 2. Select “Restore from the backup of iTunes”

After that, you can select “Restore from the backup of iTunes”, the program can scan the entire iPhone to extract files from the backup of iTunes. And then you do not need to look for a backup copy of iTunes from your computer.

Step-Aerobika 3. Find the files iTunes backup

Importantly, you can find and view all ITUNES backup files without overwriting all the contents of the iPhone. In addition, the program also provides files in different categories, which allows you to easily find detailed files in the backup of iTunes.

Step-Aerobika 4. Extract files from iTunes

This should be the most important function that allows you to extract files from the backup of iTunes. And then you can easily restore files from a backup on your computer or make a backup copy of important data on iPhone.

Backup data files of your computer and the operating system (.Iso)

You can also first view the scanned files from the computer before recovering files from the computer. As the most convenient method for searching for backups of ITUNES, iPhone Data Recover you just need to scan the iPhone to find all the information. Over, you can also easily remove the backup file of iTunes to other devices. In a word, you can take everything under the reserve for ITUNES. It also allows you to backup iPhone without iTunes.

ITUNES backup files are very important for all Apple users. To fully use these files, you must study the methods of searching for backup files iTunes. And then you can choose several excellent ITUNES backup management programs to extract all the contents from iTunes, such as photographs, videos, messages, contacts and so on. Iphone data recovery should always be the best tool for this work. After installing the program, you no longer need to look for everything around your computer to find the files of backups of iTunes or the contents of the files of backups of iTunes. You can always view and check the file of the backup iTunes when you want. Just download the program to enjoy deleted files with your iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Where is the backhone backup on the computer

During each syphone synchronization with iTunes, a backup is created on the computer, which contains all important data. It is stored in a certain place on the disk and is necessary in order to restore lost information. However, it happens that an iPhone backup is lost, for example, after reinstalling the system on PC or in case of an unexpected failure of the OS.

Note: in the backhone backup, created during synchronization with iTunes, there are many important data, from the list of contacts to bookmarks in the browser. Naturally, no one wants to lose such necessary information.

If you do not want to lose reserve data, you need to learn how to copy it and save it in a safe place, for example, in a cloud, on a removable medium or at least not on a system disk. And in order to do this, you need to know where to look for a backup copy of the iPhone. This will be discussed below.

Reserve copy on a computer with Mac OS X

You can find a backup iPhone on a computer under the control of the Apple operating system along this path: ~ // libraries/Application Support/Mobile Sync/Backup/.

Reserve copy on a computer with Windows XP

To find an iphone backup on the XP, you must go to: \ doCumbns and settings \ User (name) \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ Mobile Sync \ Backup \ Backup \.

Reserve copy on a computer with Windows 7 /8 /8.1 /10

To find a backup iPhone on a computer running the above versions of the operating system, you need to go to: users \ User (name) \ App Data \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ Mobile Sync \ Backup \ Backup \ Backupu.

Note: If the folder with the iphone backup is not displayed, then it is hidden.

To make it visible, you must go to the “control panel”.

Select the section “Fands parameters” (conductor parameters).

Now go to the masonry “View”, where you need to activate “show hidden files, folders, disks”.

So you learned where the iphone reserve copy is stored on the computer, which means that you can find it and use it as intended, copy it to a safer place. The best solution is cloud storages, such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive.

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Important note: do not forget that one reserve copy is available for one device (iPhone), that is, creating a new one, you delete the old.

Itunes and backup copies

Itunes has been and remains a standard program for working with apple smartphones on MacOS or Windows. With it, you can connect any iPhone to PC: 4s, 5, SE, 6, 7, 8 or X. The format of the storage of backups that will be created is the same for all supported operating systems. Thanks to this, they can be transferred from a Mac computer to Windows computer and vice versa without editing. The choice of storage location is carried out by each user when the first connection to iTunes. After that, you can synchronize your mobile phone with a PC or cloud via a wireless network.

Let’s take a closer look at where to find local copies in different operating systems.

How to restore a backup copy

When starting the iCloud program to restore the backup, it is worthwhile to act according to the instructions:

On some devices, the data recovery process takes more than 10 minutes. As practice shows, the problem lies in the ICLOUD program. To solve the problem, it is important to stop the process and start the program again. With repeated data recovery, the whole procedure takes no more than two minutes.

How to change the location of a backup copy

If the user stores backup on the computer, it is automatically placed in the system section. This may not always be convenient, since a small failure in the system can forever damage this file.

Another reason for storing copies is not on the system disk, it will be its size. The volume of files depends on the information that should be saved. So, placing a backup of several gigabytes on a system disk should not be placed.

Therefore, it is recommended to transfer backup to another place. However, simple copying of files will not solve the situation. In this case, backup cannot be used to restore the device. Symbolic links or Symbolic Link should be used here. They are stored at the old place of copying and indicate the system to these files.

To change the location of the backup, it follows:

  • Move backup files to an external medium or other disk.
  • Delete the original folder on the system disk.
  • Open the command line on behalf of the administrator. To do this, you can use the search on the computer.
  • Enter the “initial location” “Address of the new location of the copy” in the line MKLINK /D.

After that, you need to open iTunes and make sure that it turned out to move back files. To do this, go to the “device” item.

Read more about how to move backup in the video

The user can change the location of the backup and on the Mac. This is necessary:

  • Close the iTunes application.
  • Click on ShiftCMDG and go to the address “/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/”.
  • Transfer the Backup folder to another address, for example, to an external medium.
  • Launch the terminal and enter the LN command.S/Volumes/new location/Library/Application \ Support/Mobilesync/”

After that, a link, a file that will lead to a new location will appear in the folder with a backup. For verification, it is also necessary to start iTunes and go to the “Devices” section.

In old iTunes

This is done quite simply, just the following steps need to be performed:

  • Connect your device to a computer.
  • Select your device on the left in the selection column.
  • In the device window opened, scroll to the “backup” item.
  • Select the path of copying: either it will be iCloud, or a classic copy on a computer.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete.

Iphone backup in iTunes

Someone may correctly notice that a backup on a computer running Windows is also created through the iTunes program. We described this method in sufficient detail earlier. But at the same time, the option of creating a backup through ICLUD remains unnoticed when using the same iTunes program.

So. Connect the iPhone to PC by cable and run itunes. Next, go to the “Review” section, mark the icloud icon and click the “Create a copy now” button “. In the event that ITunes has already been authorized under Apple ID, all data will start loading on Apple servers. But remember that for this method of conservation you need to connect to the Internet.

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Data recovery via iTunes

Of course, the restoration of the backup should also not cause any difficulties for the user. Here the process is exactly the same as when recovering in the case when the backup remains on the computer.

How to Backup iPhone to Computer 2021 (2 Free Methods)

Again connect the iPhone to a personal computer, open itunes, and then in the “Review” section click the “Restore” button from a copy. Before that, be sure to mark the icloud item.

Despite the fact that the backup was created on the computer, you can restore a copy on the phone. Of course, only on condition that Backup was poured into your iCloud account.

Copying method

Now we will determine the reserve copying method and tell which of them the most convenient. There are situations when it is necessary to create an additional backup. One is created in iCloud, and the second on a personal computer.

What is the difference in backup in iCloud and iTunes?

Many users do not understand what the difference between the cloud and Aytyuns, we will help them to figure it out in more detail.

ICLOUD backup

Each owner of the Apple device receives 5 gigabytes in the cloud absolutely free. What data can be stored in the cloud? It can be a photo/video content, the history of purchases in books and films, programs, data settings. SMS messages, ringtones and data of a smart house. In other words:

  • The restoration of a backup from the cloud allows you to roll the data listed above in automatic mode, but the acquired content will be downloaded again.
  • Storage for 5 gigabytes is enough only at first and in the presence of one gadget that is tied to Apple ID.
  • All backup copies are necessarily encrypted, which guarantees immunity to them by extraneous users.

Reserve copy of iTunes

Creation of this copy takes place using the iPhone or iPad Connect with PC. The key difference from the previous method is encrypting at the request of the user, that is, by default it is not necessarily. To install a password on a backup file, you need to set a mark from the item to encrypt a local copy. This is done if the user is not sure of the safety of his data on PC.

Backup through iTunes is created only in OS X or Windows OS. For owners of OS Linux will have to use the cloud.

Information with the settings, except:

When creating a backup with encryption, data fall under the copy:

Copying iPhone in icloud

  • We connect our gadget to a wireless Internet.
  • We go to the user name settings and select iCloud.
  • Tap with icloud copy.
  • Click on the creation of a backup copy. Now it is very important not to lose touch with Wi. FI until copying is completed.
  • As soon as it ended, you can check the success of its completion.

The user is available checking the stage of execution and confirmation of the end of the creation of a backup. To do this, go to the settings menu- the name of the user- a cloud-back copy. Under the score of the backup, the time and date will be displayed when the latest version was created.

Copying iPhone via iTunes

  • We connect the gadget to PC. On it we open the window with iTunes.
  • When a request for entering a gadget account or a computer selection appears as a confidant, we adhere to the instructions on the monitor.
  • We find our smartphone or tablet on PC.
  • To preserve these applications, health or activity, you will have to encrypt a backup: we set a mark opposite the point with encryption of the device data and assign a reliable password. To cancel the encryption, you can immediately click on the point create a copy now, and then no information will be encrypted.
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