What to do if the Xiaomi phone does not turn on

What to do if Xiaomi does not turn on and does not charge

Xiaomi mobile devices are considered one of the most reliable. But even their owners are not safe from annoying troubles. It happens that the phone connected to the network all night was not only not charged by morning, but generally turned off. And it does not manage to revive it.

A similar problem always occurs suddenly. This can happen at any time. If the phone is discharged or lying for too long on charging, after updating. Sometimes he just stops working for no apparent reason or freezes on the screensaver during loading.

To eliminate the failure, you need to find out what it is connected with. Sometimes the reason is easy to eliminate. But sometimes you have to contact the service center, as the device is required to repair. When Xiaomi does not turn on and does not charge, first you need to establish the cause of the failure.

Why did the phone stopped turning on?

Xiaomi produces quality products, but it is not safe from various failures in work. After all, any technique is not perfect. From the owners of Xiaomi Redmi 4, for example, there are sometimes complaints that it does not turn on for unknown reasons.

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But other models, for example, Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, can also upset the user.

When such a nuisance occurs with your device, first of all you need to find out if warranty service is still available. In the case of a guarantee, you can easily solve the issue of a specialist in the official service center. If the device does not turn on on the same day when it was bought, this may be a sign of marriage. In this case, it is necessary to demand to replace the smartphone with a working.

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Xiaomi does not turn on

However, our citizens love to save decently, since today there is such an opportunity. This can be the acquisition of a gadget in Chinese online stores, from resellers or used phone. Despite the noticeable advantages in the form of a low price, a similar method is quite risky, since a guarantee is not issued for the product.

It may also just take a guarantee for a smartphone purchased from an official representative. In this situation, count on free repairs, if Xiaomi does not turn on, you do not have to. Therefore, you will have to delve into your apparatus on your own to clarify the cause of the problem in order to eliminate it. But this will not be easy to do non.Specialists, but you can analyze the presence of problems that are most often encountered. The list of problems and methods of their elimination below is relevant for all Xiaomi models, since they are identical in the software plan:

  • The phone was discharged until disconnected. It often happens that the Xiaomi smartphone flashes a red indicator and it does not turn on it itself. This may indicate a complete discharge of the battery. For this reason, the device may not be enough energy reserve in order to launch the system, which makes the power key to the power of the power key. The question is often resolved by installing a phone for charging for about 1 hour, after which you can start again by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. If the device is charged, but does not want to turn on, look at the cable. Perhaps it is damaged, try another cord. Or, for the sake of interest, connect the old cable to another smartphone in order to understand what the problem is. It happens that the device fails in the device, so there is no energy.
  • Hanging the system. The second problem is a software failure that entails a disconnection of a mobile apparatus, it may also prevent the inclusion. If you have an old Xiaomi model with a removable back cover, you need to pull out the battery, then install it again. Thus, a deep reboot of the smartphone is carried out. In gadgets in which the battery cannot be reached, for example, in Xiaomi Redmi 5, for this you need to clamp the power button for 10 seconds. Having performed such actions, you can hope that the phone will still start.
  • Turning button malfunction and other hardware problems. Sometimes the cause may be mechanical damage due to the fall of the device or a possible marriage in production. Own forces are unlikely to help here, you will have to contact the service center. If Xiaomi is turned off and does not turn on, the problem may also lie in a faulty power controller, which is why the gadget cannot gain energy to turn on, you can recognize the problem in this area by connecting to the device of a charged battery.
  • Firmware failure. Sometimes users are faced with a problem such as incomplete loading of a smartphone. That is, the phone turns on, which is confirmed by the tanned screen, but it does not go further. In this case, there is a high probability of malfunctions with firmware. Most likely, you will have to reinstall the software of the device. This can be done using the Mi Flash application, which is coming to all the company’s gadgets, including the Xiaomi Redmi line.
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However, it is not a fact that your device will have one of the above problems. Other reasons can cause the impossibility of turning on:

xiaomi, phone, does, turn

When the root of the problem became known, it will be immediately clear whether it is worth it to repair or go to the service center. You can not do without a master in case of serious breakdowns, such as mechanical damage after falling and water leaked into the body. Short.Term malfunctions may also occur as a result of incorrect operation of individual applications. Over, all software problems are treated in two common methods, and we will consider them.

After the update, the Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on: the causes and methods of solving

Когда после обновления Xiaomi не включается или начинает самостоятельно перегружаться, многие впадают в панику. Especially if the device does not show signs of life in the hands of an inexperienced user or someone who first encounters such a problem. The first advice will be to set aside a panic and realize that not everything is so scary and “reanimated” the smartphone can. Just a few correct manipulations, and you can do your own to cope with the problem. For the completeness of information, we have collected real situations and reviews of news readers about mobile phones on the Andronyu website.

Immediately make a reservation that if problems with the Xiaomi smartphone arose due to the ingress of water into the device, do not connect it to the mains and do not press the buttons. Dry the phone as quickly as possible and proceed to the performance of the manipulations described below, only after that. But only when you are sure that the Xiaomi smartphone is really “dry”, otherwise. Seek help from specialists.

Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on, does not respond to buttons pressing. What to do?Even those who carefully treat the Xiaomi smartphone have cases when he accidentally finds themselves on the floor. If it is dressed in a cover, then there is a chance that visible damage will be able to avoid, but internal components may well suffer from an unplanned fall. The consequences of the blow can be very different: from contact disorders between the chip and the motherboard to a short circuit and failure of the power controller. A sign of short circuit. Tangible heating. If damage to internal components occurred, then going to the service center cannot be avoided.

But what to do if the Xiaomi smartphone did not fall and stopped showing signs of life for no reason?

The first two ways to reanimate the mobile phone:

Reboot. It often happens that the smartphone allows you to return to life simple restart. To fulfill it forcibly, you have to press and hold the power button for 7-10 seconds. At the same time, the Xiaomi phone should give a short vibration response and start to start.An alternative option is a reboot from the service menu (Service Recovery) if the system hidden. To get into the engineering menu, you must simultaneously press the swing of the volume adjustment and the shutdown key. The next step is to turn off the smartphone and try to start it again.

xiaomi, phone, does, turn

Flashing if the reboot does not help. A difficult way and the uninitiated should refuse to fulfill it and contact specialists. If you take it on your own, then you need to: from a personal computer to visit the official website of Xiaomi and find the last relevant firmware for your device model; fully charge the smartphone; Connect the smartphone to PC, select “File transfer”; transfer the installation file to the system folder; Install the firmware.

Technical problems that have occurred not through the fault of the user so that the Xiaomi smartphone is completely working, but does not turn on and all manipulations with rebooting did not give a result. It is possible that the problem is in the power button. The key should be elastic, not dented and respond to pressing. There are cases when a non.Original cover prevents the Xiaomi smartphone. Remove the device from the protective robe and try to turn it on.

The problem can be associated with the battery. Now the lion’s share of Xiaomi devices have fixed batteries. And this means that it will not work to replace or check the serviceability of the power source on your own. The first thing to do is try to charge a smartphone. Perhaps he was tritely discharged or the battery charge level fell so that the connection of the charger does not allow to solve the problem.

Put the device for charging for 1-2 hours. After this time, try to turn on the smartphone with a long press on the inclusion key. The phone does not react? Launch the phone in Fastbut or Recaver. You can cause the necessary mode with simultaneous pressing of the power and volume control keys. If you go to fastbut, turn off the device with a long press. And now you need to connect a smartphone to a power source for “refueling”.

But do not forget to check for the serviceability of the USB cable. The easiest way is to recharge another device with it. If the power is supplied, the cable is serviceable and it can be used to charge.

Another malfunction. There is no contact of the battery and connector on the motherboard. The case is rare, but still happens and it is not worth excluding it. And only a specialist can identify this malfunction by “opening”. Therefore, you have to contact the service center where the verdict will be issued, is there this breakdown or not. It is worth turning to professionals for help and when the USB-slope itself is faulty, which could not withstand frequent and “vandal” cable connections for charging.

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The smartphone is not loaded after the update or refrigerators often experiment and try to “roll up” custom firmware on their devices. But no one guarantees that it does not contain errors and vulnerabilities. It is also not rare cases when the user mistakenly sets firmware on the gadget not intended for him. You need to be careful and take up the loading of the firmware intended specifically for your device. It will not be superfluous to download software from proven third.Party sources.

Before you start installing the firmware, make sure that the battery charge exceeds 50%. With a smaller charge level, there is a risk that the Xiaomi smartphone will go into the Butallup (an endless reloading process) or will turn into a “brick”. In the case of stable official versions of the Miui shell, such a problem does not arise. The system will not allow you to be updated if the battery charge is insufficient, and notify the user about it.

Smartphone hung at the start loaded you activated the smartphone, the Mi logo appeared on the screen and the smartphone has not turned on, which means you are faced with an Butllup. The device goes into a cyclic reboot and cannot get out of it on its own. This is a systemic failure, which will allow several manipulations to fix:

The power button does not work

Yes, it happens and this: the smartphone turned off, but it cannot be turned on, because the Power key does not work. But in fact, Android is provided for such cases. Take charging, connect a smartphone to it, clamp the sound enlargement key, turn on the charging in the outlet. If the screen is turned on, it is fine, after which the recovery menu will be loaded. Choose English in it, and then Reboot.

The smartphone will be rebooted in normal mode.

The main reasons and their decision

I have been working with Xiaomi technique for a long time and I want to note that the products of this company are quite high quality. At least no worse than competitors. There are successful models, there are not very successful models. So, for example, many owners complain that Xiaomi Redmi 4x sometimes turn off on their own and the reason for these offs is not clear. Therefore, I repeat. Not one of the models is safe from errors of engineers and technical marriage. If the device still has a warranty, then you can hope for free repair or even replacement of the gadget. If you are faced with the fact that the Xiaomi phone does not turn on a few days after the purchase, then you can try to return it to the seller. But if you took it with your hands, then in this case you will have to repair it at your own expense.

Let’s look at the most common cases when Xiaomi Redmi turned off and does not turn on. Before that, you did not drown it or dropped it. What to do? Start with the battery.

Deep discharge of the battery

Modern smartphones use lithium batteries with a built.In charging controller, which overlap the fishing line for a trimmer of electric power supply for the battery when completely discharged. This is done in order to protect the battery from reducing the container below the permissible value, after which it will simply stop working. That is why the phone does not turn on immediately when connecting the charger.

It is worth paying attention to whether the red charge indicator blinks at this time on the phone (on some models it can be white). It is worth waiting for at least 30-40 minutes and only after that try to press the power button. In some cases, to withdraw the device from deep discharge, you must wait a few hours.

Faulty cable or charger

For many owners, the charging cable walks for about six months, after which they begin to alternate. In addition, the length of the cable is not always enough and it is connected by “innature”. Over time, damage appears, several times even met cases when the plug broke and hung on thin wires, as on

Xiaomi chargers are quite high.Quality and have been going on for at least a year, but still sooner or later they fail. At the same time, outwardly on it you will not find any traces-you just turned off and that’s it. And again, a person will assume that the phone is charged, but in fact. No. As a result, when trying to turn it on, he will find that his Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on and does not respond to pressing the Power button. So the advice here is simple: when there are problems with the inclusion of a smartphone, try another charger and cable. Believe me. In 80% of cases the problem is solved at this stage!

The SIM card is buggy

Yes, imagine-an ordinary SIM card can become source. Therefore, I would advise her to extract and try to turn on your Xiaomi without SIM card. If the smartphone works, check the SIM card in another device. It may have contacts and this leads to a closure. If dirt, plaque or oxidation is visible with the naked eye. You can clean the contacts with an ordinary eraser or a cotton swab with moistened alcohol. If the phone does not turn on without a SIM card. Then it is worth checking the slot. True, for this, the device will have to disassemble. In my memory there was a case when the trash that hit the garbage bent the contacts in the slot and they closed.

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Problems with firmware

The reason for the problems with the inclusion of Xiaomi phones may be a software failure: unsuccessful flashing, failure during the operating system loading, installation of TWRP, the result of malicious programs. True, most often on the screen there may be some messages, icons. Then you should try to go to the engineering menu of the device, holding the closed button on and the volume increase button of more than 10 seconds. If you succeeded, you can try to reset Xiaomi settings through the so.Called Hard Reset.

Turned off and does not turn on

For those who want to “quickly” to eliminate an annoying incident with the phone, you can recommend (I am not verified) a quick way of “repair”. Some say, and they can partially agree that the refusal of inclusion is related to the overflow of the memory card. Remove it and try to turn on the smartphone again. If it did not help, then you need to return to the ground and start checking everything regarding the charging process and the battery itself. What to do with your Xiaomi in general terms already know.

Summing up a small review, you need to add something else. If your phone could not recharge, then here they are, all possible reasons:

  • Your Xiaomi for many years, problems may arise after a year of operation, you should think about replacing the battery.
  • USB connector is partially broken. Over, the process can go, but ineffective. The battery will not charge until you replace it in the workshop.
  • The power controller is damaged and does not work incorrectly or at all. Diagnostics and repair are required.

As a result, you can gradually figure out everything. Even in such an unexpected question why Xiaomi does not turn on after the purchase? True, your hands are untied here, and you can make all claims right away, because the warranty period implies the full functionality of the device for a rather long time. So take a check and go to the store. Or make a claim to the Chinese seller. Do not put off in a long box.

You can independently try to determine the cause of the malfunction. But practice shows that experts are best coped with this. I advise you to show stubbornness in difficult cases to diagnose, but to trust the master.

xiaomi, phone, does, turn

The first rule is not to panic

As in any business, the most useful thing you can do after you got your Xiaomi smartphone from the water. Do not panic. Do not do all the actions on a hunch. Even if your device is not protected from the water, it will not have time to break right away. You have time to make the right actions.

It will also not be useful not to do several things that we can take out of error immediately after the “tragedy”.

Drying a smartphone with a hairdryer

Oddly enough, but the most obvious solution was in this case the most wrong. In addition to the fact that in this way you do not dry the insides of the smartphone (the device case is tightly closed and the air flows do not reach the center), so you also “scatter” a drop of water on all components of the phone, which is why oxidation may subsequently begin.

The same applies to an attempt to blow the holes with the mouth or actions to “shake” water from the body. Bad ideas.

Dismantling the device immediately after extracting from the water

If you do not have a large and successful experience in repairing a large number of smartphones, then you definitely should not immediately after pulling out the device out of the water to try to disassemble it into parts.

With inaccurate movements during the opening of the smartphone, you can not only leave scratches and damage on the case, but also harm the insides of the smartphone, which will be much worse.

Continuation of work with a smartphone

If your device does not turn off by itself, then after pulling the phone out of the water, immediately turn it off. Everything is simple here. Water can trite in an unprotected place and cause a short circuit.

What to do in order to prevent

Adhere to these rules if you want the smartphone to work correctly:

One.Before installing an “air” update, go to thematic forums in a branch with your model and read user reviews. They will definitely write there if serious problems with the device begin due to the new assembly.

2.Do not experiment with a smartphone, especially, if you are not sure of your technical skills and knowledge. This includes unlocking the bootloader, flashing into custom versions, receiving a Root-right, installing a custom recovery.

3.Regularly clean the OS of garbage and viruses, and download the applications only with Google Play or other reliable sources.

4.Before updating or installing a new firmware, be sure to charge the smartphone up to 80-100%. If it turns off during the procedure, there will be serious problems.

5.Correct the battery correctly and monitor the condition of the battery. Do not leave the smartphone to charge all night: remove it from charging when 80-90%. Connect the device to the power source if 20-15% of the charge is left.

We found out what to do if Xiaomi does not turn on after the update. Two most effective ways: reset to factory parameters and re.Firmware. If you have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article.

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