What to do if you lost the wireless headphones

lost, wireless, headphones

What to do if one earphone doesn’t work with wireless bluetooth headphones?

The advent of Bluetooth technology has contributed to its application for freeing users of phones (and other devices) from unnecessary wires by transferring data through the air. Now it is impossible to imagine a mobile device that does not have this function.

With time the technology was more and more introduced in this direction and today there are a huge number of devices that use Bluetooth for wireless communication with other gadgets: smart watches, fitness bracelets, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless speakers and headphones, other equipment.

In this article we will look at wireless headphones with wireless connection between the mobile device, as well as with each other. The technology of these headphones (TWS) is still young. And when using them periodically hangs, crashes, desynchronization. In this case, it is a normal phenomenon and the manufacturer does not hide the possibility of such cases and describes in the user manual steps to reset them.

The cost of these headphones is proportional to the perfection of their connection. The higher the version of bluetooth, the more stable the connection without disconnection. Also depends on the cost of the headphones and the headphone headphone outfit. The higher their price, the better the “smart” stuffing and the headphones themselves check the synchronization with each other. In cheaper ones you have to reset them manually to synchronize later.

PC. It is worth noting that the headphones of this type can work individually. And in the case of a microphone, to use as a headset.

But no matter how I look at it, de-synchronization, or some other kind of malfunction, still happens even with the most expensive wireless headphones (like Apple Airpods).

How it came about?

Of course, I did not make out any additional warranty, so I had only to look for the lost devices. I went through my s and searched all over the apartment for the earpiece. Alas, that didn’t work either.

This is where the Find iPhone feature might have come in handy. You can use it to play the sound on the earpiece, or search for it from the last geo-position.

Since I didn’t find out until the next day, the geo position was no longer shown. Screenshot of the pain.

The charging case is dead, so there’s no way to interact with it. I just don’t know where it is. And where is the second earpiece.

You can see how bad it is? Okay, if I had forgotten one earpiece somewhere. I would still have the other one and be able to charge it and use it.

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And in this situation, you could say I lost everything. There is simply no use for the remaining headphone.

How to find Airpods

You need the Find iPhone app or the web-based iCloud service.

After logging into the application, you will see a list of devices connected to your Apple ID. On the site to do this, go to Find iPhone.

Select the headset in the list of devices.

Press Play Sound button.

The headphones will play with increasing volume for two minutes. You can separately enable or disable playback on the right or left earpiece.

Bookmark it

Searching for headphones with built-in function

Some models of headphones, such as Apple’s Airpods, have a built-in Find Me feature specifically for finding them. You can use it to find your headphones, even if they are lost elsewhere.

Important! The Find Me feature would have to be pre-activated on the paired headphone device. It will not be possible to turn it on after a loss.

  • open the Find Me application;
  • enter the list of devices;
  • tap Airpods;
  • see their location on the map
  • When you get within 10 meters of the headphones with iPhone in hand, they will start beeping, by which you can find them faster.

In one search can only identify one earphone, so if they are lost in different places, you must first find one of them, put it in the case, then do all the operations for the other again.

If you don’t have your iOS device handy, you can use iCloude and search from your computer using your Apple ID. But you won’t hear a beep, of course, because without the iPhone, the beep won’t play.

lost, wireless, headphones

The problem can also be a complete discharge of the gadget. In this case, the Bluetooth scanner will not give anything, there will also be no audio signal. However, the last connection location icon will remain on the map, so you can still look there.

Proceed in the same way to find headphones of other models with the same option, such as Samsung Galaxy buds. When the function is enabled in the pairing radius, the headphones will start beeping intermittently with increasing volume. In 3 minutes of signal the case with headphones will be found for sure.

How to find any Apple gadget

You can use the web-based iCloud service to find any Apple device.

Go to the iCloud website.com and log in to your Apple ID account. Note that if two-factor authentication is enabled, you’ll need to confirm.

Select the desired gadget from the drop-down list. You will be able to see its last location and turn on the beep.

This way you can activate the search mode on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods, computers and Mac laptops. All the gadgets that are connected to your Apple ID will be available for searching.

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How to connect Airpods to iPhone

Everyone who owns an iPhone should know how to connect Airpods to it. Setting up and connecting takes a few minutes and is not very difficult to figure out. You need to open the packaging first, removing the protective film from the top. Inside the box is the earpod case. Take it out and put it near your iPhone. Then use the “Home” button to open the settings and turn on Bluetooth. You can open the case with the headphones. During connection, the appropriate splash screen will appear on your phone screen.

Using a wireless headset is easy in any environment

Press “connect” and then “ready

It is important to make sure the headphones are charged, otherwise they will not work. Take the headphones out of the case and put them in your ears

The special thing about this model is that when you put it in your ear the music automatically kicks in. If you take out one earphone, the sound would pause, and if you take out both, it would stop completely.

It is possible to connect pods to multiple devices at the same time. To do this, take out the two headphones and set them to one of the gadgets. Then remove one earphone back into the case, and set the other to another device.

You can connect to the specified model on any iPhone with iOS 10 or later. On these smartphones headphones work with full functionality. Compatible with both older models ( 5 s, se) and newer models. 10, XR and iPhone 11. The headphones can run on outdated versions of operating systems, but with limited capabilities.

You can connect the headset to any device with Bluetooth. For owners of iOS 9 and below, this setup is fine:

  • Headphones fit in a case.
  • On the back of the case you need to press the button and wait for the indicator light to turn white.
  • On the phone, go to the settings and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Confirm the connection with the appropriate button.

Each box has a manual in Russian that will help set up the connection.

How to find a lost earpiece?

First of all, you need to reconstruct the chain of events. After all, you should agree: it is much easier to look for your missing home than to run out into the street or go through all the places where you have been before discovering the absence of your property. I should note right away that all of the following methods and options are appropriate for different brands of headphones. So the answer to the question of how to find a headphone JBL, Samsung, Xiaomi (particularly AirDots), Sony, Honor and others will be the same!

So, there can be several reasons for the loss:

  • You left your ears at home on the table and they went somewhere;
  • The headset was left at school/university/office or somewhere else where you spend a lot of time every day;
  • The headphones fell out somewhere on the way home;
  • The headset was stolen and you only noticed it was missing at home.
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How to Search at Home

Redmi and Mi AirDots wireless headphones look like little drops. Easily fit in the ear cup. Weighs only 4g.

If the headset is on standby, the owner in a noisy place or while playing sports may not notice the dropped gadget. The realization of what happened causes frustration and despair. But all is not lost.

Finding Airpods at home is easier. Turn off noisy devices. Play music on your phone at maximum volume. Listen for the sound of the gadget.

Ask for help from Apple

Interesting point: the headphones were missing in the late afternoon, and in the morning I got an email notification that the Airpods had been plugged into another device almost at midnight. Wife at this time was already happily asleep and basically could not use the headphones. Apparently, a bad person decided to evaluate the capabilities of Airpods.

Unfortunately, if the headphones are plugged into another device, you can’t find out what kind of phone or tablet it is, or where it is. Too bad, such a feature would be very useful for both the owner of the lost equipment and the police in their work.

Otherwise we can only say that the headphones are used by someone.

Just in case I asked for help from Apple support. They asked for the serial number of the headphones and also asked what device they had last used them with.

The headphones themselves can be tracked using Find iPhone, if the headphones are connected to your phone and account. If the headphones are connected to another phone, your account will no longer be able to track them. In your case, you should go to the police and report the theft.

Apple Tech Support

Hope springs eternal and we can only hope that the police can find the headphones. Though the search is analogous to a needle in a haystack: no clues unless something happens.

While I have made this conclusion for myself. If the Airpods are stolen, don’t despair, just buy the Airpods again and enjoy such great headphones.

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