What you can connect to your iPad mini

As a result of Apple introducing a USB-C port in 2018. iPad Pro, it gave users of these iPads and all those who later came with this port, the ability to connect a USB-C hub to extend the use of this device by connecting various accessories that make it easier to use the iPad for many tasks. So in this post, we want to give you different USB-C hub options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

USB-C hub. is a device that you can connect to the iPad, and what it does is simply give you the ability to connect various accessories through the various ports that it contains. After all, it’s a concept that has always been present in the laptop world, but that the iPad didn’t really appear until Apple provided some models with a USB-C port. So you can connect your hard drive, camera memory card, microphone, flash drive, or any other device to iPad and work with it.

Connect the accessories to the iPad:

Design. The iPad mini turned into the Air, which turned into the Pro

Apple has fulfilled the wishes of most mini fans. No doubt about it: they (including me) got exactly what they wanted. The tablet has undergone the biggest redesign in the history of the line and is unequivocally better.

▪ Height: 195.4 mm (was 203.2 mm) ▪ Width: 134.8 mm (no change) ▪ Thickness: 6.3 mm (was 6.1 mm) ▪ Weight: 293 with Wi-Fi /297 g with LTE modem (was 300.5/308.2 g)

Yes, the iPad mini is lighter (-7g/-11g), a little shorter (-7.8mm) and just a little thicker (0.2mm). If you take the old and new mini in your hands, the old seems much thinner. These sensations are more likely due to the rounded edges. over, the new one is much easier to hold in your hand. At least it rests properly, whereas the previous generation “spit out” by sliding the palm on the bottom panel.

No more Touch ID in the bezel. In its place is the Touch ID sensor right in the lock button on the top edge. It is covered with glass and repeats the technology from the iPad Air 4. No Face ID, still a proprietary iPhone feature. As well as the iPad Pro.

Volume buttons moved from the side edge to the top, on the same plane as Touch ID. Impressions of this solution and the new old sensor more in the review section on ergonomics. The camera lens now sticks out from the body, also like in the Air 4-th generation, so a carrying case is preferable, though not required. the tablet does not wobble when tapping on its corners.

The right edge is entirely devoted to the Apple Pencil 2nd generation attachment area. The stylus holds firmly to itself. But when you use the device on the move in your hands, hold the side with the stylus very carefully, preferably in the center, not from a corner. Otherwise the “pensil” can come off the magnet. I’ve had it twice. Fortunately, there was no damage.

Unlike the current Air and Pro, the iPad mini doesn’t have a Smart Connector. Objectively it does not change much. I can not imagine any Magic Keyboard, the most famous accessory under the Smart Connector, the size of the body of such a small tablet. Bluetooth hasn’t disappeared, either. Keyboard cases for the mini for sure someone will make.

The tablet has magnets built into the back panel, which allow the use of magnetic pouches. Naturally, Apple has released exactly those. the proprietary Smart Folio (5990), made in the image and likeness of models for the iPad Pro and Air 4th generation.

Already a day later I could not imagine how to wear and use the iPad mini without such a “cover”. It does not thicken the device much, and it becomes even a little more convenient to hold it. The cover that covers the display folds into a triangle, so you can use the tablet in two different positions. at different angles. in landscape orientation on your desk.

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I really like the purple Smart Folio, even though my tablet is gold and pink. Other than that, I suggest you go with any color except white. I have already said everything about the white iPad cases, so I won’t repeat it.

The Lightning port gave way to USB-C. And it’s great. In addition to a huge number of accessories that can now connect directly to the tablet, you can charge your device with the same charger as your MacBook. No headphone port. To work with audio without adapters this is a big minus, but it can not be helped. it’s not 2016, it’s too late to go against progress.

The speakers are now four, two on the bottom and two on the top. The sound of the new mini is about the same as last year’s Air, except the treble is a bit weaker. The playback quality, to the ear, seems significantly better than the top-of-the-line iPhone. Which is predictable.

Decent amount of power, so you can fill a room with up to 50 squares of music. For such a small device, the result is great. Up to the magical acoustics iPad Pro on the M1, of course, the device does not hold out.

In the end, no matter how you spin the new iPad mini. Can’t imagine it being any better from a purely visual standpoint. All in order and really like it. It looks great live too.

Charging other devices

Now you can use the iPad Pro’s battery to charge other devices, including your iPhone.

If you urgently need to recharge your smartphone, just connect it to the iPad Pro with a Lightning to USB-C cable, which you will need to buy separately. After that, the smartphone will start charging the battery iPad Pro.

You can charge one iPad Pro from another, too. Here’s what Apple says:

If you have two iPad Pro’s with USB-C connectors, you can connect them together. One tablet will charge from the other. To start charging another iPad Pro, unplug the cable and plug it back in.

Apple recently released a USB-C cable to charge the Apple Watch, so you can even charge Smartwatches from the new tablets. The watch can also be charged using a USB-C to USB adapter.

To charge older iOS devices with the iPad Pro, you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning cable.


Choose Siri audio input

If your car has a built-in speaker or you have a Bluetooth accessory with a microphone and speakers, you can choose which one to use for Siri commands.

When you press and hold the home button on your iPad, you’ll see a “” icon to the right of the main Siri button. Tap it and you will see a menu of all the different inputs your iPhone can use. Select the one you want.

Your own IMDb

You probably already know that you can use Siri not only to get information on what’s going on in theaters near you, but also Siri is an expert on almost every movie.

Not only can you ask something about your favorite movies, but you can also get Siri to do some serious work. For example, if you’re curious about which actors have appeared in movies together. You may ask, “What movies both Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry play in?” And Siri responds: “Rocky Horror Show” and “Carapooses in Paris”. Hmm, how interesting.

Spread punctuation marks

Saying punctuation out loud doesn’t seem natural, but it can greatly improve the readability of emails that Siri voices. For example:

Dear Jason comma new paragraph, I’m working on this Siri story comma and I expect comma it will be ready soon exclamation point

Other interesting punctuation is available: ampersand, asterisk, all capitals or all lowercase letters (Caps Lock) and even a winking smiley face.

How to make Siri more secure

Finally, more serious advice. You can use Siri by default even from a locked iDevice, which means that a thief can send messages to your contacts. To change this, go to Settings. Touch ID and Password and enter your password. Once accessed, simply toggle Siri from Off to On.

eSIM-compatible iPad

Not all iPad devices are compatible with this technology. The first thing you should know is that when you make your purchase, you will only have the option to purchase an iPad with Wi-Fi connectivity or also with LTE. In the second case, the price may be higher, about 100 euros, but eSIM or traditional slot will be integrated, depending on the equipment. Obviously, eSIM is very recent, so only newer models have the ability to integrate this technology. Specifically, these include the following:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation and newer)
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
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In any of these iPads configuration can be done, with the exception of models sold in China, which are banned in this regard.

Use a wired mouse or a receiver mouse

This is probably the easiest way to connect a mouse to an iPad. It’s true that at this point it’s weird to keep using wired mice, but they’re still on the market and even if you have one at home, it can be very useful for working with a tablet. Although there are already wireless devices with very little latency, at the end of the day, wired devices are still one of the best times, so this can be an important advantage. Either way, the connection method is very simple, as you only need to plug it into the Lightning or USB-C of your iPad. For which you may need a USB adapter for these connections. Here below we leave you with the two most recommended for these cases.

There are also some wireless mice that do not go through Bluetooth but work through a nano receiver that must be connected to the iPad. For this one, the process is identical to the wired one, as this receiver will also require an adapter. Once connected and powered on, you can use it as normal.

How to connect an external drive to your iPhone or iPad

The screenshots show connecting an external hard drive to an iPhone, but all the steps apply to the iPad as well.

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Connect the USB drive to the device directly or with the appropriate adapter for your device model. The only device among iOS and iPadOS devices that has a USB-C port is the iPad Pro as of 2018.
  • Click Browse if you’re not in the main Files app screen.
  • In the list of connected devices on the left, click on the name of the desired drive.

In the Files app, you can create new folders, cut, copy, paste, move and rename files and folders, and sort files.

Supports various file systems, including APFS, ExFAT, FAT32, HSF

Connecting external drives

In the past, in order to transfer photos or video from the camera you had to buy a special MFi-adapter, iPadOS allows you to do this with little effort, that is a direct connection, and even with the use of no name adapters. This is especially true for the latest iPad Pro 2018, which is equipped with USB-C interface, for which there is an arsenal of flash drives and cables.

No more special apps and tambourine playing. All you need to do is take a flash drive (both Lightning and Type-C), an external hard drive or SSD, find a connector and plug it in. To transfer information, you’ll need any file manager, such as the Files app that comes with iPadOS. You can use it however you like.

Just as an external device appears on macOS, its icon also appears on iPadOS. in the left sidebar. You can go to it and work with files as you like, but make sure that you support specific formats and archives, because even on the desktop machines you may have problems with it.

The ability to plug a drive into your iPad

Apple has protected its “baby” from tampering in every way possible. But not only are consumers trying to adapt the tablet, computer parts manufacturers are also producing more and more new devices that fit into almost any device; flash drive for iPad comes in standard size and microUSB.

Camera Connection Kit

This set of two adapters was designed only for connecting the camera or memory card to your iPod. with this device you can move video and photo files in a compressed format, which is typical for all company gadgets with iOS operating system. Using the tweak from Cydia called Quick Google (a registration file that allows you to change the registry, find everything on the net in seconds) find iFile, connect the flash drive to your iPad:

  • First think about whether you need to jailbreak. This operation is prohibited by the manufacturers, and those users who perform it, can no longer count on the warranty service of their devices. At the same time, this procedure opens access to all data of iOS system, thereby expanding the capabilities of gadgets. Jailbreak installation will be described below;
  • Perform the spring and installation. Respring is a reboot of the iOS user interface (desktop) without entering a password, unloading applications from the multitasking menu. It is necessary to activate new functions, settings, elements. Jailbroken iPads have an auto-repair button by default;
  • Connect the Camera Connection Kit to the tablet, insert the USB drive. It is necessary to wait a little bit;
  • When “The attached USB device is not supported” appears, press “Dismiss”;
  • Run iFile, wait for the new flash device tab to appear.
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Jailbreak installation

It takes only 10 minutes to install the latest Jailbreak iOS 7 command Evad3rs, it can be done by a completely inexperienced consumer. Perform a backup before starting the installation. This is to create backups of information, restore it in case of loss. Flash drive, PC, cloud storage, backup drive are allowed to store data. There are many tools and programs on the web, you can download to make a backup automatically, iTunes for example. Here’s what you need to do to install jailbreak:

  • Disable password, Touch ID;
  • Download the developer program Evad3rs;
  • Connect the iPad to the computer;
  • Run the jailbreak;
  • Click on the Cydia icon that pops up;
  • The process is complete.

IMPORTANT. The drive must have the FAT file system, JPG for photos, and MEG or AVI for videos. The iPad initializes the contents of the drive with the DCIM name only. Flash drive should have a capacity of not more than 8 Gb.


Adapter for micro USB flash drives

An easier way to connect the media is to use the adapter with a micro USB connector, the flash drive for iPad is inserted into it. You will not see anything on the screen, you will need to go into file explorer, find the icon of the removable drive. You are ready!

Hyper Drive iFlashDrive

This is a flash drive for all Apple devices. It allows you to transfer information from iPad to PC, laptop, without requiring jailbreak procedure, backups, respring. You just need to insert the iPad iFlashDrive, which is already loaded by the application. In a few minutes, the utility will automatically install. The drive has 2 connectors: a standard USB and 30-pin for Apple products, PC, notebook.

  • In the installed application you choose Local Storage (local storage);
  • Then find the desired folders;
  • Press the “” at the end of the display, in the window that pops up select From Library;
  • Mark the selected folders, they will be marked with checkmarks;
  • Press Done at the top of the screen, adjust the size and quality of photos, videos, or documents, then copy using the Copy button;
  • Those files that need to be saved on the media need to be marked and transferred, the Move button;
  • Select External Storage, choose the folder you want, and complete the process by clicking Move here or Move copy.

To move data from the drive to iPad manipulation is the same, but in reverse order. The price of such a drive depends on the amount of memory: 8-gigabyte costs 2990 p.,16- 3880 р., 32- 6120 р.

HyperDrive CloudFTP

This gadget designed by Sanho, it is wireless, allows you to move the data through the “air” without any software from flash drives to iPad. When downloading data from iPad to the media, you have to install paid utilities, such as File Browser, Air Sharing.

  • Charge your device with the iPad charger. The color of the indicator should be green;
  • Turn it on, insert the media;
  • On the iPad, go into the Wi-Fi settings and set the Cloud FTP network;
  • Run the Safari browser on the tablet, write the name of the network in the address bar;
  • the media will be visible on the screen. After performing all the necessary steps, you must turn off the device, pull the removable connector.


JetDrive Go 300K

The device is made by Transcend, has a metal case, 2 connectors. Has a high speed download of files, no additional downloads are required. Up to 128GB of memory. The working principle is the same as the previous device, the price is the same range.

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