Whatsapp For Computer Without Download

A few years ago it was difficult to imagine that it would be possible to use various programs and applications without installing special content. Modern cloud services have proven that this is really possible. Having opened this technology, the developers began to “plan” the software of various subjects and directions with might and main, placing them in the cloud. The authors of the Vatsap program did not fail to use this opportunity. Therefore, now WhatsApp Online (Vatsap Online) is available to everyone without any restrictions.

What is WhatsApp?

Perhaps this is the most progressive program for communicating on mobile devices and personal computers. She absorbed all the advantages of Skype and Viber and ICQ. over, all the actions here are tied to the subscriber’s mobile phone number. This greatly simplifies the process of registration, data collection and working with contacts. The system itself scans your list for what friends and acquaintances have installed WhatsApp, and then combines them into groups. A ready list of all those who can already communicate within the system immediately becomes available to you. And if among them there is no person you need, you can always send him an invitation.

How to work Vatsap Online

And now about the most interesting. Thanks to the Web service, you no longer need to download any files and unzip them on your computer, spending valuable disk space. The toolkit for working with Vatsap is rather modest and simple:

Whatsapp For Computer Without Download
  • Internet browser;
  • Internet connection;
  • Installed application WhatsApp np smartphone.

So, to run the application without downloading, follow our installation instructions.

Instructions for downloading and installing the WhatsApp Online (WeB) application

  • Select your operating system (Windows or Mac) and click on the green download button;
  • Install (if you have not done so already), WhatsApp service on your smartphone;
  • Run the installation file from your computer;
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone;
  • Press “Menu” or “Settings” and select “WhatsApp Web”;
  • Point your phone at the screen and scan the QR code;
  • Take full advantage of the WhatsApp Online app on your computer.

As soon as this procedure is completed, you can fully work with the application on the computer. A special window will open, which can be used in the background, and all messages and events occurring in WhatsApp will be displayed in the lower corner as push notifications.

It is worth noting that all this is available to users absolutely free. Every day, the authors work on updates and additions, offering their fans new features and excellent services that can be useful in everyday work.

Click on the picture to see detailed instructions for installing and registering the WhatsApp application on iPhone and Android