What to do if the iPhone is not looking for a network

What to do if the iPhone does not catch the network

Any modern smartphone is, first of all, a mobile phone, and then to everyone else. Its most important function is to receive calls and make calls. To do this, a SIM card with a telephone number assigned to it is installed in each device, and a special indicator indicates successful registration in a cellular network and the signal strength is indicated.

Iphone does not catch the network. What to do? This problem prevents the commission of voice calls, so we need to deal with it.

Incorrect time settings

Here the secret lies in the features of the operating system itself. If the time zone, as well as the time/date does not coincide with the current indicators, then the iPhone does not catch the network. It is very easy to eliminate this problem, it is enough to connect the smartphone to the Internet and perform simple manipulations.

  • Next, you need to activate the item automatically;
  • If the default switch is in an active position, then you must first turn off this mode, and then turn it on again;
  • Reload a mobile device.

This method is very simple and at the same time effective. But first you must definitely connect to the Internet so that the iPhone is registered on the Apple server. If this condition is not observed, then the cellular signal will not appear.

Problems with the SIM card

It is worth paying attention to the SIM card. There may be problems with the network if the SIM card was incorrectly cut and the microcircuit was damaged. Often, such a nuisance arises for those users who are trying to save and prize SIM cards to smaller at home, improvised means.

In addition, the SIM card can be damaged when moisture enters the connector, as well as for a number of other reasons. First you need to check the performance of the SIM card. To do this, it is pulled out by a special key that comes with the supply and replaced with another. If everything works, then you need to change the SIM card.

In some cases, the smartphone helps to turn off and turn on. You can also try to turn on and off several times the “on the plane” mode.

IOS failure

Do not forget about updating the operating system, since on the old version everything can work incorrectly. To check available updates, you should cross the settings. The main ones. About this device. If there are available updates, then the operating system will automatically ask for their installation. If there is no connection to Wi-Fi, then you can connect via the cord to the computer and open itunes there. Through it, the device is already updated to the latest available version of iOS.

Problems with operator settings

If you checked the date and time, tried to turn off and turn on the smartphone, but the recording of the “no network” did not disappear, then the reason lies in another. It may well be that the operator simply does not provide services in the region where you are now.

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You can try to activate the “plane” mode for a few seconds, and then turn it off. The same can be done in the home region if the network does not catch. It happens that the connection is simply buggy and you just need to restart the smartphone. As an option, turn off and then turn on the smartphone.

If suddenly this did not help to eliminate the problem, then you need to check the operator settings. They go to the settings. The operator and here check whether the mode is activated automatically.

The hardware malfunction of the smartphone

There are often cases when the iPhone stops catching a network due to hardware breakdowns. The cause may be damaged by the antenna, as well as moisture that came inside the case and led to the oxidation of parts. The reason may be poor.Quality repairs using non.Original components. To eliminate the malfunction, it is recommended to contact the corporate service center, where experienced craftsmen will conduct diagnostics and will be able to repair the mobile phone in a short time.

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From the impact or when moisture hits, the modem on the motherboard can be damaged and the modem. In this case, the mobile device will also constantly look for the network, and in the settings it will not be possible to see the modem firmware. To make sure that the modem is not damaged, you should go into the settings. The main ones. About this device. The firmware of the modem. If the field is empty, then the modem is broken and only qualified masters will be able to help here.

Replacing a modem is a painstaking and complex work that allows you to restore the modem part and return the mobile apparatus to life.


Iphone may not see the network under poor weather conditions. It can be snowfall or frost. The reason for such a problem may be incorrect work of a nearby mobile tower.

If before that the smartphone worked without complaints, then you should wait out bad weather, and then see if the network has appeared. You can also turn off and turn on the smartphone after a couple of seconds.

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Installation of system updates

For the correct operation of the device, he needs to update the software. Perhaps the iPhone does not see the network, because these updates came to him, but you did not install them.

Connect to the Internet, again go to the “main” settings menu, then the “Update Line” line. If there is no way to connect to the Internet from the phone, you can take this step through the computer when connecting to iTunes.

In response to the question: “What to do if the Internet does not work on the iPhone?»You can recommend:

  • Restart the smartphone, re.Enable the wireless network and data transfer;
  • Update the operating system;
  • Install at what connection the browser does not load;
  • Check the SIM card, tariff and phone balance;
  • Restart access point and check which Wi-Fi networks sees the phone.
  • Reset the settings and enter new parameters.

If the problems could not be eliminated, there is a mechanical breakdown of the phone, which will be able to fix in the service center.

Change cellular settings

The first method provides for a change in cellular settings on your iPhone. Go to the menu “Settings” → “Cellular Communication” → “Data Parameters” (“Mobile Data”) → “Turn on LTE” and put the flag at the “Only Data” point.

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If you use the Wi-Fi call function, then it must be turned off-this also corrects the problem. You can disable the function in the “Settings” menu → “Phone” → “Calls by Wi-Fi”.

After changing these parameters, the network on your iPhone should earn again. In order to accurately check the operability of the network after installing new parameters, reboot the iPhone.

What to do if the Internet has stopped working on iPhone

When the iPhone does not load the Internet, you need to take a couple of actions. If this does not help, you should contact the service center.

Rebooting network

When failing the system, it is enough to reset network settings. Its advantage is that all files will be saved, so you do not need to create a backup copy. The procedure is carried out according to the scheme:

  • After the opening of the main menu, they go to the “main” subsection.
  • There they find a “discharge” block and press on “reset settings”.
  • Confirm the request of the system.

Important! After the end of the process, you will have to re.Enter the APN parameters to connect the Internet on the mobile.

Data transmission setting

Debugging is carried out according to the step.By.Step algorithm:

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  • The smartphone open the main menu and move to the “Cellular Communication” subsection.
  • Check the activity of “Mobile Data” and “Turn on 3G” items.
  • Clarify the settings of the Internet settings, then find to the point “Cellular connection of data transmission”.
  • In the section you need to fill out 3 columns: user name, APN and password.

Note! When you turn off the cell data, the device enters the Internet only via Wi-Fi.

Checking the parameters of the Wi-Fi network and the performance of the router

In the absence of access through the router, it is necessary to reload it. Sometimes the issue with inoperability is associated with the incorrectly introduced parameters of the router. Its debugging is carried out by the following algorithm:

  • After connecting the provider’s cable, the Wan port is pressed on the power key and the device is waiting for the loading.
  • Port 192 is recorded in the address line.168.0.1 or 192.168.One.1 and press on the “entry”, after which they prescribe a password and login. In most cases, it is “1234” and “admin”. They are cheated in your personal account, otherwise an outsider (when hacking an access point) will be able to control the router.
  • Information for the router is requested from the provider (for each model of the gadget they are your own), it is introduced and preserved. Then the login and password for the personal account are replaced.

After the end of the process, an attempt to join Wi-Fi through the iPhone is carried out, having previously activated the corresponding functionality in it.

Note! If before there were no problems with the router, then experts advise finding the inclusion icon and take it to the left side for disconnecting. After a few minutes, the operation is carried out in the reverse order.

If the smartphone is planned to be used as a modem for other devices (a personal computer, another smartphone or laptop), then you need to debug the access point:

  • In the menu, they are clinging to the “Cell Communication” subsection and go to the “Data Transfer” item.
  • In the “modem mode” block, information is entered by APN, which is provided by the provider.
  • Retain all information and reload the device.
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To turn on the functionality, just go to the main menu and activate the toggle switch located near the point “Modem mode”. In the future, when joining the access point of another device, they include Wi-Fi, look for its name and press on the section “Connect”.

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Testing parameters 3G and 4G

Why 3G does not work on iPhone? Before setting up the setting procedure, you need to make sure that the account has a positive balance. After checking, you need to take a few steps:

  • Go to the network parameters and click on the data transfer subsection.
  • Check the activity of the 3G or 4G function, and enter the password in the APN columns, the user name (they are provided by the operator).

Note! In some cases, the problem of inoperability is solved by the reset of settings and the re.Entering the information. If the update did not give the expected result, you need to look for another reason for the failure.

Reloading the device, reset to factory parameters

To return the smartphone to the original state, you can use the recovery mode:

  • The power button is held on the device until the shutdown appears on the display.
  • Then they clamp the “home” key and at the same time connect a personal computer and gadget.
  • An iTunes application will appear on the screen, after which you can release “Home”.
  • ITUNES launches a smartphone to reset through the recovery process.

Important! Only after the process is completed, can the wires be disconnected and the smartphone restart.

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To carry out a forced reboot, it is enough to press the “Dream” and “Home” keys. After the company’s logo appears against the general background, the buttons are released, the device is automatically rebooted.

How to identify the cause

Most of the reasons for the absence of the Internet can identify the phone owner independently. To do this, check the device for errors when connecting to mobile data transmission. The LTE icon should be displayed on top, or 4G.

Also, the Internet on the phone may not work due to improperly configured Wi-Fi network. In addition, such breakdowns can occur as a result of failures in the operation of the operating system of a mobile device and due to technical problems in it.

How to reset the IPhone network settings

You can reset the network settings yourself, without resorting to the help of specialized centers. The sequence is performed for this:

  • First, the transition to the “Settings” of the phone is made.
  • The “Basic” section needs to find the line “reset”.
  • Going into it, there will be several options, among which the line “reset the network settings”.

Agreeing to the action, the user must understand that some data will be lost, among which the connection passwords that were previously saved.

If, after all the actions done, it was not possible to restore the network, you will have to contact the Apple service center. In it, experts will test the device, identify the problem and, possibly, eliminate it.

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