WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card install

Does whatsApp work on a tablet without a SIM card?

Initially, the application was developed exclusively for smartphones, and the installation of WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card was not supposed. But the world does not stand still, and the demand of users is often greatly ahead of the proposal of developers. Today we will figure out whether it is possible to successfully use the program in the absence of SIM card, without resorting to the help of a smartphone.

First, make sure that the device is in working condition, has good access to Wi-Fi and it has enough space for installing the program. You will also need a working SIM card.

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How to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card:

  • When the program offers to log in, enter a real phone number, a SMS code will come to you to confirm. If you have problems with SMS-notification, choose a variant of voice verification. Remember the code and enter it in the right field;
  • In order for the operation to be crowned with success, it is necessary to allow applications from unknown sources in security parameters. At the end you can remove the check.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. The process will not take much time. Having done these simple steps, you will get the opportunity to use WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card. Does the program work on its own? To use the application, you need access to the Internet. Once there is no possibility of connecting at the expense of a mobile operator, you cannot communicate through a messenger outside the Wi-Fi zone.

This is how the installation of WhatsApp on the tablet without SIM card looks like. But there is another option for using the program.

How to configure WhatsApp without phone number

The first steps, in principle, are no different from the classical installation scheme, but then it will be necessary to resort to the help of an additional utility. And this is not at all scary and easy.

  • Download the latest, updated version of the program (about how to download WhatsApp for your phone, we wrote earlier)
  • If you already have an account in the messenger, then you can restore chats through Google Drive.
  • When the load ends, install the application and close it, without moving to the next step.

And now the hack that you have been waiting for so long. Now is the time to get a virtual room for Watsap.

How to install WhatsApp without SIM

You can register in the system using a temporary or home number. Authorization through third.Party applications is also allowed.

Through a virtual phone number

There are services that provide data for registration on social networks and instant messengers. The virtual number can be designed on the SMS-CTIVATE website.Ru/ru. They work with him like this:

  • Registered in the service using an email address. The system sends a letter with reference. After the transition through it, the registration process is completed.
  • Bring money for balance. Minimum amount. 2 free virtual numbers are not provided. However, they are issued for a small fee. From 1 to 59 fake room for WhatsApp will cost 6
  • Indicate the country and the mobile operator.
  • Choose a service for which the number will be purchased. Set the number of phones.
  • Apply the function “buy”. The system generates a virtual number with all the functions of a simple. It is introduced into the corresponding line of the messenger, press the “Send code” button.
  • They wait for SMS and its verification by the system to confirm the number.

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There are services on which a virtual number is issued.

With the correct performance of actions, it will be possible to enter the account and start using Watsap in the usual way.

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Using a stationary phone

Sometimes registration of the messenger is required with a binding to the home apparatus. How to install “WhatsApp” and go into profile when using a stationary device:

  • Download a program from an official store for a smartphone or tablet. Agree with the rules for using the program.
  • Choose a country. Enter the home number in the same way as when registering through a mobile. The country’s code is not necessary.
  • Click on the “Get Code No.” button. A message with a key to a stationary apparatus cannot enter.
  • Wait for the completion of the automatic search for SMS, which lasts about 5 minutes.
  • Click on the call check button. The robot will send a call to the home apparatus, it needs to be accepted and listened to the end.
  • Enter the number named after the voice assistant. Fill out the account, complete the procedure.

Using Textnow

Using this utility in “WhatsApp”, without a phone number, they are recorded as follows:

  • Download Textnow from a pre.Installed catalog of programs. The application is compatible with most mobile OS. When registering on a PC, an android emulator is installed.
  • Run Textnow, complete the boot procedure. Record the number generated by the system after setting up the utility. If the information is not displayed, they will find out their number through the settings menu.
  • On the Android smartphone is pressed in 3 stripes located in the upper part of the window. On the iPhone, this icon is located in the same place.
  • Launch “WhatsApp” on their device. Start registration: agree with the rules for using the application.
  • Enter the phone obtained through Textnow. Indicate the country, choosing the right value from the list.
  • Are waiting for the end of automatic code checking. After that, the system will offer to make a call. When the notification appears, the “Call” key is pressed.
  • Receive the key, listening to the information given by the robot. Voice Assistant repeats the code several times. It is remembered or recorded.
  • Enter the key into the appropriate application line. Complet the installation “Watsap”.

On the old work issue

This method is chosen if there is a phone with a SIM card and a tablet without it. In this case, you will have to register through a smartphone in advance. After that, it remains only to download “WhatsApp” on the second device and synchronize them. However, even if the technical characteristics of the gadget do not allow you to download the application, you can register. To do this, use the voice version of the check:

  • Enter a number in a special field of the messenger. They begin to create an account.
  • Wait for the completion of the automatic check SMS. Choose the option of sending a voice call. Remember the code.
  • Enter the key in a standard way.

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Why sometimes WhatsApp is not supported on the tablet

Sometimes it happens that the application is not installed at all, there is not even a button for installation in Play Market or iOS. This means that WhatsApp for the tablet is not supported on this device.

This happens only on very old models or on a technique that was attacked by a virus.

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger greatly facilitated the life of the application users, introducing data synchronization. To communicate through a messenger from a phone, computer or tablet, you do not need to create another account and re.Register. This article is devoted to the question “how to synchronize WhatsApp with a tablet” and contains a detailed guide how to do it.

In addition, on our website you can find out how to download and install WhatsApp on a computer with Windows 10.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet?

Installing Viber on the tablet does not make problems, which our site wrote in sufficient detail. In the case of WhatsApp, get ready to spend more time. In addition, the use of one number on the smartphone and tablet is simultaneously impossible. For this reason, you should use another number-this is if the tablet does not support SIM cards. If it supports, then everything is much easier.

Open the Play Market. Write in the search for WhatsApp.

Go to the official page page of the application. If you see the “install” button, press it and install whatsApp as a regular application. If you see the message “not supported on your device”, namely you will probably see it, then let’s go the other way.

Go to the official website of WhatsApp, where you can download the latest version of the Android application in the form of an APK file (https: // www.Whatsapp.COM/Android/). Download the application to the computer or, if you went from the tablet, then to the tablet.

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Go to any file manager, find the WhatsApp file.APK and click on it once.

Check out the permissions, then click “Install”.

If the tablet does not allow the application from an unknown source, allow me to do this using the corresponding button. We do not have it, so we just click “install“.

Launch WhatsApp, click “accept and continue”.

We see a message that tablets are not supported. Press OK.

Select the country and enter the phone number, then click “Next”. Remember, if you attach to WhatsApp on the tablet the number to which your smartphone is tied, you will not be able to use WhatsApp on a smartphone. If the tablet has its own SIM card, everything is fine.

Enter the code that came in an SMS message.

Whatsapp earned. But there is a problem. There is no address book on the tablet, and therefore we do not see contacts. Well, if you have an address book, in this case there should be no problems (it has tablets with support for SIM cards and voice communications).

Whatsapp Web on a tablet

Officially, the WhatsApp web version works only on the computer, but you can run it on your mobile device. You do not need to download additional services or make complex settings.

Connection to the account is carried out through a smartphone. To do this, you need to take a phone with an installed messenger, open QR on a tablet and scan it.

Synchronization takes less than a minute. After mating, saved contacts and messages will appear on a laptop. All new text messages will appear on both synchronized devices, and notifications will also sound.

Important. You cannot make calls through WhatsApp www.

How to open a window with a QR code

To open WhatsApp web on the tablet, it is not enough to go to the site exchange website through the browser. The official site automatically determines the type of device and offers to install a messenger. To run WhatsApp Web on a tablet, you need to switch the page to PC mode.

Instructions on how to open the WhatsApp web code on the tablet:

Important. This code is used to enter the system. Your Android or iPad tablet should be connected to the Internet. If the code is too small, increase the page scale.

The browser integration may vary. As an example, we used the ASUS tablet with the Google Chrome browser. Most web browsers can switch to the viewing mode for PC, this option is available in the settings.

How to log in in the account

As soon as the code appears on the screen, you can start synchronization. You will need a smartphone that should be constantly connected to the Internet, and the tablet. Scanning is performed in a matter of seconds.

Instructions for the entrance to WhatsApp Web on the tablet:

  • Open the QR code on the tablet, as shown in the instructions above.
  • Take a smartphone in your hand.
  • Open the scanner. To do this, click on the dashed button, select WhatsApp Web.
  • Pull the camera on the tablet display, the phone vibrates.

Using Wapsap Web on a tablet is the same as on a computer. If the icons are small and you cannot read the text in messages, change the page scale.

Advice. Can’t scan the QR code scan? Wipe the tablet with a soft cloth, muffle the light in the room and eliminate the glare. If the smartphone cannot focus, reduce the brightness of the display to make QR more noticeable.

whatsapp, tablet, card, install

How to quickly download and install WhatsApp on a tablet?

We bring to your attention a simple method for installing WhatsApp on a tablet. An attempt to download a messenger to a tablet from an official application store will be meaningless. Since this device is not supported by the program. Despite official restrictions, there are methods that allow you to circumvent the established ban. To install WhatsApp on this device, the user will need:

  • The current phone number, which will be required for registration in the application
  • The presence of mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.
  • Tablet in working condition.
  • The presence of free space in RAM.

Before loading the APK file on the device based on Android, it is necessary to activate the option that allows you to download it from third.Party sources. To do this, the user needs to perform the following actions:

  • In the “settings” of the device, select the “Safety” section.
  • Opposite the subsection “Allow the download of applications from unknown sources” Put a checkmark. After downloading the WhatsApp installation file, change the parameters data.
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Download the latest version of WhatsApp.APK can be from the official WhatsApp website, which is located at WhatsApp.COM/Download/. To do this, use the search engine of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser to prevent references to Play Market. In addition, loading the installation file must be made from a tablet or computer. In the latter case, the file is transferred from PC to the tablet.

The installation procedure does not require special skills and takes only a few minutes. At the end of the process, run the messenger through the label located on the desktop. The program opens a window with a request Enter an active phone number. To do this, enter the number to which the existing account is tied, use any other SIM card or virtual number for registration. SMS with an authentication code will come to the mobile phone number. Next, make account settings.

Setting WhatsApp without phone number using Textnow

In order to install WhatsApp without a phone number and SIM card you need:

whatsapp, tablet, card, install
  • Install the application if WhatsApp has not previously been installed on the tablet.
  • When a messenger with the current number is installed on the device, delete the application and install a new program.

The user will need to download and install the Textnow application on the device. You can download the utility with Play Market-for Android devices, App Store and iTunes-for devices with iOS, Microsoft Store-for Windows Phone. After downloading the installation file, install the utility. Now open the messenger, indicate the country and enter the number indicated in Textnow. Wait a few minutes until the option “Call me” appears. Now return to the auxiliary program. Answer the bot and write down the protective code. Enter a secret combination in the corresponding line of the WhatsApp window.

Installation of WhatsApp with reference to the city number

There is another way to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card. Using a stationary phone number. Launch the messenger on the device, then perform the usual registration procedure. In the line in which you need to specify the current mobile number enter your home phone number. Wait for the end of the identification procedure using SMS. Click the “Call” button to request the reverse call of WhatsApp. Now answer the bot and write down the protective code they dictated by them. You will only have to enter the secret code in the authorization column in WhatsApp.

How to enter the application without a SIM card

The registered and active user account on any device will work regardless of which SIM card is in the device. You can use WhatsApp on your tablet as many times as you like, and the device itself may not even have a slot for a SIM card. The same applies to smartphones.

You just need the Internet 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.D., To work normally, make calls, audio and video, send messages and files.

whatsapp, tablet, card, install

In the case of authorization in a web version or a desktop version of the application, you also do not need a SIM card. Here, the check is carried out by scanning the QP code using the built-in scanner in the application on the smartphone. The only condition for using a web version and the desktop version of the service is the availability of a master account installed and activated on the phone. Thus, the entrance to WhatsApp without a phone number is not a problem if WhatsApp is activated on your phone.

Installation of WhatsApp with reference to the city number

There is another way to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card. Using a stationary phone number. Launch the messenger on the device, then perform the usual registration procedure. In the line in which you need to specify the current mobile number enter your home phone number.

whatsapp, tablet, card, install

Wait for the end of the identification procedure using SMS. Click the “Call” button to request the reverse call of WhatsApp. Now answer the bot and write down the protective code they dictated by them. You will only have to enter the secret code in the authorization column in WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without SIM

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