What To Do If The Samsung Tablet Is Frozen

3. If the tablet does not respond to any commands

Sometimes the problem is so serious that it is simply impossible to even try the previous methods. Neither display nor keys are responding. What to do? In this situation, you will have to apply “Hard reset”. This method is effective, but unsafe for the information contained on the tablet. In order to save at least part of it, before using this method, it is worth removing all cards from the device.

To apply “Hard reset” each device has its own key combination. If we take devices running on Android, then in them this is the simultaneous holding of the “On / Off” button and the volume up button. A menu should appear in which you need to select “Settings”, then “Format System”. Next is a line with the word “Reset”. After clicking on it, the device will start rebooting, and not always immediately. In this case, all data from the tablet will be erased (this includes any information set by the user: programs, games. And audio files, photos, account data, and so on), it will be reset to its original settings and will become the same as on the day of purchase.

In the case when the tablet freezes and none of the above methods helps, there is only one way out. To carry the device to the service center. Otherwise, there is every chance to say goodbye to your favorite gadget.

Freeze reasons

The reasons for freezing are mainly divided into two groups: software and hardware. The first reason is the most common and you can fix it yourself. But in the second case, the help of the service center workers is already needed.

A software failure can occur due to a virus getting into the tablet, damage to the operating system, and a malfunction of an application or settings.

Hardware failure occurs when even minor damage to the board, connecting faulty devices or the inability to charge the tablet normally (for example, if the charger is broken).

Before you start solving a problem, you need to determine under what circumstances and at what point it arose. For example, the tablet could freeze while installing or updating applications, when the gadget was hit or dropped, when the device was booted, or while using the Internet, and so on. Further work with the device will be carried out taking into account this information.

What to do if the tablet freezes?

Ways to solve the freeze problem:

2. If the tablet itself is frozen

In this case, the simplest, and often effective, method is to simply reboot the device. It is necessary, as usual, to turn off the tablet, then, for data security, remove the SIM card and memory card and turn it on again. If the tablet works normally again, feel free to insert the cards and use it further.

When a normal reboot does not have the desired effect, you can try turning off the tablet again and take out the battery for a few minutes. If it is non-removable, wait until it is completely discharged.

If even the on / off button does not respond, you need to use the “Reset” button. It is located in a small hole, in order to press it, you need to use some long thin object such as a toothpick or needle.

Some tablets do not have a “Reset” button, in this case you need to hold down

The tablet is frozen, what to do?

What To Do If The Samsung Tablet Is Frozen

Usually, when used correctly, tablets work seamlessly and are not difficult to use. But, each tablet runs on a specific operating system, which can fail at any time. Over, it does not matter which system is used, since none of them is immune from malfunctions. In such cases, the user is faced with the fact that his device does not respond to any commands, in other words, the tablet is frozen. And what to do in this case?

Most often this problem concerns Chinese-made tablets, but there are also cases when devices from large manufacturers also freeze.

Bringing them to life is much more difficult than any other device. Unlike computers and laptops, a tablet does not have such a set of buttons, and it is impossible to press a certain key combination.

1. If the program is frozen

When a specific program is causing the hang, it should be disabled and uninstalled. If the tablet runs on an Android system, this is done as follows. In the menu you need to go to the settings, find the line “Applications”, then the item “Working”, and after finding the desired application, press the button “Stop” or “Delete”.

The Samsung Galaxy tab e 9.6 hangs up what to do. Hard restart a frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab and similar android devices.

So that it is not a shame that your Galaxy Tab E has slowed down, I want to say that now a huge number of android devices from different manufacturers hang for no apparent reason. If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 9.6 is frozen, and the screen, sensor and buttons do not work, then do not rush to carry it to a service center or for repair, first try to do a push-button reset and save your time, money and nerves. Previously, smartphones and tablets were mainly with a removable battery and if the tablet froze, then to revive it, you could simply remove and reinsert the battery. Now, almost all new items with built-in batteries and this option no longer rolls, and you do not need to try to remove it, so as not to damage the tablet, but also do not wait until the battery itself is discharged. It’s good that it is possible to restart the frozen android in the following way, I hope it will help your tablet or smartphone.

The first method is easier and suitable for many android devices, below is the second method.
To restart the frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab E, press and hold the “On / Off” button for about 10.20 seconds.
If it does not help, then you can press and hold the button again but longer.
If the tablet does not come out of freezing, then try the second method below.

The second method is mainly suitable for rebooting frozen Samsung smartphones and tablets.
Press three buttons on the frozen Samsung Tab E at the same time: the “On / Off” button and the volume control button on both sides “” “-“, without releasing all the buttons, hold for about 10 seconds. (For those who did not understand which buttons to press and hold for 10 seconds, these are the “power key” and “volume rocker both sides”.)
If all actions are performed correctly, then the tablet will come out of freeze and reboot.
And if it doesn’t work, then try again and keep the same buttons, but longer.

How to restart or turn off a frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that does not respond to any actions.

In this article, we will see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is frozen and does not respond to any actions, how to turn it off or restart it. The more technologically advanced a smartphone or tablet, the more likely it can freeze or slow down, and as we noticed, users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 also face this problem. Any device periodically needs to be rebooted, and the more it works, the more it can be. And errors in the android. Also, the Galaxy Tab 3 may freeze on several simultaneously running applications and games, it may not have enough RAM, or the virus may slow down the tablet or whatever. In any case, it is recommended to reboot the device at least sometimes and then the probability of freezes will be less.

Now let’s see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is frozen and does not react to anything. Let’s try to force restart the tablet by pressing certain buttons. You can try to start by simply pressing and holding the on / off button of the tablet if the menu with the option to turn off does not appear, then we will try to forcibly restart the Galaxy Tab 3. You can also try to wait until the battery runs out if there is not much charge, if the battery is almost full reluctance to wait, then below there is a way to reboot the frozen Samsung Tab 3 through the tablet buttons.

To forcibly reboot a frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, press and hold the “off” and “”. “buttons simultaneously, hold down the three buttons for a few seconds (about 7-8 seconds). For those who do not understand which buttons to press and hold for 7-8 seconds, this is the “power key” and the volume rocker on both sides. If everything is done correctly, then Galaxy Tab 3 should reboot and work normally.

And of course, do not forget to periodically reboot your tablet to correct errors in the android. If the method does not help, then the problem is more serious or try several times. Good luck.

How to turn off the tablet if it freezes

Sometimes there are situations in which the tablet is frozen and does not react to anything. In this case, normal shutdown is not possible.

If this situation arises, press and hold the power button for a long time (usually 10 seconds).

This is an emergency measure and should only be used as a last resort. If such situations need to be repeated too often, then the device must be “treated”.

Although, there is another option: the tablet should not be turned off and on, but forced to restart. On many devices, the manufacturer has provided this.

Why the tablet freezes and does not respond to anything

The tablet may freeze due to a software conflict. Why? Because the firmware may be updated, and installed applications may be incompatible with it.

Of course, you cannot do without a forced restart. If the options described above do not help, you will have to grip the device more rigidly.

Only all the data will then be destroyed (you can save some of it if you pull out the memory card).

Only for all devices the same option will not work. The most common option is when the tablet is on, simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons.

Sometimes you need to use the third button “HOME”. Then a menu will appear, where with the volume button select “Settings” and then “Format System”.

When you click on “Reset Android”, a reboot will start, as a result of which, the tablet will be reset to factory settings.

Note: it has been noticed that viruses can freeze, like in a computer. A full reset will fix it.

What to do if the tablet freezes and does not turn off

If the Lenovo tablet, samsung, asus, prestige, digma and so on hangs, and even at the most inopportune time, of course, there is little joy. Then a reboot usually solves the problem.

But the trouble is. It does not turn off. What to do? There is a solution, or rather there are several.

The tablet shutdown process may vary depending on the make and model of the device, but in most cases it looks the same (if it’s on an android).

To properly shutdown, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds until the menu appears.

Then select “OK” when asked if you want to turn off the device. After a few seconds, the tablet will be turned off.

This is the right way. Thanks to him, no data will be lost or damaged. If the shutdown occurs improperly, although rarely, the data contained in the device’s memory may be lost.

By the way, you can easily fix your tablet freezing problem so that this does not happen again in the future. Here is a description of how and how to do it.

How to restart the tablet if it freezes

In most models, this process involves pressing a dedicated button responsible for restarting the device.

See if you have a very small hole diameter on the case, located on the back panel (sometimes on the side).

Its diameter is for a pin or needle. If there is, then to restart, press and hold this button with a sharp object for a few seconds (about 3-5 seconds).

If the tablet freezes once, this is not scary, but if the process is repeated, it is not only annoying, but there is a possibility that it will not start soon.

Therefore, you need to establish the cause, and there are many of them, but it all comes down to two: hardware and software.

The latter, as a rule, are eliminated on their own, but with the hardware one cannot do without service (diagnostic equipment is required).

Situations happen not only when the tablet freezes and does not turn off, but vice versa. Rehabilitation of the device is only possible if the correct diagnosis is made, but there are also basic solutions.

Conclusion of the article. “what to do if the tablet freezes and does not turn off”

The process of shutting down the tablet is simple and it’s safe to say that even a child can handle it.

Only this does not mean that he is not important. This is one of the key processes and proper execution affects the correct functioning and reliability of the device.

Remember that your device, like everyone else, can be in three different states:

Can work in normal mode. Activated, for example, watch movies via the Internet, sleep mode, when it goes into sleep mode after a few seconds of inactivity and off (in fact, if the battery is not completely pulled out, it does not turn off).

All this, of course, can be changed in the settings: when sleeping, it consumes less battery power.

During the day, he is usually in sleep mode, so that he can access it literally a second after the power button is pressed.

Attention: in an android tablet, as in a computer, you can enable safe mode.

Using it, it will be much easier for you to find the cause of the hang, more accurately determine whether it is software or hardware. Success.


Thank you so much. About 10 seconds, it helped a lot :)))
And I thought I would have to carry it for repairs, or do a complete reset.

Thank you! I have an old Samsung. I looked, and suddenly, it hung, the sound “hiccups”. I did not respond to pressing the “OFF” button. But your “ten-second” method helped!

I have the same tablet and only this method helped

Method two, with a non-responsive tablet

It also happens that the device may freeze completely. What to do if the tablet is frozen and not responding? In this case, you cannot do without rebooting. The easiest way. Turn off the device, remove SIM cards, flash drives from it, and then turn it on again idle. This is the second method, often just “unbraking” the tablet. Then all cards can be inserted back.

But how to turn off the tablet if it is frozen and the shutdown button does not respond? To do this, you need to find a small hole, near which it is written in most cases. “RESET”. There is a reset button that you have to press using a toothpick or something like that.


Android devices use a combination of pressing the “POWER” button and the volume up button. Sometimes you also need to use the “HOME” button. In this case, the device will display a menu where you need to select the “Settings” item, then “Format System” with the button or the volume rocker. There is an item “Reset Android” here, after clicking on which the device will reboot, because of which you need to wait a bit and not panic.

As a result of this procedure, the tablet is returned to the factory devices and becomes pristine. You will need to re-enter your accounts, install applications, etc.

What to do if the tablet is frozen:

Method three, “HARD RESET”

There are also more serious problems with the device. For example, what if the tablet is frozen so that it does not even turn on or turns on, but the display does not respond? In this case, a not very good, but valid option is used. “hard” reboot. In this case, all information on the tablet will be erased. Therefore, this method should be used only as a last resort. To save at least some of the information, you need to remove the memory drive from the device, which can also be accidentally damaged. For this method, each device has a special combination or sequence of keys that reboots the device or calls a specific menu.

With the device turned on, simultaneously hold down the “HOME” and “POWER” buttons. You need to wait from 5 to 10 seconds until the apple image appears.

Method one, with hung programs

If you understand that all the problems are due to a specific program, then it should be disabled, followed by removal. In tablets on the Android operating system, this is done through the menu “Settings” (“Options”) / “Applications” / “Running applications” (“Running applications”). Select the required application and click on the “Stop” button. In the same menu, the application can be removed. If you do not know which specific application is ruining your life, then you need to experiment a little, turning off the applications one by one until the result is achieved.

On iOS systems, in order to turn off the application, you need to press the “HOME” button on the front panel twice, then, while holding your finger on the desired application, press the minus.

Diagnosing the problem

To answer the question. Why the tablet freezes, it is necessary to establish the nature of the problem itself. To do this, you need to remember what events preceded the appearance of the problem:

  • Installing the application;
  • Falling of the device;
  • Installing an update;
  • Other.

It is also necessary to clarify the moment when the problem arises:

  • Loading the device;
  • In progress;
  • When launching a specific application;
  • When using the internet.