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What to do if I found my iPhone

Apple is very focused on the security of their devices. This concerns not only the data stored on your smartphone, but also the gadget itself. To do this there are several types of locking. Using them to unlock someone else’s device is not possible.

First of all there is the locking of the phone itself. There are different ways to do this, depending on the version of the device.

The fingerprint scanner

Older models use a fingerprint scanner. The smartphone scans the finger pattern and stores it in an encrypted form. Accessing this information is quite difficult.

But modern scanners are not advanced enough. You can get a fingerprint in different ways. The easiest would be a high-quality picture of the palm. Also, this scanner on smartphones often does not work. Especially if your fingers have scratches, which distort the pattern, or if your hands are wet.


Newer models have replaced the fingerprint scanner with FaceID. It’s much safer than TouchID for a number of reasons. The principle of this technology is to create a 3D model of the user’s face. It’s made possible by a special projector which projects 30,000 pixels onto your face, and an infrared camera detects them. It creates a kind of map.

During unlocking, the device compares the user’s face with what is stored in memory. If it’s a match, your phone will be unlocked. All image data is stored encrypted on the device itself and is not given to Apple. Therefore, intruders will not be able to get this information. In addition, it is not possible to unlock the smartphone by photo, either. Because the system distinguishes a 3D image from a normal one.

Pin or password

In addition to the above-mentioned technologies, the user sets another type of lock, a pin code or password. This is a security measure in cases where no fingerprint or face is scanned. The user has one more option to unlock. It is enough to enter a set of numbers or a previously established password to unlock the device and receive access to all the information.

In some cases, the user may forget the password from his phone or enter a large number of incorrect combinations. Then the device will be locked. However, this does not mean that the smartphone can no longer be used. To unlock, user is required to enter the Apple ID information. The screen will display the mail, to which the password must be specified. After that, access to the gadget will be restored.


Find iPhone” technology

To ensure the security of all the data stored on the device, Apple has introduced the technology “Find iPhone”. With its help, the user who has lost his device can lock it. It will be impossible to bypass this protection by existing means.

As soon as user points out that phone was lost, device will be locked automatically. To unlock it, you need to enter the AppleID data, which only the owner knows. In this case, the user can remotely erase all the information that is on the gadget and view on a map where the smartphone is at the moment. The function works even if the device is turned off.

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With such a blockage, reflashing will not change the situation. After a complete reboot, the system will still ask for an Apple ID password. So no one can use the phone without knowing this information. To protect yourself in this way, this technology must be activated in advance.

Buying a device “from hand”, can lead to the fact that the user will buy a locked smartphone. Often the gadgets are configured for a certain operator. In this case, you will not be able to insert your card and use the phone until your contract with the mobile operator expires. In this case, the device may be completely locked.

Resetting your password through your smartphone

This method will only work if two conditions are met:

We will use a new feature that appeared in the iPhone and iPad only in December 2021. the ability to reset the smartphone without connecting it to a computer. Here is how to do it.

You need to enter the wrong password several times in a row. You can use these attempts to try to remember the code. you may not need to go any further. If Face ID is enabled on your device, cover the front camera with your finger to prevent the screen from unlocking by scanning your face. This will take some time: after unsuccessful password attempts, the next attempt will only be allowed after a few minutes.

When the timer for the next password entry reaches 15 minutes, the “Erase iPhone device” button will appear on the screen. Tap on it.

On the next screen, click “Erase iPhone Device” again. Next, to confirm that you own the smartphone, enter the password for the Apple ID account to which your iPhone is tethered.

After that, the smartphone will restart, and you can set it up as a new one. including setting a new passcode. Please note: if the device was previously enabled with the “Find iPhone” feature, you will need to enter the password of the Apple ID account to which the smartphone was previously tethered.

Unlock your iPhone screen password with the “Erase iPhone” button

Is there a way to unlock the iPhone password without a computer or iTunes? Yes. You can now reset and erase a locked iPhone without a computer or iTunes. This will completely erase your device, including your screen access code and Apple ID.

To wipe your iPhone from the lock screen, make sure that:

Your iPhone is running iOS 15.2 or iPadOS 15.2 or later version. Your Apple ID and password that you used to set up your device. Your device must be connected to a cellular or W-Fi network.

On your iPhone screen, continue entering your password several times until the “Erase iPhone” option appears.

Click on the “Erase iPhone” button in the lower right corner.

You’ll see “Exit Apple ID.”. Enter your Apple ID password to erase the iPhone and delete it from your account.

Now you can reset the new password or face ID on your iPhone.

What to do if the “Erase iPhone” button stops working from time to time? In this case, you should enlist the help of professional iPhone password unlocking software such as UkeySoft Unlocker.

Installing new firmware via DFU mode on iPhone if you forgot your password

If the soft restore didn’t work, there’s still a hard reset to install the new firmware. This problem can be solved in DFU mode. To get there on iPhone 6 and 6s press the Home and Power button simultaneously and hold for 10 sec.

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For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the procedure is different:

  • Connect the phone to iTunes.
  • Hold down the volume down and power off buttons until the phone shuts down. Release only the Power button.
  • The screen should be black with no iTunes icon in DFU mode.
  • On your computer screen, the software will prompt you to check for updates, once you click “Check” it will tell you that the phone is in recovery mode. Press OK and reinstall the firmware (it is better to download it beforehand).

How to unlock iPhone 7 if you forgot your screen lock password? The combination of forgotten digits can be reset by resetting the counter or restoring the data. Bottom line.

Step-by-step instructions for iMac and MacBook

Open the App Store and in its settings, turn off auto updates by unchecking the appropriate box.

In the top menu bar, click on the apple icon, then select “About this Mac (MacBook)” / “Software Update”. Here you need to deactivate the “Automatically install software updates” option.

The latest tested working version of OS on the territory is MacOS Big Sur 11.6.4, MacOS Monterey 12.2.1.

If all else fails

If none of the above methods helped, you can use special software to unlock iPhone. But, this method should be approached cautiously, check resources carefully, and understand that most of them can further damage your mobile device.

The most popular iPhone unlock utility is 4uKey. The program helps if the phone owner has forgotten the password. Read more in

If you bought a new iPhone and have all the supporting documents, it is better to contact an authorized Apple center or write an e-mail directly to the manufacturer.

What to do if nothing helped you?

If you do not have access to a computer with authorized iTunes you can use the applications to restore the locked iPhone, but it is worth doing only at your own risk. For example, it could be the program iMyFone LockWiper (the recovery is done via DFU mode, the program replaces iTunes). There is also a program called 4uKey, which helps to reset the phone to factory settings and install the firmware without iTunes.

And, of course, in the extreme case with the documents confirming that the phone is yours, apply to the service center or the company itself. the letter will have to be written in English.

Can Siri unlock iPhone

The screen lock will be encountered, for example, in the following cases:

  • If Face ID has stopped working.
  • There have been several unsuccessful attempts to unlock with a fingerprint.
  • The owner forgot the combination.
  • The child was playing with the iPhone and accidentally changed the password.
  • Sometimes this situation happens when you buy a phone that has been in use. Although it rarely happens, it remains quite possible.

In such a situation, you can use Siri. By performing a simple sequence of actions, the user will gain access to the smartphone. This option is available, provided that Siri is active while the screen is locked.

The video shows unlocking with Siri:

What can be done with a locked iPhone

What to do if you forgot your iPhone password. a question that can puzzle any owner of Apple products. Solutions to the problem are in the RIA Novosti article. RIA Novosti, 24.12.2020

MOSCOW, Dec. 24. RIA Novosti. What to do if you forgot your iPhone password. a question that can puzzle any owner of Apple products. Solutions to the problem are in the RIA Novosti article.How to unlock iPhone via iTunesSpecial software for owners of Apple products can help in the case of a forgotten password from the gadget. You do not need to consult a specialist or go to the service center.If you forgot your iPhone password, it’s enough to restore your gadget with the help of your personal account, when you forgot your password on iPhone If iCloud is installed on the phone and wireless data transfer is enabled, you can restore the gadget with the help of your personal account, when you forgot your iPhone password. To do this, you must: After the process, the settings will be reset, and the question “How to recover the password on the iPhone” will disappear by itself.Reset the counter of wrong attemptsIf you set up a synchronization with your computer via iTunes, then you can unlock the iPhone by resetting the counter of wrong attempts to enter. This method is suitable if you have not forgotten the password, and before the next attempt to enter it, the screen shows not minutes, but hours and days.Algorithm of actions is as follows:Note that if the iPhone has not previously synchronized with the PC, it will not be possible to reset the counter.Recovery Mode to unlock iPhone, if you forgot the passwordClear the settings of the phone can be in Recovery Mode. This is another answer to the question, what to do if you forgot your iPhone password. In Recovery Mode the gadget will make rollback to the restore point.This will require:Important: If during the installation of new firmware error 3004 appears, close all browsers and make Internet Explorer the default browser.Note that recovery mode is launched differently for iPhone 8 and higher models. Switch your smartphone off and connect to your PC, then quickly press and release the volume up button, and after that perform the same operation with the volume down button. At the end you need to press the “Power” button and Recovery Mode will start.Installing new firmware through DFU mode on iPhone if you forgot your passwordRestarting iPhone can also be done using DFU mode. But in this case it will revert to the factory default state and you will have to restore your data from scratch.You’ll need:Example of how to put iPhone X into DFU recovery modeA model 10 phone with a forgotten password can be restored as follows:After that, you can perform the same steps as in Recovery Mode: install new firmware.What to do if nothing helps?If you do not have access to a computer with authorized iTunes, you can use a third-party application to recover a locked iPhone, such as iMyFone LockWiper or 4uKey. The first one performs a recovery via DFU mode, replacing iTunes, and the second one allows you to reset your iPhone to factory settings and install the firmware without iTunes.If nothing helps, it remains to turn to the professionals. the service center knows what to do if you forget the password on the iPhone. During the visit you need to have the documents confirming the ownership of the iPhone. Only in this case, the experts will be able to tell you how to unlock the iPhone, if you forget the password.Why can iPhone be lockedLock iPhone can be locked if:

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