Where is Email on the Phone?

Here we will see how to set up email email on a Nokia phone on different phones and smartphones. On most Nokia phones, the email settings are similar and may vary slightly. In order to start receiving or sending e-mail through a Nokia phone or smartphone without using additional programs, you need to set up E-mail in messages. I also want to say that in order to proceed with the email settings on the phone, you should already have a working email through which you will send and receive mail. If you do not have an e-mail, then you can open it for free in a couple of minutes, for example on

Where is Email on the Phone?

1) Email settings on nokia n82 and the like. Now let’s move on to ourselves mail settings on Nokia phone. In the menu we are looking for a message item, then we click on the mailbox, an inscription should appear like not defined, not one mailbox to determine select yes, an inscription appears on the display; the setup wizard allows you to set the mailboxes confirm the start select POP3 and then enter the email address in the example I enter confirm with the button next and configure the incoming mail server confirm next and enter the outgoing server mail confirm then select the access point to connect to the Internet and confirm further and enter the name of the mailbox for example telefoniy and confirm. Now go to the settings for access to the created mailbox such as username and password. We select messages, a mailbox in the phone’s menu, open telefoniy and select the email parameters in the functions, then the incoming e-mail and outgoing e-mail appear in them and configure the username and password of your existing e-mail, because when receiving and transmitting E-mail mail phone will verify this data. In my example, the username is and my password in your case is your email address and password. If your mail is on then it approximately looks like this and everywhere in the settings you specify the type of incoming mail server, outgoing mail server

2) Email settings on nokia c3-01 and the like. In the menu, open messages, then configure the mail, read the agreement, if you agree, accept the agreement and confirm. A page should now load for selecting mail services. Choose the mail service on which your mailbox is located. For example, I select, a window opens to select a domain, select, then fill in the email address of the type in the form below, fill in the password for the mail, click on the input. If you entered the email address and password correctly, then your mail is ready to go. Now you can watch email on your phone at any time, as well as send emails from phone. If your mail is not on, then select the mail service on which your mailbox is located in the menu with mail services. If the mail service on which your mailbox is located is not listed, select another one and fill in the email address and password there.

3) Email settings on nokia 2700 and the like. In the menu, select messages, then email should appear. Do you have an email address that you want to use? select yes a message appears with a suggestion enter your email address: enter. For example, I enter confirm approx. Now the phone will ask you to enter the Internet to search for parameters, confirm without finding it, you will ask to enter the manual settings confirm. Enter the name of the mailbox, for example telefoniy your name, then the email address in my example Next, select the Registration Data item and select a username to enter, enter, and you will enter your password and enter your password again. Go to the inbox settings item and select the incoming server. POP3 and type type. Now go to the outgoing mail settings (SMTP) item and select the outgoing mail server (SMTP), enter, then in the same paragraph enter the username and you enter your mail and enter the password and again the password. All now, your email on the nokia 2700 is ready.