When Turning on the Computer, a Black Screen Appears

If your laptop does not turn on and you see a black screen after loading, this is not a reason to run to the service center. In this article. Tips on what to do if this very black screen is displayed when starting up the laptop. We hope that after reading you will find the correct solution to this problem.

Reinstall the operating system on the laptop

Symptom: example of a situation:

When I start the laptop (hp), the hp icon appears, after it displays “Welcome!” (it should be so), then the inscription freezes and a blank black screen appears, then for less than a second blue and immediately a window appears where you can choose either safe mode or normal Windows boot. If you choose “regular download”, then everything is repeated anew (that is, a dark screen on the laptop) or the laptop turns off sharply! Windows 7, if that.

What to do. That is, the computer turns on and successfully reaches the operating system boot. Most likely, hardware problems are not observed.

If a black screen appears on the laptop when starting Windows, we recommend reinstalling the operating system. this is the best way to restore the download.

To do this, just use the Windows 10 boot disk or USB flash drive. The best utility for recording flash drives, in our opinion. Rufus

When Turning on the Computer, a Black Screen Appears

Use safe mode to boot your laptop.

I have a black screen problem. At night I put the laptop into sleep mode, in the morning I turn it on: the laptop has a black screen and the mouse cursor runs if you move it.

I tried to restart the laptop, everything is fine The Windows icon is there, but the black screen, I wanted to reinstall Windows already, I selected it from the USB flash drive. all normal but again a black screen. pulled out the battery, tried Windu return to normal, knocked out an error. What to do if the laptop screen does not turn on?

Symptom: When you turn on the laptop, you see the Windows logo, but as soon as the download is completed, a black screen appears with the cursor. The desktop does not appear, while you can go to the task manager.

What to do. A small but effective method if you cannot restore the loading of the operating system on the laptop. Use Windows Safe Mode.

You can activate it after initializing the BIOS, before loading the operating system. After turning on the computer, hold down the F8 key on the keyboard. Among the additional boot options, you can choose the Safe Mode itself or its variants.

Remove conflicting drivers on the laptop and replace with working ones

the laptop started to generate a driver error. when I started the game, I turned it off. the laptop worked fine, went in again. after which he pressed the button and turned it off, then restarted it. Now the laptop does not boot, the black screen does not light up at all. everything works except for the screen 🙁

What to do. Boot Windows in safe mode and remove drivers that conflict with the system. Go to the developer’s site and download the latest drivers for your version of the operating system. Instructions on how to do this.

It also makes sense to contact the developers with this problem or look for a solution to your problem on the card developers forum. Judging by the description of your problem, the black screen on the laptop is caused precisely by a driver conflict.

Check if the hard drive is detected in the laptop BIOS

If the laptop does not load and you still see a black screen, try entering the BIOS (if it boots) and checking if the hard disk (ssd) is detected.

Remove the laptop cover and check the mounting of the RAM modules.

We recommend that you check the tightness of the connection between the RAM modules and the laptop slots: if the RAM bar has moved away from the motherboard, it is quite possible that the computer will not turn on.

Clean your laptop from dust

Finally, another tip: if the laptop makes a lot of noise when loading, clean the dust. Sometimes overheating of the computer directly affects the success of loading Windows.

Laptop matrix does not work

Your monitor may not work. that is, the matrix of the laptop is out of order. It can be replaced by specialists in a service center or in a repair shop in your city.

Contact a service center

It makes sense to perform all of the above actions only with special skills for servicing the laptop. Otherwise, contact a reliable specialist.

Question. Answer

When I turn on the laptop, I just see a black screen. All the lights are on, as if the computer is on. But, nevertheless, when you turn on the laptop a black screen. I click on all the buttons. nothing happens, the computer and the Windows operating system do not boot.

Answer. If the laptop starts, this is already a positive point. It is important to establish at what point the black screen appears, whether information is displayed before the operating system itself is loaded. Based on your description. most likely one of the components of the laptop failed. It is best to diagnose a computer at a service center.

My Lenovo V560 laptop stopped loading: I see only a black laptop screen when I turn it on. I reinstalled the system, everything became ok. For two days it worked perfectly, on the third it does not start. Loaded to the words “welcome” then a black screen. I reinstalled the system again. Again, two days worked and the same thing. What could it be, what to do? There are no virus viruses, checked by Doctor Web.

Answer. If the laptop / Windows does not load, try installing a different version of Windows. It can be either another edition of the same OS or a newer one (your laptop model by configuration fully supports Windows 10).

If you bought a laptop recently, you can contact the service center, describing the problem. Perhaps one of the components of the laptop has problems. As a rule, the weak link is the hard drive.

After downloading the program and rebooting after installation, the laptop when loading vis and after loading windows the black screen appears, but the boot ring spun for about 20 minutes. Turned the laptop off and on again. For some reason, the Windows operating system and the black screen on the laptop do not load. Then, when turned on, it was written: preparation for automatic recovery. The screen is black, without inscriptions. And any signs of work. Whether it is restored or not is not clear. How long has this been going on?

Answer. In your case, it would be correct to boot into Windows safe mode and delete the program, after the installation of which a black screen began to be observed (apparently, you know its name).

Lenovo laptop. There were no new programs and system updates in recent days (Windows 10). He began to slow down the screen (picture), a little freeze (the audio player was open). Then it passed, I closed the lid.

The next time you wake up, the Lenovo boot screen hangs, but the laptop does not turn on as before. The outline of a window may flicker (it reminds you of the command line by location) and a black screen. There is a cursor. The restore button turns on the mode (probably?), But does not go beyond the pale blue screen. Safe mode does not turn on (the menu is not corny when I press F8), and I can’t find out what the problem is, which caused a dark screen on the laptop.

Answer. Perhaps you do not press the F8 button at the right time, but sooner or later than necessary. Press F8 periodically immediately after turning on the computer. Perhaps the problems are due to BIOS. We recommend resetting the BIOS to default, saving changes and rebooting.

If the black screen when loading Windows 10 still appears, reinstalling the OS will help in solving your problem (this is the fastest way, in fact).

My problem is this. Recently bought a laptop. Yesterday, as always, I came home from work, turned it on, entered a password, started up, and a black screen with a cursor started up when I started. Gives an error code “80020009” and writes the error:”failed to wait for the process”, and there are all sorts of frames that something scans all the time, it’s not clear

Answer. Most likely, Windows 7 is installed on the laptop. The black screen of the laptop indicates a malfunction in the system. Error code 80020009 indicates that the dll library cannot be loaded or the process does not have execute rights. Of course, you can analyze the processes of Windows and find the reason, but this requires certain technical skills.

Reinstalling Windows on a laptop will be the best solution to your problem.

  1. Laptop models HP, Windows 7. When you start the laptop black screen, even in safe mode. You pull the cursor. the screen goes dark and nothing happens.
  1. I have this situation: I turn on the laptop, the logo is displayed “SAMSUNG” and then just a black screen. It included various key combinations, but nothing is displayed on the screen and Windows does not load.

Answer. Have you tried to solve the problem with the methods we advised? If all else fails and when the laptop boots up, the black screen appears again, start with a clean reinstall of the operating system. If it does not help, look for a problem in the components of the laptop. subsystem or in cooling. If the cursor is displayed. problems with the matrix of the laptop should not be.

When the ASUS laptop is turned on, a black screen and cursor appears, in safe mode the same. System recovery fails, what should I do? Reinstalling Windows is impossible, I do not want to lose data. The BIOS is blocked all the more, I do not know the password for it.

Answer. The problem is not with the hardware of the laptop, but rather with the operating system or the incorrect layout of the hard drive.

It is a pity that you did not give a description of the error that appears during the system recovery phase. You can reinstall Windows not from a disk, but from a USB flash drive by burning the image using the Rufus utility.

You can reset the BIOS password by closing the necessary contacts on the motherboard or by removing the battery from it for a while.

1. I studied your article, but did not find my case. I have Windows 7 installed on my Acer laptop. After turning on, I have a black screen and a cursor that I can move. I can start the task manager and from it any program. Rebooting, removing the battery, loading in safe mode leads to the same result (black laptop screen and cursor controlled by me).

The problem appeared, presumably, after the cat walked on the keyboard. What can be done to make everything work again as usual?

2. When you turn on the computer, everything seems to be fine, but the Windows operating system does not boot. I just look at the black screen and that’s it, there’s no cursor, not even the standard Windows command line. What to do. I can’t imagine. But it all started with the fact that I just sat listening to music on VK, at one point it began to freeze until it finally hung. I had to restart the computer, because the task manager did not turn on, Windows could not start for a long time. After there was the restoration of Vindus, and then there was that notorious black screen.

Answer. In order to understand the reason for the black screen, examine the Windows system log. It will help to detect if not the moment of the error, then the cause of the black screen on the laptop.

If the analysis of the log did not help to find out the cause of the conflict, you can roll back to the previous restore point to resume regular Windows operation.

Perhaps the black screen is caused by a virus. Check the laptop with any antivirus and disable unnecessary items from startup.

Notebook model: HP 620. Windows 10. Picked up a virus. I decided, without realizing it, to reinstall Windows 10. Result. the laptop does not work at all, Windows 10 does not start. It constantly tries to boot. Only BIOS works. How to restore Windows from BIOS without installing a new Windows? Recovery of control points is missing in all respects.

Answer. The possibility of recovery depends on the current state of installed Windows 10. Judging by the description, the possibility of regular recovery on a laptop is lost. You can try to boot into Windows recovery mode using the Tens installation disc. But most likely, a clean installation of the OS will be required. To do this, in the BIOS, set the drive or usb flash drive (if you are installing Windows from a bootable USB flash drive) as the boot device.

Old DNS laptop (Nvidia and Intel HD graphics, 8 Gb RAM, Core i3, win7). The essence of the problem:

He worked with lightroom and, as usual, having saved the changed photos, closed the laptop. After half a day, I opened the laptop, but the screen was blank (lit, but was black). I rebooted the laptop, discharged the battery to zero, did a reset on power. the problem did not disappear, but only worsened. Now the screen is blank, glowing in black, from the very press of the power button. In this case, the laptop loads Win and turns off (it takes about 2 minutes from turning on the laptop to auto-shutting down). I don’t have a monitor with VGA, but I had my HDMI turned off. (Tell me, where is the problem?”

The problem with the Asus laptop, windows7, it all started with the fact that I rebooted it, and after that you are always welcome when loading, then a black screen with the cursor. When you click off. A screen with a login icon opens, but there is an inscription blocked. I can’t log in, it becomes a black screen again, the task manager opens, but all recovery methods are unsuccessful, it shows an error, it prompts for advanced recovery or try again. I tried to do it through f8, also unsuccessfully, the screen remains black with info about safe mode. Help !! I don’t know what else to do, or at least understand the reason for such a disaster!

When the laptop starts, it displays a welcome window, then a black screen with a cursor. They tried to reinstall Windows from the disk, it doesn’t work, it throws it onto the black screen again. What to do. Windows 7 maximum speed, Samsung laptop. Before that, I signed a little and it happened there was a squeak.

Lenovo laptop. When you turn on just a black screen. There are no logos, no downloads, nothing at all. I thought at first on the screen itself. I tried to turn on the same result through the second monitor (I connected it to the TV via hdmi). What could be the reason? In the BIOS, too, do not enter any keys does not respond.

I have an Acer laptop. Unsuccessfully turned off the laptop, then turned it on again a few minutes later, the logo appears on the screen “acer” then Windows starts up and as usual the start count goes out but after that the black screen I press F1 a gray screen saver appears in italics and then nothing else. I tried through F8 through a safe and through the last successful configuration but everything repeats again. What to do?

screwed up with a laptop, and when it was turned on, it was scanning and repairing then it all hung up after the alt key went defragmentation and in general everything. Lenovo logo doesn’t cause anything to work on the black screen or the dispatcher; it doesn’t work at all in the BIOS fn r either. nothing happens. please give advice and better recommendations

I recently bought an Asus laptop, there were problems, it didn’t turn off, then everything went away, now when I turn it on, a black screen appears, the icons are visible, but I can’t even turn it off, what should I do?

The problem is this, when you turn on the laptop, it starts, but there are no images on the screen. The hdd indicator does not light at all. After the laptop stands for 15-20 minutes, it can start! But for a couple of minutes, no more. Then it immediately freezes and there is a buzz in the speakers, or a black screen. Windows also can not be demolished, since even during the installation process the laptop freezes.

I have a Prestigio laptop, I sat behind it on my own business, went away to make tea, while closing the laptop. Usually I open it and a password box appears there. And this time there was just a black screen. Help me please. If anything, I have Windows 10.

The reason for this error is not known to me, and Her solution, too.

At first, the laptop for a long time just hung tight from games, later it started to depend on what I was sitting in the browser, it came to that even when I just wandered around folders in disks (Hard one, just divided into 3 sections). Ultimately, the Lenovo g570 laptop freezes tightly, after restarting it, loading the operating system comes to “windows launch” and does not download further. I tried to restore the system via flash media, so through the disk, it comes to “Installation start” and just stupidly loads (the cursor icon is spinning), you can wait forever.

System recovery also does not help, it hangs at the moment when a window should appear, where we select the last possible rollback. It doesn’t enter any safe modes.

The laptop was charging in sleep mode, I can not turn it off, since it is fully charged, and the battery is not designed to be removed. What can I do then? Come on, I just have to wait until the laptop sits down? But will he sit down at all?

PS When you press the shutdown button, the laptop goes into sleep mode and the method with f8 does not work.

My problem is that when you start the lenovo g510 laptop, nothing appears on the tap, but the laptop works and makes characteristic sounds. After 5-10 minutes, the Lenovo icon appears and the laptop starts up. At the same time, while turning on, with a black screen, the laptop is very hot

When you turn on the laptop, an attempt is made to automatically restore, and so on in a circle. Again and again, the attempt to restore will turn off and again does not respond to any actions.

I have a Lenovo z570 laptop, windows 7. The laptop worked fine, but today it turned on everything was fine, they wrote me a welcome, but when it turned on it got out a black screen and an on-screen keyboard, because Currently, some keys do not work. Restarted many times, nothing happens. The mouse works, but there are no icons, a completely black screen. Help me please!

Hello, I have such a problem with the screen:

When you turn on the laptop, the screen is dark, but it is not stupidly black, but it can be seen how it turns to simply dark when turned on, at first the action with removing and installing the RAM back helped me, but then I started to help one time, I looked another way: turning on the laptop without a battery, only on charging, but it only helped me once, now I can’t turn it on in any way, when outputting to a TV via an HDMI cable, the picture is displayed normally, tell me, please, what could be the problem.

I hope I clearly explained my problem)

A black screen with a cursor appeared on the laptop, it doesn’t respond to the keyboard at all, it’s audible to f8 and others that the download is in progress, but the screen remains black.

“Good afternoon. Such a problem, after the fall of the laptop, Windows loads, then a black screen with a cursor appears for a long time, then after 5 minutes it loads further and is worth it. 1 time plunged to the desktop and hung. Do you think it is possible that the cable from the hard drive has departed or what could be the problem? Thanks in advance.”

“After entering this command “”create partition primary”” the laptop freezes. And when you boot windows from a bootable USB flash drive, a black screen appears and that’s it. I converted a GPT disk to P.R. MBR. I tried to install windows on a USB flash drive, it doesn’t help, it’s still a black screen. Goes into bios.”

Hello, such a problem: I rebooted the laptop, after loading the Windows window a black screen. Reinstalled windows, everything worked fine and then a black screen, but some alerts come. Again after rebooting the black screen. What do you tell me to do?

When Windows 7 starts up, the laptop displays a black screen and underscore in the upper left corner. Laptop after a fire on a piece of board

In general, for some reason I went to the C: /Windows/System32/shell32.dll folder and moved the shell32.dll file to the desktop, after which I could not put it back and decided to turn off the laptop. Then the Windows logo was lit up and the slider from the bottom, as usual in general, after this download a black screen appeared, the inscription RUS sometimes flickered to the bottom and if you move the mouse, the cursor was visible. I tried to do something and failed, my keyboard on the laptop is bad, some keys do not work.

I turn on the laptop. Then comes a few points on how to boot Windows. I click regular windows boot. Then, during boot, a blue screen comes out with the code 0x000000ED what should I do?

I bought an asus x540y laptop, after installing Windows (the laptop was clean), asus appears for less than a second and a black screen, does not respond to keys and other things, please help

When restoring (rolling back) the system, the laptop freezes. I accidentally turned it off. Then it became: the company logo and a black screen are loaded.

when you turn on the laptop, a black screen with a cursor is displayed, and in the lower right corner they write

“Activating Windows To activate Windows, go to the ,, options” section of your Asus laptop.