What to do to prevent the phone from braking

The phone that you just got out of the box will work smartly, cope with difficult tasks, but over time, there is no trace of the former speed.

The interface becomes buggy, the programs run for a very long time. It often happens that even the most simple applications begin to slow down. So let’s figure out how to deal with this problem!

Apps and games

Note that each mobile phone goes on sale with the most current operating system at that time, which most closely matches the current characteristics of the smartphone.

What to do to prevent the phone from braking

Yes, some manufacturers do make regular updates for their gadgets, but not all, and support lasts, as a rule, no more than two years in budget models.

Even if you have received updates, it is not a fact that the phone will work as fast as with a purchase.

This problem applies to games and applications. Developers release updates optimized for new devices. At the same time, on older models, the game may also start to work unstably.

There are two options for solving this problem:

  • you just need to make a choice between the speed and functionality of applications. If your smartphone is not flagship, not very powerful, we strongly recommend that you refuse to update many applications. The functionality will not be the same as after the update, but the speed of work will remain the same;
  • Also, a modernized, lightweight firmware will be a good option. This, although slightly, will increase the speed of the system as a whole, as well as individual software.

Background Applications

The presence of many applications running in the background is the most common reason that the android began to slow down. If you hide a lot of applications in the background, then you can not count on the stable operation of an Android device, since the system will spend a lot of resources on supporting the health of these applications.

The solution to the problem is very simple. You just need to remove the applications that work in the background, or at least turn them off in the phone settings.

It is also interesting that starting with Android 4.1, the system is able to independently distribute resources to applications, as well as close programs running in the background.

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By the way, you can set a limit on background processes yourself, but only on condition that the Android version of your phone is 4.1 or higher. How to do it? Everything is simple.

Follow these steps:

  1. go to the device settings;
  2. select “For Developers”;
  3. find the line “Limit background processes”;
  4. specify the number of processes you need.

I would also like to note the fact that there are no viruses on the Android operating system, respectively, there is no need for an antivirus. He will simply eat RAM in the background, while not bringing any benefit.


Smartphone manufacturers do not recommend clogging the smartphone’s desktop with various kinds of widgets, since each of them requires resources to work. If you use all that is on the phone, then its work will slow down significantly, especially if you play demanding games.

When you delete most of the widgets, desktops are freed up, it is better to remove them if possible.

System clutter

By the way, maybe the android slows down due to the fact that the file system is very clogged with unnecessary files. This is inevitable, and the longer the system will not be cleaned, the more dirty the system is, the more the phone will fail.

What files clog the system? There are many of them, namely:

  • software operation logs;
  • incomplete processes;
  • old and unnecessary cookies;
  • download history;

Most memory clutter up cache files. They are stored both on the memory card and in the internal memory of the phone. They are needed in order to save traffic and load pages that require Internet access faster.

Files seem to be useful, but nevertheless they need to be cleaned. How to do it? There are several options. The best option is to download a special application from Google Play.

Here are the best:

    Cleen Mater. This is the most famous smartphone cleaning app. Also, this software is used as a task manager, manager of running processes and applications. When cleaning, the utility deletes all unnecessary ones, including temporary program files, cache files, files in the clipboard, browsers search history, cookioes files. Cleen Master is able to clean not only internal and external drives, but also RAM. The program is free and free to download.

Lack of free space

If the phone slows down very much, then the reason may be a lack of free space. The phone’s built-in drive is designed in such a way that if it is filled to the eyeballs, the phone can begin to become very buggy.

If the internal memory of the device is full, then you need to clear it, at least 30% should be free.

To do this, we recommend:

  • transfer all data to a memory card;
  • transfer applications to a memory card;
  • Take advantage of the above listed garbage cleaning applications.

Lack of support for TRIM technology

TRIM technology first appeared in Andrid4.3. It allows the smartphone to work smoothly and stably even several years after purchase. It is a pity, of course, that it was not entered before.

The main reason for braking over time is that almost all phones have SSDs installed, respectively, each cell has a very limited recording resource.

Even if you delete the files, the memory controller will until the last think that they are there. The more times the files were copied, the more cells were occupied, the more the controller had to work, the slower it started to work.

TRIM technology helps to reset the controller every 24 hours, it forgets what has already been deleted. The memory controller will be informed that certain data is no longer needed, as it has been deleted.

It is also worth noting that the TRIM function will work exclusively on good, high-quality controllers, respectively, the most low-cost models and cheap copies will not support it. This should be taken into account.

Android brakes after update

If you decide to update your smartphone, and after the update it starts to slow down, we recommend resetting the phone to factory settings. Most likely this action will help to solve the problem. If not, then you have to reflash the smartphone.

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It’s a complicated matter, it is better to trust the professionals, since one wrong move, and your favorite smartphone will turn into a brick you no longer need, unless you can sell parts.

As for resetting the settings, then everything is simple, you need to do the following:

  1. go to the phone settings;
  2. select “Restore and reset”;
  3. further “Reset Settings”;

If your phone has important data, do not forget in advance to either reset it to another medium or make a backup copy for recovery.