What to do if the phone turns on and off

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A very common problem that users of Apple gadgets face when iPhone turns on and off while charging. There are many reasons why the iPhone starts to turn off and you can eliminate many of them yourself.

To solve the problem of turning on, spontaneous reboot or failure of the power button at home, you need to consider in detail all the possible causes of the malfunction and how to repair them.

The iPhone turns on, but the black screen is on

Conditionally, the reasons why the iPhone turns on and off while charging, performs a spontaneous reboot, are divided into hardware and system. It is software failures that are most often to blame for the fact that the iPhone immediately turns off. If your iPhone has stopped turning on, you need to diagnose the device. When the cause of the breakdown is firmware, you must do the following:

  • Plug the charger
  • Leave the phone on charge for 15-30 minutes
  • Try turning on your smartphone
  • If the phone turns on, reboot it. Press the Home button and the Power button at the same time

If the reason that the iPhone turns on and immediately turns off is due to system crashes, after forcing the device to restart, the apple logo will appear on the iPhone screen and iOS will start loading. Charge your phone fully and test. If the problem continues, look for another cause of the problem.

Incorrect operation of the smartphone battery

If the iPhone turns on and immediately turns off or starts a spontaneous reboot and the shutdown button does not respond to commands, the likely cause of this may be a battery malfunction. If you use iPhone for more than a year, then the loss of battery capacity is quite natural and replacing this part will help solve the problem. When an almost new iPhone turns off, the battery breakdown is most likely caused by the following factors:

  • Use of a non-original charger. Despite the similarity of the chargers of the original and Chinese production, they differ in the way the current is supplied, as a result of which the battery fails, so the iPhone starts to turn on and off immediately
  • Regular voltage drops in the network. Using the original iPhone charge does not always guarantee battery health. With constant voltage drops in the network, the battery prematurely fails, so the iPhone turns on and starts to go out or a notification appears on the screen that the device will soon be discharged
  • Moisture. If even a small amount of moisture gets in, the battery malfunctions, therefore the iPhone turns off immediately, or does not charge when turned on

Mechanical damage, falls and shock can also cause the iPhone to turn on and off. If the iPhone starts to turn on and off, the charging icon is constantly on the display, it is recommended to do a device diagnosis.

An apple is constantly lit on the phone screen

A common situation is when the iPhone turns on, the charging indicator appears on the screen, after which it turns off and the “apple” logo appears, or a notification that it will soon be discharged. If the iPhone hangs and turns off immediately after turning on, most likely the reason is a system crash when restoring from a backup. Restarting the gadget and restoring from iTunes will help solve this problem.

To do this, do the following:

  • Make sure the battery is charged and will not run out soon
  • Prepare your computer and USB cable
  • Sync iPhone with PC
  • Turn off the iPhone while holding the Home button and the Power button
  • Hold the power button and wait for the iTunes app logo to appear on the screen
  • Release the power button and start recovery mode on the computer

After the recovery is completed, the iPhone immediately turns off. Put your iPhone in charge and wait until it is full. Then press and hold the power button for a while and, if necessary, reboot the device. If this does not help to solve the problem, and all the same, after switching on, the iPhone immediately turns off, professional iPhone diagnostics are required.

IPhone turns off due to unstable charging source

If the phone does not charge when it starts up or starts to turn on, but immediately turns off, the cause may be an unstable iPhone charging source. If charging the iPhone is done in the garage, car, in the country, this affects the performance of the device, since the power supply in such places is unstable. To prevent damage to your phone, follow these guidelines:

  • If the iPhone regularly turns off and on, do a device diagnosis
  • Charge your smartphone only in places where the power supply is stable
  • Do not use charging from other phones
  • Try not to use car chargers

If you follow the recommendations for the operation of the iPhone, as well as regular diagnostics of the device, iPhone problems occur much less frequently.

The phone stopped turning on due to hardware malfunctions

If the iPhone stopped turning on when charging is connected after a shock or a fall, a possible cause is a malfunction of one of the phone’s components. In this case, the charging indicator is lit on the screen, the Power button (power button) responds to commands, but the phone does not work correctly. To find out whether this is so, you need to make a professional diagnosis of the device.

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The main components that affect the operation of the phone are as follows:

  • Motherboard. If the motherboard malfunctions, the phone turns on, then the screen starts to turn off and the device turns off
  • Charge controller. If you cannot connect the charger due to the plug being not fully inserted, make a diagnosis of the charge controller. Perhaps the smartphone has stopped turning on because of it
  • Power button. If the contact of the power button is oxidized, sooner or later the phone turns off and does not turn on anymore. In this case, a mandatory diagnosis and repair is required.
  • Battery cable. When the cable connecting the battery with the microcircuit leaves, charging of the iPhone does not work correctly, so it periodically turns off and turns on spontaneously

If the iPhone stopped charging, it periodically turns off and turns on due to hardware malfunctions, it is not recommended to make repairs on your own. Diagnosis and replacement of defective gadget parts should be carried out using professional equipment.

Professional smartphone repair

If your gadget has stopped charging, the charging icon is lit on the display, but the battery capacity does not change, or it freezes and cannot turn on, immediately call an experienced wizard registered in Yuda to diagnose the phone. Private experts make iPhone repairs on more favorable terms than service centers, and also provide the following benefits:

  • Repair of Apple smartphones of all models and modifications
  • Use of original spare parts when replacing
  • Guarantee for all work performed
  • Minimum repair cost

Professionals will be able to fix iPhone in a short time, depending on the type and complexity of the breakdown. If the iPhone turns on and off while charging, urgently fill out an application on the website and select an artist.

The mobile phone is considered a huge multifunctional system equipped with a powerful processor, voluminous internal memory and great functionality.

But sometimes the equipment crashes and the phone starts to “fail”, for example, turn on and off immediately. Not in all cases it is worth contacting a specialist, it is often possible to fix the malfunction yourself.

Hardware malfunctions

Iron problems often affect how the phone is turned on. There may be several reasons:

  1. Overheat processor or other parts of the gadget. In this case, you need to pull out the battery and let the phone lie down unassembled.
  2. Malfunctions control elements. Various controllers may fail. For example, a charge controller in case of failure can always inform the smartphone that there is no charge on the battery, so the phone will immediately turn off. It will only help contact the service center.
  3. Oxidation clamps and contacts. Usually this happens if the phone is “drowned” in the water, or it has been in a damp room for a long time. You can remove the battery, check and carefully clean its contacts, and it will not be superfluous to check the terminals on the phone.

The solution is simple. Remove the battery and clean the terminals, or leave the smartphone to charge for a day.

What to do if the phone turns on and off

Software bugs

Spontaneous switching on and off of a phone or tablet is also affected by software crashes and violations.

The problem may be:

  • Setting incompatiblesoftware. Help reset and reboot;
  • Parallel loading severalapplications;
  • MalfunctionsBY. Gadget flashing can help.

Charge or battery problems

Most mobile malfunctions were exposed to water. Process oxidation It takes a very long time and it is impossible to predict how the device will behave another time. There are several ways to dry: a hair dryer, leave it overnight on a battery or move to a warm place.

Other solutions

When the phone constantly restarts, turns off, or turns on by itself. This indicates first of all what is happening glitch software providing. Also, the reasons may be hidden in mechanical damage after a fall or shock. In these cases, you can go to the wizard to determine the breakdown.

But often the reason why a smartphone or tablet turns on and off immediately can be a trifle and the problem can be fixed by flashing the device yourself or resetting it to factory settings.

The phone turns off by itself

Initially, you need to determine the reason for disconnecting the phone:

  • Software failure;
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Incorrect battery operation.

If, as a result of a fall, the smartphone ceases to function normally and begins to turn off, the reason is damage of details instrument. If mechanical injuries were not received, then the battery is working and the problem is related to software.

Mechanical damage cannot be repaired with your own hands, so you should contact the repair.

Battery defective or dead

The main reason for the breakdown of most smartphones is moisture. To save the gadget requires cleaning and drying, otherwise the phone may become inoperative. If the battery is defective, replace it.

Battery can just moving away and you can place a thin sheet of paper or cardboard between the back cover and the battery. If the battery is operational, you can only clear terminals from pollution and the problem will be solved by itself.

Low battery

This can happen at any time, even when the charge is full, or maybe 40 percent, 15 or even 5. If the phone turns off at 5/15/25 percent of the charge, you need to make a complete reset and clean the device. Then recalibrate the battery. If the situation has not changed within 2 days, you should contact the master.


When the phone or tablet turns off on its own when the battery is charged, it’s time to check the device with antivirus. It is the viruses that cause the majority of smartphone malfunctions. You should use an antivirus program to prevent infection of the device.

Software issues

There may be several problems with the software:

  1. Not enoughof memory. In this case, you need to free up space.
  2. Rebootthe telephone. Do not clog the device with unnecessary programs.
  3. Virus. It is necessary to detect and eliminate the pest.

System crash

The phone may turn off even when fully charged. The cause may be a failure in the device’s OS, most often due to wrong firmware. It is required to repeat the firmware procedure or contact the service. If, as a result, the problem persists, it’s time to upgrade. The device may be malfunctioning on its own.

Hardware malfunctions

If the device starts to freeze, then probably the problem lies in the flash card. It can simply be changed.

When the phone heats up and turns off, it is probably present factory marriage. Well, if there is a valid warranty.

One of the worst and most expensive reasons is damage boards, when there are no options other than replacement.

In conclusion, I would like to note that with careful use, the probability of uninterrupted ownership of the gadget is very high. Technology, like man, also needs a careful attitude.