What Water Is Suitable For Red-Eared Turtles

What Water Is Suitable For Red-Eared Turtles

Trachemys tortoise belongs to the family of freshwater American turtles. In natural conditions, they prefer small warm lakes and ponds with marshy banks, river floodplains and shallow marshes. These reptiles need fresh water, which adults can do without for more than a couple of days. Water for red-eared turtles is a bedroom, a dining room, and a gym. However, for proper development and health, a pet in an aquarararium needs a small (about ¼ of the entire surface) island of warm land.

Ways to keep the temperature in the aquarium

Creating optimal conditions for these reptiles is a multi-step task and not an easy one. The aquaterrarium should be spacious and necessarily elongated. Water occupies ¾ of the total volume of the dwelling.

The water temperature for red-eared turtles, as well as the duration of their daylight hours, depends on the time of year. The following indicators will be ideal for adult representatives:

  • in winter and spring: 20⁰С (not lower). 25 ° C with 8 hours of lighting;
  • in summer: 25-28⁰ With lighting up to 13 hours;
  • in autumn: 22-26 ° C and 8 hours of daylight.
What Water Is Suitable For Red-Eared Turtles

For young individuals (up to three years), the water temperature should not drop below 25 degrees.

Short temperature deviations are acceptable, but prolonged maintenance at low temperatures leads to poor health and serious diseases of the lungs and skin.

To maintain the temperature within the required limits allows a conventional immersion heater for aquariums with a thermostat. To heat a dry area, additional sources of light and heat may be required: the Repty-Glo reptile lamp is best suited, an ordinary incandescent lamp with a power of up to 60 W, ultraviolet or medical “solar” is also suitable, you can use a lamp with a mirror coating and direct it to a specific plot, thereby creating a warmer (but not more than 33 degrees) zone. To avoid burns to the pet, it is necessary to have a light source at least 60 cm above the water level.

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Aquarium water

The depth of the pond in the terrarium should correspond to the age and size of the turtle, to allow it to move freely, and on average be at least 25 centimeters.

Fresh water of medium hardness with an active reaction of pH in the range of 6.5 – 7.5 is suitable for keeping red-eared turtles. This is an approximate indicator of tap water, but it is better not to pour it directly from the tap. Tap water is disinfected with chlorine, which will disappear in a day when it settles. Here is such a well-maintained, it is best to use for partial replacement. It is undesirable to completely change the water during harvesting, since it takes quite a long time to mature the beneficial microorganisms and form the correct microclimate. And since harvesting is necessary regular, the ecosystem with a complete change of water will never come into balance.

Cleanliness – a guarantee of longevity and health

The basis of the "rubella" diet is animal feed, so when feeding in the aquarium, water is contaminated very quickly. To avoid this, you can transplant your pet into a separate container (a suitable plastic basin of suitable size) filled with warm water for the duration of the meal. But even with this method of feeding, harvesting should be regular. The more water a pet has, the less often it is necessary to clean its home. A prerequisite for cleanliness and ventilation is the presence of a powerful filter. For kids, an internal submersible is enough, but after three years a more powerful external filter will be required. Water for red-eared turtles at home does not require additional additives or treatments.

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