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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

And now a year has passed since the release of version 3 of the national fitness bracelet. Xiaomi is not going to stop there and releases Mi Smart Band 4. The bracelet has undergone significant improvements both in appearance and in functionality.

I got the simplest version for review, without the NFC module. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Appearance and scope of delivery

The box of the bracelet has grown noticeably, its dimensions are 170 mm x 76 mm x 23 mm, and the weight is 64 grams.

Judging by the trend, Xiaomi decided to abandon the minimalism, although in the box there is only the bracelet itself, charging and instructions:

The bundle is quite standard, but there is a lot of empty space in the box (where an additional strap can fit). The design of the bracelet has undergone minor changes compared to the 3rd version:

A small edge appeared on the front side, which sinks the main screen a little deeper. Most likely, this is done to reduce the possibility of scratching the bracelet. The borders of the active part of the screen are clearly visible in strong light:

The screen is easily soiled, fingerprints remain from any touch. The front side is completely flat, without a recess for the button. Please note that the presence of an NFC module can be identified by the designation on the button, in the version without NFC it is round, and in the extended version. semicircle.

In addition to measuring the pulse, the bracelet can automatically lock when removed from the hand. This feature is useful when using a bracelet to make payments, for us it is of little use.

On the side, as usual, is the XMSH07HM product code:

The strap is compatible with the third version of the watch, this is definitely a plus, providing interchangeability. Here without any changes, the capsule sits firmly, it is comfortable on the hand.

But with charging, everything is a little sadder. The fact is that its format has changed and is not compatible with previous versions. Now this is a full-length capsule:

Cable length 12 cm. And I don’t understand, is it really impossible to make a charge with a magnetic connection so as not to pull the bracelet out of the strap.

On the hand, the bracelet looks a little bulky, but when worn it is not felt.

Characteristics of the Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet

Since I have a Chinese version of the bracelet, the characteristics on the box are also in Chinese:

Manufacturer Xiaomi Mi
Model HMSH07HM
Degree of protection 5 atm (immersion up to 50 meters)
Screen AMOLED 0.95 inch, 120 x 240 px
Nutrition 135 mAh lithium-ion battery
Communication modules Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Additional functions Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor
Dimensions (case) 17.9 x 46.9 x 12.7mm
Weight 22 gr. (with strap)

Some points deserve more attention.

Mi Band 4 screen

The first color screen in the Mi Band line, and even with AMOLED technology (it does not have a separate backlight, each pixel is highlighted separately).

The screen has a diagonal of 0.95 inches, with a resolution of 120×240 pixels. The color depth is 24 bits and the brightness is 400 nits. All this is superimposed on a capacitive touch screen and tempered 2.5D glass AF coating. At rest, the screen is off, sometimes you have to twist your hand once again to turn it on. About 100 Cyrillic characters fit on the screen, so you can easily read the incoming message.

If you do not like these incomprehensible parameters, then personal impressions: everything is quite clearly visible on the screen. There is enough brightness, but in sunny weather you have to turn it on to the maximum, here the bracelet clearly loses to Amazfit Bip, with its transflective screen technology.

The sensor is sensitive, even responds unquestioningly to the navigation buttons of the media player.

Protect Mi Band 4

And protection has increased, level 5 ATM allows you to swim in the pool without worrying about the bracelet. But I wouldn’t bathe in the bathhouse, there is a chance to kill the battery.

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The screen is protected by tempered glass, scratches did not appear in 2 weeks of wearing, perhaps the changed shape of the screen contributes to this. And then time will tell, but after watching the videos on YouTube, I can be sure that scratches will definitely appear.

Communication Protocol

And Bluetooth has been updated, now version 5.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is used. It is characterized by higher data transfer rate (up to 1.4 Mbps), range and lower power consumption.

If your phone does not support this version of Bluetooth, you should not be sad. The bracelet will still connect, but without new features. My old Redmi Note 3 Pro only supports Bluetooth 4.1, but even on it I noticed a significant increase in range compared to the Amazfit Bip. If Bip sometimes loses connection even within the apartment, for Mi Band you have to go down one and a half floors.


The version without NFC consumes about 5% per day, which means that it should last about 20 days on a single charge. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge. The indicators are quite good for a color screen, the main role was played by an increased 135 mAh battery and an AMOLED screen. Still a normal magnetic charge.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 menu

Let’s see what can be seen on the bracelet itself:


It displays the number of steps and kilometers traveled, the number of calories burned and the number of notifications.


This item displays the current status of your heart rate.


This menu has a choice of 6 workout modes: Outdoor Run, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking, Exercise and Swimming. During the workout itself, the screen will display: Time, distance, speed and heart rate:

At the same time, all the information does not fit on the screen, you have to scroll.


The weather is displayed both for today and for 5 days ahead.


In this menu item, you can view the latest received notifications. Depending on the type, the subject of the message will be displayed, or


In additional settings, you can activate the Do Not Disturb mode, enable or disable preset alarms, use a timer or stopwatch. Activate silent mode on the phone, or start the find phone function. You can also change the theme of the main display, or set the brightness in the settings. But the player control function deserves special mention.


Finally, a music control function has been added to the bracelet! I really missed this function, now you can switch tracks on the watch, stop or start playback and change the volume level. Despite the fact that the buttons are very small, there are no problems with control. But there is one drawback, playback control is not available in training mode, it turns out that you either train or listen to music.

But this is not all the functions, the rest can be viewed in the Mi Fit application, but first you need to connect the bracelet.

Connecting Mi Band 4 in the Mi Fit app

Before use, Mi Band must be connected to the phone. To do this, use the Mi Fit application (which can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone). Download the application, log in (or register an account). If there are problems with authorization, try connecting through a proxy, more details here. Go to the profile tab, click on the “Add device” button and select the “Bracelet” type. The phone will search for available devices and send a connection request to Mi Band (pairing must be confirmed on the bracelet itself).

After connecting, the bracelet will definitely want to update, in general, this operation took me about more than 12 minutes.

Since I have a Chinese version of the bracelet, at first the display was in hieroglyphs. But during the update it switched to English:

And starting with version Mi Fit 4.0.5, a completely Russified firmware of the bracelet appeared. Therefore, I don’t see much point in taking the global version (the difference will only be in the box).

When the update has passed, the bracelet should be displayed in the application:

Now let’s take a closer look at the functionality of the bracelet.

Functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet in the Mi Fit app

In the application, we can already more fully customize the bracelet for ourselves. For example, change the dial. To do this, in the profile tab, you need to go to the bracelet settings and there will be the “Dial settings” item:

The number of dials is increasing every day, I think anyone can pick up something of their own. Now you can add a piece of personality to the bracelet, which is nice.

Next function, Bluetooth phone unlock.

After activating this feature, the phone does not need to enter a PIN code or pattern when unlocking the screen. If you have a fingerprint scanner, then the function is of little use.

You can set up an incoming call notification.

You can even change the type of vibration by setting your own sequence. When called, on the bracelet screen it will look something like this:

And notifications from applications will look like this:

You can set up a list of applications from which you want to receive notifications.

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You can also set an alarm, or add an event. Set up a notification when you need to warm up or when you reach your goal. There is no smart alarm function in the bracelet.

Similar to finding a phone from a bracelet, you can turn on the search for a bracelet by making it vibrate.

You can set the frequency of heart rate measurement:

This setting greatly affects the rate of battery discharge. In the morning, the bracelet will tell you about the quality of sleep last night:

But the bracelet was never taught to determine daytime sleep, it’s a shame though.

The application saves data on all workouts, you can find them in the “My workouts” section:

For each type of training, its own data is recorded. I must say right away that I simulated activity. This swim:

Regarding the counting of steps, I tried to count the steps and compared with the indications of the bracelet, for a thousand, he loses from 80 to 120 steps. I hope they will calibrate in the next firmware.

Yes, there is no GPS in the bracelet, location data is taken from the phone.

Mi Band 4 buy

Given the popularity of this device, it will be sold absolutely everywhere. For example, in Chinese Aliexpress, or Russian FoxPox. When buying, pay attention to the version, the global one with NFC supports payment from some cards, you can order it here.

There is also a special Avengers Alliance series for fans of the Avengers movie. It features a box and a different color of the strap (black, blue or red with the Avengers logo on the clasp) and the ability to install unique dials.

Personal opinion about the bracelet

What is the result? The bracelet will clearly become a national bestseller. A good price and really advanced functionality, I was ready to take it just for the ability to control the music player. Of course, while there are some inaccuracies in the measurements, which should be corrected in the latest updates.

I deliberately did not consider Alipay, because so far there is only talk about the arrival of this system in Russia. And we do not have payment by QR codes (as in China) and are not expected in the near future. The same story with the NFC version, it was not created as a means of payment, it will not work to pay for the purchase with a bracelet! In China, they are paid to travel. But if you conjure, then the bracelet can replace your access card, or a discount card.

Which upset me personally. the inability to control the Xiaomi smart home through the bracelet. Yes, it cannot be added to the Mi Home application, and I doubt that such a function will appear.

If you want to make a gift, then Mi Band 4 is perfect for this role. As I did with him, my girlfriend was pleased:

If you still have thoughts about which version of the bracelet to buy, then first look at version 5 of the bracelet.

How to check Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for originality?

In the wake of the general fitness craze, many leading electronics manufacturers have released devices to measure the condition of athletes. The global brand Xiaomi has not been left out. We will tell you how to check the originality of Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

You can buy original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 here

First of all, let’s say that there are two official versions of the bracelet: Mi Band 4 CN and Global Version. The first is produced for Chinese users, the second (international) enters the Western markets. There are few fundamental differences between them, just on the box with the global version all the information is presented in English, and on the device itself there is a CE mark. the product meets European quality standards.


The next step in the process of checking a watch is to examine the contents of the package. To the surprise of most users, it turned out to be quite spacious, since inside there are only:

  • The bracelet itself. The main part of the contents of the box is in the center. The tracker is placed in a special matte translucent bag, which is closed with adhesive tape.
  • Instruction. A square white book is located at the top of the package. In it, the sequence of actions is described in Chinese, but the text is accompanied by pictures that make it easy to understand how to get started with the device.
  • Charging cable. It is located at the bottom of the box. The length of the wire is 12 cm. At the same time, unlike its predecessor, to charge Mi Bend 4, you need to fully insert the capsule into a specially designated place.

The inside of the packaging of the original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is thought out to the smallest detail and made of thick white cardboard, while the replica has cheap plastic.

The Mi Band 4 comes with a charger and instructions. Xiaomi necessarily translates them into Russian, but scammers do not always care about this.

Device number

The brand logo is mandatory on the charger and on the capsule. In addition, under the strap on the capsule, there is a bracelet code: XMSH07HM. The serial number is indicated on the side of the capsule.

On the global version of the device, this number looks like 23742 /, it should have numbers from 0 to 9 under the asterisk icon.

If there is no serial number, then you are definitely dealing with a fake, and its functionality will be severely limited.

Check Xiaomi Mi Band 4 by barcode:


An obligatory step in checking the gadget is the inspection of the capsule itself. It is not difficult to copy its shape and design, but even on this, some “specialists” fail. Key points to pay attention to:

  • Touch button. It depicts only a circle or a semicircle. In addition to checking originality, this moment answers a common question about how to find out the version of your gadget. So, a round icon is available on Mi Band 4 without NFC, and a semicircle is on extended versions.
  • We take out the capsule and check the serial number. The code consists of 20 digits. At the beginning there should be a combination of “23742 /”. If the code is different, Mi Band 4 is fake.
  • Flip the tracker. The original has the Xiaomi logo on the back. It is located on top of the back of the capsule. If you run your finger over this inscription, you can feel its volume.

The serial number of the device is printed on the right side of the capsule, and the product code is printed on the left side in three-dimensional characters.

The charging contacts of the fake Band are longer and the capsule itself is larger. The difference is visible only when comparing other devices visually.

A reliable option that will determine originality without errors. The procedure is performed through the Mi Verify corporate website.

In the first column, enter the 20-digit serial code. It is located on the side of the capsule, or hidden under a sticker. At the beginning 23742, and then a combination of numbers from 0 to 9. Specify the captcha below and send the request.

If the wearable device is original, a green circle with a check mark and the corresponding inscription will appear. If fake. red circle with an exclamation point.

Starting to check the bracelet for originality, you should first examine the box. It differs from previous versions of trackers both in form and design.

According to the manufacturer’s official data, the package weighs exactly 64 grams, and its dimensions are 17×7.6×2.3 cm. Mi Smart Band 4 comes in a strict black and white package. On top of the cardboard box is the bracelet itself, the Mi logo, the iridescent number “4” and the main characteristics of the device in the language of the manufacturer.

The logo is placed in the upper right corner. It looks like an orange square with a corporate logo in the middle.

There are no more stickers, badges and logos on the original box!

The kit includes a gadget, charger and instructions in English and Russian.

You can buy original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 here

The packaging of the bracelet should indicate that the device is manufactured by Xiaomi. The Mi brand logo must be present. Fraudsters most often change the order of the letters or the design of the lettering to avoid being prosecuted for unlicensed copying.

The back of the package is also different. Behind, in addition to Chinese inscriptions, there must be a sticker with a barcode.


An obvious sign of a fake Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is also considered the type of LEDs. They are located on the back of the capsule and glow green when active.

It is easy to distinguish the original Mi Band 4 by this feature. both LEDs flash on it. As for the fake, here, often, only one element burns.

Often replicas are sold with a charger that is different from the original Xiaomi Mi Band 4

By Bluetooth

You can buy original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 here

A genuine fitness bracelet will be displayed as “Mi Smart Band 4” when searching for available Bluetooth devices, but a fake one will be called differently.

Compatible with Mi Fit app

Compatibility issues are the main indication by which a device can be authenticated. Download and install the Mi Fit app on your smartphone. Sync your devices.

  • Through any browser, go to the Xiaomi website.
  • In the special fields, enter the serial number of the bracelet (which is on the side of the capsule) and the verification code.

If your bracelet belongs to the global version, then the following message will be displayed on the screen:

“Congratulations! You can be assured the phone you have purchased is the official international version”. “Congratulations! You can be sure that the device you bought is the official international version”.

If the bracelet is genuine, but refers to a purely Chinese version, then the message will be different:

Thank you for choosing Xiaomi! However, the device you purchased is not an official global version and user experience may be affected. Next time, please purchase the official global version of the device through officially authorized channels”.

“Thank you for choosing Xiaomi! The device you purchased is not a global version, so your experience may vary slightly. Please, next time, purchase the international version of the device through the official distribution channels!”

Both options mean that you have purchased the original.

If you entered the serial number incorrectly, another message will be displayed: “The serial number you entered does not exist. Check it, then try typing again”.

You can buy original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 here

This message pops up even if the device is fake.

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Important! Sometimes the bracelet cannot connect to the smartphone simply because it is out of battery.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous developers have learned to make “advanced” copies that interface with third-party utilities.

You can identify a replica using the following instructions:

  • Open Mi Fit and go to the “Profile” section.
  • We look at the value opposite the “MAC address” and remember it.
  • We repeat the procedure. The next time you log in, the code will change if you purchased a fake one. The real Band always has the same address.

Strap Specifications

When it comes to identifying the authenticity of, say, an iPhone, you are always looking directly at the device. But with Mi Band 4, the situation is more complicated. Above, we told you how to recognize the authenticity of the capsule, that is, the most important part of the fitness bracelet. But the rubber strap into which the capsule is inserted can also tell a lot about the true origin of a useful device.

  • The original strap is more rigid and elastic. Fakes of all versions of the Mi Band are usually made of soft rubber, the capsule falls out of such straps much more often
  • Mi Band 4 strap is made of elastic hypoallergenic material. In everyday use, discomfort, itching and redness are extremely rare. A copy is made from low-quality rubber, which often causes allergies.
  • Fake straps stretch better. The nest is large, the capsule is poorly fixed and falls out during sudden movements. The original tracker enters tightly and does not stick out.
  • The quality of the clasp is better than the original. Make sure the bracelet doesn’t open on its own when you’re exercising.
  • The hole on the strap should be exactly the size of the capsule so that it does not stick out.
  • The original bracelet is only available in black.
  • The genuine bracelet is 100% waterproof and this is one of its highlights compared to previous versions and competitors.

How to control music on Xiaomi Mi Band 4

It is important to note right away that this instruction is useful for both Android smartphone owners and iPhone owners. So, first you need to synchronize the device with a mobile phone, but we will not stop there, since this is done quite simply.

After establishing a connection between the devices, you will have the option of interacting with music playback. Provided that you have the Chinese version of the tracker, you will need to go to the menu “Additionally”, which contains the tab “Music”. If you bought the global version of the bracelet, then you just need to swipe on the display from left to right.

Next step. launch music on smartphone. Go to one of the applications listed at the very beginning and launch the playlist you are interested in. On the tracker, you will see the name of the current song, and you can also pause or resume playback. In addition, you can use the buttons to switch songs.

How to control music on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 until the release of the new generation remains the main available fitness bracelets in the wearable electronics market. But this fact does not affect the fact that many users still do not use the potential of the device to the maximum.

V “smart” The bracelet has the ability to control playback on a smartphone. Today we will tell you how to control music on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 without having to take your mobile phone out of your or handbag.

Note: the option is available if you have Apple Music, YouTube, Yandex.Music, Spotify and the original music player installed.

What to do if you have playback problems

Often, there are no difficulties with playing music on Xiaomi Mi Band 4. However, sometimes the user is faced with a number of problems that are solved quite simply. Let’s run through the most common situations.

If the name of the song being played is not displayed on the bracelet display, you need to do the following manipulations:

Go to tab “Settings”, select an item in the submenu “Display settings”;

Activate line “Can’t access notifications”;

When an inscription is found on the screen “Phone is disabled” you just need to re-sync between the smartphone and the bracelet.

If you see the inscription on the display of Mi Band 4 “Second”, absolutely nothing to worry about. This only indicates that synchronization with a mobile phone is currently being performed. The waiting time can be from 3-5 seconds (for Android smartphones) to 10 seconds (for iPhone).

If you are unable to switch the music track on the bracelet, then first you need to make sure that there are still songs in your playlist. Other reasons to move “Forward” it can not be.

Review and test of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet: finally color!

How does the Mi Band 4 bracelet differ from Mi Band 3 and in general, what’s new in the fourth generation? We share our impressions.

The fourth generation of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band went on sale this summer. Of course, everyone was waiting for the NFC module to appear in the bracelet, but they never did. In the description of the characteristics on the official Xiaomi website, there is such a column, but it says “Optional”, which in free translation from Chinese means “Somewhere there is definitely, but not with you.” Of course, there is no question of measuring blood pressure or taking an ECG. Well, we’ll survive. Let’s see what interesting things they offered us this time.

The structure is still the same

In appearance, Xiaomi Mi Band strongly resembles the third generation. The capsule has become larger, but the way it is attached to the strap has not changed, and the strap itself too. over, while it is “not developed”, it is not so easy to get it: you need to make great efforts. But it certainly won’t come out on its own. I wonder how much longer Xiaomi will need to make a bracelet with charging without such dances with a tambourine (that is, with a capsule)?

Contacts have moved from the side to the bottom panel. Accordingly, the charger has also changed. now it is a small “bath”, where you need to carefully put the capsule.

You will have to charge infrequently: the manufacturer promises up to 20 days of work without recharging. To be honest, I don’t really want to wait until the battery runs out, so let’s say this: for 6 not very active use of the battery, I spent 28% of the charge, so I quite believe in the declared figure.

The screen has grown (0.95 inches instead of 0.78) and is brighter. If in the third generation of Mi Band it was monochrome, and even with a plastic coating, here we already have a full-fledged color AMOLED under a 2.5D protective glass. Resolution also increased: from 12880 to 240120.

However, “elegance” adds not only the type of screen, but also the number of dials that the user can choose. There are as many people here as there are vacationers on the Anapa beach in the season. There are mi-mi-bears with bears, in the style of anime with heroes, more or less serious True, many people suffer from information content, but is it really that important if you have your favorite Naruto on your hand?

All the basic functions in the bracelet remained unchanged: it measures the pulse, monitors sleep, counts steps But now Mi Band recognizes not only walking or running, but also, for example, swimming. The software even allows you to determine the style, after which the device counts not only calories burned, but also parameters such as the number of strokes. We haven’t tested in the pool yet.

Counts accurately, shows clearly

The interface of the Mi Fit application is quite understandable, although there is still room for improvement in terms of clarity and information content. Here, for example, how sleep monitoring looks like: on the left. from Xiaomi, on the right. Huawei Health (screenshot from the Honor Band 5 test).

It’s easy to deal with the settings: you can set alarms, select applications from which notifications will come, and much more.

The accuracy of measuring steps is quite high: out of 200 steps taken, the bracelet counted 198. In principle, there is a mechanism for training the device. in fact, it was in the previous version. You need to open the Profile. Behavior Tags in the application and record the real movements that you perform in the process of some action. For example, when you brush your teeth or drive a car, then the bracelet will recognize such movements and work more accurately, that is, it will not read similar movements as steps.

One of the features of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was the ability to control music. over, from different applications. for example, YouTube or Yandex.Radio. You need to enter advanced mode. Music, and a miniature remote control will appear on the screen, allowing you to change tracks, pause and start playback, and adjust the volume. True, the controls are so small that it is not easy to do this on the go. But still, the option is useful: if you turn on playback through the speaker, you don’t have to look for a smartphone to make the music quieter or louder.

Another interesting feature is the ability to lock the bracelet when it is not on the arm. Of course, given that you can work, sleep, shower and even dive with it, it’s hard to imagine a scenario that will make you take Xiaomi Mi Band 4 off your hand. But if, for example, it is charging, no one will see your notifications. By the way, the notifications themselves in the menu are located in two swipes from the main screen. it is not clear why such a popular function was not moved closer.

In general, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has become noticeably nicer than the third generation. It may be 1.5 times more expensive, but the higher resolution color screen and tempered glass are worth it. By the way, you can also find versions with NFC on sale, but keep in mind that these are models for the Chinese market, and it is not known how they will work here.

It is a pity that the Mi Band 4 has not got rid of the shortcomings. first of all, the difficult charging system. Of course, once every 20 days you can be patient, but still We will wait for the further development of the Xiaomi bracelet line and hope that something more interesting will be rolled out to us in the next generation.


Low cost color display protective glass recognition of different types of activity up to 20 days of battery life

Design change

Externally, the new fitness tracker is noticeably different from its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 3. First of all, you pay attention to the grown screen size, the area of ​​​​which has increased by 40%.

The changes also affected the buckle, which is now made of polymer material, which helps to increase its service life. The strap is traditionally made of silicone, thanks to which it pleasantly adheres to the skin and does not rub it.

The charging system of the device has also been redesigned. Users of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will no longer have to remove the capsule from the strap, as the developers have placed the contact base on the bottom of the capsule.

The complete set of the smart bracelet remained unchanged. In addition to the product itself, instructions, a charging station, a strap and an adapter cable are included in the composition.

Heart rate monitoring

The device is equipped with an optical sensor for measuring heart rate, which monitors all indications of the work of the heart 24/7. If the sensor detects that the heart rate exceeds normal limits, then the corresponding message is immediately displayed on the screen, which is additionally accompanied by vibration.

It is also possible to take ECG readings, so that the user can independently detect various anomalies in the work of the heart muscle.

To stimulate the physical activity of the owner of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, a workout reminder function has been implemented. So, if a person is in a sitting position for a long time, the device will remind you of this and offer him to warm up.

Performance and functionality of Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The product is equipped with a new Huangshan No.1 chipset, which was specially developed for smart watches and fitness trackers.

The processor has three key advantages:

  • high light output;
  • built-in AI technologies, including sensors for cardiac biometrics, heart rate anomalies and ECG;
  • low energy consumption.

The chipset also uses Always on technology, which allows it to increase its efficiency by 38% compared to processors built on the Arm Cortex-M4 architecture.

Due to the new chipset and increased battery capacity up to 135 mAh, the device is able to “live” without recharging up to 20 days. True, the third generation of Xiaomi bracelets also has a similar autonomy, but it must be borne in mind that the new model uses a color screen.

The functionality of the firmware has also been expanded, because now users can receive an accurate weather forecast through the tracker, send SMS messages, communicate on “” and “”, monitor exchange rates, view their mail, etc.

With the help of the fourth model of Xiaomi Mi Band, the user can also receive incoming calls. When a call comes in, the bracelet starts to vibrate, and a message pops up on the screen with the name or number of the subscriber. To accept a call, you need to press the display once, and to reject, use a longer press.

Support for the Xiao AI voice assistant has also been implemented, with which you can organize full control of the gadget.

And if the user purchases a model with a built-in NFC module, then the functionality of the bracelet will be significantly increased. For example, it will be possible to control all devices that are part of the Xiaomi smart home system and make contactless payments.

Operating modes

The device received an updated accelerometer, which became a six-axis one. Thanks to this, it was possible to significantly improve the accuracy of measurements of various indicators of the user’s physical activity.

In total, the device is capable of operating in six different modes:

  • Walking. The indicators are collected on 5 different data. In addition, the pedometer operates on the basis of a new hardware platform, which allows you to accurately capture each step and, if necessary, display data on the screen.
  • A ride on the bicycle. Smart fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can automatically determine which bike (mountain or road) and what terrain the user is moving. The device measures the heart rate interval, calculates the number of calories burned and transmits all data in real time.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet review

On June 11, 2019, the official presentation of one of the most anticipated products from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, took place. The novelty can be safely called the best in class in terms of its functionality and technical characteristics, and the manufacturer promises to sell it at a very affordable price.

What features and capabilities the gadget has, we suggest you find out from our review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet.

Xiaomi fitness tracker display

Most of the changes in the new model concern its screen. In addition to the fact that the diagonal is now equal to 0.95 inches, the display of the device has become color. It is characterized by a pleasant color reproduction, and the colors do not fade in the sun, providing excellent reading information. 21 more words can be displayed on the surface at the same time than it was in the previous version. However, it should be borne in mind that the measurement is made in hieroglyphs.

The resolution of the AMOLED screen is 120×240 megapixels, and to increase its protection, 2.5D tempered glass is installed on top. The display is touch-sensitive, so it is quite easy to control it.

Due to the fact that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet has become colored, the possibilities for its customization have expanded. So, users are offered 77 different dial design options.

Platform support Android from 4.4, iOS from 9
Screen Colored, diagonal – 0.95″
Display Resolution 120×240
Battery capacity 135 mAh
autonomy 20 days
Interfaces bluetooth 5.0
Weight 22 grams

The new Xiaomi fitness tracker is a great option for those who monitor their health and are actively involved in sports. The device is characterized by balanced characteristics, has wide functionality and allows you to measure physical activity according to various indicators.

You can also be sure of the reliability of the device, as previous models have proven the high quality of the product and demonstrated their effectiveness.

Review: What to choose Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 or Smart Band 4?

It seems that Mi Smart Band 4 NFC was only recently introduced, and Smart Band 5 has already gone on sale. This material is dedicated to the story of the fifth generation of the bracelet, but with an emphasis on comparison with Smart Band 4 NFC to help you decide which bracelet right for you.

Specifications Smart Band 5

  • Display: 1.1″ OLED, 294 x 126 dots, 450 nits, 2.5D tempered glass with oleophobic coating
  • Memory: 512 KB / 16 MB
  • Communication: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supported OS: Android 5.0/ iOS 10.0 or later
  • Moisture protection: 5 ATM
  • Sensors: Power efficient 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensor, MEMS digital microphone
  • Battery: Li-Po 125 mAh, autonomy up to 14 days connected, up to 20 days offline, charging time about 2 hours
  • Vibrator: rotary
  • Body material: polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 46.95 × 18.15 × 12.45 mm, weight 11.9 g.
  • Fitness functions:
  • Heart rate monitoring: automatic heart rate measurement, manual heart rate measurement,
  • resting heart rate measurement, heart rate graph”
  • Sleep monitoring: record sleep phases (non-REM sleep, REM sleep, REM (rapid eye movement), light sleep)
  • Women’s health: track menstrual cycle and ovulation phase, create records and regular notifications
  • Stress management, breathing exercises, personal vital signs assessment, warm-up reminders, step counting, goal setting

Positioning Mi Smart Band 5

From time immemorial, Xiaomi has been famous for its fitness bracelets. Recognition came due to the fact that the bracelets were affordable, pleasing to the eye and curious in essence (for example, they had the function of a “smart alarm clock”). I believe it will not be a mistake to say that for many, acquaintance with wearable electronics began with Xiaomi bracelets.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is the latest generation of fitness bands from Xiaomi. In this model, Xiaomi places maximum emphasis on the sports component.

  • Large and bright screen (1.1 inches, 450 nits)
  • 11 sports activities
  • Improved and more accurate physical monitoring sensors
  • Magnetic charging that allows you to charge the module without removing it from the strap
  • Flexible dial settings
  • New assessment systems: personal vitality index, stress monitoring
  • Tracking menstrual cycles

Band 5 vs. Band 4: appearance (1:1 score tied)

It is easy to distinguish Smart Band 5 from version 4 when both bracelets are nearby. The new bracelet is slightly wider and slightly longer due to the larger screen (1.1 vs. 0.95 inches). The main difference is the pattern of the touch button. The Smart Band 4 has a horseshoe-shaped button, while the Smart Band 5 has a circle. Also, the screen of the new model is 50 nits brighter than the old one. But there is no fundamental difference, since both bracelets are perfectly readable even in the brightest sun.

Pay attention not only to the touch button, but also to the fact that the Smart Band 4 has a better screen when turned off

But from the back side, if you look at the sensor zone, you will not be able to notice the differences. It remains only to believe that behind the outwardly identical panel with the previous generation, there is a 50% more accurate heart rate monitor. Xiaomi itself writes that they have carried out a comprehensive update of both hardware and algorithms, which has increased accuracy during exercises with irregular movements (mountaineering, cross-country running, etc.). Accordingly, it is understood that in the rest mode, the bracelets measured everything accurately before.

The bracelet comes with a brightly colored strap. Unfortunately, you can not immediately buy a set with the color you like. By default, all bracelets come with a black strap. On sale there is a large selection of non-original straps of different colors and patterns at a price of 200 rubles. I could not find the original strap on official sites, but I will assume that

Is it possible to use a strap from the previous generation of Smart Band 3 / 4 for Smart Band 5. In principle, it is possible. The capsule is tight. But the straps have a slightly different design, and small areas remain on the top and bottom. But using the strap from the 5th version for the 4th will not work. 5 is a little more, so the Smart Band 4 will not fit snugly in the strap. It looks sloppy and not reliable.

For appearance, both bracelets receive 1 point. There is parity. Xiaomi is worth considering. People are very fond of the new design. He sells. On the other hand, there is an example of Sony, which has been making its excellent “noise reduction” in almost the same case for many years.

Band 5 vs. Band 4: battery life and charging (3:2. led by Smart Band 5)

According to Xiaomi, the battery life is up to 14 days in connected mode, when the smartphone is constantly connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone, and up to 20 days in offline mode. In general, these numbers are true, but it all depends on user scenarios.

So, for example, I regularly use the bracelet to switch tracks while listening to music, heart rate measurement, sports functions are constantly working, and I set the screen brightness to maximum. In this mode, the bracelet is enough for 10 days.

During battery life, both bracelets receive 1 point. Because Smart Band 4 has similar performance.

Magnetic charging that allows you to charge the bracelet without removing it from the strap

The irritation from the charging process began with the very first Xiaomi bracelet. Firstly, the process of squeezing out and then putting on a tight strap is annoying. Secondly, over time, the strap became loose, and the capsule flew out. If you look through the forums, you can find many stories of how people solved the problem. Some people have used double sided tape, there is a suggestion to drip a small drop of superglue every time you put on the strap. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture, but since then I remember how someone wrapped a rope around the strap with a capsule rather elegantly.

Now the charging process is optimized, but not completely. Magnetic charging itself jumps onto the contacts, and even the polarity of the magnets is set so that if the charge is not turned correctly, it will not cling. But after USB Type-C, it seems to be already obvious what needs to be done so that it can be inserted on either side. Perhaps they did it on purpose so that there was something to improve in the future.

Is it possible to charge the previous generation using magnetic charging from Smart Band 5. If you dock the contacts, then the charging will start, but, unfortunately, there is no magnet in the Smart Band 4 case, so the charging will not cling.

Of course, magnetic charging is much more convenient than the traditional method using a cradle. Here Mi Smart And 5 is on top. victory for him.

Band 5 vs. Band 4: pro sport features (4:2 led by Smart Band 5)

The slogans of Mi Smart Band 5 are faster, higher, smarter; sports everywhere; train more, get better. Well, and so on. I think you guessed that the fifth generation is geared towards sporting achievements. For comparison, Mi Smart Band 4 used the slogan “more movement, more life”.

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In Smart Band 4, sports functions were not at the forefront. The bracelet was able to track cycling, running, walking, rope exercises (this is when the simulator is like this and you need to pull the rope, a useful exercise for the entire upper body), swimming.

In the fifth generation, as many as 11 types of exercises are recognized. Some exercises, at first glance, are duplicated. So there is a bike and exercise bike. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to measure, but I believe that in the 4th version of the exercise bike, inaccurate readings are possible, since the simulator does not move, and this leaves an imprint on how the user sits and what movements he makes.

The most interesting types of activities are jumping rope and swimming pool. When jumping rope, the bracelet counts the number of jumps. Here, by the way, it is interesting that if you just jump without a rope, then there will be no counting. You need to completely imitate jumping, not forgetting to rotate your wrists. The pool is good because the bracelet will count the distance traveled. It seems like a trifle, but when swimming, I regularly manage to think about something and stray from the calculation of the distance.

Along the way, Band 5 should be 50% more accurate in measuring the pulse during the measurement process. To be honest, I didn’t notice the difference.

Smart Band 5 has a personal vitality index. On a scale of 100, it evaluates how active you were today. All ratings are correlated with weight, gender, age and other information about the user. In general, this is just a little motivation to move more. For example, Apple Watch users are very fond of closing the “rings” of achievements, and here the goal is to score a hundred.

Mi Smart Band 5 is more interesting for sports. It also offers more features and, in theory, evaluates them more accurately. victory for him.

Band 5 vs Samsung: menstrual cycle tracking (Mi Band win)

Xiaomi has added a feature that allows you to track your menstrual cycles and says “the more you use this feature, the better it will understand you.” And it will be like in the picture that today is the 4th day. Like this is information for reflection on your behavior.

The function becomes available only if you select the gender “female” in the profile of the Mi Fit application. While it may not be politically correct, it’s not the point. Samsung has their branded health app, Samsung Health. And so I installed it for myself, connected it to my account, and it writes to me that, they say, we have a new function for you: start tracking your cycles today!

Accordingly, Xiaomi wins this competition, because it knows how to offer on business.

Mi Band 4 does not have a cycle tracking function. But since this is only software, it will probably be added in one of the future updates, so I won’t take points for now.

Band 5 vs. Band 4: Sleep Analysis (3:2 led by Smart Band 5)

In Band 5, there was an update to the sleep algorithms. Where the Band 4 only recorded light and deep sleep, REM phase tracking has now been added. REM. Rapid Eye Movement. fast sleep. During this phase, the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids. Usually during this phase, a person sees dreams. Waking up is more difficult than during the light sleep phase. Ideally, REM sleep takes between 10 and 30%. Usually during this phase, the muscles are tense and paralyzed. This is a natural defense mechanism so that in a dream a person does not wave his arms and scream. By the way, this also explains the fact that in a dream it is impossible to move. Probably there are no problems with the implementation of this feature in Band 4. But so far this has not been done.

Otherwise, the accuracy of determining the phases of REM sleep and deep sleep for bracelets is the same. For the addition of the REM phase, Band 5 receives an additional point.

Band 5 vs. Band 4: other features and NFC (5 : 5 tie)

Other functions of both bracelets are the same. Can be used to read notifications, watch the weather, switch music, use to release the shutter when shooting with a smartphone.

One of the features of Mi Smart Band 5 is the ability to customize the main screen of the bracelet to your liking. If Band 4 had wallpapers, then in Band 5 you can move where which indicators will be located. Customization is always good. For example, you can display your personal activity index, weather, sunrise and sunset times, heart rate graph. The principle is simple: the widgets above and below can change, but the clock remains centered.

The Mi Smart Band 4 has only one feature that the Band 5 does not have. NFC, which allows you to use the bracelet for payment. And here it all depends on you whether this function is important to you or not. For me, it turned out to be very important. Yes, there are no discount cards in Band 4, but we pay not only in supermarkets. Pay in a cafe, in a park, and anywhere where you do not need to present a discount card. In this case, Band 4 is another step towards freeing hands. For example, when going for a walk in the park, you can leave your backpack in the car and even throw your smartphone there (because it’s a digital detox!), And put a banknote in your just in case. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Xiaomi bracelet is even smaller and lighter, so that the hands get less tired from wearing.

It should be remembered that at the moment only Mastercard cards of certain banks work on the bracelet

In my opinion, the presence of NFC completely equalizes Band 4 with Band 5. And when buying, you need to make a choice that you need the bracelet to be a sports companion or less types of activities, but you can pay?

Is Mi Band 4 compatible with my mobile phone?

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will probably be one of the stellar gadgets this Christmas. This is a product that delivers what it promises and is the perfect price for an “invisible friend” or any other circumstance in which you need to look good with a gift. But is it compatible with all mobile phones on the market?

As we say, Mi Band 4 is a very “gifted” product. This allows you to record the physical activity of any user, encouraging and motivating to also lead an active lifestyle. However, before giving or buying a Mi Band 4 to us, we must take into account some important aspects about its compatibility and that it has nothing to do with the weak points of the bracelet.

Which mobile phones is it compatible with?

There are several aspects in which the bracelet will not work, since not only Bluetooth is a necessary requirement for it to connect to our mobile phone. First of all, keep in mind that it is only compatible with Android and iOS devices. This means that if we know a person with a mobile phone who has a different operating system, or even who has a functional phone, it will be useless to give him a bracelet.

This type of basic terminal usually includes proprietary operating systems, so it cannot be paired with a wristband even if it has Bluetooth. We also can’t download the Mi Fit app required to reset all data and it’s only available on Google Play and the App Store Markets.

On iOS

Specifications of the bracelet indicate that it will only be compatible with mobile phones with iOS operating system from version 4.4. This means that Mi Band 4 can be powered by iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and even iPhone SE.

On Android

Something similar happens in Android as the Mi Band 4 is compatible since version 4.4 KitKat. This means that we can link it to very old devices. If we are in doubt, we can check the version of our mobile Android in Settings / About device.

Better with GPS

Similarly, and although it is not a strictly necessary technical requirement, it is recommended that the mobile phone has a GPS connection. This will allow us to correctly record the distances covered when we go out with the terminal Otherwise, even if we have a compatible old terminal, if it does not have GPS, we will not make full use of the product.

Fitness bracelet. a modern assistant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Fitness bracelets and smart watches quickly ceased to be an attribute of science fiction films and appeared in almost everyone. It is difficult to overestimate their usefulness. The set of functions of a bracelet in the middle price category looks something like this:

  • step counting;
  • calculation of calories based on weight, height, step length, age, gender and type of physical activity;
  • time in different time zones;
  • notifications from a smartphone using vibration;
  • alarm;
  • sleep control, which helps to get up easier and go to bed on time;
  • reminders for eating, drinking;
  • pulse measurement;
  • collection of all statistics.

A similar set can be obtained for only 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

Xiaomi fitness bracelets

As with any niche, there are favorites here. Xiaomi is a leader in sales of many types of equipment, including fitness bracelets. The first hit model was the Mi Band 3, which turned out to be so successful that it is still actively sold, despite the existence of a successor. It offers all the necessary features, has good characteristics in the form of a two-week autonomy and a large bright screen.

But the 3rd model did not receive the function of measuring pressure. Even the current Mi Band 4 does not have such a function. Some users scold the company for ignoring such an important feature. But there are reasons for the fact that Xiaomi fitness bracelets do not have a blood pressure monitor on board.

Why Mi Band does not measure pressure

The reason is simple. the price. Xiaomi bracelets are budget solutions aimed at reaching the largest possible audience. For their money, they already offer a good set of features, coupled with workmanship. Despite a number of disadvantages described below, a portable blood pressure monitor that can fit into a bracelet or watch case is expensive. The price of Mi Band will soar at least 2 times, which will scare away a large part of people from buying. In the end, there is no point in trying to please the minority. over, there are devices on the market with the necessary functionality.

Can Xiaomi fitness bracelets measure blood pressure

Controlling blood pressure helps keep you healthy. Contrary to popular belief that only older people should think about it, heart problems can overtake at a young age. over, almost all people, regardless of lifestyle, fall into the risk group.

But it is not always possible to have a full-fledged tonometer with you. Even modern compact devices for measuring blood pressure will fit only in a backpack or a medium-sized women’s bag. In this case, fitness bracelets come to the rescue. Many are skeptical about them and are interested in whether such a gadget measures pressure or is it all marketing.

Alternatives to Mi Band with pressure measurement

If you decide to buy a bracelet only with pressure measurement, but at the same time you want something as similar as possible to products from Xiaomi, then you can pay attention to the following options:

10 cool things to do with Mi Band 4!

GSMIN WR11 (2019). As close as possible, in terms of appearance, to “Mi Band” 3 and 4. The corners are rounded, but sharper. In general, the design is minimalistic. The bracelet is thin and light. 25 grams. Functions include a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep quality control, physical activity, calorie measurement and blood pressure monitor. The battery life is significantly inferior. 6 days with low activity. But that’s the price you pay for a feature set in a small package. At a price of 5-6 thousand rubles, this is one of the budget solutions with a tonometer on board;

Garmin Vivofit 3. It is distinguished by a small screen with a resolution of 64 64 pixels. Very little information is placed on it, which scares off some buyers. Due to lower energy consumption, it lives on battery a little longer than the previous solution, despite the fact that it has a similar set of characteristics and dimensions. Can withstand water pressure up to 5 atmospheres, which is more than most competitors. This allows you to dive deeper without fear of breaking the gadget. ;

Rooti W/Me 2. Somewhat niche device. The body is made of metal. The control button is located below the display and exceeds it in size. Moisture protection will save only in the rain or when washing hands. The gadget is not designed for diving. The main emphasis is placed on the control of the state of the body: the set includes a cardio belt, a sconce and a T-shirt. Such a set allows you to read data not only from the wrist, but also from other parts of the body, which increases the accuracy of measurements. Battery life is up to 6 days. The device weighs only 16 grams. For an improved reading of body data, you will have to pay about 10 thousand.

If you need a relatively inexpensive portable blood pressure monitor, then these are some of the best options.

Disadvantages of blood pressure monitors

Measuring pressure with a fitness bracelet will help identify problems unless they are clearly manifested. With the development of technology, measurement techniques are being improved, but they still lag far behind the accuracy of a classic sound device. So you should not rely only on the bracelet. This is only a safety net in case of overload during class or at work, for example. In the presence of serious problems with pressure, it is necessary to regularly undergo an examination by a doctor and use a full-fledged tonometer.

Also included here is the price. For the money that is usually added to the cost of the bracelet just for the ability to measure pressure, you can buy a high-quality electric tonometer.

Maybe in 2-3 generations, Xiaomi’s Mi Band series will be able to measure blood pressure without going beyond its price category. But for now, decent technologies are too expensive for this, and using the most budget sensors will do more harm than good.

There will be no subjective “like/dislike” ratings, I will just disassemble the Mi Band 4 in this review in parts and honestly show what I paid for. And do not look that I am not a man, I understand electronics and do not work for any brand.

May 2019. Like everyone else, I fell into a whirlwind of laudatory texts in favor of a “latest generation high-tech gadget” and bought a Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet from Xiaomi, or rather from Huami, because it was they who designed the device. The gadget is in my hands, let’s figure out what it can do, because it was not bought for the watch.


For everyone who is interested in the answer to this question, I’ll say right away. I bought the bracelet in China in the first days of release and for a couple of weeks it (horror) gave out all the information in hieroglyphs. But then the global version arrived, Mi Band 4 was updated when downloading the application itself and now shows everything in Russian.


Visible text size from Xiaomi Mi Band 4 screen (84 characters):

“After adding Alipay, you can pay using the payment code on the bracelet”

Visible text size from version 3 screen (56 characters):

«vk Marina (2 new messages) In 2 hours b. »

BATTERY Mi Smart Band 4

The battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet is 135 mAh, which is 20% more than its predecessor. But when checking autonomy, the version without NFC did not show any 20 days, 7-10 days is the maximum that I received before the device was discharged. There is an explanation for this: the heart rate monitor monitors 24/7, the processor in productive mode operates at 240 MHz, instead of 32-96 MHz (as in versions 2 and 3), more characters on the screen. all this together eats a lot of energy.


The water resistance of the Mi Band 4 is indicated by the parameter 5 ATM, and many “wise men” happily write that with this indicator you can easily dive to a depth of 50 meters. Complete nonsense! stroke in some types of swimming), the pressure may exceed the allowable 5 atmospheres for some time and your tracker cried. Swimming watches must have a protection rating of at least 10 ATM, and with 5 ATM you can shower and get caught in the rain.

Mi Band 4 and NFC

“Contactless payments in the Mi Band 4 version with NFC are made only through the Chinese MiPay system”

But! I live in China and even here MiPay is such an unpopular system, let me tell you. The Chinese for the most part use two systems. WechatPay and AliPay, which are implemented in such a way that you don’t need NFC. Register on the resource, link a Chinese card, put a QR code scanner and everything works.


And the bracelet just doesn’t provide it all. New generation, high-tech gadgets. Where is it all?

I have no questions about the response speed of the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet. when you raise your hand, version 4 reacts about 2-2.5 times faster than the third predecessor. By the way, the second tracker was no good in this regard.


Sleep tracking is still poorly implemented. no concept of daytime sleep, no smart alarm clock (only promises to do it). That is, they will wake you up in the same way as ordinary mechanical pieces of iron from the bedside table. in time, not in the phase of light sleep.

Remote control of smartphone music is a real pain. We turned on the music, started the workout, wanted to switch the track and could not do this until we were in training. Or checkers or go

The processor in version 4 of the Mi Band with AI. how not to make the Xiao AI voice assistant (only available in the model with an NFC module and a microphone). But forget to even think about it if you do not speak Chinese at the HSK-5 level.

In stores in Russia, I saw Mi Band 4 from 3300 to 3900 rubles, plus or minus. In China, I bought it for 160 yuan (about 1500 rubles).

  • Color display and 50 colorful themes
  • 2 more sport modes
  • Inconvenient music controls
  • Chinese voice assistant
  • Almost useless NFC

Also, you know what’s annoying? The longer the Mibands last, the lower the screen brightness. The characters on the screen of the second are almost invisible, the third is not as bright as after buying a year ago, as if it is designed for a year of service, just in time for the new version to arrive.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can count steps, pulse, show time, monitor sleep quality and display notifications. Mi Band 3 can display information about incoming calls by displaying the name of the contact.

If the screen diagonal of Mi Band 4 is 0.95 inches, then the screen diagonal of Mi Band 5 is 1.1 inches. For Mi Band 4, 77 screen design options (themes) are offered, and for Mi Band 5 they will be offered over 100. Instead of 6 activity modes in Mi Band 5, there will be 11 of them. Recall that the cost of Mi Band 5 became known the day before.

Fitness and health features

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker has the ability to measure a number of characteristics that are important in sports and health monitoring. Let’s start with purely sporting features. This is an opportunity to train while cycling, in the gym, on the treadmill, while running outdoors, walking or swimming. Since the bracelet easily tolerates interaction with water, you can not only swim with it, but also work fully in the rain or in high humidity conditions. During training, he collects statistics that are important for monitoring his achievements in sports. During sports, it is important not only the action itself, but also the measurement of various indicators. Therefore, Mi Band 4 has a number of functions for monitoring health: measuring heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, as well as measuring the number of steps, monitoring sleep and tracking activity. At the same time, through the behavior tags in the profile settings, the bracelet can be trained to recognize different activities (when you are driving, brushing your teeth, or doing something else). This will improve the measurement accuracy. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features. A fitness bracelet can not only measure the pulse, but also do it automatically at a given frequency. At the same time, the smart gadget independently determines when you started exercising and starts measuring your heart rate more often to get a more reliable result. He will also be able to notify you if the pulse is above the specified rate, if you turn on this function in the mobile application. Sleep monitoring means that the fitness bracelet will track the phases of sleep all night long, at the end of the process it will give statistics on the quality of your sleep and give recommendations. For example, it will determine that you went to bed too late, that your sleep was too short. Then he will tell you what this can lead to, and give specific recommendations for further actions. Activity tracking is another great feature that will be especially useful if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. While on your arm, the tracker will constantly monitor your movements and send notifications if you sit for too long without moving. This will help to pause in time in business and improve health, since many problems with it are associated precisely with a lack of mobility. Separately, let’s talk about such a function as setting goals. Although it is not directly related to sports or health functions, it is goal setting that helps you achieve faster results in terms of working with your body.

Phone Features

The next group of functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet helps to partially replace the phone. First of all, this is the ability to receive notifications and reminders from the phone from a variety of services and applications. The second convenient feature is to control the music player directly from the bracelet, which also eliminates the need to reach for the phone every time when you want to pause the track, turn up the volume or turn on another melody. The bracelet will also help you quickly find your phone at the touch of a button and automatically unlock the phone when it gets close to it. There are a couple of important functions to do without a phone if possible. This is NFC. wireless transmission technology and a voice assistant. But these functions are only available in fitness bracelets with NFC versions (more on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 versions). If we talk about NFC, then it will be useful only to residents of China (more about payment through fitness bracelets).

Standard features of Mi Band 4 watch

This group of functions includes those that are considered classic for many electronic devices. The Mi Band 4 fitness tracker has several alarms, a stopwatch, a timer, a clock with date and time display, and a module for determining the weather.

Functions for comfortable wearing and safety

Since at night we are not very pleased to look at the bright screen of the gadget, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a built-in night mode function. This means that with the onset of the dark time of the day, the watch screen becomes less bright. Another function is related to the location of the bracelet on the right or left hand. The need for this is dictated by the fact that when worn on a less active hand, the gadget is less likely to make mistakes in measurements, since otherwise it can count frequent movements of the active hand as steps. Another useful feature is activating the screen when you raise your wrist. This feature helps to both save the energy of the bracelet by keeping its screen off, and eliminates the need to press the screen or button to view information on the Smart bracelet. For many, a feature such as support for third-party watch faces will also be pleasant, which not every fitness bracelet can boast of. Watch faces can be selected both in the standard Mi Fit application, and installed through other applications or downloaded from different sites.
And the last feature that we will mention relates to the safety of using the bracelet. This is a locking feature in which the bracelet is locked when removed from the wrist. If desired, you can also enter a password to block, then another person will not be able to use your bracelet without entering a password.

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Characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

General characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch

The Mi Band 4 smart bracelet is suitable for any phone running Android version 4.4 or higher or iOS 9 or higher. The built-in memory of the ROM of the bracelet is 16 MB, and the RAM is 512 KB. The fitness tracker has a number of sensors that turn it into a smart gadget. These are accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and heart rate sensor. It also has a vibration motor, and the version with NFC has a microphone (more about versions).

Mi Smart Band 4 display specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet boasts a touch-sensitive color LCD display made using AMOLED technology. Its diagonal is 0.95 inches, resolution 240×120, color depth 24 bit, which adds comfort when managing the gadget.

Case and strap options

A feature of the bracelet from Xiaomi is a waterproof polycarbonate case that can withstand pressure up to 5 bar and has a degree of moisture protection IP68. This allows you to use the smart bracelet in the pool, collecting all the necessary information while swimming. Due to the 2.5D tempered glass, the gadget can also withstand scratches, chips, temperature changes and other adverse effects (details in our tests). Its strap is made of silicone, although you can also purchase classic leather or metal accessories if you wish.

Bracelet functionality

We talked about functions in detail above. Here we just add that the functions depend not only on the Mi Band 4 itself, but also on the application that works with it. For example, in the standard Mi Fit application there is no way to analyze daytime sleep or set a smart alarm, but you can do this using other applications. The Smart Alarm application adds a smart alarm function to the bracelet, an extension for Mi Fit called Mi bandage will display calls, the name and photo of the subscriber and much more on the dial, and the Tools Mi application is sharpened for notification settings. There are many applications for every taste, so after mastering the basic functions, you can safely start experimenting with new ones.

Fitness tracker autonomy

The Mi Band 4 has a lithium-polymer battery that takes about two hours to charge. The regular version of the bracelet is equipped with a 135 mAh battery and can work continuously for up to 20 days. In the version with NFC, the battery is slightly weaker: its capacity is 125 mAh, which is enough for up to 15 days. But keep in mind that if you enable all resource-intensive features like constant heart rate monitoring, the gadget will run out much faster. It is charged from its own charger with a USB port, which can be connected to a computer, smartphone adapter, external battery and other devices.

Communication with the phone

Mi Band 4 uses Bluetooth version 5.0 to connect with your phone, which provides a greater range and faster data transfer compared to previous generation Bluetooth. But the benefits will be visible provided that the phone also has Bluetooth version 5.0.

Smart bracelet dimensions

The gadget is small in size and light in weight. Its height is 46.8 mm, width. 17.8 mm, depth. 12.6 mm, and it weighs 22.1 g. The width of the strap is 18 mm, and the length is 155-216 mm, which allows you to wear it on your wrist with a circumference from 14 cm to 20.5 cm.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Reviews

Reviews of the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet are mostly positive, as the owners of this gadget have appreciated all its capabilities. Thus, in the large retail chain M.Video, the Smart bracelet received a high average rating of 4.7 points out of five, with 94% of users recommending this product. In the DNS network, the rating is exactly the same and is 4.7 points, 4.6 points were given to the gadget on the irecommend.ru website, 4.5 stars out of five were given on the Otzovik website. Users appreciated the work of the fitness bracelet in training modes, a bright display, long battery life, a good choice of watch faces, a variety of straps for it, lightness and high water protection. Many people liked the wide functionality of the tracker, which they considered quite sufficient for a miniature wrist gadget. Others did not like the fact that Mi Band 4 sometimes inaccurately measures the pulse and other indicators, does not have a smart alarm clock, does not always analyze sleep correctly, has an unreliable fastening on the strap, and more. Many wrote negative reviews due to the fact that they came across defective products. Let’s sum up what has been said. We see that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has wide functionality, great autonomy and is liked by most of its owners. Whether it suits you specifically or not depends on your goals and expectations from the gadget. Some people buy Mi Band 4 as their first fitness bracelet, others are looking for a gadget for specific tasks, such as managing a certain workout or tracking heart rate.

Setting up calls and SMS in Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How to set up call notifications in Mi Band 4

  • Make sure the bracelet is paired with your phone. To do this, open the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” tab, find your gadget in the devices section and click on its name. If there is no connection, the application will warn you about this. If you find it difficult to connect the bracelet to your phone, use this instruction.
  • In the basic menu (Profile / Mi Band 4) find the line “Incoming call” and click on the line “Access required”. At the bottom, click on the “Go to settings” button and turn on the checkbox opposite Mi Fit. If you have previously given access, then you will not have such a line.
  • In the same “Incoming call” section, turn on the “Warn about incoming call” and “Show contact details” modes.

How to set up SMS notifications in Mi Band 4

In addition to calls, you can read on the fitness bracelet SMS coming to your phone. To get them, scroll down the main menu of Mi Band 4 in Mi Fit and click on the “” button. Find the “Incoming SMS” section and activate the “SMS Alert” line. Do not forget that the bracelet and phone must also be paired. When a message arrives on your bracelet, slide your finger slowly across the screen to read it in full (for large messages) or swipe down quickly to read the next message.

Solution to the problem: Mi Band 4 does not show calls and messages

  • Make sure that the fitness tracker has not lost connection with the phone. If a crossed-out Bluetooth icon appears on the bracelet screen, reconnect the devices.
  • Disable “Receive only when screen is off” and check if calls are coming in now. The option is configured in Mi Fit in the “Notifications” section of the main menu.
  • Calls and messages may not come if, when you first connected the bracelet via Mi Fit, you did not give the application all the requested accesses. You can fix this in your phone’s “Settings” and “Apps” section. Find Mi Fit in the list of applications, click on it and then on the “Permissions” line and give the necessary permissions (see picture below).
  • Also, when you connect for the first time, the application asks for permission to work in the background. If you refused, find the item “Run in the background” in the basic menu of Mi Fit. Sometimes this problem is solved through the settings in your phone’s Settings / Applications / Mi Fit and Settings / Battery. Disable these items and enable them again.
  • Reanimate the fitness bracelet using one of the methods described here.

Solution to the problem: Mi Band 4 does not show the name of the caller

With such a problem in the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” tab, click on Mi Band 4 and find the “Incoming call” section. In it, find the line “Show contact details.” Even if the checkbox in it is enabled, turn it off and on again. Also check that the desired contacts are listed in your phone contacts list in international format. Otherwise, fix them so that the numbers start with 7 (for Russia) or another code you need.

Vibration settings in Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How to “draw” a vibration in a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet

To configure vibration in the Mi Fit application, a section of the same name has been created that allows you to set individual vibrations for different types of notifications. Namely, for calls, SMS, alarms, messages from instant messengers and other signals. Since vibrations are not as diverse as melodies, the developer came up with the idea of ​​creating a so-called vibration pattern. This is reminiscent of Morse code: in one pattern there can be short vibrations, long ones and pauses between them. Having created and memorized several of these patterns, you will know exactly what you have received without looking at your phone or bracelet. To set such a pattern, in the Mi Fit application, in the “Profile” tab, click on the name of the bracelet and find the “Vibration” section in the menu. Select the signal type for which you want to create a custom vibration. Let it be “Incoming call”. Click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen and click on the screen at the rhythm you want. It’s better to record a little longer, otherwise, when you receive an incoming call, you won’t have time to understand what kind of vibration it is. If the first time did not work out what you wanted, click “Repeat Recording”. At the end, click on the “Save” button in the upper corner and enter the name of your vibration pattern. Do the same for other signals that you want to receive as a unique vibration instead of the usual one.

Random vibrations of the Mi Band 4 bracelet and vibrations when the battery is low

When the charge level on your fitness tracker becomes low, it will vibrate periodically, as a complete discharge is harmful to the gadget. In this case, just put it on charge. If you set the vibration to a variety of types of signals, and even set vibration patterns, it can bother you too often. Indeed, from messengers alone, messages can come in batches, not to mention calls, alarm clocks, warm-up reminders or other notifications. To prevent them from driving you crazy, set the vibration to only the types of signals you need.

Solution: Mi Band 4 does not vibrate when calling

If the fitness bracelet stops vibrating when you make a call, go to the “Vibration” section, turn off and on the corresponding slider again. The second way is to reboot the bracelet and the phone itself. If such quick methods do not help, reset the bracelet, unbind from the phone and other methods.

Setting the weather in Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How to set weather on Mi Band 4

In order for the weather to be determined specifically in your city, you need to enable geolocation on your phone (slide the notification shade down on your smartphone and select the “Location” icon). Also make sure that the Mi Fit application has received permission from the VAZ to access the location (you should have given it when you first paired the bracelet and phone). You can check this in the Settings / Applications / Mi Fit / Permissions section. To control the weather module in the Mi Band 4 bracelet, there is a “Weather Settings” section. Find it in the basic menu of the fitness bracelet of the Mi Fit app. To determine the weather in your location, activate the “Detect location automatically” option. If you want to know the weather in a specific city, enter its name in the “City” line. After all the settings, scroll up the fitness bracelet screen until you find the weather section. Swipe up on the screen will also help you view the weather for other days.

Solution to the problem: Mi Band 4 does not show the weather

It often happens that the bracelet does not show updated weather information and offers to connect to Mi Fit to update the data. If everything is in order with the connection, then you will have to tinker with the sliders. The first way to update is to change the city manually. To do this, in the “Weather settings” section, click on the “City” line and deactivate the “Detect location automatically” option. In the “City” line, start typing the name of your city and select it from the list provided. To update the data, swipe in the basic menu of the Mi Fit application. Deactivation and subsequent activation of the “Detect location automatically” function also helps. If the weather has not updated, make sure that there is no crossed-out Bluetooth icon on the bracelet, indicating that the connection with the phone is lost. Other methods are similar to those that occur with software failures of the bracelet, and are described in detail here.

Call, vibration and weather settings in Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Ringtones, notifications and vibration in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet can be crazy if they are not configured correctly. Therefore, further we will analyze how to set them up for the first time so that there is no information overload. Along with this, we will analyze frequent cases when the fitness tracker does not display calls, does not display the name of the caller on the screen, and does not vibrate when making calls. We will also pay attention to an equally common problem related to displaying the weather on the gadget.

Call, vibration and weather settings in the Master for Mi Band app

Above, we looked at how calls, vibration or weather are configured in the standard Mi Fit application for Mi Band 4. However, there are also more detailed settings for the same functions in third-party applications. For example, in the Master for Mi Band program, it is possible to make personal settings for different subscribers. To do this, in the program you need to click the list button in the upper corner, select the “Calls” menu, click the “Add notification” button at the bottom and select the desired subscriber or the “All contacts” line. In the next step, you can select the type of notification, set the icon, delay, repeat and options for exactly how you will receive messages: in silent mode, in vibration mode, and so on. SMS is configured in the same way through the “SMS messages” line. But both calls and SMS in the free version can be set only for two subscribers. Devoting a little time to detailed setting up a fitness bracelet, you can turn it into a smart assistant that, instead of overloading with information, will notify you in time about important events.

If Mi Band 4 does not vibrate on notifications

By default, the Mi Fit app may be set to “no sound and vibration”. To select another option, open the “Settings” section on your phone and select “Applications”. Find Mi Fit in the list and find the “Notifications” line. Click on it and find the line dedicated to sound. When you click on it, you will be able to set the notification style, vibration, customize the lock screen and other settings. If you want to leave only one vibration, select the notification style “Sound and notifications”, go to this subsection and set it to “Silent” and check the switch in the “Vibration” line. In your phone model or version of the Mi Fit application, this may be implemented in its own way.

How to update Mi Band 4 and Mi Fit

Often the reason for the Mi Band 4 not working correctly lies in the old version of the Mi Fit application that controls it or the firmware of the bracelet itself. Usually, both are updated automatically when the gadget is connected to the phone, and the phone is connected to the Internet. But if, for example, you have settings in the Play Store to install application updates only via Wi-Fi, and you have not connected to it for a long time, the update will not be installed automatically. To update the Mi Fit application, go to the Profile tab, at the bottom, click on the line “Settings” and click on the line “Check for updates”. If you have the latest version of the program installed, a message will appear on the screen. Otherwise, the application will offer to update the program. In the “About the app” section, you can also view the version of the app. Before updating, be sure to charge the phone, as this process can be lengthy and should not be interrupted. In some cases, you have to not update Mi Fit, but delete it from the phone and reinstall it. For example, if the fitness bracelet connected successfully, and then stopped connecting, or the bracelet remained tied to the lost phone. To reinstall the application, you must first log out of your account in Mi Fit (the “Profile” tab, the “Settings” line, the “Exit” button at the bottom, the “OK” button). Go to your phone settings, open the applications section and find Mi Fit there. If it has an option to clear app data, do so. Then remove the application by clicking on the “Delete” button. If, when uninstalling, the application asks whether to delete its data, agree.
After deleting the application, install it again, log into your account and complete the linking. If you have forgotten how to do this, the instructions for setting up Mi Band 4 will help you. To update the firmware of your Smart bracelet, connect it to your phone via the Mi Fit app. Make sure your phone and bracelet are charged and your phone is connected to the internet. Bring the bracelet as close to the phone as possible. If an update is available, it will start installing automatically when they are paired. Wait for the update to finish without removing the gadgets from each other at this time.

How to set up notifications on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet

You can receive notifications from the apps you use on your phone on your Smart Bracelet, so you don’t have to pick up your smartphone every time to view them. To do this, launch the Mi Fit application on your phone, open the “Profile” section, select the Mi Band 4 line and go to the “Notifications” section. If notifications are turned off, you’ll see a prompt to enable notifications to work. Enable this position and check the boxes next to the necessary applications below or add them to the list of applications with notifications. Pay attention to the line “Receive only when the screen is off.” If you activate this feature, then you will receive notifications in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 only if the smartphone screen is locked. That is, when you use your phone, notifications will not be duplicated on the bracelet.

How to untie Mi Band 4 from phone

In order for the phone to “forget” the gadget, it is enough to unbind it. To do this, in the Mi Fit application, open the “Profile” tab, click on the line with the name of your bracelet and click on the “Disable” button at the bottom. In this case, the data stored in the internal memory of the bracelet will be erased. After unbinding it will have to be reconnected to the phone. The described actions will occur if, when resetting the settings on the phone, the Smart bracelet was near the phone and was paired with it. Otherwise, the bracelet will still work, but without synchronization with the phone. To re-pair it with the phone, you first have to do a factory reset through the bracelet menu (see above).

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet

Sometimes the gadget regularly performs the same function, but at one fine moment it stops doing it. Rebooting the gadget helps in fixing minor software failures, as well as resetting statistics for the day. To complete it, swipe down on the fitness tracker screen and find the “Advanced” section. In it, open the “Settings” section, scroll down to the “Reboot” line and click it. The question “Restart?”, a checkmark and a cross will appear on the screen. Click on the checkmark and the gadget will restart.

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to factory settings

To eliminate more serious software failures, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 apply factory reset. To do this, swipe down on the bracelet screen, find the “Advanced” section, open “Settings” in it and select the “Reset settings” line. A warning will appear on the screen informing you that you will have to reconnect your device to your phone after the reset. To complete the procedure, click on the red checkmark. Keep in mind that after the reset, your bracelet will automatically switch to the default language before connecting to Mi Fit, for example, English or Chinese. A green Pair First icon will appear, reminding you to pair the bracelet with your phone. After connecting to Mi Fit, the application will automatically change the language of Mi Band 4 to Russian. When resetting, the data on the bracelet is reset to zero. To connect the bracelet to the phone from scratch, you will first have to untie it from the phone (see below), and then re-link it through the “Add device” section. By the way, another option to reset the bracelet settings is to bind it to another phone. At the time of binding, the application itself will offer to reset.

Troubleshooting Xiaomi Mi Band 4: reset settings, work with notifications, reboot, update

There are situations when the Mi Band 4 bracelet stops working correctly. One common reason for this can be minor or major software bugs. Often they arise due to the installation of third-party applications, watch faces on the gadget, due to the frequent change of the main screen picture, and for other reasons. In this case, various methods of treating the gadget can help: updating the firmware, rebooting, updating the Mi Fit control application, unbinding the phone and resetting it. We will consider them below, and also deal with the incorrect reception of notifications.

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