What to do if the pc does not see the phone

Despite the fact that modern iOS devices can do without a computer, there are scenarios in which you still have to access it. It is logical that at the interface of technologies certain roughnesses may arise, and it is with such issues that we will try to understand this material.

One of the common problems when working with iTunes is the inability to detect a connected device. There may be several reasons for this, but often a failure occurs in the trusted connection mechanism, when keys are stored on both gadgets for subsequent authorization. By default, the request “Trust this computer” should be displayed the next time you connect, but the other day the author was faced with the exact opposite situation, when after a negative response from the user the request was not repeated. The problem, as expected, can be solved in a few simple steps.

Let’s start, as expected, with the native environment for iOS and iTunes. the OS X operating system. Of course, due to software and hardware integration, problems arise less frequently, but no one is safe from accidents. So, if the iPhone stubbornly does not want to trust your Mac, you can try to clear the contents of the special Lockdown system directory. To do this, disconnect the iOS device from the computer, perform the key combination [cmd] [shift] [G] (or select the “Go to Folder” item in the “Go” menu of the OS X menu bar) and go to the address / var / db / lockdown /. In the window that opens, one or more (depending on the number of synchronized devices) certificate files will appear, which you also need to delete.

What to do if the pc does not see the phone

For the Windows OS, with the “persistence” of which your humble servant has encountered, the essence of the procedure remains the same. The only difference here, apart from the other location of the “culprit”, is the need to display hidden files and folders. To do this, open the Control Panel from the “Start” menu and go to the “Folder Options” section, where on the “View” tab we select the parameter of the same name. As for the address, it varies for different versions of Windows.

Windows XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Apple \ Lockdown

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10: C: \ ProgramData \ Apple \ Lockdown

If the above-described manipulations did not solve the problem, there is a more complicated method for Microsoft OS related to the mobile device driver and described by the YouTube user with the nickname STOK SHOK.

  • Open the “Device Manager” located in the Control Panel in Windows 7 and in the sub-item “System” in Windows XP
  • Right-click on the line with the desired Apple device, select the “Update driver” item from the context menu, then “Search for drivers on this computer” and “Select a driver from the list of already installed drivers”
  • We click on the button “Install from disk” (if it is not available, you can select the category “Mobile phone” or “Storage device” and click on the button “Next”, after which the button appears and appears)
  • The final touch is to click on the “Next” button and complete the driver installation procedure. Now you can open iTunes to check the operation of the device.

    We hope these tips help your gadgets find a common language. As usual, do not forget to look in the GENIUS section, where you can ask a question about the use of Apple technology, send screenshots to Twitter, and also inform the company about detected problems through a special web form. Stable to you work!