What to do if the Asus tablet hangs

Android system freezes: first aid

What to do if the tablet hangs and doesn’t turn off or hangs on loading? Let’s get to the bottom of the matter. From simple problems and their solutions, to more complex ones. The Android system hangs itself can be divided into two groups:

For many users, this elementary problem has become a serious test of nerves and logic, especially if the device is not collapsible. While using the device, it suddenly freezes. Artifacts may appear, it may throw up on the desktop without icons or even the central menu.

All attempts to turn off the MID do not lead to success, it is not clear how to get to the battery, but you still need to do something. Naturally, the question arises. If the tablet does not turn off, what to do?

It’s very simple. On any tablet, holding the power button for 10-15 seconds leads to a forced reboot of the device, regardless of what processes occur in it.

There is an alternative way. On some tablets there is a special button “RESET” for such cases.

If your tablet is constantly hanging, you need to think about the cause of this phenomenon. The latter, as a rule, are connected with an overload of RAM. Android itself suffers from this disease in all versions. iOS enthusiasts use this as their biggest selling point. You need to get special programs for monitoring and cleaning RAM. For example, Glean Master. Install not only an app, but also a widget on your desktop. It’ll make your life so much easier. The tablet will work faster and the risk of it freezes is reduced to zero.

How to turn off or reboot a tablet that “froze

There are times when your tablet rebels, doesn’t respond to attempts to put it to sleep or turn it off. With phones it used to be easier. take the battery out, put it back in, and all is well. You can’t do this with your tablet, it’s not so easy to disassemble it and take the battery out. Here, depending on the features of your model, there may be a couple of options:

“If there is no button “Reset”, 15 seconds of pressing the power button does not help, try to simultaneously for a while press the off button and the volume up button (with the “”) ” This option has helped me.Thank you very much.

Thank you for these tips helped me press the power button and volume up button

Thanks, that helped me too: Reset and the volume button.

I got a black screen and white text!!

Bought my child a tablet ASSISTANT AP-714 FORTYNA a month ago, when I rebooted the tablet froze. It’s just a screen saver. No reset, no reset, but there’s a little hole with an “R” in it. I am a Digma 3G and my child is crying. Thank you.

You figured out to stick a needle in that hole, didn’t you?? This is Reset.

Thank you very much! I never knew about the reset button. It worked for me!

Thank you so much) the advice “with the “” icon really helped me)))

I have a Digma 3G. No Reset button. There is a hole but it is not a button but a microphone.Do not press the needle, the result will be deplorable.Like everyone else, also hangs from time to time.And it doesn’t respond to anything.I just found by accident, you can turn off by briefly pressing the same button “Off”.Then you turn it on and the tablet starts responding. If it does not work the first time, you can repeat the procedure. May help anyone. Good luck to all of you.

Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tablet.1. My mother was surfing the internet and decided to go to a website and at that moment it froze or shut down, I did not see the process. The main problem is something else, the tablet can not turn on or off, but freezes when you turn it on and there appears the Samsung Galaxy logo and it freezes for a very long time, we have tried everything, to no avail. We even tried not to do anything and leave the tablet like this, we thought it might turn off by itself, but it didn’t. The battery is fine, it is 50% charged. But we can’t turn it on, we even tried the trivial method of holding down the on button for 15 seconds., But it still doesn’t work, it still hangs. tried with volume, same thing, no help at all. I tried another hopeless way, I took out there memory card and SIM card and then started again the off button and volume again and then immediately put it on charge, appeared differently. shows the battery that it’s sort of charging. I tried turning it off and on again and it charges but it still got the Samsung logo and hangs for a long time I turned it off and put it back on charge and it charges. I was thinking leave it alone to charge it at all, maybe it will fully charge and something will happen, although how do I know.? So. what should I do? Have to call for repair?

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Two ways to restart the tablet in case it freezes

The first way

If the cause of the hang-up is due to a software failure, you will need to do a number of these actions:

  • Hold down the power button for a long time. If this procedure does not lead to anything you need to find a small hole on the side of the device which will need a thin needle, the end of a paper clip or a pin. The device will restart.
  • You need to wait for the tablet to boot.
  • After downloading, it is necessary to call the menu “Settings”, and then select the item “Privacy”. In some models this item is called “Restore and reset”.
  • All settings must be reset.

After all the manipulations the device will reboot and the settings will become standard. Before performing all the described manipulations it is necessary to connect the equipment to the network. This is to keep the tablet charged throughout the reboot. And this can take a very long time. If the tablet is allowed to shut down, it may need to be reflashed, which will require an investment.

The second way

If the Reset button does not work, you must use other reset options. However they work only on Chinese gadgets. We are talking about the hardest procedure of forced reset. Hard Reset. But in that case the downloaded data will disappear without being restored. Restore factory settings. To perform the procedure, you must:

How to restart the tablet if the keys and the screen are broken

Users with broken tablets reach a dead end when their device freezes and needs to be reset, but the display and physical buttons are broken. In a similar situation it is not possible to restart the gadget through the combination of keys and the power button.

You can remove the battery or use the mini Reset button. In addition, there are 3 other ways to restart your tablet with broken keys and screen.

Via computer

By connecting a frozen tablet to your computer, you can not only reboot it, but also solve some software problems. There are different software available to fix this issue, I use RegawMOD Rebooter.

It is necessary to download the software from the Internet and install it, then connect your tablet to your computer and interact with it through RegawMOD Rebooter.

I recommend first scanning the device for system errors and fixing them if they are found. After that you can select the reboot function by clicking on Reboot.

Full discharge

If you completely discharge the tablet computer, it will shut down due to lack of power. If the power button is broken you will not be able to turn on the device even if you charge it. So this method is difficult to call effective.

Well, to discharge your gadget faster, keep the screen on even when the tablet is frozen. often than not, touching the display will activate its backlight even when an error occurs.

Special application

There are situations when you need to restart the tablet computer, which does not work buttons, but otherwise there are no problems and serious failures.

So the utility which calls the menu through which you can turn off and restart the gadget will be very useful. The application is called Power Button Menu and is downloaded for free from the official Play Store.

These are all basic ways for how to reboot your tablet. I recommend trying the standard power button options first, and only if that doesn’t work, move on to other ways.

In order not to lead your mobile device to a situation where you need to restart, be careful with the programs you download. Try not to install applications from unreliable sources, using only Play Market.

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Happy iPad Owners

Apple devices hardware or software failures are rare enough. That’s because a large part of the price of these devices is a security-enhanced operating system. Developers are very scrupulous about their child and do not allow punctures and virus attacks on applications.

How to reboot your iPad? Press just two Power and Home buttons at the same time and hold them down for a few seconds. That’s it! There is nothing terrible and critical.

Causes of failure and why the tablet does not boot

Before we proceed to fix the problem, it is worth at least approximately understand what is the reason why the tablet does not boot beyond the splash screen.

To make a system analysis directly through the tablet in this case will not work, because the user can not even open the settings for such a breakdown.

Often, when the gadget does not boot beyond the logo, it takes a long time before it boots and hangs, and when the owner decides to restart the device, it stops turning on all the way.

The most common causes of this malfunction:

  • Wrongly installed operating system on the tablet. The firmware, installed incorrectly, disrupts the operation of the entire system. It has mixed up scripts, commands, folders to address and more. In this situation, the gadget simply can not start correctly. This can only happen with Android devices, because the firmware on iPads is changed at service centers, and there are no custom versions. If after installing the new operating system or updating it manually (not through settings, but through flashing), the device does not turn on, this is almost always the cause of the malfunction. I strongly recommend that you reinstall with proper experience and use only official versions of the OS.
  • Mechanical damage, which led to the breakage of internal components. Damaged components or cables, directly affect the performance of the device. They can occur not only if they are hit or dropped on a hard surface, but also when carried in unsuitable things. For example, in a plastic bag. If the device does not turn on after physical damage, that is almost certainly the cause of the malfunction.
  • Totally full internal memory. On Android devices, this factor is quite common, as users do not notice how the internal memory quickly fills up with photos, videos, games, apps and residual files. Messages from messengers, which send videos and images, occupy a lot of memory, and they, in turn, are stored in the memory of the device. To prevent this, keep an eye on the amount of filled memory and clear it in time. The internal memory should be at least 300 MB. On devices from Apple this problem is not common, because iOS does not allow you to fill all of the internal memory, blocking user commands.
  • The Power Button is stuck. On some older devices, such as a 2015 Asus tablet, the power buttons quickly become loose, and then they fall off. When switching on the power key can be stuck so much that it is pressed several times, which can prompt the system to shut down the device immediately after it is switched on. To diagnose this failure, you must carefully inspect the power button and try to press it with something sticky, so that after pressing immediately “pull” the key.
  • Malware. In most cases, viruses are not so deeply embedded in the system as to prevent the tablet from turning on. But a special malicious code, written specifically for freezing on the boot logo, may significantly impair the device’s performance. To avoid such situations do not follow any suspicious links, download applications only from reliable sources and use a good antivirus.
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Restart the device

If the owner’s pet hangs up, the easiest solution to this situation is to reset the device. Users need to turn off the tablet for a few minutes, then turn it back on. Some tablets have a special button on their body. Reset. By pressing it with a long and thin object, you can restart the gadget without any problem.

To help in the situation with the resolution of the frozen tablet can remove all kinds of additions from the device. This can include SIM-cards, batteries, memory cards, etc. After waiting for a while, you can load accessories into the tablet and try to turn it on again.

Diagnosing the problem

In order to answer the question. Why the tablet hangs, it is necessary to establish the nature of the problem. To do this you will need to remember what events preceded the appearance of the problem:

It is also necessary to specify the moment when the problem occurs:

It is possible that the tablet is frozen and does not turn off, or vice versa. Then the cause is not so easy to identify. If the nature of the problem is clear, the rehabilitation process is much easier. In many cases a banal reboot of the device helps, but if the problem occurs again, you need to act using other methods. For example, download a program from the app store that analyzes the cause of freezes.

Method 1, with frozen applications

If you understand that all the problems are due to a particular program, it should be disabled and then uninstalled. In Android tablets this is done through the menu “Settings” (“Options”) / “Applications” / “Running applications” (“Running applications”). Select the desired application and click on the “Stop” button. In the same menu you can also delete the application. If you do not know which application is ruining your life, you need to experiment a bit, switching off applications one by one until you get the result.

On iOS systems, in order to turn off an app, you need to press the “HOME” button on the front panel twice, then, while holding your finger on the desired app, press the minus.

Method two, with an unresponsive tablet

It also happens that the device can freeze completely. What to do if the tablet froze and does not respond? In that case without a reboot can not do. The easiest way. Turn off the device, remove the SIM cards, flash drives, and then turn it on again idly. This is the second method, often just “defrosting” the tablet. Then all the cards can be inserted back.

But how to turn off the tablet, if it froze and the shutdown button does not respond? To do this, you need to find a small hole near which it is written in most cases. “RESET”. There is a reset button there, which you need to press using a toothpick or something like that.

Method three, “HARD RESET”

There are more serious problems with the device. For example, what to do if the tablet is frozen, so that it does not turn on or turns on, but the display does not react? In this case, not a very good, but effective variant is used. “Hard” reboot. In this case, all of the information on the tablet will be erased. So this method should be used only in an extreme case. To save at least part of the information you need to remove the memory drive from the device, which can also be accidentally damaged. For this method each device has a special combination or sequence of keys that restarts the device or calls a certain menu.

When the device is on, simultaneously press the “HOME” and “POWER” buttons. You should wait for 5 to 10 seconds until the apple image appears.


In Android devices, a combination of pressing the “POWER” button and the volume up button is used. Sometimes you also need to use the “HOME” button. The device will display the menu, where the button or the volume knob to select the item “Settings”, then “Format System”. Here there is an item “Reset Android”, after clicking on which will reboot the device, so you need to wait a little and not panic.

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As a result of this procedure, the tablet returns to its factory settings and becomes pristine clean. You will need to re-enter your accounts, install applications and so on.

asus, tablet, hangs

What to do if the tablet hangs

After identifying the approximate cause of the problem, you need to know what to do if the tablet hangs.

Below I have listed the most effective and at the same time simple steps that can be done at home without specialized knowledge. I strongly advise you to follow the instructions given by me (in those moments where there is an instruction).

Remove the battery

Let’s start with a simple way. remove the battery. This option is great for those looking for how to turn off the tablet if it’s frozen and unresponsive to user taps/presses. But you can only remove the battery on devices that have a removable back cover.

Make sure your hands are dry before removing the battery. Inspect the battery after removing the back cover. There are no bumps or external damage?

If any are found, the battery should be replaced immediately and should not be used in the future. The moment you remove the battery, the device will instantly shut down.

asus, tablet, hangs

Wait a little while and put the battery back in, turning the gadget back on. In rare cases you may need to reset the date, time, and language.

Background applications

Processes constantly running in the background consume a lot of performance and memory of the device (both RAM and RAM).

As a consequence, the device may freeze and glitch. To solve this problem, the first thing to do is to clean the gadget of unnecessary programs by uninstalling them.

The second thing to do is to swipe almost all applications in the list of running applications (usually the button on the right or left side of the bottom bar). Last but not least, to stop background programs from running.

Instructions for stopping background applications:

  • Go to “Settings.
  • Open the “Apps” section.
  • Click on the “Running Applications” tab.
  • A list of running processes will be displayed. Click on the name of the program you want to stop.
  • Click on the “Close” or “Stop” button.

Keep in mind that swiping a program in the apps menu list and stopping an app from running are different things. The first is far from always stopping the background processes, unlike the second.

Reboot via PC

By connecting the device to a personal computer or laptop, you can forcibly restart or turn off the tablet.

But only if it has frozen on and the battery can not be removed because of the solid housing.

Step-by-step process of rebooting Android devices via PC:

  • Connect the gadget through the USB-cable.
  • Automatic driver installation will begin (if this is the first time you’ve connected your tablet to this computer). The automatic installation of gadgets is almost always successful, but if it fails, you need to download the drivers manually. To do this, go to the manufacturer’s official site and download the software for your model.
  • Download and install the software for communicating with the tablet via PC. For example, RegawMOD Rebooter.
  • Launch the program and select “Reboot” to reboot or “Power Off” to shut down.

This great way to restart has a significant disadvantage. it is quite problematic to find a program for interaction, so that it can forcibly shut down or restart the tablet computer. This also applies to RegawMOD Rebooter.

Updating the operating system

Several times a year operating system updates are released that can be downloaded and installed for free.

[info-box type=”info”]Updates always improve performance and fix problems, including freezes. But they only come out for recent models (in last couple of years).[/info-box]

Check for updates for your device can be found in the settings, in the “Software Update” section.

Important: Always charge your phone before an update, and do not turn it off during the installation of updates (or better yet don’t touch the tablet at all).

Virus Removal

Malware is removed with anti-virus applications that can be downloaded from Play Market. All popular antivirus programs resemble each other. I advise you to choose one of the following options: Dr. Web, ESET Mobile, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky.

Programs to clean your tablet

There are special applications that delete temporary files and clear RAM. Of course, it is much better to do it manually, but it is much easier with a software. The best among them is Clean Master. It also has a built-in antivirus and “cooler”.

Reset to factory defaults

If Prestige, Samsung, Lenovo or other brand tablet hangs, and the above tips do not help, you can only reset to default settings.

[info-box type=”warning”]Please note that this will delete all user data and files! Save them to another drive or the cloud.[/info-box]

  • Turn your gadget off.
  • Hold down the power button and volume down (sometimes higher).
  • A text menu will appear, where you need to point to “wipe data/factory reset” with the volume keys.
  • Select this item by pressing the power button.
  • Confirm the action by selecting “Yes. delete all user data”.
  • There will be a reset and the recovery menu will be displayed again. Select “reboot system”.

The device will restart being completely cleared.

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