Whatsapp on your computer without downloading

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp for computer is a popular messenger that allows you to exchange text and voice messages, multimedia files with your friends around the world. Has an easy to use interface and a lot of features.

  • Making voice calls;
  • Protection of dialogs from third parties;
  • Convenient widget on the desktop;
  • Email notifications;
  • WhatsApp allows you to create group chats;
  • A wide range of emoticons and GIF animations;
  • Quick sending of photo, video and audio files;
  • The ability to exchange text messages;
  • The new version of WhatsApp contains many skins to customize the menu and dialog box;
  • Regular updates of the mobile app from the official developer website.
  • Integration with your browser is possible;
  • Developed user notification system;
  • Quick registration by phone number;
  • Provides strong protection during data transfer;
  • Ability to send SMS and make audio calls;
  • Russian-speaking interface, simple and easy operation of WhatsApp;
  • Available to copy your address book from your cell phone;
  • There are versions of WhatsApp for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone;
  • The computer version provides the same quality of communication as the mobile version;
  • No Android emulator is required to install the program on your computer or laptop.
  • PC WhatsApp does not work with Windows XP;
  • The mobile version of WhatsApp has more emoticons;
  • You need a stable Internet connection over Wi-Fi.

Features of the PC version of WhatsApp

The PC version of WhatsApp offers a similar interaction scenario to iOS and Android: the developers transferred to Windows and MacOS the same chat and video conferencing, microphone support and media content sharing (photos, videos, documents). Communities and groups are available on PC, plus animated stickers, ad and spam blockers, and flexible privacy settings. Only biometric identity verification (using Touch ID and Face ID) and some third-party technologies are in question.

whatsapp, your, computer, downloading

The pluses of the messenger on the PC are immediately noticeable: official keyboard and mouse support (with sufficient skill typing speed increases many times over), the ability to share media content, view and freely control the amount of cache stored on your hard drive. There will be no problems with the preliminary preparation of the messenger before communication. it’s enough to look in the browser and pass authorization by QR-code.

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The disadvantages of the computer version of WhatsApp are related to the incorrect display of emoji and stickers in chats (especially those forwarded from iOS, like Memoji), strange scaling of text in conversations and problems with third-party equipment, like webcams and microphones. Now the sound is interrupted on the half-word, then the picture wanders during the conference. There are also problems with updating: mobile operating systems are developing many times faster and offer exclusive content.

WhatsApp Web on your phone

The Android mobile operating system allows you to fully run the web version of the messenger WhatsApp Web through a browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox). The sequence of actions is quite usual:

  • Open in the browser on an additional smartphone or tablet WhatsApp Web (WhatsApp Web) and find the QR code;
  • Scan the image that appears through the section with the “Settings” and pass authorization;
  • Start chatting and view available correspondence, contacts and organized groups.

If it is not too convenient to communicate through the browser, it is much more productive to use the special software presented in Play Market. Among the advantages are a separately working notification system, a collection of additional settings and full system cloning. the messenger will start working immediately on both your smartphone and tablet (or third-party mobile equipment).

The situation with iOS is more complicated: the web version of the messenger is not available in the App Store and does not run through Safari. When trying to get authorized through a mobile browser, instead of a QR code for scanning, only an ad block appears, centered around WhatsApp Business. Requesting the “desktop version” of the site (the function is supported since iOS 12) corrects the situation. WhatsApp Web page will display the instructions for logging in, but will not allow to correspond and view chats already available.

Instructions for installation

To run the browser version of the application, follow these steps:

  • Open the page https://web in any PC browser.whatsapp.com;
  • open WhatsApp on your smartphone;
  • go to the menu (three dots on Android) or to “Settings” (on iPhone) and click on “WhatsApp Web”;
  • click on “Bind your device”;
  • point the camera at the QR-code on the computer screen.

If all went well, the phone will display an inscription like “Google Chrome (Windows). Session: Wednesday 19:10”, and in the open tab on your computer will start WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp. one of the most popular messengers in the world

The developers of the app are Ian Kum and Brian Ecton. It was created in 2009, and bought in 2014. To date, remains a standalone app whose mission is considered to create seamless communication anywhere in the world.

Messenger supports different platforms: Android, iOS, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone. Also on our Internet portal you can download WhatsApp Web for Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 8.

We’ve already posted the latest version. Use the link below to download or update the program.

Features of the PC and laptop version

The growing popularity of the application has led to the fact that since 2016 users have been able to install WhatsApp on their computer. Thanks to this, it became available to communicate and check notifications without taking a break from work on the PC, view received photos and videos on a larger screen, as well as immediately download files to local drives.

Since registration in the system is performed by phone number, after installing the messenger on PC users have immediate access to all chats and contacts.

The desktop version is constantly in sync with the mobile version, so notifications of new messages and calls arrive on both devices without delay.

Additionally, a similar feature allows:

  • automatically form and update the list of contacts;
  • Not to worry about creating and remembering passwords, logins;
  • Avoid constant authorizations in the system.

WhatsApp for PC has all the features that the mobile app has. Users can edit and customize chats, search for new contacts. With a suitable headset (microphone, camera) it is also possible to listen, send audio messages and selfies. And since March 2021, WhatsApp for PC has been able to make individual video and audio calls, which is not yet available in the browser-based version. WhatsApp Web.

What is WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is an online version of the messenger that can be accessed from any browser. It does not require downloading and installing the application, but has a limited functionality compared to the installed version. In particular, audio and video calls are not available. It has no advantages over the PC version. Yes, you don’t need to install it, but tying it to the mobile app via QR code is still required.

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Using the web version

  • Install the messenger on your smartphone (you can read more about how to do this here)
  • Using Google Chrome go to the website web.whatsapp.com, In both cases you will see a QR-code, as in the screenshot.
whatsapp, your, computer, downloading
  • Go to the “Chats” section on your phone;
  • Open the menu and select the item “WhatsApp Web”;

Using WhatsApp Web on PC without downloading the program and without a smartphone

WhatsApp Web is an add-on that can be used to work with the messenger from a personal computer from home or office. The program can be used as an additional option to the personal account of the application, which is applied using a mobile device. Data and messages sync across two devices. You can view the information both on your PC and on your mobile device.

You can use the add-on even if you do not download it to your personal computer. This option is particularly convenient if you want to log in using someone else’s computer.

Step-by-step instructions for installing WhatsApp on your computer:

The first thing we do is to download the Start BlueStacks emulator here. Run the file BlueStacks-ThinInstaller.exe

Then you simply install the emulator, all settings can be left by default:

Now you need to download WhatAapp in APK format, you can download it here by following the link. After that, run the file. com.whatsapp.

Wait a couple of minutes for Whatsapp to install:

Open BlueStacks and run the messenger:

Now wait about 4-5 minutes, while the program will try to boil you SMS in the application. We’re installing WhatsApp on your computer, so you won’t be able to send. Wait for !

A callback window will appear. Press call me and wait for a call from the program. A girl with a pleasant voice will dictate the number for activation, which you enter in the field:

In the next step you will have to enter your. You can add smikik in the name and now you can start using Watsap directly on your computer!

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