What to do if the Xiaomi phone is quickly discharged

What to do when the Android system eats a Xiaomi battery

The main reasons for the rapid battery expenditure are as follows:

  • Not an original battery installed on the phone during the purchase. Such frauds are practiced in many mobile elephants. You purchase a new gadget where the original batteries are replaced with a copy that is discharged faster;
  • Not an original charger. With a breakdown or loss of charging, which is delivered in the kit, people acquire an analogue in order to save. It spoils the battery, which is why after you have to buy both a charger and a new battery;
  • Not an original USB cable for charging;
  • Firmware. The battery can quickly sit down due to the unsuccessful version of the update from the manufacturer of the device and crookedness of Castoma;
  • Incorrectly configured functions. When you do not use the device, hidden processes taking place in the background occur in it. Updates and utilities are downloaded by consuming energy;
  • The quality of the mobile operator network. At a low level of communication, the device will use energy resources to the maximum to maintain a signal.

The Xiaomi battery began to discharge quickly

One day you noticed that the battery began to discharge noticeably faster than usual. This can happen as a result of the following reasons:

  • On the eve of the battery was exposed to extreme (for it) temperature. It is extremely harmful to the battery at a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, or above 40 degrees. You noticed that if you get the phone out of your in winter and start a resource.Intensive application, for example, shoot a high.Resolution video or start playing a heavy three.Dimensional game, a battery charge leaves before our eyes. This is due to a slowdown in the chemical reaction inside the battery, which entails the loss of energy. If you crossed the battery, try not to allow this in the near future, completely discharge it and then charge it. This does not guarantee a good result, but it is impossible to do otherwise. If you are lucky, it will return part of the former capacity, but in most cases it will have to be replaced;
  • Water got inside the phone. If you know that water got into Xiaomi, I recommend taking the phone to the service to special service. Even if you completely dry the device at home, this does not guarantee the lack of oxides on the contact tracks of the board and on the contacts of the battery. The service will be able to notice and remove them in time, it is impossible to do this at home. Okisls can very quickly lead not only to the rapid category of batteries, but also to the breakdown of the board due to the closure of contacts;
  • The battery is old. The typical service life of the lithium-ion battery does not exceed two years under normal operating conditions, or 600-700 charging and discharge cycles. Even if the battery is in perfect conditions, with each charging cycle it loses a small share of the maximum capacity and over time it becomes noticeable. You can indirectly check the status of the battery, but if it is about two years or older, I recommend replacing it with the same original one, Xiaomi will gain a second wind. Perhaps you do not notice this, but the old battery is not able to provide the processor with the required power, so the chip operates in economical mode and does not reach the declared power. Replacing the old battery with a new one will not only prevent quick discharge and give additional battery life, but also allow the processor to work at full power, which will make the phone faster and more pleasant in circulation.
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Physical reasons for the rapid charging battery on Xiaomi

First of all, we must remember that the temperature has a significant effect on how the Xiaomi battery sits quickly.

At temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, lithium-ion batteries of the smartphone begin to lose energy even if the phone is turned off. Due to low temperatures, chemical processes are slowed inside the battery, it gives less electricity to the device, and with intensive operation of the processor, the charge level can melt before the eyes.

For the sake of the experiment, I conducted experience last winter, there was a temperature on the street. 18 degrees. I took out the phone from my and put it on a wooden bench for one minute so that the phone cooled.

Then I turned on the video recording mode and looked at the charge indicator. The battery began to sit at a speed of 1% in 20 seconds of video recording.

Remember: for a phone battery, it is very harmful at negative temperatures. From regular cooling, they not only lose the current charge, but also reduce their capacity, thus, in the future, when connected to charging, they will no longer gain proper amount of energy and the phone will be quickly discharged even at room temperature. Do not wear Xiaomi in the winter in the bags and external s of the jacket, try to put it in the inner. Where a positive temperature will remain.

Modern batteries are designed for approximately 500 discharge/charging cycles, after which the maximum capacity begins to drop noticeably, and when the value of about 800 cycles reaches, the battery stocks several times less energy than when it was new.

If your Xiaomi began to quickly discharge the battery, remember how much time you use it. If longer than 1.5. 2 years, then this is the normal behavior of the battery, it has exhausted the resource for the cycles of discharge/charging and requires replacement.

Tip: If you charge the battery before it has managed to discharger to 40% and lower, it is possible to extend its resource by 20%. 25% in time. If you often discharge the battery up to 10% and lower, and charge it completely, the resource will decrease by 10% of the calculated and the battery will noticeably lose its nominal capacity earlier than time.

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It can be useful:

Hi, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and IT industry, I like it, this is my passion. The past few years have been deeply carried away by Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to the explosive growth of business. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share the experience of their use, but the main thing. Solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances, on the pages of the Mi-Check site.Ru

xiaomi, phone, quickly, discharged

Make sure the battery is normal

It happens that before updating Miui 12.5 You simply did not notice that the battery was degraded from time or large number of charging cycles/discharge. After installing the new version of the shell, you started watching it, launched many programs, settings, changed something, and saw that the battery was quickly sitting down.

This is not necessarily a program error, it may be necessary to replace the battery.

  • Carefully look at the battery charge level and how the phone works. When charging, the indicator should definitely reach 100%. If even after several hours spent on the Xiaomi wire, it still shows that the charge level is less than 100%, it is necessary to make calibration. If the condition does not change after calibration, the battery is necessary, it failed;
  • The same applies to the situation when the smartphone is turned off even when the charge level shows the value significantly above 5%. On the network you can find complaints that the device spontaneously turns off when the battery charge was shown at 15% or even 20%. It is imperative to carry out calibration, after which, if it did not help, replace the battery;. In the “Battery” section there is an indicator of the container that should be at the battery, and the one that it gains when fully charged. If the indicators do not differ much, then the probability of the need to replace the battery is low. For example, in my case, on the Mi 9 SE smartphone after two years of use, with full charging, the battery gains 3008 mAh, and the maximum capacity is 3070 mAh. This means that the battery is in normal condition, and although its number of charging/discharge cycles is already suitable for the recommended for replacement, it still works standard. But if the capacity even after three hours on the wire had not reached 2700 mAh, this would have the need to replace the battery, it has already served its own and then the speed of degradation will only increase.

If it’s not a battery, then how to tame miui 12?

Follow the factory settings. With any significant update of the smartphone software, it is recommended to do this procedure. It excludes any conflicts of settings, indices, data loading from the cache.

Miui 12 discharge procedure

  • Make a backup copy of your settings and data (contacts, photos, videos, documents and so on);
  • Charge the device up to 100% (so that it does not be discharged at a crucial moment);
  • Squeeze and hold the button to reduce volume and power;
  • Let them go as soon as the phone reboots in recovery mode;
  • On the screen will be offered options, including resetting settings to factory;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the completion of the discharge process;
  • Typically, the volume buttons select Wipe Data and the Power button confirm the choice;
  • As a result, all applications, data, settings will be deleted to the factory. The device will be clean, as after the purchase.
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Then calibrate the indication of the battery charge. We know that some of you consider this a kind of mystical and useless action. But this is a misconception.

Redmi Note 4 Battery Problam Solve !! 60% To 5% Fast Draining

At the level of engineering design and Data Sheet manuals, calibration is laid down in software and hardware support for smartphones. When the controller interacts with the operating system, failures occur that you can eliminate.

We calibrate the accumulator charge indication

To calibrate the battery in Miui 12, use the universal but accurate Google method. For those who are too lazy to read and bother:

For calibration and charging, use only a good high.Quality power adapter. For example, an original or a reliable analogue, but not a Chinese cheap darker for a socket.

The only thing that helped was the “night regime

It turned out to be a very effective tool to include the “night regime”, which is done independently in the form of an automated task:

With these settings, energy consumption is reduced to 0.3% per hour or so that it saves 90% of the battery!

We tried to find out which of the settings lead to such a huge saving of the battery. True, the exact statistics could not be obtained. It takes more time to see the potential effect of each of the settings during the day.

Using the ### code on the phone keyboard, find out the real capacity of your battery.

On different Xiaomi devices, these graphs are different. The parameters must be clarified.

This idea was served by the 4pda Aarew user in the topic of energy consumption Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.

Why is the Redmi phone is quickly discharged precisely after updating?

The update process is not easy from the technical side. Developers should provide a dozen factors:

xiaomi, phone, quickly, discharged
  • Save your settings,
  • Protect the performance of applications,
  • Ensure digital security
  • And replace the most important modules.

How to fix Battery Drain overnight ( Xiaomi / Android )

xiaomi, phone, quickly, discharged

If something from this program could not be protected from failures, then you do not need to panic. You can correct the situation.

The reasons are clear. But how to fix the situation if, after updating Redmi, the charge does not hold well?

Disconnect unnecessary notifications

A lot of notifications appear on the smartphone screen: about receiving an SMS, missed call, from social networks, mail, instant messengers and so on. All of them are important, but there are also notifications from game applications that are completely useless and only eat the battery charge. They can be disabled: we go into notifications settings and a line of application of applications.

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