Where Do Turtles Live?

Turtle is one of the oldest animals on the plan from the reptile class. Representatives of these reptiles are divided into two large orders: land and sea. At the same time, terrestrial are still divided into freshwater and land. Reptiles are tied to living conditions, because their bodies do not work as well as mammals and birds, mechanisms that maintain a constant temperature work. Where do turtles live in the wild? Their range is practically all over the Earth, on land and under water, in a temperate and tropical climatic zone.

Turtles and nature

Sea turtles live in the warm waters of the seas and oceans, very rarely swimming up to cold streams.

Where Do Turtles Live?

Two families belong to this suborder: Dermochelyide (consists of only one leatherback turtle) and Cheloniidae (includes five species). Common sea turtles include:

  • The olive turtle lives in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean off the coast of Africa, India, Australia, Japan, all the way to Brazil and Venezuela;
  • The Atlantic Ridley prefers shallow water up to fifty meters with a silty or sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the English Channel, on the European coast of the Atlantic;
  • Loggerhead is distributed in the warm parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Bissa is found in southern Africa, in the UK, Black, Mediterranean and Sea of ​​Japan;
  • A green turtle is found in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

The range of the leatherback turtle coincides with the Loggerhead, but in the areas of Sri Lanka and the southern coast of India, this reptile was hardly studied by scientists.

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Where Do Turtles Live?

And where do land turtles live? Most often these are open spaces, but some species live in tropical forests. The most suitable climate for representatives of this family is Southern Europe, New World, Africa, Asia.

Freshwater turtles are a large family of this class. They are common on almost all continents, with the exception of Australia, Antarctica, and northern Eurasia. Such reptiles live in various reservoirs, often ice-free for the winter and with a weak current.

Representatives of each species of freshwater reptiles, as a rule, have their own area of ​​residence. For example, Pakistan and India prefer roofing turtles. Batagur happens on the Indochina Peninsula, as well as on Sumatra. In the basins of Brahmaputra, Indus and Ganges, you can find a diadem turtle. From southeastern Mexico to Ecuador, a magnificent tortoise is observed. From South Canada to Florida, the home of the painted Testudines.

Where Do Turtles Live?

And where do the red-eared turtles live in nature? This quite common species lives in the northeast of Mexico and the eastern states of the United States. Around the same territory, the genus Graptemys is common. But Western Europe, Turkey, North-West Africa, Iran and the Caucasus are home to the marsh reptile Emys orbicularis.

As can be seen only in separate examples, the answer to the question “where do turtles live in nature” is “in the waters of the oceans, fresh warm lakes, ponds and backwaters, steppes and forests in tropical climates”.

Testudines in captivity

Where do turtles live at home? The main capacity is an aquarium, aquaterrarium or terrarium.

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It is very important to choose the right ratio of air temperature, humidity, water volume and land quantity, depending on the type of reptile. Otherwise, the slider will wither away without liquid, and the Central Asian turtle will freeze without good heating.

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